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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Inside Out

In The Name of El-Aah, The Holy Ahezaah, The Almighty Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion, The All-Knowing Protector, The All-Seeing Guide, The All-Hearing Infinite Mind That Creates Mentalities of Life as Circles in The Worlds of things, inside of The Unseen Realms, and outside of The Materialized Physical Realms, We Recite. Completed Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Blog # 53 Inside and outside of all creatures’ beings including mankind’s, Ahezaah Is The Holy True and The Lone Reality That Is Hidden In Its’ Essence of Power That is manifested as The Forces of Its’ Divine and Common Laws and Orders of the universes that are known by the acts of Nature throughout the worlds. Ahezaah Amen Is The Natural of Nature, The Source of Life in Nature, and The Power That Generates Its’ Being in Attributes for everything of Life; for all things must live with The Nature that owns them under The Commands of The Holy Reality of The All in Nature, even those people and things that are perverted by all kinds of faults that shows them and other things as being Cursed by Nature through Its’ Natural Forces Delivered in Nature’s Recompenses including the removal of Nature’s Protection, which causes greater faults to be accumulated by the perverts among the guilty. In regards to mankind, Nature (Ahezaah Allaah) is the thing that is most recognized coming out of people by their acts upon themselves and other things of Life. Even when mankind observes foreign things, they generally proceed with caution, seeking to understand the Nature of those things, being careful as to not arouse their Natural instincts of self-preservation for appearing as a threat to them, and relating to the thing’s actions in trying to estimate their inner beings of Nature to understand what and why certain things come out of them by their Nature. To better understand the Holy Covenant of The Lord of The Throne for mankind, people need to follow the course of their True Unadulterated Natures. Mankind is Naturally born, from the beginning of their inception, inside the womb of their mothers. When a mother recognizes that she is pregnant with child, the child is already born as a fetus, the first stage of life for mankind. The child is given birth into the mother’s womb from a place beyond this world of creation. The minds of human beings’ development begin before they are let loose from The Possession of The Creator in the Life Before-Here, a place in the Heavens of the Spirit Realm rarely spoken of in conversations had by mankind. That is because only a few with the Wisdom of The Wise are Given Divine Insight and Divine Remembrance of where they have come from before being born inside their mother’s womb to be born again, being brought out of the womb into this aspect of Life, and for the lowly of mind in realization, it would be a useless conversation. Verily, The Holy Preparation for birth into this world comes at The Hands of The Holy Mathematically Calculating Creator in Three Stages, The One That Counts All and Never Miscalculates in Its’ Counting of anything of creation. By The Almighty Ubiquitous Lord of The Throne of Supreme Being, all things are numbered, nothing is ever lost from their number, and every number of things is kept in Perfect Order by The Perfect Guidance of Ahezaah. It is unfortunate for many mentally oppressed people who are generally given educational disservice in the world; people who have no knowledge in the true perception of human birth, as it truly is, with many of them believing the fallacy in the illusions of things regarding the birth of human beings; like a belief of mankind being randomly born after being injected as a flowing liquid into the vagina mixed of innumerable sperm seeds. By this belief, they insinuate that The Creator Who is The Birthing Master of mankind has no authority concerning who it is among the semen flow that will be born into this world, showing their doubt of The All-Knowing Amen Truly Being The Knower of every single thing, and The Guide of every single thing. Nevertheless, before the beginning or the end of all things, Ahezaah Is The Knower and The Source of Power in Giving Life in Breath, Motion, Space and Time from each of their beginnings, until each of their ends. In the process of Life, from a person’s birth to death, three stages of being born is this: Firstly, a person of choice is brought up to The Holy Birthing Master in the Life Before-Here, to receive his or her appointment in the Life of this world in the Authority of The Creator where the chosen one is taken from that world to be born into the chosen mother’s womb; Secondly, they are born into the chosen mother’s womb, nurtured and physically developed in the essences and elements of Earth Eden that are consumed by the chosen mother through whom the child of the womb is fed and sustained in preparation for the third stage of birth; Thirdly, the person is dislodged from the world of the mother’s womb as an infant human being, taken from that life to live in this world of Earth Eden and to be recognized as one born of this world to the chosen parents in waiting. As We, The Unseen Angels of This Messenger Prophet and Ahezaah Know better than you among the commoners of mankind, We testify that Ahezaah Holds Conversation about this realm of Life with all mankind, before they are placed into the womb of their mothers as sperm seeds of human beings. While the perverters of Life would argue their abortion issues in trying to disprove that Life Exists for human beings while they are at the fetal stage so that people can more easily disregard their conscience for putting to Death the most innocent human beings that can possibly