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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


A Sincere Apology

In The Name of The Most Holy Ahezaah, The Holy Hidden Infinite Mind of El-Aah, The Almighty Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion That Is Everywhere, The Hidden Reality, The One All-Seeing Eye, The One All-Hearing Ear, The One Holy All-Powerful Christ, The Judge That Weighs all things in The Balance of Its’ Scales, and The Executioner of Judgment for all things Weighed by It in Its’ Authority of Being The Righteous, We Recite.

Completed Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blog # 58

Because of the outreaching ability that is had by mankind today, capabilities that are unlike any other day known by the people before these times, helpers of Our Messenger may be of any race, nation, and color of people, speaking languages of kinds that the Messenger does not know around the entire planet which is knotted together and branched out like a spider’s web through the electronic media. Mankind’s ability to travel further, faster, and with greater aim in knowledge of the directions that are needed to be followed in order for people to arrive at their intended destinations have been increased manifold, following what We said in Our Lord’s Commands and in Its’ Name of Allaah to the people of Saudi Arabia, at Becca (Mecca) and Yathrib (Medina), through the Holy Beloved Prophet Muhaamid, speaking in Prophecy concerning This Hour of This Day of Our Lord. Although the people may take to Our Lord, Its’ Message, and This Messenger in the spirits of love that is Given to them by El Ahezaah, the Messenger can easily be unaware of the individuals, near and far, that do not communicate with him in ways that would make the Messenger aware of their personal existence, despite what is provided for communications through the internet whereby people have relative but more impersonal types of relationships.

Nevertheless, no matter how near or far away one might be, and no matter what race, nation or color one might be of, We, with The Lord of The Throne and the Messenger of Ahezaah, accept you and welcome your communications and help for the Messenger, if you sincerely extend yourselves in heart and mind to The Faith and The Truth of Ahezaah in the Path of The Righteous in righteousness, giving yourselves as a loan returned to The Almighty Lord of The Throne Who Asks you for this return to It in benefits of Its’ Mercy for you, which is a blessing that will put you in Its’ Favor and positive connections with your own souls.

There are uncounted numbers of people, whom Our Messenger did not care to number, that attempted in various degrees to be of Us with Our Messenger for the past thirty-two years. They came of various kinds of people, differing in race, color and past beliefs. Their zeal for what they realized about The Holy Spirit of The Truth that Ahezaah made known to them as Being with the Messenger varied as much as their natures, personalities, knowledge and understandings. This Messenger of El Ahezaah has been tried with all kinds of people with all kinds of temperaments, and all kinds of intentions and, in The Commands of El Ahezaah El-Aah, We have Guided him in many kinds of ways, in many kinds of situations under many kinds of conditions which may or may not have been favorable to him, as We Proved Our Love for him, Our Companionship with him, and Our Relativity to him, to him and others as a Merciful Sign of what he knows by his experiences with Us inside and outside of himself in the Inner Spirit Worlds and the Outer Physical Worlds of Life where he equally knows Us of The Unseen Angels and The Holy El Ahezaah and others of the high and low world creatures of the unseen realms.

From the heart of Our Messenger, Holy-Apostle-Deen, a sincere apology is extended to you all who may have been victimized, or may become victimized by the ignorance and zeal of people who might believe that they are right and just in the ways that they attempt to help him deliver Our Lord’s Divine Messages in The Names of El Ahezaah, and in his names, as the Holy Messenger Prophet of El Ahezaah, in This Hour of The Day of Revelation.

As We allow it to be known that he apologizes for the misbehavior of some of his alleged helpers who have often hurt him and others as much as they have helped them, or have hurt them much more than they have helped them, We do not apologize for the Messenger of Ahezaah, and We do not empower him to apologize for himself, because The Holy El Ahezaah El-Aah Is his Perfect and Unerring Guide, and the Messenger has no power in the decisions that are Made for him by Ahezaah. He is Of Ahezaah In Holy Union, Secured to his Soul and to this Holy Powered Angelic Spirit of this Divine Appointment that is under the Duty to Assist and Protect him.

As We allow this apology to be manifested as a release from the emotions of his heart and mind, We grant him soothing spirits of contentment In The Commands of The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, and Loving Lord Whom he is Most Intimately Companioned. In his humility, he feels a strong urge to acknowledge the wrongful acts of those that operate, ON THEIR OWN, in his names and in The Names of Ahezaah Amen El-Aah, outside of Our Lord Ahezaah El-Aah’s Direct Divine Instructions, which We Provide through him to all of whom he speaks in The Names of The Righteous that seek his guidance.

