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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Descendants of the Far East Ancients of Religion

In The Name of El, The Lord of The Throne Ruling in The Name of Ahezaah, The Holy Beneficent, The Holy Merciful, The Holy El-Aah Christ Shiva of Heaven, The Holy Eeyaah Christ Shiva of Hell, The Holy Peace in The Balance of Paradise, The Holy Complete in Essence of Being The Holy Eternal Balancer of Life and Death, The Holy Holiest as in Being The Pure Reality of The Truth in all worlds, The Real Holy Supreme Savior Vishnu Who Preserves what it Saves, We Recite.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog # 34

5,000 years ago Hindu Prophecy that was made concerning This Day of Revelation with regards to the Divine Avatar or the Divinely Enlightened Prophet that would be present With The Almighty Lord is here. Now that They and The Time of The Hour of The Day of Judgment has arrived, the descendants of the Far East ancients of the Hindu religion have allowed the djinn to fancy movie productions about what they themselves have corrupted to no end regarding their Ancient Prophets who were Enlightened in The Communion with The Lord of all worlds about Whom they relate Its’ Attributes as Brahma or Brahman as The Creator, Vishnu as The Preserver, and Siva or Shiva as The Destroyer, and they have turned what was real to the ancient true believers among the ancient Hindus into a farce, a comedy of cartoons, and mythical fairytales. From cartoons for the adolescent to grand movie productions for the adults, they have invested in great amounts of corruption in confusion for the worlds of people that were already confused and misguided by the djinn.

It was recorded that at the time of the Avatar’s fifty-eighth year of age in This Day of Time for humanity on Earth, he would be publicly at war with the powerful men and djinn of the demon beasts that would dare to war against the people Chosen by Shiva Who Is The Same One Being as The Christ El-Aah, The Same Lord of The Chosen Ones, and The Same Master of Life That Gave Annihilation and Rebirth to the Life of Jesus, the Holy Prophet of Nazareth, and the beloved son of the Saint Mary, as a Holy Sign of Its’ Mercy for mankind; Shiva and Christ, The Same One Being as Allaah, Amen, Hu and Ahezaah, The Holy Lord of The Holy Throne of Power Who is Seated Now in Its’ New Name of Power and Authority, The Timely New Name of Ahezaah.

The people of Christianity believe that they have possession of the original theory of a human existing as an Incarnate of The All in All Almighty Lord of all worlds and the false perception of worshiping under a biological begotten offspring of The Holy Real and Absolutely Alone Real Creator, believing they have this in the Prophet Jesus, disregarding the same erroneous belief that was instituted in the African and Asian religious cults long before the birth, death, thought, and advent of Jesus and his cousin John who was left out of the loop of being looked upon as a bloodline relative of The Infinite Lord of all worlds in the manner that the Christian rulers among the politicians and cult religionists that originated Christianity falsified about the perception of Prophet Jesus long after Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist had passed away from the Life of this world; John and Jesus, both Messengers of El who were deeply hated by most of the Hebrew Israelite Jews and their Roman conquerors.

Multitudes of the Christians have never been in knowledge or true awareness that Jesus and his disciples were not the first to be Given Divine Prophecy concerning This Great and Dreadful Day of The Divine Judgment that now shows clear evidence of it being in the progress of showing itself more each day; with some of the signs being almost forgotten as swiftly as they come, despite their devastation, because of the ongoing advent of the many other signs of destruction that is being done through The Hands of El from The Seat of Its’ Thrones of Power Wherefrom It Commands the Warring Angels of El-Aah Shiva The Christ to Destroy much of Earth throughout Eden lands and its oceanic waters with its many occupants, as Prophesied clearly in the Holy Books of The Lord’s Revelation and Malachi which pinpoints certain people in This Day and Time of The Hour of The Christ Having Come down to Earth Eden to Intertwine Its’ Messenger’s lowly being with Its’ Holy High Being and the Divine Being of Its’ Holy High Powered Archangel Messenger Gabriel, Making the Messenger Be an Avatar or Prophet by its original meaning of Pi Haa Raa Aah or Pi-Haa-Raa-Aah or Prophet originally meaning Pharaoh, which is an identity of The Divine that was captured, and used by force in evil, by the rulers among the people of Northeast Africa many thousands of forgotten ages ago who began calling themselves Pharaohs (Pi = The One Endless Mathematical Numbering Mind, Haa = The Guide, Raa = The All-Seeing, Aah = The Infinite Essence of The Creating Breather of Life); meaning: Its’ The One Infinite Numbering Guide of all, Who Sees all of everything and Guides every number of them in which It Breathes Life. The One Which always Related to Its’ minds of humanity through Its’ Messengers or Avatars/Prophets/Pharaohs whose identities and understanding of them were eventually lost in time, but again related in the Mercy of El in New Divine Covenants between The Lord Most High of The Thrones and humanity as extensions to the Original Covenant given to the first of the Adams and Eves fathering humanity on Earth. Although humanity is very and most often forgetful, Ahezaah El-Aah Amen, The Infinite Master, Creator, Sustainer and Annihilator of Life is never One Who is ever forgetful.

