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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Friday The 13th, Is It A Day of Bad Luck?

In The Name of El, The Lord of The Throne Ruling in The Name of Ahezaah, The Holy Beneficent, The Holy Merciful, The Holy El-Aah Christ of Heaven, The Holy Eeyaah Christ of Hell, The Holy Peace in The Balance of Paradise, The Holy Complete in Essence of Being The Holy Eternal Balancer of Life and Death, The Holy Holiest as in Being The Pure Reality of The Truth in all worlds, The Real Holy Supreme Savior, We Recite.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog # 33

This is just something to think about.

Friday, why fish day?

Is it the day of the fisherman?

The fisherman, could that be Jesus?

Or is Friday really Frigg Day for the mythological goddess of sexual involvement?

Is there something to eating shell fish and sexual preparation on Frigg Day Nights?

Friday the thirteenth, the next one is May of this year 2011; should we have any concerns about what is to come on that day?

Should we prepare for May 13th, 2011 or should we prepare for the Mayan Prophecy of the coming year in January, April, and July of 2012 wherein the 13th falls on a Friday?

Thirteen being composed of the number one and the number three, is it an unlucky number for real?

Was that one great flying outer space rock headed for the third planetary rock from the sun, adding up to an unlucky one and three again?

Should we flee the planet?

Is this a lot to think about, or is it even worthy of our thoughts? Hhmmm!


In El’s Names of Allaah and Ahezaah, We have and are educating this Messenger through The Words of El, in Wisdom and by the Divine and Universal Experiences that are given as a continuously ongoing act of Life for him. What We give unto him in this is in the Mercy of Ahezaah El-Aah for you; experiences in the higher realms of spirit, insight to and intermingling with relative members who have gone forth into the life hereafter, relations with Angels for the Cause of El Ahezaah Allaah The Christ That has Come down unto his person, and using him as an instrument for healing on various levels of the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies of mankind among those whom Ahezaah chooses.

He is One of Ahezaah Amen Raa El-Aah-Hu’s Most Loved and Favored Servants, one that is Chosen over all others on Earth This Day; therefore, by The Balance of The Lord’s Love and Favor of him, in Ahezaah El-Aah’s Giving him up to you all for the purpose of pointing you back to The Righteous Path of The Way to Christ, The Promised Savior for This Day of El-Aah, he is a Holy Sacrifice to humanity on Earth who has died of his sins through a Divine Process of Rebirth to Live In El-Aah-Hu Righteously in The Holy Circle of Ahezaah and the Archangel Messenger Gabriel.

We will not deny him nor leave him unprotected by Us.

People among the numerologists, astrologists, scientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, those that believe in luck, good and bad, and superstitious people have an inclination to disbelieve about El Being The True and Complete Reality That Powers and Guides everything. They leave and/or believe their lives to be guided by timetables, myths, planets and star systems, independent happenings of the mind involving the ego, the super ego, the conscious and the unconscious, the id, and superstitions, believing them to be independent sources of life that are powered by the nature of a person that is fed nutritiously enough for them to rely upon.

They cannot see enough to believe and understand that even unto themselves they are not left alone to manage Life in the least for an instant; however, The Master of Illusions Who is The Creator, Sustainer and Guide of Life in all things could easily change them from their ways, but It Prefers to Give Life and the ways of Life that are innumerable for any of Its’ creatures among The Supreme Being’s various kinds of Its’ created minds to number.

There are innumerable kinds of minds that exist in The Imaging of The Real Man, The Supreme Existent Mind of The Infinite and Eternal Being That Is Formed By The Thrones (Angels) of Power in Heaven. With man meaning mind and El Being The Real Mind of The Eternal and Infinite Existence of Life, everything of Mind or Man reflecting El’s Artistry of Life is a kind of Its’ Existence of minds (man); therefore, making all minds The Real Man’s kinds of minds in the variety of minds It Creates with hearts and souls that It has Commanded human beings to respect, honor, and serve as the lesser creatures of the worlds of them in Its’ Honor of Doing them with all other things for Life.