be among their species of Life, We testify in The Name of Ahezaah that the fetus, in Its’ Natural Form, is existing at The Purist Level for human beings, except for The Time a Servant of The Righteous Ahezaah El-Aah is At The Pinnacle of mankind’s Reality of Truth, Held Directly In The Hands of The Holy High Christ while being Reborn for Holy Divined Service in this world. In that stage of mankind’s Death and Rebirth, he lives, dies, and is reborn in equivalence to a human fetus; one living the process of Being Emptied of mind by The Christ Who Removes all knowledge of this outer physical world of existence, and all knowledge of the inner mental and spiritual world of existence, while Completely Undoing their being of Life in Remaking them for the purpose of them being servants that are Pure of The Righteous Ahezaah in Truth with clean new slates of Life, wherefore they are Reborn without sin, removed of any charges of evil against them, and Perfected in Ahezaah’s Light of Truth, before being brought back down to Earth Eden in the flesh of their being, Divinely Reborn of this world. For this Messenger, it took him thirteen months to learn to speak the language of the common people again, because he could not easily escape the affects of his mingling with the Holy High Angels At The Most High Level for the months that seemed like years to him in his Divine Experiences With The Most Holy Allaah and Joseph, the Human Holy Spirited Angel of Human Being who was his lifelong Guardian, and many other Holy High Servants of El among the Prophets and Others. He Lived this Life in Time With Us among all ranks of Angels, of the High and Low including Archangels like Gabriel, and the Thrones and Seraphim, and the Beasts of Heaven; but most of all, he could not overcome his awe of Ahezaah as It Sat in The Name of Allaah with him bowed before It. When We Brought this Messenger back down to Earth Eden, Bringing him out from the Inner Realms of Being, and again Housed him Safely in Harmony with The Lord in the flesh of his physical being, he saw the world of Earth Eden under a completely different awareness; a Divinely Awakened Awareness, and he was taken aback by what he discovered about the minds of human beings in general. Everyone in the world was literally seen by him as being of the true living-dead people. No one he came upon including the most learned intellectuals realized in certainty that The Almighty Lord El-Aah was Actually Present and Unseen before them, Permeating all things of Life, Knowing all things, and Being Involved with all things in all the universes. What they knew was what they imagined knowing from what they drew up as beliefs in their hearts and minds. Mankind’s ignorance was shocking to him, and he realized that he had been in that way of not knowing all of his time in Life, previous to him being Taken Within to learn how to be inside and outside of his personal being. We Said to the people to whom We Delivered Prophet Muhaamid that the inner war against the evil of one’s self is the greater war, and that war should be complete, holy, and without end, in the life of all mankind. It is the war that mankind must wage on behalf of their selves to find benefit from The Greatest of The Good (The Lord of The Throne) Permeating and Powering them. It is a war that is to be waged throughout all bodies in the individualized units of mankind’s being; a war that is to be centered in the heart where the believers are told to fight for their Life with all they have to abolish evil from within them, as they war to purify their hearts in making it as right as possible for The Lord to Be Seated in the Heartfelt Existence of Its’ servants, in their awareness of It Being The Power and The Glory of their Master That Is Ever Unseen, Hidden Within. From within, if you allow Satan to rule you, then you are the greatest enemy of your own selves. Your Best and Only True Friend is Ahezaah, if It so Wills, regardless to what you do. It is Often Forgiving, Compassionate and Merciful; however, It will not tolerate anyone or anything giving worship and praises that belong to It, nor will it tolerate anyone equating something else with It. Ahezaah Teaches mankind to go within themselves to Find What It Uncovers for mankind about Itself. It Teaches mankind that It Is The Greatest of all things, and The Holy Supreme Reality of Being in them. It is The Power, The Center, and The Goal of Life for everyone and everything, and It Is Alone The Peace and The Source of All that exist; but, in order to find this out in certainty for one’s self, one must go in their selves and journey to The Light of Truth, The Christ of El-Aah in the Holy High Heavens of Reality. If one would follow the Wisdom of Ahezaah and go within with a most sincere heart, he or she will find that they are themselves the Door to Heaven or Hell leading from the worlds of minds outside of this low physical realm of Earth Eden, to the worlds of higher minds and places of the inner realms which are even more greater than this universal realm of the physically materialized existences. Inside out, and not outside in! This is the way to best learn and understand What Is The Best of All in All worlds, inside out. Whatever you gain there will be reflected as you in the outer realm of your being, and for this, you will be Appreciated by The Lord Most High. In other words; spend your favors, your talents, and your Gifts of Wisdom mostly in your greatest efforts, first, foremost, and last within, and waste not your favors in talents and Gifts of The Wise on non-deserving people among disbelievers and hypocrites who would destroy you from within if they could; surely, it is within, where they want to destroy you. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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