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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Ahezaah’s Aim in Wrath Over America

In The Names of The Almighty El, The Holy Ahezaah, The Almighty Lord of Dominion, The Hidden Reality, The Giver of Faith, The All-Knowing Guide, Christ The Crusher, The True Holy Savior, The Divine Destroyer, The Sustainer, The Guide, The Source of Wrath, We Recite. Saturday, May 28, 2011 Blog # 70 Here We Are, in these United States of America, in the country of Our Messenger Manifesting what We Prophesied of Truth to Be in the Book of Revelation as It is Now Being seen in Our Wrath against Earth and mankind. It should be a Warning Sign of El Being seen as The Christ Shiva for those that sat with Our Messenger and Us of The Unseen of El-Aah-Hu over the past nineteen years. During this time We Educated them all about The Holy Allaah Revealing Its’ New Name of The Holy Supreme Being of The Throne to them as Ahezaah, and about what would be the effects of Ahezaah Showing Its’ Signs of Being The Hidden El-Aah Shiva in Its’ Wrath of The Christ Unit of Its’ Holy Supreme Being on Earth as It Is The Christ Above of Heaven, The Christ Below of Hell, and The Christ Within this Messenger Holy of Ahezaah, Making Itself Known as The Ultimate Reality and The Power of All in Life, while Relating Its’ Holy Almighty Real Unit of Being Compassionate and Intimate with him. They were Educated about the fact that This Messenger is depicted in The Holy Book of Revelation as being the Lion of Judah, Samuel, The One Seated in The Strength of El; advising them that the name Samuel (Sam’u-‘El) actually means Strength of El, relative to the ancient Japanese Samurai, a meaning and an identity of the Chosen One of El that the anti-Christ among the Jews, Catholics, Christians, and Muslims want hidden and lost from the common masses of people in their knowledge, so that they would not respond properly to Us of Ahezaah El-Aah and this Messenger when This Hour of The Day of Revelation Arrived. We made the AHAD aware that they would be opposing a vicious people collectively among the political bogeymen, the djinn, the clergies, and the crowds of all the people in the world religions who had been attempting to eliminate the Chosen Ones among the Afrimerican People whom they joined against in a worldwide conspiracy to deny them their rightful place in the world of mankind, despite them being enemies of each other, and despite the fact that they practice putting the lowly ones among their own kind at war against each other for the so-called patriotic causes of each of their nations in the war games of the worlds. For this Divine Education, many of them among the AHAD trembled in fear secretly and openly, and only a few of them have been able to stand firm in the face of their fear of these people of opposition with the Messenger; despite Us Educating them that El is The Alone All-Powerful Truth and The Independent Reality That Is The Master of them and all other things of creation, Being The Holy Unseen and Infinite Power, Protector, and Guide; and It Is The Merciful One Manifesting in Certainty to Holy-Apostle-Deen Alone in Its’ Presence of the Inner Realm of This Messenger’s bodies of being including the Divinely Raised Mind, Spirit, and Soul of him, with that of The Holy Powered Angelic Spirit known as Gabriel Being a Part of Him Making Us Be A Holy Three-In-One Being of The Most Holy, through which it is Made Clear that The Messenger is Seated In The Power of Ahezaah, The Lord of The Throne. A few members of the AHAD (Assembly of Holy Apostle Deen) were present with this Messenger of El and his family at their home on January 3rd, 1996, fourteen days after his biological father physically passed away from this aspect of Life into the following aspect of Life hereafter; a day when his father was allowed by The Lord Most High to return unto him, manifestly in the Spirit Realm of The Holy Heaven, as one of the many human and angelic witnesses who are made to be the watchers among humanity of the events involving him in This Hour of The Day; the day when We, the Book and the Holy Spirit, Came Down to Earth from Heaven to Join Ahezaah with this Messenger in Ahezaah’s Divine Circle of this Holy Human Being. That Day and that Time was made to be one of the hottest moments of a day kept on record by your professional meteorologists for the 3rd day of the month of January; a day that came in the dead of winter but was made by