Jesus was an Avatar, the same as Muhaamid, Moses, and many other Divined Prophets of El, but people get lost in semantics and the change of languages through the ages of time, therefore making it easier for the powerful men and djinn that influence the use of languages and control the masses of people by their force in their use of fear tactics and deceit to steer them in the wrong direction away from The Truth of El-Aah, Which Comes in The Lord’s Mercy for them. The people are easily led astray because of them having faith, hope, belief and trust in the men and djinn that lead them by power of force and influence more than they have those things for The Unseen All-Powerful and All-Wise Amen El-Aah Who Created them. While Ahezaah gives them options to serve It correctly in Righteousness or turn away from Its’ Holy Commandments that are Given to the people at large through Its’ Signs, which are the Holy Divined Avatars, Prophets, and Messengers of Wisdom, the men and djinn in power over them give them little if any options.

Most of the world has gone insane with the illusions of Life becoming more Real to them than The Holy Reality of The True Existent Being of Eternity, The Unseen Infinite Living Mind That Powers Life and Forms Itself as The One Holy Supreme Being Of Innumerable Attributes of Its’ Powers that are attributed to the Life of all creations of every kind and every single thing, Being The Lord Formed of The Thrones of The True Power That is The Master of all things, Ahezaah El-Aah-Hu-Aum Brahma Allaah, The Lone Creator, Master, and Manifesting Reality of Buddha, and The One Originator of Life Who Creates and Manifests Its’ Holy Avatars/Prophets/Messengers as Being One With It That Speaks and Acts through them as the Signs of Its’ Unseen Holy Perfect Being That Cannot Be seen by any other thing of Life because of other things’ inability to achieve being At The Real Level of Its’ Perfect Quality of Impossible Being, Which is Completely Impossible for any other thing to see, be, reach, encompass, or overcome to be independent of It.

Most of the world has turned to madness but they have yet to catch up in certain kinds of perversions in madness with the many fallen minds in the Far East that have turned to worshipping numbers of lesser creatures like cows and rats and other things, raising them above humankinds in belief that the better ones of them will be reincarnated as rats and other things that they worship; laying, eating, and sleeping with those creatures in belief of it being a great honor to be of those creatures; and great numbers of these same people hold the race of the Chosen Ones, the Afrimericans, as low as they possibly can in their racist and prejudiced minds, like most other races at home and in foreign lands that refuse to help the Afrimericans with liberating knowledge for real.

Most of the world has yet to be cursed with being afflicted with the level of physical maladies like those who have fully turned in this manner of accepted madness instead of keeping to what We Gave of El-Aah’s Wisdom in Covenants to their Avatars/Prophets/Messengers for their forefathers and them, instead of turning the Words of Truth in Brahma’s True Divine Guidance into beliefs of fantastic story tales.

Five thousand years of Prophecy past and The Hour of The Day is Now!

Think not that the disaster at Japan which has caused radiation to be freed about Earth by Our Guidance in it being captured by the winds of Our atmospheric influences is the last Sign of what is Written in Divine Promise of Holy Prophecy in the Book of Revelation and elsewhere.

What was seen by John, Nostradamus and others is just beginning to heat up around Earth which gradually manifests the destruction that We put to it.

The vials of the Angels symbolizing plagues and other signs of the Wrath of The Christ is no fluke or mere story tale which even the blindest among you are beginning to see. Curse them that make a mockery of the Revelations that are Divinely Given to Our Prophets, for they are the enemies of Man and mankind, and they will suffer most at their ends.

You who still doubt Us of Ahezaah and The Unseen Powers of El-Aah and this Avatar / Messenger / Prophet, thinking that he is a shameless sham artist because of your own inability to identify and understand True Wisdom (The Lord’s Holy Divined Guidance of Its’ Divine Servants), you do not have long to keep up with your doubting of Us before you start a doubting of your own selves and disbelieving your leaders among the powerful men and djinn whom We Will Soon Prove that they have no Power Over Us and what We Do with This Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah El-Aah, The Almighty Christ Shiva Whose Signs you see in the Destruction of Earth Eden at every corner of Earth through the elements that We Control of Nature.

Are you prepared for the unexpected BANG to come in your corner of the Garden of Eden? Are you of the fools that believe your government men are in the position to protect you when they too are secretly in fear for their own selves and families? Your illusions of power and belief about the false power that is now shown by your powerful men and djinn over you psychologically will only last as long as you see no evidence of Us that is Made Clear enough for you to see, feel, and suffer by, because of them and your acts in following them and their orders of life; like those of the nations that are seen being destroyed by Us of The Unseen through your electronic mediums where you are given partial pictures and limited ideas in evidence of what is actually taking place with them.

If you are not Right With Ahezaah El-Aah Christ Shiva, you should fear the day that We Bring similar acts of Destruction down directly upon you! And when you arrive at the Throne of Judgment that your powerful men and djinn among the greater and the lesser educators, scientists, psychologists, religionists and others that speculate telling you to not believe, without them having any True Authority or True Experiences in the Higher Realms of Being, your anger and turning away from them will be much too late!

Your chance at Mercy and Forgiveness is Now in this Life, at this Time, and not in the Life Hereafter where mankind says in falsehood that all will be forgiven by The Lord Most High because He sacrificed His only begotten son for the sins of man.

Verily, The Creator is beyond being what mankind calls he or she, him or her, male or female. It is an It; The, That Is It, of All in all things, and That It, is Beyond everything describable except for Us saying That It Is The Infinite Living Essence and Breath of Mind That Creates Matter for all things manifested by It in Its’ creation of the worlds of Illusions that only reflects what It Creates of Its’ Thoughts about things.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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