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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Destruction in the United States of America

In The Name of El-Aah, The Holy Ahezaah, The Almighty Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion, The All-Knowing Protector, The All-Seeing Guide, The All-Hearing Infinite Mind That Creates Mentalities of Life as Circles in The Worlds of things, The Holy Christ Being of The Light of Truth, We Recite.

Completed Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog # 55

It is crazy that people of these United States of America fear the bogeymen but make light of The Christ El-Aah’s Warnings in Prophecy and in Its’ Hidden Presence of This Personal Messenger of Its’ Almighty Being. It is foolish that they make the bogeymen greater in their minds than they make of The Almighty Great El-Aah Who Owns their minds and can easily seize them. Surely, El-Aah-Hu is Real, with Powers over them and the bogeymen among the politicians and the greater members of the powerful men and djinn who are the nearest among the united institution of the anti-Christ servants of Satan throughout the world in what they have set up as bases of power among all their nations. The people are actually fools to keep looking at them for guidance while seeing Our Destruction of these United States of America and the world nations in general, and nevertheless keep faith in the power of these United States of America’s bogeymen government, and the United Nations that gather against What is Right of The Greater Good of El-Aah in New York City USA to debate their positions back and forth about whose good is better, whose better is best, whose best is great, whose great is greater, whose greater is greatest, whose greatest is right, and whose right is the one that they should choose, while believing that they are all right and gods over mankind in all their nations, and never truly considering that The Truly Good, The Truly Best, The Truly Great, The Truly Greater, and The Truly Greatest is Truly El Ahezaah, The Righteous One All-Knowing Judge of them and all things of the worlds of the creation That It Is Ever The Perfect One Alone in Being Right.

When this Messenger of Ahezaah El-Aah Amen delivers the Divine Words of The Lord Directly from El to people among the religionists of the varying faiths, they often pick up their age olde-worlde books of religious scriptures and use the exact words from them to give back to the Messenger in false displays of themselves having Wisdom (Divine Guidance), by taking those words and submitting them as their own. They use information from the very Books that hold the recording of The Lord’s Words about this Day in Time and this Messenger of The Christ Amen coming With The Christ El-Aah and Its’ Holy Spirit of the Archangel to them in This Day as a tool to hold him back from them. They act as though what they read and repeat, or write from those Books and give back to Our Messenger is authentic of them and what they pretend to have of a real relationship with The Holy El-Aah and Its’ Holy Christ Being, and that this façade of theirs makes them equal in their reception and delivery of Divine Messages from The Lord El Who Is Unseen in their Presence with Us, Measuring them by Truth, Faith, and their deeds, in the weight of their affects upon Life’s people who are on trial, like them, for Judgment and the Execution of it.

It is preposterous that they would now look at what This Messenger has said through the years about Us and what was The Coming of El and Its’ Destruction of the world in general including these United States of America; especially, these United States of America for them, since these united states are being torn down and ripped apart in being pummeled by Us of The Unseen Holy Spirits of El’s Power; a pummeling that is to be increased by Us, degree by degree as Ahezaah El Wills.

Don’t be angry with the Messenger for telling these things! Be angry with your own selves and those whom you follow and worship among the people of the anti-Christ among your politicians and clergy. They are the ones that have you believing that their militias among the nation’s local and national soldiers that police everything of their interests, nationally and abroad, are the ones to fear and respect most under them in the pyramid of power in these United States of America; believing that they are The Power and The Glory in what Ahezaah El Owns, of the people, believing themselves to be gods of them!

Tirelessly, We Tell you through Our Messenger who does tire, to look at what We Do to you from the Stations of Our Unseen Beings in the forms of Nature, in Our Forces over the insects, animals, and the microscopic creatures of all kinds. And We Tell you to watch for Our Lord’s Signs in things like what We have so far done to what you pride as the greatest city in the entire world, the so-called Big Apple, and how We have made it a Rotten Murky Insect and Rodent Overran Apple; and look at how We have kept millions of you blind to the fact that your Big Apple City has shrunk considerably in the sight of billions, and how it has fallen from The Tree of Life in The Garden of Eden; and look at how the Garden on the other side, west of the Murky Waters River, is a Secret Garden of Pleasure for those of your rich and powerful; the Garden where the Chosen City and the New Chosen People that the Seer Nostradamus saw in his Divine Vision of the smoke bellowing out from the Burning Tower City towards it, look at how it is more tempting to be taken over by the powerful men and djinn that run away from your Big Apple on a daily basis to get away from the rats and other underworld things of darkness, dread, and the cold-hearted beings that are no longer tempting enough to keep them there. Most of the people have become like zombies of the underworld, speaking loud and proud, but with words empty of The Truth That Will Save you and Set you free of the mental and spiritless scourge that has infected you.

Can’t you see? As go New York City, New York in all its Boroughs, so goes these United States of many cities with their people including the hundreds of millions of citizens that you have been misguided to believe cannot be touched by Us or by the things of all others through which We touch worlds in Bringing blight to them!