Us to be hotter than a common summers day of one burning like what use to be common of the hottest days of August in these United States of America. It was at the Time when The Divine Light of Ahezaah Overtook this Messenger in The Name of Allaah, with The Divine Explosion of The Holy Fires that came down from Heaven in the Heat of The Flames of The Christ that came In The Power of The Truth with the Holy Powered Archangel Messenger Gabriel who Lit Up the Darkness of the Spirit Realm with the Divine Light of the Book in their Pure Brightness; the Brightness of the Holy Spirited Archangel and The New Divine Book of The Holy Covenant from Ahezaah that was Sent down together to become Parts of This Messenger’s Being, which was already in Divine Union with Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Amen Allaah The Christ That Marked this Messenger by The Divine Letters of Qaaf Alif Laam Haa, The All-Powerful One Alone That Is The All-Knowing Guide. While We Delivered the Divine Book of Recitation in him with the Fires of Ramadan (Divine Burning), the Holy Archangel Spirit Divinely Attached itself to the Messenger by their umbilical cords, becoming as One With Ahezaah. The AHAD members who were present were standing with the Messenger’s family as they were seated, kneeling, laying, and bowed in fear and prayer begging for his life, because they felt the tremendous flow of the Divine Heat in the out flowing temperatures of the Unseen Flames of The Most Holy’s Power that Burned In The Fires of Truth, which was made evident to them by their sights and their feelings of his inflamed physical being. They heard him speaking to the dead among those that passed in his family, including his father whom We had taken from this aspect of Life fourteen days earlier, and while they agreed in fear to have the Messenger hospitalized, We informed them through the Messenger with assurances that he would fare well through this Divine Account of his being and they should hold fast to The Spirit of Faith from The Lord Most High if they believed. They were advised that they were witnessing a Great Happening, and in their fear they were held fast by Us to become witness bearers of This Divinely Spiritual Happening that came to their beloved family member and leader. As time went forward beyond that day, We Educated the AHAD with tremendous information, and Told them about the Aims of Ahezaah that would come for targets that would be set to suffer in by Its’ Wrath of The Christ Shiva including those that would be settled upon these Great United States of America and the rest of the Greater World; and We told them how The New Holy Center of Ahezaah El-Aah’s Holy Divined Spirit, Grace, and the Point of Reception for Its’ Holy Covenant and Other Commandments Written, Spoken, and Sent down to Earth was designed to be like the Messenger who is a Beloved and Chosen Center of Divinity in human form, and both of them should be Protected as a Safe Place of The Lord’s that is Given in Mercy to them and all who believe among mankind this day. In disbelief to all but a very few of them, We Gave them the Commands of Ahezaah’s Words for them to turn towards The New Holy Center which is the New Divine Qiblah / Kiblah for the AHAD believers to turn towards in their ritual praising of Ahezaah. Most of them have found it most difficult to cleanse their hearts, in trust of Us, through rituals and deeds for purification of their being whereas their acts would be to prepare their selves in heart, mind and spirit for Ahezaah to Set Up Its’ Throne in them; therefore, like the Jews and Hebrews of Jewish persuasion and the Quraish and others among the Ancients that joined Prophet Muhaamid at Medina and Mecca who was not confirmed completely in their truest belief and true faith in Allaah which was known by what was manifested through both, their actions and non-actions to submit themselves truly to The Lord of The Throne in heart and mind, they have reflected their inner beings upon their outer acts and for this The Holy Center and the AHAD was made to suffer slightly by Our Hands as a Sign for them from Ahezaah. O AHAD helpers who have proclaimed to believe! You of those who have hung on, and you of those who have fallen to doubt about Allaah Being Unified With This Messenger of Raa in Light of What We Have Told you over the past nineteen years since Ahezaah Anointed him in Spirit, Mind, and Soul in Its’ Name of Allaah as Being a True Holy Divined Prophet of Its’ Almighty