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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Committing to The Holy Agreement of The All-Knowing El

In The Name of El-Aah, The Holy Ahezaah, Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, The All-Knowing, The All-Seeing, The All-Hearing Infinite Living of Mind That Creates Mentalities of Life for All worlds, We Recite. Completed Friday, April 22, 2011 Blog # 50 Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Amen Raa Laam Meem Alif, The Ever-Living Supreme Being of El in Essence of Its’ All-Seeing and All-Knowing Mind Which Is The One Beyond the subtlety of the finest essence known of the elements in all matters of Life in which It Creates, Being to the universes and everything within them like the ocean, its walls, and its canopy of the atmosphere above it, on the three vast sides of the elements Contained by It of the water, earth, and air, in how they are to the marine life in the seas of the world, Permeating and Immersing their beings in Life, with no way out of The Ever-Living’s affects upon them. People of all the paths in the ways of Life in general have tendencies of practicing self-deceit regarding their open and secret involvement with The Lord’s Holy Covenant and The Lord Itself Who Is The Ever Hidden Lord in their presence. They want to be free of The Ubiquitous Lord to be as free and illusive as birds seemingly are with the capability of flight to escape the grounds of earth in their illusions of freeing themselves from their attachment to what they are grounded to of the gravity beneath their feet that holds them down. They prefer living unnatural in their deceit of mind regarding the illusions of being what is displayed by the birds in flight, more than they desire to be aware and to live naturally of The Reality of The Real Being That is The Hidden Source of their lives and The Hidden Source of the gravity that keeps them grounded to earth. People entertain the birds in their illusions of being free because of the birds’ long lengths of flight giving them an appearance of being able to escape from the gravitational pull of the earth; not realizing that the earthly grip of gravity is existing under Divine and Universal Laws and Orders in Ahezaah’s Commands, which never let the birds free. It is by Us raising the birds up on the wings of the atmosphere, and by Our supporting them in the affects of the wind streams that We create in The Creators Commands, that they are made to appear to the less knowing and less seeing people to be freer than other creatures that are continuously grounded on the planet, when they are not. If mankind would give attention to flying fish, with them being like the birds of the sea, and associate their short flights as similar or the same as those of the birds of the land in their long flights, it might register better to them as to how free the birds of the land really are not. The obvious illusions of the birds being free are easier seen in the flight of the fish, and the illusions of the birds are equal to the illusions of the self-deceiving members of mankind who appear to the ignorant and blind as being most capable of mastering the Divine and the Universal Laws and Orders of Life by perverting their actions against them, in trying to be free of them, with the most foolish and blind among them actually believing that they are free to do and be without consequences from Us, about Whom they do not believe exist. The play of mankind against the Divine and Universal Laws and Orders of the worlds is in their seeking to be unnaturally free of The All of El, by how they appear and take credit for the Acts of Life that are enacted in, out, and upon them by El, The Originator, The Owner, and The Master of Life That Manifests Itself as The Holy Supreme Being Over All the worlds of mankind. They play against the Warnings of The Lord Almighty, Which is Alone The Master of The Throne of Sovereignty Over What Is All in The All of Its’ Eternal Being of Its’ Self in Creations of Its’ Essence, The Unseen Ahezaah, The Reality of the Worlds of them in their bodies of mind. They are blind to the fact that the play of mankind against the Laws and Orders of Ahezaah is a play against The Balance of What Governs humanity in All and of All in All of other things in Life; therefore, the guilty ones of mankind actually make their unnatural plays in disorder against their own selves in ignorance of The Truth. If they were more sensitive and less numb in their perverted minds, they might swiftly feel the affect of their perversions in their self-inflicted wounds and maybe attempt to change their ways to being harmonious with Ahezaah. Sincerely committing one’s self to the Holy Covenant of Ahezaah Amen is the true way to being safe in the security of Ahezaah’s Peace. It is necessary for the seekers of The Lord Most High of The Christ who desire to live harmoniously with Ahezaah in The Balance of The Truth. In committing to the Holy Covenant one must actively enter and stay right in The Strictness of El upon the Divine Path of the Holy Way that is Chosen by El-Aah, The Holy and Alone Author of Life. One can never be successful by creating his or her own stage set and devising a script to play in seeking to live his or her own character for a select performance of Life, like the numbers of self-deceivers that have erred in their disbelief of the strange way that Ahezaah in Its’ Name of Allaah