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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Jihad, the Thing Made to Be Hated by Muslims

In El’s Name of Ahezaah, The Lord of The Throne, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The Christ El-Aah Who has Come down to Earth in This Hour of The Great and Dreadful Day to Manifest Its’ Ownership and Power in relations to mankind and this world of the physically materialized universes, We Recite.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog # 35

Jihad: Holy War…..Holy: complete, perfect, whole, finished, absolute….War: armed battle, conflict;

Complete: total, inclusive, full, entire….Perfect: best, ideal, just right, just the thing, principle, supreme, ultimate, and superlative; these are the things that were implied as a basis for the true meaning of Jihad or, as translated, Holy War or Complete War in The Holy Book of El-Aah-Hu that was Given to Muhaamid, the Holy Prophet of El in The Name of Allaah.

This Holy War (Jihad) that was devised by The Creator to be a major part of the basis in the activities of Life in this world of evil is a war that was Commanded to be aimed inwardly at one’s personal self first, foremost, and lastingly, to gain The Best of All (Allaah) as The True Balancer and The Real Guide in the true perspectives of Life, whereas the believers among the seekers of Allaah in Its’ Hu (Essence of Mind) become fully intent on being Perfectly Guided by The Lord and Masterful Guide, Ahezaah Allaah Amen El-Aah-Hu-Aum At-Taa-Haa, El, The Creator and The One True Holy Guide of Life; however, mankind is ever inclined to partaking of the company of the demon beast within them to serve in the ways of the development and perpetuation of their corruption of the Words of Wisdom and other things of Life that gives True Balance to the natures in the instincts and the hearts and minds of mankind.

Mankind being without the True Balance of The True Balancer of Life becomes subjected to being of those mentally fixed in being of the demon beast within each of them; and although the high servants of the beast among the powerful men and djinn who incorporate educators like those among their scientists, sociologists, their general public school teachers, professors of universities and colleges’ higher learning, political religionists, psychologists, common religionist leaders of the communities, and their professional speakers that promote self-acclaim and false liberation in persuading mankind to look beyond The Reality of The Real, in you all, into your own isolated selves to believe that you all of mankind can be all that you all believe you can be of Life independently of The Real That is Hidden in The Reality of you, employing them and others to do their bidding to keep an imbalance of Life at the centers in the operation of various kinds of wars among the masses as deadly wounds inflicted against the bulk of their opponents.

And who might it be that are their opponents? Man/Mind is their opponent; Ahezaah El-Aah, The Holy Supreme Being of Mind/Man, and Its’ many kinds of minds created of mankind are their opponents; you! You among humanity that are created and preserved by The Infinite Supreme Being of Mind/Man who are housed in the encompassing flesh of Earth Eden are their victims in all the vile victories they achieve for the cause of Set, the devil Satan against you. They are the enemies of Man/Mind and the enemies of the masses of Man’s/Mind’s kinds (The Infinitely Supreme Mind/Man That Creates and Sustains all of humanity in the mentalities of their worlds and you), disguised in their human kinds of appearances that reflect you in your physical appearances of existence; reflecting the house of your human being, which you must live in throughout the duration of your time here upon Earth Eden, while they continuously toil to destroy the houses of your mentalities and good spiritualities of being.

El is The Holy Eeyaah and The Christ of Hell, The Holy El-Aah and The Christ of Heaven, As-Salaam in The Balance of Paradise, The Master in Essence of Being The Holy Eternal Producer of the materialized worlds, The Owner of every world, The Pure Truth, The Holy True Savior, and The One That, Alone, Commands Jihad (Perfect Decisions in War) and Renews Its’ Words of Truth that are ever being decimated in the minds of mankind age after age, generation after generation.

If it was not for the Mercy of Ahezaah, the whole world of mankind would be taken out of existence for the evil they create and accept as the way of Life over what is Chosen for mankind by The Creator Who Sustains and Creates Laws and Orders for the lives of humanity.

Prophet Muhaamid was sent to mankind with a Perfect Message from Ahezaah in Its’ Name of Allaah, The Lord Wise of everything, Being All-Aware and All-Knowing. His Words in Arabic were Perfected by Ahezaah Allaah for the purpose of being Right and Exact in what The Lord El Wanted expressed. He made no errors indicating what We Provided of his Words to be said, and he was never left alone in his act of Saying The Words of El in Truth that he spoke under Our Power and Guidance with Us; however, shortly after his passing, when he was no longer in this aspect of Life to battle falsehood that the people were very inclined to add to and/or subtract from Our Words, the Muslims returned to straying from Us and turning the Greatest Jihad (The Inner Complete War that mankind is Divinely Commanded to hold against one’s self for the purpose of finding The Christ El-Aah and connecting in Holiness with The Holy Righteous El Ahezaah Allaah Hu Amen to become whole as complete human beings), turning it into a perversion of their own to support the evil conflicts they produce and perpetuate in the outer physical world against others, making what Ahezaah El-Aah Allaah said to Muhaamid about fighting back against those that fight you for evil reasons into the twisted idea of Islaam being a Religion Sent down to Earth Eden from The Peace/As-Salaam of Paradise and Heaven as a religion of war, blood shedding, and for taking charge in gaining and maintaining power over other people’s bodies and minds and their worldly properties.

