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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Ignorance, A Cause of One of the Greatest Killers of Mankind

In The Name of El, The Holy Ahezaah Amen-Raa, Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The All-Knowing Supreme Being, The All-Aware, The Truth, We Recite.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog # 39

One of the greatest causes of death for humanity on Earth Eden is ignorance. It has been a terrible disease for all of mankind to escape and to overcome in its causes and affects; with it being the initial problem for all of mankind since the first people of Adam who were liberated to travel throughout the Garden of Earth Eden that was called Pangaea by some in the communities of humanity.

El-Aah, The Holy Master of their beings Whom the children of Adam and Eve were told that It Gave Divine Instructions to their parents as Divine Blessings for all humankind; with them being the first to receive Holy Messages from The Unseen Amen Who Commanded them to not consume the fruit of the tree that was situated at the center of the garden, known as The Tree of Knowledge. The All-Knowing Lord El-Aah Clearly Warned them of the fallen angel that It symbolized as a serpent to keep them alert concerning the dangers it posed, lurking in wait for them in the evil of its demonic spirit and mind; ready in ambush positioning to pounce upon them with its schemes of evil, and ready to use its tools of battle against their lower passions for Life and the determination of their egos, which it was most proficient in the use of its seduction that it held against their minds, both openly and subliminally.

The serpent, being not just a fallen angel, but the most powerful and chief one of them all, knew its power of seduction was greater than Adam and Eve’s abilities to defend against it, but only if they put down the Pure Defenses that The Lord El-Aah-Hu Gave unto them, which was a Defense that was Designed for them to remember The Lord El, follow Its’ Wise Guidance, and stay behind The Unseen Curtain of Its’ Unbreakable Defense that was Offered to them; a Defense which was Formed of El’s Strength in Faith, Trust, and Sincere Belief, which they were Commanded to stay in with honesty to be continuously given unto The Unseen Lord.

In their comfort, Adam and Eve became bored with the ease of life and thus ventured to the center of the garden; and in that comfort and carefree state of mind, they forgot The Holy Unseen Presence of The Almighty Lord, forgot Its’ Holy Commandments, forgot about the danger at the center of the garden, and forgot about their total dependency upon El-Aah; nevertheless, when they arrived and were approached by the devil, they were reminded about the Holy Commandments of El-Aah by the Unseen Angelical Spirits that were with them and yet, in their foolish acts of ignorance, they chose to gamble against their souls and their human abilities to stave off the powers given to the devil by which it tries all of humanity on Earth. For these reasons, in conversation with Satan, the devil easily seduced them into forgetfulness, distrust, and being ignorant of The Unseen, All-Wise, and All-Knowing Lord Who Swiftly Made Its’ Holy Hidden Presence Known to them as It Reprimanded Adam and Eve shortly after they had committed their acts of ignorance in their offense against The Lord’s Commandments and the souls of their own selves. This way of mankind’s being has been followed by the children of Adam and Eve ever since that day, despite The Lord’s Acts of Mercy and Forgiveness that It Shows by continuously Sending mankind Divine Messengers and Books of Holy Covenanted Instructions through the ages of time to the many races in the many generations of the families of all mankind, Warning them and Educating them as It Reminds them about It, The Truth of It, The Truth of all creation, and The Truth of themselves, Which is It in Its’ Holy Unseen and Almighty Being of The Truth Which Is Hidden in them and all other things as well. By Its’ Commands, We Remind mankind about The Creator Being The Essential Being in Essence of Its’ Matters in which all things are created, and Also about It Being The Holy Infinite Source of Power That Is Hidden in The Life Giving Properties that sustains mankind and all other things of Life.

Many people easily misunderstand the importance of practicing to stay alert and to not be ignorant of The Lord’s Guidance, Presence, and Its’ Almighty Strength in Its’ Power to Know all and to Overwhelm all of everything. Most times, the ignorant people realize, after it is too late, that there is no person, of any kind, and nothing else, of anything, to help them against The Almighty Lord Who Is The Only Real Power of Life that is True and Independent of every other thing. Multitudes deceive others and their selves into believing that they listen to The Wise Words of The Lord Most High while they only hear them, choose what they want to take from them, and then be gone with what they select to listen to of them, for their personal use, and they use them mixed with their own ideas; while others have been known to curse the very idea of The Lord El-Aah and Its’ Words of Wisdom, in their hatred and disbelief of It.

