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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Capitalism, the Way of Many in the God Religion

In The Name of The Christ Amen Shiva Allaah, The Holy El-Aah-Hu Ahezaah, The All-Powerful Master of the Angels of Might in, both, Serenity and Wrath, The Deliverer of Prophets and Prophecy in actions being fulfilled, The Holy Creator and The Real Master of men and djinn and the gods whom they devise for worship, recite. Tuesday, March 15, 2011 Blog # 18 There are a great many people that wrongfully practice the religion of being Portrayers of God, portraying themselves in heart and mind as such in what they believe about themselves being gods in reflection to their disbelief about The Holy Real Thing of El, which completely Powers them and all of Life. In their erroneous belief about their own minds being supreme over all other beings, they choose neither Set the devil Satan nor El-Aah-Hu The Holy Ahezaah Amen as their masters. They often see the devil Set as an imaginary thing created of mankind’s fantasies along with El, The Holy Amen Who Is The One Power That Is Alone The Infinitely Living Mind Supreme of Real Being, Which creates and gives Motion, Time, and Space with Its’ Breath of Life to all things that It develops, nurtures, sustains, depletes, destroys, and eradicates including all the mentalities of the worlds of Its’ creatures in the illusions of Its’ Reality of Existence; by this, El Manifests that It Is The One Real Being of True and Absolute Power for everything including the devil and those of mankind that may attempt to deny It, with them not realizing that El is The Holy Undeniable Thing of Life That Is Beyond their denial and creations of every kind in their given affects, of which El Itself is The Giver. No matter which way you proceed in life, although Unseen, for Perfect Reasons, El is ever before you, behind you, above you, all around and within your very being, Completely Permeating all things in Its’ All-Powerful Mind as The Holy Infinite and Ubiquitous Reality That Is Alone and Independent of all other things that It creates. This, the capitalistic god portrayers cannot fathom as being real, because of their inability to see, touch, recognize what they feel about It, command It, or become of Its’ Secrets in The Havens of The Openings of Its’ Supreme Mind. They are reminiscent of the people of Muhaamid, most of those who have yet to unravel The Meaning of The Oft Repeated Seven Verses that Introduces The Holy Qur’aan of the one-hundred and thirteen following chapters. In error, they have numbered The Opening of The Holy Qur’aan as the first chapter and something only to be ritualistically repeated like a talisman, as part of their worship when opening the material pages of the Book. This is because most of them have been misguided and made to not realize that The Oft Repeated Holy Verses of The Opening is a Complete Book within itself that must be Opened and Recited to the seeker by The Author Who Alone can give Its’ Understanding for them to them. For the appearance in the size of the Holy Opening, seven Holy Verses, they cannot see it as a Complete Book that actually contains what follows in the Holy Qur’aan of the one-hundred and thirteen Holy Chapters. In their estimation, they see the Holy Opening as being contained in the Holy Qur’aan, whereas by The Strange Ways that Our Master of Mercy Operates as The Lord Wise of all things, it is the Holy Qur’aan that is contained inside The Holy Opener, El, The Eternal Mind of The Holy Opening which contains not only The Holy Qur’aan in pages for the believers’ understanding, it also contains the whole in knowledge of The Eternal’s worlds of all things. It is an Actual Opening that is a Holy Complete Entrance to The Highest Realm of Mind That is adorned (dressed up) by literary address. What is almost impossible for them to understand because of their ignorance, disobedience, over zealousness and being turned in the wrong direction by the sly and slinking whisperers of evil, is that the keys to opening it for real is in a person’s true submission to The Wisdom, Faith, Belief, Trust, Honor, Respect, Hope, Love, Guidance, Remonstrations, Spirits, and Steps to be taken by them as students in the Class of Life that is full of trials from The Lord Most High Who Is Ever Seated before them Unseen in Its’ Class of Life as The Master Teacher of each person in their worlds of Life, no matter which realm or level of the realms a person’s mind has been Given by The Creator for them to reach. This is why The Lord sent down Written inside The Holy Qur’aan itself, these words as translated, “I have given you The Holy Qur’aan and The Seven Oft Repeated