and Purifying Being With him, Allaah in The Name of Ahezaah Will Not abandon him. It Will Not Cause him to appear to be a liar. It Will Not Make it seem as though he is not the Holy Divined Prophet whom he is. It Will Not do any of these or other things in negative effects to satisfy you in your doubt or disbelief. He Is Samuel, the ancient soul in mind of the Divinely Resurrected Prophet of the Ancient Hebrews who was also known as the so-called Lion of Judah; The One Promised and The One Chosen by El-Aah to be returned in Mind, Spirit, and Soul This Holy Chosen Day of the Apocalypse. He is The Chosen One of El Ahezaah Allaah, and by Our Words that were Spoken to you all through him, you who live in doubt and disbelief should tremble in fear for what We Have Told you and consequently Made Known to you over the past nineteen years by the Signs of Ahezaah in both positive and negative happenings that have been manifested by The Right and Left Hands of Reality in things that were Made to be as Blessings for him. The Time and the Signs of Destruction, which We so clearly explained to you through him back in the years of the early nineteen-nineties of the twentieth century, are now here clearly upon you and your homeland of these United States of America. We question you who are lacking in Faith and belief: Do you believe that you will escape The Judgment and the Execution of Judgment from Ahezaah El-Aah, merely because you have feigned your faith and sincere belief in Our Messenger as a Representative of Ahezaah El-Aah, and because the Messenger has not called you to account for your lacking of true faith and belief, and for your hypocrisy? We are Aware that you have doubted and/or disbelieved Us about The Words of Our Lord and Master that were Spoken in the past through him, because those things did not happen immediately or fast enough for you who are speeding through life on the fast track of your minds like the rest of the general population of people throughout the world. Even if the people of the world who have not been familiar with him duplicate what the guilty ones among your numbers have done, you are the ones that will be doubly punished by Ahezaah for your lack of true faith, support, trust and belief in Ahezaah’s Wise Words and Its’ Wisdom that came with Its’ Words through Us including him, for you all. What is it that you now have to doubt about This Holy Prophet of El-Aah Allaah Hu Amen Raa Ahezaah which is The Holy Almighty and All-Powerful Christ That has come down in Its’ Wrath for you to witness It Being against you and your doubt and disbelief, and the iniquitous people of the world? Here We are over the lands of your nation proving him to Be Right of The Righteous by bringing to Life what he envisioned through what We Gave him to view and speak about to you in details regarding Our Lord’s Prophecies of Destruction. Surely, some of you are still of those who have doubted Us and The Holy Almighty Ahezaah El-Aah when the Divine Destruction of The Christ was committed in foreign lands; but now that it is in your land, you should take note of what is coming closer to you and do not believe that you are Chosen to be Protected by The All-Powerful Master Who you have rejected by your doubt, disbelief, and disobedience in ignorance of Us. Not even Death will cause you of the guilty to have an escape from Us in The Hellacious Wrath of The Christ for not obeying Ahezaah and Its’ Messenger. Verily, with what you know, with what you have been told, and with what you have experienced with This Messenger of Ahezaah El-Aah, you should scurry to do an impossible thing, which is to stay out of The Focus of Our Lord’s Aims in Wrath against the people of these United States of America and the world over. You should fear Ahezaah and submit yourselves to complete obedience in faith and sincere belief before the Angel of Death comes to meet with you like some of your past members whom you knew by your experiences with them. Verily, you cannot say for certain that they of your past companions were entered into The Paradise of Ahezaah Allaahumma El-Aah-Hu-Aum, because you have not been Given a Sign of True Authority from El-Aah to say it, nor have you received The True Insight to the Inner Realms of Paradise to know it in The Certainty of The Reality of The True Knower; if you did, this conversation would not be meant for you. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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