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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Aliens Hovering Over Earth Eden

In The Name of Allaah, The Holy El-Aah-Hu Ahezaah, The Christ Amen, The All-Powerful Master and Judge of every kind of mind that is of existence, The Giver of Wrath in Curses and Damnation, The Deliverer of Its’ Words, The Executioner, The Knower of all things hidden and in sight, We Recite in Holiness as One Unit of El’s Holy Relaters.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog # 25

When Elijah, the past Messenger of Allaah, mentioned aliens and a mother ship with many other ships, most of the citizens of these United States of America that heard him, especially Afrimericans, said that he was laughable for being so unreasonable, although alien ships were being seen by many people of this lower North America and people of other nations around the world. Now some of those same mockers, after hearing some of their more prominent people, military service men, and leaders of government throughout the world admit in testifying to what they have witnessed of alien ships, and now that those alien ships are hovering by uncountable numbers all around the planet as though they have a plan against mankind, they have great concerns and are serious in their questioning about the purpose of those aliens. They look to the abductees of those aliens for information, with some of them wondering secretly; and asking, could that man Elijah Muhaamid have been true in his words about what is now happening before our eyes? Could he have truly been a Messenger of Allaah to the Afrimerican people whom we helped turn away from him? And the government of these United States of America is giving in to the pressure of The Truth for what the people are now seeing in the millions around the world, allowing news reporters and prominent actors to open up through the media to soften what was hard for the government to accept and reveal in the past about not being the only creature of intellect in the universes.

Based upon the many disbelievers and hypocrites that were members of Elijah’s Nation of Islam, people misjudged Elijah. The things that Ahezaah Allaah Amen sends down to Earth Eden are most times hard to believe for them being strange, trying, and spoken through the being of a person that is most often not easily accepted by the people to whom he or she is sent, because of his or her appearance and or societal positions of status. This has happened consistently in the history of Divine Prophets, Divine Messengers, and Divine Warning Servants that Communicates Divinely with The Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty or Its’ Archangel Messengers; happening with the most renown to the least known of the Holy Prophets and other kinds of Messengers of El, like Muhaamid, Moses, Jesus, Lao-Tzu, Siddhartha, Lot, Jonah, and others who were either rich or poor in financial status, or of royalty, poverty, scholarship or peasantry in the ranks of the people to whom they were sent. It made no difference when the people to whom they were sent decided to reject them and make excuses for their rejection. When they were rich or well off in scholarship, they were accused of having lost their minds behind having too much wealth or information; when they were poor and not well educated by the standards of society, they were often said to be truly unbelievable, because they were uneducated and had to be mad to step up to the powerful leaders of their societies while being so low in character, when they came from a background of peasantry, they were often mocked and questioned about their upbringing. This was no different with Our Messenger Elijah whose own children turned against him because they could not see Allaah or hear Allaah for themselves, and because his standards with society was offensively rebellious for him following Allaah’s Commands that were made personal to him. In his protection, he had to live a life most secretly, causing the doubters to believe that he was wrong for living in the Manner that he was Commanded to live by Us; however, those who could, including his children, took full advantage of what We Gave them of Life from Allaah which took them further into disbelief for them choosing things over The Holy El-Aah and Its’ Plans.

Yes, Elijah was small, meek, and humbled by Allaah, and sent only to the Afrimerican Negroes, but he was a warrior in his heart and spirit of soul like Jesus and others, and no different than the ones like Moses and Lot who were sent specifically to their own people. He did and said what he was Divinely Commanded and Guided to do and to say, although much of what he did and said did not sit well in the hearts and minds of those that said they were with him, and those that proved to not be with him; and of those many strange and unbelievable things that he said, he said enough about aliens, the destruction of America and the world, the Coming of The Christ in The Name of Allaah with Its’ Chosen One who would have the Book of the New Holy Covenant with Seven Seals of The Holy on the back of the Book, to not be believed.

Mankind is impatient and very forgetful, and true repentance from them is rare, unless that attempt at repentance comes in the life hereafter at The Throne of The Eternal Judge of all worlds, when it is much too late. Allaah Hu Amen, The Christ of El, is never forgetful, remembering all things, and keeping Its’ Accounts and Promises with mankind and all other creatures intact. It comes in The Name of Ahezaah This Day and It Says to you all;

“Look to the skies that We Command. Nothing including those alien beings and their ships, which have gotten your concern, exist without Our Permission. Yes, they have purpose of missions involving Earth Eden and its people; but you, who disbelieve too much, must wait and see what your fate is with them! This Messenger, who is unlike Elijah, is not appealing to your imagination and fantasies to bring you to realization, nor is he using psychological warfare to battle against you like We Guided Elijah to do. He is The Chosen One, Samuel in his Soul With El, The Divinely Resurrected Prophet of El that was Promised to be Returned to this world for the account of This Day of Revelation. Wrestle with this, if you choose, but you must wait to know your fate, because it is not for him to prove anything to any of you!”

As Ahezaah Wills, so will it be!

Mankind has created so much corruption against Earth Eden and the universe with pollution and radiation spewing out into the outer spaces that their signature of destruction has reached other worlds. Aliens of all kinds of species are hovering over Earth Eden and, as you see, they are not fighting each other like you of mankind in your beastly self-destructive natures are.

As Promised by The Lord Who Is The Master of Prophecy, the demon beasts of the devil Satan is running rampageously through you of mankind all over Earth Eden. Mankind among the powerful men and djinn are destroying humanity with their own hands while the common folk look on and join with them in their madness. And as all the other things of Prophecy for This Day of the Apocalypse is being unfolded, the fools of ignorance still ask; could this be from The Lord in Wrath, for The Day of Revelation? And We answer; What do you think, fools! The people of the Last Holy Covenant, and Last Prophet of Allaah to come before This Day and This Holy Prophet that was Promised to come at The End Of Days, has fully joined the demon beasts that have come out from hiding in mankind among the powerful men and djinn, and they are destroying each other for the devil. What do you think, fools? There is only one people that are the signs of humanity being Saved by The Creator and Master of this world. Now it is for you to be of those whom you choose.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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