Verses,” with Our Lord relating The Opening of The Book as the Seven Often Repeated Verses. Verily, great multitudes of Muslims and others have taken the materialized pages of the Holy Qur’aan and its Opening as The Book Itself, while these things without El are mere pages of wood with vegetation spread upon them as ink, which is given as literature; food of the earth to be devoured and released in having effects basically upon the flesh of mankind, with affects upon their brains, but little if any upon their minds. The Actual Book is Divinely Mystical in it Being Established in The Mind of Allaah. It is to Be Spoken, Explained, and Drawn in Visions by The Author of it, The Unseen All-Knowing El-Aah-Hu-Aum, which is to be recognized and consumed by those that are Divinely Favored to recognize Allaah in Its’ Attribute of Being Al-Nuun, That One Infinite Living Mind Which Is To Be Recognized As The Reality of everything that is, - minus nothing! And fools today say, “There is no room for Mysticism in Islaam,” “Muhaamid is the last Prophet,” and they say, “Read the Noble Qur’aan,” a very contaminated mixed up book of mankind’s, while they hide The Authentic Arabic Holy Qur’aan which contains in length and breadth the Written Words of The Lord of The Thrones’ Allaah Hu Amen Raa Mind, Which was Sent down to Earth in The Lord’s Mercy with the Archangel Messenger Gabriel as a Holy Covenanting Book of Allaah’s Wise Agreements and Holy Guidance, which is mostly denounced by the great multitudes of misguided people that are felled in the line of what has become of the people proclaiming to be those representing what We Sent down as The Words of The Truth in Divine Light and Placed Them in the darkness within Muhaamid through whom We Lit Up, from within like a Lamp, Truth for the worlds of mankind. The technical term of god, which mankind devised for The Lord El as a Name, is not one that El created for Its’ Self to be identified by; however, The Lord El has excused many of mankind for it, just as It did with the ancient phrase of the Hebrews Ya Hu wa Haa (Oh Essence and Guide) which they devised as a Name of Our Lord, calling It Jehovah and Yahweh. Verily, The Lord El Uses Names for Its’ Attributes that are Fitting for Them Alone; Names of Its’ Attributing Powers which It Gives to the worlds that no one other than It should use; Powers, Which It Attributes to the worlds of all Its’ creations as The Source of Life for all things; Therefore, god by name, which can be applied to other things of people’s concerns, which mankind has done continually, should not be applied to The Lord El as an equal in Power to any of Its’ Attributes; this is something that We cleared up during the advent of Muhaamid, making it clear that there is not but one El, one Power of Reality, one Being that Manifests in all aspects of Life, giving life to Its’ creatures and creations of all kinds through Its’ Many Attributes. If mankind gets rid of their use of the term god and stops applying it to The Holy Unfathomable Creator, much that is spoken in the trickery of the men and djinn of the demon beasts of Satan will be clearly seen for what it is. Satan loves when mankind equates their beings with The Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty over all worlds, because it knows that mankind is then off course and thus headed down to a place of company with it. None of Holy-Apostle-Deen’s living siblings believe him about Us and The Union he has With Ahezaah El Aah Allaah Hu Amen. The worst of his siblings who defiantly stays as one of Our enemies is a scholar of many degrees, and believes he is god of his own mind and body at the highest level. He proclaims that he is the god of his own being, while humanity in whole is the god of Earth Eden, and Nature is the god of the universes, and this is his ignorant take on what he calls The Holy Trinity. Our Messenger has spoken to him in length for years in explaining The Words of Truth from Ahezaah, but for his ego and his knowledge of Our Messenger attending High School for less than six weeks, while he has been a lifelong career college student, he cannot accept him having knowledge of The Divine that he himself has not been made capable of acquiring. He proclaimed being the opposite of Our Lord’s Messenger with his intent on disproving religion as he either understands or misunderstands, believing that he knows more than Our Lord’s Messenger. He believes that El is a myth and the way of life that The Lord El has always chosen for mankind as being the right way to live leading to The Righteous Union of Being With El, is a myth. He confuses what he knows of people’s organizations that are formed into rigid ways of life, called religion, as actually being