Manifested Our Messenger Elijah to the Afrimerican People. While some have come in falsehood proclaiming to have Divine Authority to improve upon what We Did in The Holy Commands of El-Aah, calling themselves Remodelers of The Faith, others have wrongfully chosen to set Elijah up in the people’s mind in the illusion that they have toiled to make appear to be real, proclaiming that he lives an Eternal Life on an alien spaceship; setting their own selves up in the minds of the people, whom they victimize for support of their schemes, to believe this erroneous fate will be theirs as well, so that The Lost and Yet to Be Found Ones among them will continue to believe, fear, and worship them in belief that We are With them. This is What We Say of them boarding the M-O-T-H-E-R S-H-I-P for an Eternal Life. Multitudes-Of-The-Hypocrites-Eventually-Receive Serious-Hell-In-Purgatory before being Shipped Off to the greater depths of Hell under The Burning and Crushing of The Christ of El-Aah that Masters Hell. For the love and service of their own demons, these kinds of perverted individuals hurt mass multitudes of their victimized members who too will face The Terror of Reality in the shock of their lives when they come unto The Truth in the Life Hereafter and go through the Processing of Death At The Hands of The Holy Ahezaah El Amen; A Time when it will be much too late for any of them to turn in repentance in regards to Us and This Holy Chosen Messenger of Ahezaah Allaah Hu Amen, who was a member of Elijah’s favorite Temple Number Twenty-Five for the last eighteen months of Elijah’s life, seated in the Name of Allaah as Samuel 24X, and forced out of that same Temple Number Twenty-Five after a few weeks of membership, to serve at the corner of the curb outside of South Orange Avenue and Camden Street where he could be more carefully watched by the distrusting powerful members. He was not trusted enough to worship inside the Temple in general, like the other members, for knowing the Words of The Holy Qur’aan and all of Elijah books with his heart, knowing them better than others of the Temple for studying them privately most of his life up into that time, and because of his True Love of El Ahezaah Allaah Hu Amen which seemed strange to them and caused them to whisper that he must have been a “Government Agent because nobody could know this much,” although many of the less powerful members knew him and his life activities well, knowing that he had love for Elijah and Allaah long before them since the time of their adolescent years in elementary school when he openly proclaimed his love, belief, and service to Allaah, for which he was ostracized by his residential community among the adults and children alike, which caused him to fall in loneliness and submit to their evil in order to have what he thought was friends until he suffered enough for the following eleven years of his time in street life to submit his heart completely to Ahezaah in Its’ Name of Allaah under Elijah’s Order of The Nation of Islam in Newark, New Jersey USA. Fate is Ahezaah El Amen. It Is The Force of Life That Ultimately Determines the entry and outcome of things, good and bad. In Its’ Scripting Life for Its’ servants among all creatures, It never errs. There is nothing about It or about anything of everything in All That It Does with Its’ Essence and Matter that has a power over It to judge It as being Correct or Incorrect; and being that It Is Alone The One Infinity, The One Mind, The One Power, The One Doer, The One Done, The One Judge, and The One Executioner of All, in Its’ Independence for Being The One Alone That Is The Completely Self-Sufficient Being of Life, It Is Perfectly The One Perfect; The One That Chose Elijah and Chose what it was for Elijah to do of Its’ Will and Commands concerning the Afrimerican People who hurt themselves before and after Elijah for not faithfully and truthfully submitting to The Unseen Allaah and The Covenant which expressed that they were to be of The Righteous Allaah and wait patiently for Our Coming This Day to clear up their confusion and to show them The Light of Truth, Its’ Power, and Its’ Christ. This Truth is very difficult for many of mankind to wrap their minds around and secure as Truth because of their fear of meeting Us with This Messenger Prophet of El Ahezaah and losing the illusions of commanding Ahezaah Allaah’s Powers which they erroneously possess in their darkened hearts and self-deceiving minds as tools they use against the lesser knowing minds of their victimized members. Those of you among the survivors of the so-called First Resurrection of The Lost and Found Afrimericans who are truthful, still remembering The Holy Spirits of Faith that were of Our Circle with Elijah and his Temples, you who still are believers seeking The True Path of Allaah, and you who have faltered but still believe in your emotional being about Allaah, hear these Words of Our Messenger. Study them sincerely in the depths of your hearts and minds, and prove them false, if you are unsure, or surrender to Us by The Words of Ahezaah’s Holy Covenant and Its’ Holy Charged Messenger who is Strengthened by Ahezaah Allaah. If you look at him with disbelief and wonderment about his aims, think about this. As he walked alone in his Divine Mission without friends or supporters for the most part of these past thirty-two years, he has been threatened to be beheaded, shot down, beat down, and forced