This was never the Idea of Allaah when it came to Jihad (The Path of The Way to The Holy El in The Harmony of Its’ Peace and Its’ Wholeness in Holiness).

The fools of wickedness are fighting, commanding, and causing the fights to exist and worsen between all mankind of Earth Eden on all sides of the religions, continents, nations and races of people, while each of them proclaim religion and/or their political machines in ways to make it appear that they are proclaiming the best of purpose in serving The Holy Ahezaah El-Aah for The Good of all worlds. They deceive the lesser people on all side, using them as chess pieces to a serious game of death, with many proclaiming to be the good police of Earth Eden, seeking to possess it for God and Jesus on one side, for Muhaamid and Allaah on another side, for the Brahma, the Sikhs and others of the Far East on even another side, for the supposed chosen people of YHWH, or the Jews on still another side, for the age old war for land rights of the Philistines (Palestinians) against the land grabbing Jews, for Democracy and the alleged freedom that the elite of the United States of America’s Caucasians and others of the powerful men and djinn enjoy, and for the Devil for which some of the warriors of wickedness have been heard clearly saying for ages; “I will see you in Hell!” for which they war for in the cause of Satan; and none of what they do is really for The Holy Ahezaah.

The Muslims have made the word and meaning of Jihad false and most hated by people who are not truly educated and aware in true realization about what The Holy War really means. They aim Jihad outwardly first and foremost in seeking to sustain their power and prominence among all mankind, while the Jews, Christians and others, like many Muslims, are too blind and too full of wicked desires and self-interests to realize The Guide of Life in Its’ Perfect Unseen but Known Presence, and they have been nurtured in evil for so long that they cannot see the easiest signs of the devil’s deceit in their houses of worship and in their homes, on the electronic media communicators of all kinds, and elsewhere. They cannot even relate evil to the slightest thing, like Jesus having been Scripturally Reported as having been of a dark complexion with nappy hair, like sheep’s wool, and their leaders among the djinn acting as priests and others of power in Catholicism and Christianity establishing false stories to bring down the Divine Persona of The Supreme Being and creating false pictures and molded statues of long stringy haired Caucasians to be looked upon and worshipped as Jesus Christ, the son of God; and then people among their worshippers have the audacity to wonder out loud in doubt, disbelief, and complete rejection about The Lord El Commanding all the calamities to exist about Earth Eden in This Hour of The Day, to go along with their doubt The Christ Coming down to an Afrimerican Messenger Prophet in This Hour of The Day of Judgment with Divine Information and Intent to Destroy the world as It is Doing through Us of Its’ Angelic Powers, in bringing Holy War against mankind and the world of Earth Eden that you are beginning to see and feel everywhere beyond the many epicenters of all the different kinds of disasters that is being taken by Us beyond earthquakes as We Shake Up the world of mankind, inside and out of all people, places, and things, as Prophesied in the Holy Book of Malachi and the Holy Book of Revelation.

The Arabs and other people of Black (Saudi) Arabia who lived during the time of the Prophet Muhaamid, and those who have descended them, have clearly proven that they have been no different than the average people that were Given Books of The Lord’s Covenants in ages before them, with some of those people having been of their own lineage among the Semitics, being related through the Prophet Abraham in connection with his two sons (Ishmael and his brother Isaac); a people whom they replaced as being the Chosen People Favored by The Lord El-Aah, and now it is their turn to be replaced by a New People of El-Aah’s Favor whom We made promises about in the Holy Qur’aan to the people of Muhaamid, telling you all Muslims among your forefathers, if you followed in the ways of your brethren among the People of The Book that El-Aah Chose before you and the advent of Muhaamid, We would create a New People to replace you as the Favored One’s of El-Aah; and We Told you in Warnings about This Day, calling it The Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord.

You gladly accepted the knowledge of those before you having been replaced by others that came before them, with you being of those to replace those who had been replacements for others; a people who were diversified of races, nationalities, creeds and times; the people of the lands furthest east in Asia, north in Europe, and west in the Americas who came to these continents of the Americas from Far East Asia and the lands of Russia over ten thousand years ago by way of the Bering Straits Crossing; however, despite your acceptance of that knowledge, deeming it normal, you now reject the time, the Divine Prophecy, and the knowledge about Holy-Apostle-Deen and the people among The AHAD believers replacing you in This Hour of The Day of Revelation, deeming it all as a farce of a delusional person, and discounting this Messenger as being One of Ahezaah El-Aah Amen Allaah, and addressing him as being insane, the same as the People of the Book before Muhaamid and the Quraish of ancient Mecca did in their rejection of Us when We Delivered the Holy Qur’aan and Our Messenger Muhaamid to them.

