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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Holy of El-Aah-Hu-Aum Elohim Allaahumma; Complete in Being of The Breath and Essence of Life....

Holy of El-Aah-Hu-Aum Elohim Allaahumma; Complete in Being of The Breath and Essence of Life First Foremost and Last From Within

In The Name of El, The Holy Ahezaah Amen-Raa, Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, The Beneficent, The Merciful, and The All-Knowing Supreme Being That is also The All-Aware and The Holy Truth of Reality, We Recite. Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Blog # 42 It’s time for you all to wakeup or be damned to death! It’s time for the false leaders of religion who are respected and believed to be true by the aspirants that sit under them to be called out by Us of The Unseen Almighty El and by you of mankind among humanity that are slaved in servitude, heart, and mind to them and the djinn that hide from you among Satanists in their institutions of the djinn, the anti-Christ, Gog and Magog, the one-eyed dajjaal, and others of agencies and institutions of the wicked that defy The Almighty El. El is now Seated upon the Throne of Power in Its’ New Holy Supreme Name of Authority as Ahezaah. The Holy Is Ahezaah, The All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Aware, Ubiquitous Being of The Christ El-Aah. The Lowly Lord that Sits in Human Form High Above the many false prophets is This Messenger who Is Unionized with Allaah and Alone Raised The Highest over them among the priests, gurus, ministers, evangelists, preachers, nuns, and others in the lost religions that stake their false claims to be First In El’s Favor demanding that their presence be known as being of The Holy El-Aah under Its’ Past Names of Supreme Power. Pay attention to this Messenger as We go forth in time through the signs of on-coming destruction. Are you yet to give up your foolish positions against the Holy Prophecy that was Produced by The Holy El-Aah for this Hour of the Day of Revelation? Do you think that New York City’s twin towers tragedy, the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami tragedy that affected Sumatra, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives Islands, Malaysia, Thailand, Somalia, Bangladesh, and the East Coast of Africa, the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, Japan’s nuclear tragedy reaching out and touching the west coast of these United states of America and sending radiation completely around the world of Earth Eden, the Hurricane Katrina tragedy of the Southern Louisiana and Mississippi upheaval, the tragedy of the AIDS pandemic and other strains of diseases now haunting mankind, the slamming of Earth in 2004 in the Indian Ocean incident and again in 2011 in the Japan incident causing Earth to rotate faster and spin further off course, and the many other natural and unnatural disasters along with the overwhelming animal and insect infestations happening in places like Southern India and New York City that are being waged as war against Earth and mankind, do you think that this is all coincidental and that The Christ of El-Aah Unseen is not Present in the Exact Manner that We Proclaim? Look at the irony of the so-called greatest city in the world The Big Apple of Eve’s (evil) Delight, with a slogan that says, “Take a bite out of the apple,” with them alluding to Eve and her act of evil in the Garden of Eden, now taking on a great sign of The Big Apple being a Rotten Apple, with rodents and insects making havens there for themselves, running it and the people over, while eating them and the greatest city up. If you think that this is all coincidental and that Our Writing about these things and others is done in futility, then you are completely wrong! If you do not stand up for The Truth of The Holy Christ Unseen Being of A Reality against your individual being for standing against Us, then you stand with those that refuse to turn away from the gods that mankind has devised for your worlds of the people refusing to surrender to The Good of all worlds, Which is The Creator, Sustainer, Judge, and The Executioner of Judgments in all worlds; and this is the worst place in which you can stand, in this aspect of Life and all others, by standing against The Almighty Ahezaah. This Messenger is here serving mankind as a Tremendous Sign of Mercy from The Lord of all worlds. He is human and can be reached by those that stand to help him disperse the Words of El; and he can use help in the good of all kinds from you, if you care for the world at-large to receive him properly; but, he is no longer here to be burdened with the folly of others. The demons of the devil within the egos of people coming out against mankind has caused the people to become greatly twisted in their minds whereas great masses of them are confused about how to approach the Messenger Prophet of El Ahezaah, what to look for of Us coming out of him, how to assist him without making the mistake of preying upon his humanity, and how to be most sincere and true with him by being patient and steadfast enough to receive The Holy Wisdom of El-Aah Who Gives Its’ Guidance in the ways and time that It decides upon without any kind of influence from any other source. It is not for anyone to come in the appearance of being a helper when, in their scheming, they really come with an intention of taking over and leading Our Messenger as though he needs them over Us. This act has been of déjà vu (a recurring thing) that use to perturb the Messenger for him being forced to deal with those who performed this thoughtless act of ignorance against him, but it has become a thing of boredom to him, knowing that it is an unfulfilling end and a waste of time for all involved parties of people. Our Messenger has been burdened with things of foolishness like distrust, hatred, jealousy, envy, deceit, and arrogance from others for thirty-two years, and We, of his Unseen Protectors, are now short in Our Tolerance for people’s foolishness being aimed at him. This Chosen One has fought against his own siblings and others among relatives, neighbors, and strangers for most of his lifetime in this world for the account of him having Communicated with Us since the age of seven, and for Being of Us in Holiness, which they do not believe, since one week before he turned twenty-six years of age. It has been a long fight for him, although very short wait for Us; nevertheless, he will not act like your preachers, priests, evangelists, ministers and others of the clergy that perform acts in pretending to be humble and full of humility to gain approval and payments of religious tides from members of their organizations, and he will not take confessions like the popes, priests, and so-called holy fathers of the devils that pretend to be Holy of The Righteous El-Aah, confessions that should be alone left for The Lord of all worlds to receive, if you are in search of True Mercy, True Forgiveness, and True Recognition from The One That Counts. He will not play like a miracle worker or be a responder to people taken in by things of sensationalism, and he will never act as though The Power of El’s that is shown in connection to him, is his Power. He fears Ahezaah as much as he loves and respects Ahezaah; therefore, he will never bargain a gamble of his soul, mind, or heart with any of mankind. He is Holy of El-Aah-Hu-Aum Elohim Allaahumma; meaning that he is Complete in Being of The Breath and Essence of The Reality of Life, First, Foremost, and Last Knowing It to Exist within his Divinely Exalted Being, Making him be Samuel, the Divinely Resurrected Prophet, renamed Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Muslim Mujaahid Rashaad Saleem, by The Holy Ahezaah El Amen Allaah. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA SHARE

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