He speaks in Our Lord’s Names of Power and he is a Perfectly Guided Servant of Ahezaah, subjected to Being Guided in The Direct Exactness of what The Lord El Desires for him to do and to be manifested in doing, regarding numbers of things that neither he nor you might understand. In his frailty of being meek and humbled by El Ahezaah, whereas El Ahezaah Guides him to be seen as being most obedient and yet being an imperfect human being like you all, whether recognized by others or not, he is still Perfectly Guided by The Unseen Lord of The Throne Who Is With him, Unseen, in all that he does, At All Times. In this Divine State and Station, he is Made to be Certain in Faith and Confidence, as Ahezaah Masters and Reveals to him; and, of this, because of his human frailty, he is a trial for you all who are Called to hear and obey Ahezaah and him in your recognition of him being one of El’s Holy Guided Messengers.

It should be known to you all that he is most truly obedient in not being at fault, in the least, for Being Held Firmly Inside The Righteous Hands of Ahezaah and Guided as a Divine Unit of El’s Manifested Being, like The Perfect Instrument that he is of The Holy Christ Amen-Raa El-Aah Ahura-Mazda of all worlds. He should not be charged in your judgment of any kind, as you might erringly misjudge him for being associated with others of mankind, judging him by the weight of their acts in doing what you may believe to be right or wrong and wrongfully holding him accountable for the acts of others because of his business with them, in you acting as though he is a participant of their wrong doing. Regardless to any belief of mankind, he Belongs to Ahezaah El-Aah Alone, as a Holy Messenger Prophet Possessed by El in The Righteousness of The Righteous; and for you, about him, is Ahezaah’s Messages alone, which he is duty bound to Deliver, and you all of mankind are Commanded to not take up any positions of ruling over him, or possessing him in ways that the people of the damned desire to have done to him.

The Duties of This Messenger Prophet of Allaah Hu Amen El Ahezaah are Holy and Divine, in being a complete and most honorable assignment created for him by The Lord of The Throne. His Duties and his ways of going about in performing them are not Satan’s work, in the least. Satan, the chief of the most wicked beings of creation, and Ahezaah El Amen, The Lord of The Throne of Power Over all worlds, operate their subjects from opposite ends of the sphere of Life’s Forces that Permeate and Encircle your worlds. Within and aside from the Messenger and each of you, One Is Everlasting First, Foremost, Last, and The Master, El Ahezaah, while the other is like all other things of creation, a slave to needs with limitations; but this slave is forever the most imperfect and wretched being that exists, having no True Power to do anything Right, but existing full of cravings and empty talents that it is Given as a means of Life for it by The Lord Most High Who Must Power everything that is done of the devil’s desires for it to show illusive reflections of what it wants its victims to see and fall under of its spells, as the greatest trials for mankind on Earth Eden. It is under these talents of the devil that overzealous people trying in THEIR OWN WAYS to help the Messenger, while at the same time oppose Us by ignoring what Our Messenger extends to them fall astray. In their zeal, they forget that Our Ways are best in Wisdom to help them to help the Messenger Deliver The Holy Messages of The Unseen Almighty Christ.

Our All-Wise Master has Sent it down In Its’ Holy Divine Words that are Divinely Translated by Us: it is for the Messenger and his helpers to deliver the Messages of Ahezaah, and it is not for them to attempt to force the Messages upon anyone in the worlds of Earth Eden.

It is Wrong and clearly expressed by Us as Being Wrong that Our Lord’s Words and Its’ Guidance are put out in the worlds as things to be forced upon others.

Ahezaah Is All-Powerful and All-Knowing and It Is The Force of Yin and Yang, The Positive and The Negative, The Right and The Wrong, The Inner Reality and The Outer Reality, The Source of Life That Is Hidden within and on All Sides of The Realms of Life, The One That Allows things to be, and The One That Enforces Destructions of the things for being in ways that go against Its’ Holy Commandments of the Covenants including the minds and other bodies of mankind’s existence.

Know that The Master and Independent Power of El Ahezaah does not need enforcers, although It Gives Us, of Its’ Divine Angels, The Pleasure to Serve It in All Parts of Our Lives, as Its’ Holy Instruments of Its’ Divine Enforcement.

From me, the Holy Powered Unseen Spirit named Gabriel, aside from Holy-Apostle-Deen, I say this to you:

I Am Brother in Holiness to This Holy Divine Messenger of your humankind who is More than what you see and hear of him; for he is a Brother to Me, and a Son to The Righteous Being of Power In The Spirit and The Holy Divined Mentality of The Holy Christ Ahezaah El-Aah, to Whom he was Divinely Reborn and Empowered to do all that he does in his services for It.