When humanity was said to be the cream of creation; meaning, when all humankind was said to be placed at the top of creation on Earth Eden and, thus, being a delight in The Eye of The All-Seeing Amen Ayn Raa El-Aah, they were placed above all other creatures of the Garden; meaning, they were placed in the highest position of responsibility for being custodians or caretakers of Earth Eden.

When humanity was first created and placed in the body of mankind, they were without the knowledge and experience of the fallen angels, which were yet to be introduced into the being of humanity as a part of their makeup. It was through the evolution of them that they became cursed with the infection of the devil while they busied themselves in their earthly position with other creatures of the garden.

The lesser duty of humanity was similar in reflection to the Angels lesser duties including the fallen ones. They each were Given Divine Commands by The Lord to serve and respect things of creation that were considered as being less than they were. The greater duty was to serve and worship El-Aah staying in praise of It Alone by recognizing and remembering that It Is The Ubiquitous Reality of everything, Being Introduced for remembrance of this in Its’ Holy Qur’aan of El-Aah, Prophet Muhaamid, and the Holy Archangel Messenger Gabriel as Al-Noon or Al-Nuun.

Satan and its dupes of the demonic angels that were Felled by Us with Satan from the Paradises in the Holy High Heavens of El-Aah refused it all for being blinded by their own haughtiness.

It was El’s Commanding of them to respect and provide service to all human beings that were created and placed beneath them in their positions of power, in honor of The Almighty Lord’s Doing of humanity for Life, but they, of Satan’s lot, could not agree with The Almighty Master of The Throne of Sovereignty; therefore, they were Thrown down from Heaven and its Paradises, had most all of their privileges of Power Taken from them, with them being left only with the ability to create illusions which they use to create falsehood in mankind’s mind, and consequently they were Placed in the lowest depths of Life beneath the ranks of the Divinely Favored Ones among the believers of El in humanity; beneath those that surrender completely to the Holy Enlightenment from El, submitting to the death of their lower mentality of this world of Earthliness in order to Live Truly in The Mentality of The Holy High El in Its’ Circle of Righteousness. Those that refuse to submit or are yet to submit are naturally trapped by the trials of Life and must suffer the consequences of having to be at an equal or less station than the demon beasts of the devils hidden within them at the rear of their brains on top of their brain stems.

Since the beginning of time for humanity, this human placement of the dupes of Satan in mankind was established to be as a trial for mankind until each of them individually arrived in The Christ Enlightening Experience and accomplished the success in being Reborn of The Christ in Truth and Companioned with The Holy Righteous El-Aah mentally and spiritually in this physical aspect of Life, and it was established as one part of many parts of a Divine Punishment for the Fallen Angels who refused to serve humanity under the Orders of El-Aah at the beginning of time for humanity.

We Explain and We Show by Experiences that are Given with Divine Guidance and Insight to those whom El-Aah Chooses among mankind, Showing them that the demons of Satan are entities of beings that are as real in the illusive creation of beings as are human beings and all other things.

By the Will of The Amen of Life, demons are Placed in mankind at each birth of a human being to be as a part of their internal makeup, making mankind part angel and part animal with minds that can be driven both upwards towards The Highest of The Thrones, or downwards towards the worst of the beasts including the demon beasts of Satan. This internal mindset of the lowly animalistic nature that includes the demonic part that is most hidden in them, drives them downwards towards the worst part of their own selves, and it is the part with the greatest challenges of Life for them to overcome to become the best of the humane creatures on Earth whereby they can fulfill their responsibilities to the world of the Garden of Eden in being true custodians of El’s that realize how to appreciate Life.