back into the ways of other Muslims’ thinking and membership of other organizations; first by members of Elijah’s ambitious son Waarith Deen Mohammad’s group, secondly by Elijah’s infamous student Louis Farrakhan’s people, thirdly by strings of various members in the local organizations of the Orthodox and Unorthodox Muslims, since the opening time of his Mission in this Advent of Holiness. He has endured, without suing for Peace in the djinn courts of law, open and secret threats in offenses against him and his family members by them and agents of the djinn higher clandestine offices that were evidently placed on hold a few years ago; years after We made Our Ancient Prophesied Visit to Elijah’s Temples in Newark and Chicago for which the government agents of the higher clandestine offices were alerted to Our Messenger’s presence and believed him to be a threat for looking up the running away and hiding Farrakhan. After that We Wrote and Published The Precursor to The Divine Book of Recitation, for which the offenders of Our Messenger could read and study written evidence of Our Lord’s Wisdom and Testimony concerning Its’ Messenger. As a further Sign of The Lord’s Strength in him, he defeated a most wicked act of the djinn poisoning him with intent to kill him, for recognizing him as being the possible Black Messiah, while he was employed as a New Jersey State Police Officer in the early eighties of the Christian calendar years. Their plan was for him to die a slow death, whereas, the signs of Death for what We Allowed them to do to him as a Sign of Ahezaah that would cause him to overcome what they did. It was not shown to him until twenty-five years later, as officially noted by the medical profession information concerning the cycle of incubation and detonation of the signs of death coming to an individual so poisoned by the means they used on him; twenty-five years after the lot of them were disastrously Destroyed by Us for what they did; they and some of their offspring, with more Divine Retribution of Ahezaah to come unto them in the Life Hereafter and to members descending in their lineage, being resurrected in this aspect of Life and the next. Verily, it will be a long time before We let them go away from Our Punishment for their attacks against Our Messenger whom We Uphold as a Sign of Ahezaah despite what they have done and plan to do. We understand and accept that they wage war against Us for their cause of the devil. However, Our Lord’s Messenger depends upon Us for his Defense against all of mankind that wars against him. We call you to surrender to involving your beings in more than your customs of showing signs of your owning membership to organizations labeled of Islaam, Christianity and all the other labeled Religious Orders, by your façades. We call you to do and be more of The Truth in service to Ahezaah El Amen. It will never serve you well in this life nor the life to come by you standing back testifying about The Truth and The Heaviness of Wisdom Coming From The Wise That Is Hidden in Our Messenger’s Presence and not stepping forth with actions concerning your testimony. In Our Sight, this amounts to hypocrisy and other not so well accepted attributes that We apply to the actions of those that fail to step forward in The True Spirit of Faith in service to The Holy Eternal Savior of mankind. Our Messenger is never trying to control anyone’s mind. He is Sent as a Holy Messenger Prophet of El and a Sincere Helpmate that Strongly and Strictly follows the Holy Commands of Ahezaah Alone. He is a Wealth Given to you for you to accept Wisely in The Good of Ahezaah, and one whom Ahezaah Loves. He is one that continues to remind you about Elijah being True of Us while those that followed in their questionable leadership after his passing have been clearly untrue, as they throw all kinds of falsehood on the persona of Elijah who had to manifest in the way Allaah Demanded of him to break the chains of madness and slavery off the minds of the most immature nation of people in the western hemisphere. Sometimes fantasy works better than Reality, if you are trying to help a childlike people like most of the Afrimericans of these United States of America were then, as many remain being now. Nevertheless, it is Time that the Afrimericans grow up and be advanced by Us, or be Destroyed as Promised by The Christ of Ahezaah Allaah Amen. Get involved and find this Messenger Prophet in Our Way, Being of The Unseen All-Powerful Ahezaah El-Aah-Hu-Aum, and yet being humbled and meek in appearance as though he is not, in being a Sign of a Soft Enough Opening for you to enter through to get to Our Holy Almighty Reality of The Unseen Being of Life and Death and All That is between them, The Holy El Ahezaah, The Christ of El-Aah That Has Come Down to Earth Eden for Its’ Divine Retribution for Its’ enemies, and Its’ Saving Grace for those whom It Favors, as It Operates with, without, and through this Divine Messenger’s Being in The Signs of Its’ Light of Truth for you to witness, as It is Naturally Hidden in Power in and about this Messenger’s Divinely Raised Being, Loving, Guiding, Protecting, and Conversing with him continuously in The Holy Compassionate ways that are Kept Secret and Personal in Divine Intimacy, unheard by everyone outside of Their Intimate Circle of The Most High Union. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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