He is Brother to me (Divinely Relative, and equally in Need of El), with Us both being created equally in Our needs for Our Father (Our Initiator of existence) and Our Mother (Our Holy Womb of The Righteous Through Which We have come in existence Wet of The Christ in Our Natural Births to Life); Brothers, in that he was Reborn of The Holy High Christ That We of El’s Holy Powered Spirits of Angels are Given Birth, Submission, and Our Continuous Life in Services for The Master El, although the Messenger was Returned to the earthen body of mankind’s after going through the Divine Process of being Put to Death by The Christ of El-Aah, and Reborn of The Light, Spirit and Power of The Truth in The Christ El-Aah, whereas he has become a trial Raised for you and the devil Satan that is beneath him, and a trial for those of the devils that live in parts of each of mankind and in other forms of spirits that you all are Divinely Commanded to war against to have your lives Saved and to have them and Satan placed beneath your righteous feet.

He is not a trial for Us of The Unseen, for what It Is Of Us Hidden In him With The Lord Most High of his mind. He Is Alive in Harmony and Living Of Us in this world of Earth Eden and the worlds Above in Spirits of The Holy Unseen; Living In The Balance of The Lord, and Being of both, The High and The Low Realms of Life, which are made available for him to know, here and hereafter. He is One like Us, one that is Held Completely Captive in The Almighty Hands of El; and We Know him as Ptaahuaah, an Ancient Holy Prophet of El that lived prior to the turn of the time for this past twenty-five thousand years, as Samuel, the Holy Resurrected Soul and Mind of the Prophet of Old that was Mercifully Given unto the Ancient Hebrews, as Qaaf Alif Laam Haa, In the Holy High Heavens of El’s Security, as The Sign of The All-Powerful. I Am The Hidden In Breath and Essence Being The All-Knowing Guide, The Holy Chosen One That Is Unified As One True Holy Unit of El’s Being El Qaaf Alif Laam Haa in Its’ Merciful Sign that is down on Earth Eden to Relate to mankind as a Supremely Merciful and Compassionate Relative Being to you all; and Ahezaah El-Aah Chose to Rename him under his title of attributes in this Life, from Samuel Wilson to Holy-Apostle-Deen Muslim Mujaahid Rashaad Saleem. He has no part in the faults that those of the ignorant, aggressive, unwise, and determined but helpful servants manifests at times of forgetfulness when they are or are not innocent in their zeal to help, but being forceful in their show of caring, and too involved in their desires for you to hear, receive, and take hold of The Truth in Words and Spirits that they may have experienced of The Good In The Excellence of Ahezaah El themselves.

Although Our Messenger cannot take responsibility for them and their actions, he humbly asks you to pardon them and remind them of The Truth and Its’ Commandments, as you would have yourselves pardoned and reminded; and remember, there is to be no compulsion put upon any of you from them or others in your acceptance or rejection of The Divine Covenant of The Truth, and no compulsion should be extended from you in the course of your attempts to give of yourselves as loans to The Lord Most High in helping to deliver Our Messenger’s Words of The Lord’s Commandments for the age of This Day.

Remember, this is the combined Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord wherein Death and Destruction is being flown under the wings of Angels and dropped upon Earth Eden, and The Hour of The Day when the Saving Grace and Mercy of Ahezaah is being Given to the Chosen Ones of Its’ Favoring. Under these conditions and circumstances of life for you all, the appearance, the language, the race, the color, and the way the Messenger expresses Our Lord’s Messages should not matter to you. What should matter to you is that you have the capability to understand and recognize the differences between the false prophets and Our Lord’s Holy Messenger and act upon The Truth in righteousness for your benefits. It should matter that you hear and obey without bias, racism, or any other thing that psychologically perpetuates social, public and personal illnesses whereas you will be able to accept the Wisdom of Ahezaah Amen El-Aah’s Commandments to avoid being Crushed by The Christ.

Remember this, and tell this to any helper of Our Messenger that assaults you with acts of compulsion in their ignorance of Us, regardless to their intentions. There should be Peace and Understanding, Tolerance and Pardoning, Respect and a Stepping Aside from those who refuse to accept Wisdom from The One Holy All-Wise Ahezaah El-Aah Who Will Give you all the fair dealings in Judgment that will be due to you in Its’ Retribution.

Despite how aggressive some of the people might be in their claims of supporting This Messenger of Ahezaah, judging by the way he is himself, being sincere, unassuming, and generally non-attached to the people’s ignorance and rejection of Ahezaah’s Messages, you would never know in general sight of him that he is Our Messenger, The Holy Chosen One of El Amen. His Faith is Complete in Certainty with El Ahezaah, being a True Believer believing that El Ahezaah is The Capable; and he believes that he is not needed in the least by Ahezaah, but is Mercifully Used and Loved, and trusts that El Ahezaah Will Complete The Divine Business that he is Divinely Assigned to do in Holiness as Ahezaah’s Divine Warning Covenanted Messenger Prophet, Samuel, the Divinely Chosen Resurrected Companion of The Christ Unseen who is Seated and Operating in The Strength of El.

Through Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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