what The Lord El sent down as Its’ Holy Covenants to Its’ Many Messenger Prophets, when in fact it was faithless and doubting people like him that corrupted the Originality of The Lord’s Agreements and formed the rigid death traps, which he denounces, that people call religion. The True Religion, or Way of Life, involves El Itself, and most of mankind could never agree with this fact of Life; therefore, mankind among those who found their way to the rigid forms of life that they call religion often associate what they find with what they think they know about The Lord’s Holy Covenants and Divine Commandments. They are the kinds of people that have often sought to kill the True Mystics of El’s Unions that Live the Life in Being of The Righteous Covenants of El-Aah in their Originality of Being, for feeling threatened by the clarity of Truth that is offered in explanations by the Mystics whose words are Powered by The Reality of Being enough to liberate people from the mental constraints of others. They point out the Way towards Enlightenment for all who believe and take heart in sincere submission to The Lord El by them. Like the people among the leaders of the Capitalists and Dictators who believe in themselves as being the sole controllers and owners of The Powers of El that they are tried with in this life, god is a belief of the Messenger’s sibling about his own self. For what Ahezaah El Amen has not Revealed to him, he, like the great multitudes of others, believes The Creator does not really exist; and, in his personal objective, he has egoistically taken an opposing position against the Messenger of Ahezaah, not realizing that he has taken his position against Us of The Unseen Powers of El that he is yet to realize. Like so many others who have doubted and mocked this Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah Allaah for years on end, the siblings of this Messenger have an appointment with a rude awakening. It will be made known to them and the many people that this Messenger came into verbal and physical contact with, that he was not in the least of what they believed about him being lucky with his ability in realization and reasoning and never being overly harmed. It will be made known to them that he has been Divinely Protected, Guided, and Raised, even when he knew not; and luck has had nothing, in the least, to do with his life, his knowledge, nor his submission to Ahezaah El Aah Hu Amen Allaah, The Christ That Has Come down upon him This Day and Unionized him Divinely with Us. How few there are among the Capitalists that take notice of the short lifespan of each human being while they are attempting to capitalize on everything in their greed for life while hoping they live forever. They often equate themselves and others in value by the weight of their wealth or lack of it towards poverty; placing the value of their humanity in the balance of these scales holding their own selves and others beneath wealth, societal positions of power and fame, and things they have in their worldly stockpiles of materiality. They hold others who are less fortunate, by material standards, for not being as wealthy or prominent as they are, as being less humane than they are; basing their beliefs upon their wealth and social status that is allowed and agreed upon by the parties of people among their peers whom they choose to socialize with. For them, wealth is the great god of their capitalistic world of being where those without it aren’t allowed; and it is in material wealth that they place their belief, faith, hope, love, and trust. For the love of their material gods, and in their desire to gain more in worship of it, their leaders have ordered nations of people to be killed among the innocent, and those of the militias that were sent against them by those equal to them in power over the people of other nations. The problem with the true capitalists that play god as their religion, being judges, rulers, and authors of law without True Authority from The Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty over all of their worlds is this: When the wealth, fame, and power to influence is removed from them, their lives become meaningless to them and others of their peers and those that are held as being less than them, but worship them as gods until they lose these things; and for this reason, many of them commit suicide and come back in Death to The Lord of The Throne in Judgment to be rewarded with a Penalty so terrifying for equating themselves with The Almighty El that it makes them want to run back into this world of Life, begging for a reprieve. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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