This nation of these United States of America have turned into a nation of blimps, stubborn, pompous and unreasonable people who, in general, are the last of all the people in the worlds to realize this in truth. But with things coming in Our Destruction of your worlds, like millions of acres of wildfires blazing and burning down your beloved homes, rivers running too high and wild and turning your residential areas into water zones, flooding beneath your feet, giant mudslides and earth holes swallowing up your retreats, houses, cars, and all the things you enjoy on dry land, the oceans pouring in under signs of the damned swallowing up people, real estate and other things of great importance to your hearts, with Us Coming in Powers of Wrath on all sides of your nation, destroying your relations with the beautiful places of your vacations, and threatening to throw the land into the seas, as you are being dropped to your knees, with birds of the wing dropping dead from the heights, with cattle and other creatures falling dead in their plights, where they stand, insects disappearing from the land, radiation spreading from Japan, affecting the atmosphere and water that’s in demand, while the djinn deceives every woman and man, by their plan, as they prepare to strand every unfortunate one they can. And then there are the tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunder, taking whole cities under, as people watch in amazement and wonder, how could this happen to them, in ignorance of their blunder; looking for the giant rock to fall from outer space, hitting Earth and knocking it out of place, in destruction it, not realizing that the people are being destroyed for their unethical corruption. You might believe that Nature has a mind of its own that is independent of El-Aah, and you might think that it lives under the illusions of free will, like mankind, but it does not. Ahezaah El-Aah is The Reality of Nature and We are the Ones Empowered and Guided by Ahezaah in the acts of Nature.

Think not that the great numbers of tornadoes that are being dipped down simultaneously into your worlds throughout the lands of these United States of America and the world over in their uncommonly massive amount in numbers or their coming separately in line one behind the other are pointless and are not Being Aimed at specific targets in the worlds of Life that you live! Ahezaah El-Aah Commands their numbers, their powers of force, and their aim, in Aiming them with Divine Purpose. None of these things of Wrath are happenings by chance or by error! Verily, it is the same of Our Divine Wrath in what We Do of Our Aiming you at other people and other people at you who live under the devil’s rule, and people who live by the Covenant of El, people whose fate is to die by your hands or you die by theirs. We are the Ones of El that exact retribution in The Names of The Lord Most High through you, and We are the Same Ones that exact retribution against you through other people in their deeds.

What you might think you win in your destruction of others might very well be your loss, and what you might believe is a loss from you of your own lives in the ways of death and destruction, know that none of it is actually owned by you. The Lord Most High of The Throne of Sovereignty Over All worlds of All things only Loans you Life and things to occupy your minds in it. Loans that must be returned!

The Loan of Life from The Creator is like a house of great beauty, one most loved by its tenants, the allege landlords of the house who, by tricks of the people among the institutions of the anti-Christ, are made unable, by principle, to really own the land. With the house being too huge for you to pick it up and place it anywhere you choose, it is not your house! You, as a homeowner are simply loaned the privilege by your rulers to live in a caste system where you are living at a higher social level of class than those who can only afford to rent apartments from others.

It is proven that you of the higher class people have more to lose, more that you worry about losing, more that burdens you for your illusions of ownership and illusions of being higher in class as human beings than those who are burdened with less opportunity for having less smarts and less capital to spend in the ways that they would be pleased to do like the higher classes of you. Without absolute power, you are nothing more than high class renters whose homes are still buildings with compartments although they might stand alone in their makeup to make you who believe in them appear to be better than those who are oppressed and forced into poverty and unethical conditions of mind and places. What an illusion of ownership!

By the evils of your rulers who deal in capitalistic interests, they will deceive you to believe that you own the house when there are rules and regulations made and kept by them to keep you, your house, and your family under their charge of ownership, rules and regulations through which they make you pay millions of dollars for what they say you purchase for thousands, and for your egos you never tell the lesser class of people what burdens you possess for the cost of your appearances of being better human beings, and more independent than them.

Surely, in the destruction of your worlds We took down your appearance of being gods by destroying your financial system; and no matter how great many of your elite have pretended to be, they have shown that the wood of a tree by which they make their paper for money, and the glittery stones of metal and minerals that they sport for jewelry and wealth are greater and more elite than them, despite those things being without brains for lives of intellectuality to equal human beings.

With these, and the many other things of destruction people, you need to look at yourselves; your prideful arrogant selves, your stubborn minds which refuse to hear and listen to Our Messenger, and you need to look at what is happening to your nation and know why it is being brought down instead of standing by and allowing your media people of power to go against Our Messenger and his helpers, by the ways they constantly go about blocking off Our Divine Transmissions from you. While you laud your countries, and while you possess them, remember that Our Lord The Holy Christ El-Aah Hu Ahezaah Owns you, your country, your land, your house and every other thing about you, and believe that The Christ of Ahezaah is Here to Cause you to Realize The Truth of this. It is happening! Armageddon against your lands! The Apocalyptic destruction of these United States of America is Right Now! Not to Come! But Right Now!

What We Give through this Messenger is Sent down from Heaven Out of The Hand of The Almighty Lord of Many Supreme Names; things that are made to be as Divine Benefits in The Lord’s Signs of Mercy, and Compassion for you, and you should consider saying Ahezaah, Ahezaah, Ahezaah, Ahezaah, when you say USA, USA, USA, USA, because these United States of America, which is a nation on loan to you, belongs to Ahezaah, and when It Decides to Recall The Loan, there will be nothing that you can do to keep what you love of it.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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