Some of them We Saved, and some of them We Destroyed, but all of them were Judged At The Throne of El’s Judgment after they were passed away in minds from This Life of the materialized aspect of the Physical Realm of Being.

There are many past races of people that decimated the Holy Names of El that were Given unto them, the Holy Books of Wisdom and the Divine Revelation of The Truth in Its’ Attributes of El-Aah Being The Holy Manifesting One Hidden in everything; people fashioning their own words and their own books in creating their own false gods of planets and stars, the natural elements of creation, and worshipping men, women, children and other land, air, and sea creatures and, the worst in most of all they have done, they devised the vilest establishment of various false perceptions in giving indications of physical participation in the production of childbirth and lusting for sexual copulation to The Infinite Living Mind of El Amen, The Creator of those lowly Life things of mankind’s world of illusions and every other thing Who has no need in the least for any created thing; In fact, for The Creator of all worlds, Who Must Be The Source of Being and The Reality in Essence of The Force That Powers all things, for It to create a perversion of such for Itself would be equal or worse to It creating Itself with sexual apparatus for which to most freakishly masturbate, because everything Is It all inconclusive of Its’ Thoughts Created to exist in forms.

Why would The Thing of Independent Existence, The Thing That has no need for anything to Be What It Is Beyond all desires and needs, create a need of something for Itself to be slaved under?

Why would The Thing That Is Eternal and Infinite with having nothing aside from Itself, and no such place of possibility that would be outside of Itself for any other kind of thing to possibly exist in the impossibility of such a place existing, create something like the lowly forms of lust and passion for Its Own Being; things by which Its’ many forms of creatures are made to temporarily lose their senses in the balance of their being that It Commands?

Why would It create such things for Itself to be lost by, for any amount of time, with nothing else to bring It back from the impossibility of being lost?

And as it is at times for people experiencing sexual ecstasy, when they fly away into the astral realms out of control in the effects of their sexual passion; where is such a place for The Infinite Being to fly away to outside of the impossible ends of Its’ Infinite Being, and where is it In The Infinite Reality of It, For Real, could away from It possibly be?

Cannot you see that El, The Power of creation, The Creator and Sustainer of Life, Must Not Slumber or Sleep, not even for a lightning flash of a moment, for all the worlds of everything to stay in existence?

Anything and everything of Life that El Takes Its’ Attention from or Desire to Power those things away from them, those things immediately become non-existent things! Mankind is ever inclined to bringing The All-Powerful El down in their imagination to their levels of insufficient being, making themselves out to be equal or greater in being more worthy to be recognized than El; although most of them swear that they believe Ahezaah El is The Greater One of them and The One Most Worthy, they still stop short of What The Truth Is In It Being The Holy Great and The Holy True of All and The Holy Real of Reality Being Holy, The Only Worthy One for recognition of praise and for Being Real, Hidden in Its’ Essence of all things.

We suggest this way for you; Each time a deluded or confused individual proclaims being God and self-created, no matter how scholarly or intelligent they appear to be, challenge them to annihilate themselves from Life and bring themselves back to Life where they stand, kneel, sit or lay, in that moment, to prove to you that they speak The Words of Truth.

Instead of these kinds of people warring against their confusion and lowliness as human beings, they support and attempt to build up their evil from within. This is why they say that they are Gods with the belief that there is no one or nothing to check them in the deceit of what they believe is kept completely hidden, except from their own selves, inside of their hearts and minds, which Ahezaah Absolutely Knows.

Jihad (Holy War) is a Good thing established by The Lord Most High that the enemies of Man/Mind and Man’s kinds/Mind’s kinds on all sides are destroying including the ones proclaiming Jihad in falsehood, in The Names of Allaah, the Holy Qur’aan, and the exalted name of Muhaamid which they have very successfully brought down in the minds of many multitudes of people on Earth. Unfortunately for them, Holy War does not end in this aspect of Life for the living, nor does it end in The Life of the dead in the world of Life Hereafter.

Although people say Time cannot stand still, your Time for Judgment is waiting, standing still for you in the Life Hereafter where all the impossible things of Life will be Proven to be Possible for The Infinite Living Unimpeded Mind of Ahezaah El-Aah-Hu Amen Allaah, The Christ of El That Has Now Come In Power, Come Down Unseen in A Unit of Its’ Eternal Infinite Mind, Come Down in this aspect of Life in Its’ Holy Spirit of Mercy for mankind to Its’ Holy Humbled Servant, Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen, The Holy Medium of Our Lord Ahezaah El Amen, The Christ.

Given through Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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