In reference to the number thirteen, We have pointed out that it relates to the number one representing The One All-Powerful El on this side of the active Life of Creation, and three representing the number of the Angels of El that followed the Commandments of El and removed the devil Set and its dupe from Heaven, casting them down to Hell for an Infinite Period of Time. It is the number that is hated most by Set the devil Satan and its dupes of demons that reside in and about the spirit and mental realms of mankind whom they hate; the same devils that psychiatrists and psychologists proclaim are only myths created by the imagination of one’s ego, so that mankind will have something else other than their own selves to blame for their evil doing in Life and mind from within.

The psychiatrists, psychologists and scientists that propose that the devil and its dupes of demons are a made up thing of the mind’s ego are either knowing servants of the devil, or the average students of notes that were devised by former and present scholars among them who have not had the Real Experiences of the Inner realms of The Unseen that were Given to the mystics whom they have always doubted and denounced including the Prophets of El. They are made to renown and are celebrated by their colleagues that are just as unknowing as they are about Ahezaah El Amen Raa, The Absolute Being of Truth Powering and Guiding all things of Life in creations of every kind including their misinformed and misguided minds. For them to say that the devil is an imaginary thing that is made up as a cover of protection for one’s faults, they are slyly saying that The Unfathomable Ubiquitous Mind of The Infinite Being of Eternal Mastery is a made up thing as well. This is their true aim at hiding what the fraud, one of their greatest minds (Sigmund Freud), deduced from what We Explained about El Being The when he took this from his Jewish knowledge and devised a supposed discovery of his own in saying The Id Which is El; with the Arabic Id and the Hebrew El Being the same The of The Essential Reality of Life That is Hidden in everything. They are made safe by their own kind to keep this knowledge as a secret among them, and made not to be for public consumption for the fear that it might unshackle the locked down minds of the common people whom they slave for their support in gaining goods for their livelihood.

The common folk of lowly insight have difficulty understanding that religion is considered by Us to be any way that you choose to live in the Illusive Earthly aspect of Life, from soul to flesh, on all levels and in all bodies of mankind’s being. The professional doctors, politicians, the powerful men and the djinn and the educators that operate at the highest levels in association with them, and the chiefs of the militias that guard them will never publicly promote their lives as being a religion although they are clearly aware that they are. They take the dual position of holding membership in congregations with others that they cause to think that those congregations alone are the class of their religions, when in fact those orders of religious membership are used only as means to seduce the lowly and trick them by the wickedness of their own inner beasts. The djinn is sure to keep certain information away from the commoners among all societies; therefore, they create certain levels of languages to disguise their words, and certain religious cults that do not allow membership to all people regardless of race, creed, color and nationality. What they do is maintain a complex system of government and the ruling of the lowly people whom they are certain to never allow to rise in equality with them, or understand the truth about their worldly religions that they refuse to identify as such.

Beware of your psychiatrists, psychologists, scientists of all kinds, and your historians that are hailed in approval by the djinn, the class of these people are developed in deceit, speculation and suspicion, and they are nothing like the True Mystics of El that Truly Experience the Higher Inner Qualities and the lower inner qualities of Life that they expound upon in The Names of The Lord Most High. These many doctors of the unexposed religions of the sciences only copy the True Mystics and Prophets of El in their intent to imitate what they learn by scholarly pursuit (book study and lab testing) and masking it by the ways they verbally express themselves to seem as though they are masters of experience. In pursuit of success, they praise one another, create situations for each other to achieve awards and to be recognized by the common people as being of minds intellectually above theirs, making the lowly submit as though they are better human beings who are Approved by Us, when most of them are not Approved by Us and most of them end down with the chief devil in the conditions of The Eternal’s Hell.

They are the ones that The Christ El-Aah Ahezaah is Most Aimed at in this Day of Judgment and Execution of Judgment over the worlds of mankind; they and their great lots of followers and believers who believe more in them, or equally believe in them, as they do The Lord of The Throne About Whom these people always find ways to throw confusion in their service to their own selves behind the devil within.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen, MPA


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