Readers, are you of those who are hard pressed against a belief that there are people that worship Satan and its ways of being and thinking while they hate The Lord El? There are too many meek, humbled, blinded, and deceived self-centered people that refuse to believe multitudes of Satan worshippers exist. They are fooled to believe that these people are stranded as a few in cults; believing that cults are smaller than the main bodies of religion today, and not being aware that the great bodies of religion today are the cults that exist in the names of their own great religious organizations. Many of them that curse the very thought of religious cults are they that comprise them without being aware of the part that they play in support of the sly, slick, and wicked devil who seduced the first of mankind in the names of Adam and Eve into evil against their own souls; never ever having let go of its attempts to destroy all humanity.

There are multitudes that hide their disbelief of El Ahezaah Christ Allaah, while pretending to believe and love It; multitudes of men and woman of the clergy around the world that have set themselves up upon thrones of wickedness, pretending to be the true lovers of the Divine Prophets and of El Ahezaah, while they intentionally mislead the public in their deep hatred for The Good of El, calling It God and slyly raising other beings among mankind and other things as being equal or greater than El-Aah by how they use their words to display It and their religion and by how they cause the shedding of human blood and other things of Earth Eden between people in the names of their religions, with each side of the people at war proclaiming to be of those Favored by The Almighty True Lord.

For the ignorance of mankind, the entire planet of Earth Eden and its ionosphere is suffering. The planet Earth and its ionosphere are suffering by the acts of mankind in what is produced and carried out in world actions by the hands of humanity collectively. And the suffering is coming from an open wound in the first layers of the planets seven layers of atmospheric covers that were created as a materialized protection for the planet and its occupants. You and your leaders among all humanity were Warned by Us about this for many years, while you were still safe from the repercussions of what you do in ignorance of Us; and NOW, IT IS MUCH TOO LATE for you to turn back in an attempt at being obedient to undo what you all of humanity’s powerful people have collectively done against the world of Earth Eden and the lowly people upon it! The Holy Christ of El Ahezaah Amen Shiva has Come Down to Earth, and Its’ Last Divine Warner for This Day is Enlightened and Unified with Us of The Unseen. He is Samuel Wilson, Samuel in the soul of the Divinely Resurrected Prophet of the Ancient Israelites, a Divine Sign of El, The Holy Ahezaah Allaah, Named at birth under the name meaning the Strength of El, which will be shown by Us through his meek human body of being in his name of Holy-Apostle-Deen, a Complete Proclaimer in his Faith from El.

You might not want to hear these Divine Proclamations; hating them because they identify you and your people of race, religion, nationality, political positions, and creed. You of the powerful owners of the electronic media such as your Space Book with owners and employees that operate through the airways of your Space Library Satellites in agreement with the djinn, facing your book programming down to Earth in your act of directing the minds of the people at large, causing great multitudes to openly forget about your constant eavesdropping on their conversations, and looking into the minds of the worlds of people while secretly invading their privacy to life. We Know of your grumbling about Our Lord’s Holy Messages to the world which includes you. While you say We are offensive, We say that We are of The Divine Truth Commanded by El; The Same El That Empowered your forefathers of Isra-‘El, the ancient past Divinely Chosen People of El. We are aware of all that you do and plan to do, and It is El Ahezaah Who has Empowered you with knowledge, unity, and wealth that you share generously with your kind, and sometimes considerately with others like those of the politicians and education departments of the Newark, New Jersey, USA School System. Beware of watching Our Messenger for the wrong reasons with evil intent. We are watching for your offenses! And as We Faced you up to great heights through your Book, We can as easily Face you back down in Disgrace and Damnation!

Remember, it was not this Messenger or his people that offended the very lifecycle of your beings! It was your forefathers and many other races of people who have taken their turn to completely offend El’s Holy Favored Afrimericans. It is Time for you to accept The Truth or suffer the consequences personally. Don’t be ignorant and die of foolishness to be awakened at The Throne of Judgment to face purgatory which will be no book at all; just a facing of Hell for you before your entry into the Greater of Hell for your facing. Be of The Wise and help the Messenger with what We have Helped you. It still belongs to The Holy El-Aah, being a mere loan to you in this aspect of Life.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen, MPA


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