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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Living a Life Aimed Completely at Satisfying One’s Material Obsessions

In The Name of El-Aah, The Holy Ahezaah, The Almighty Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion, The All-Knowing Protector, The All-Seeing Guide, The All-Hearing Infinite Mind That Creates Mentalities of Life as Circles in The Worlds of things, The Holy Christ Being of The Light of Truth, We Recite.

Completed Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog # 54

The Life of this world of Earth Eden has been Designed by The Creator of mankind to be a living puzzle, a place where labyrinths are created as trials to be overcome and escaped as continuous mental exercises for mankind to overcome tribulations that would beset the minds, hearts, and the emotional beings of people, which might force them down towards being inhumane servants of the opposing forces of The Savior of humanity Who Alone is The Lord of The Throne That Saves mankind in The Best Ways that It Masters.

Everything manifested to be known of Life by the senses has The Truth of Life Hidden within and all about them in every way, being illusions of The Creator Whom We Know as The Pure Power That Is The Source of Life Completely and Forever Being El, The Holy El Amen, Which is El In Its’ Mental Being Manifesting Its’ Eternal and Infinite Breath or Spirit of Mind in Its’ Infinite Ideas, Its’ Real Awakened Dreams of Manifested Thoughts that It forms in creations as beings of Life, or Its’ Thoughts.

Life is Collectively and Holy The Thoughts of The Infinitely Living Mind Amen, A Thing That Is Alone Real By Itself, and One That Is Beyond the capacity of All things Which Is Its’ Manifested Thoughts that are brought to life by Its’ Power In Thinking them. Because there is no other Real Force to oppose The Real Pure Power of The Infinite Amen, because there is no other place that exist in Its’ Endless Being of Thought Up space and time, and because It Is Everywhere Active In Its’ Thoughts, Being Ubiquitous, and Doing Everything, It is never presented with anything to challenge It in any way; therefore, It Never Fails in Its’ Thoughts, It Never Tires from Its’ Work in Being Fate That Manifests, Sustains, and Destroys Life forms It Thinks, It Never has any other Real Being to take Its’ Place in thinking for It, nor does It ever lose sight of Its’ Thought forms in Being Amen-Raa, The All-Seeing Eye of The Infinite Mind. If The Holy Perfect Amen could lose sight of anything in Its’ creations, there is no other Real Thing of Mind to Judge It; therefore, it would be fruitless to even ponder a thought of your own, to consider such a thing of impossibility to beset The Mind of Amen, The Holy El Ahezaah Amen.

We Advised mankind to seek a life of living in harmony with The Lord El first and foremost from within, in search of perfecting one’s relationship with The Unseen Reality of each individual’s Supreme Being, so that they might be perfected as individuals from within their selves. We Mercifully Advised the people in every generation in the ages of mankind that it is more important than living first and foremost outwardly on the strength of chance, hope, and wonderment while being in disharmony with The Lord Wise of All things. We Warned all races among the children of Adam about the Wrath of El-Aah that they would incur for not following El-Aah’s Divine Commandments regarding this; Commandments which are much more than The Ten that people relate to the Hebrews and Jews descending what should have been better protected and shared with the world of mankind among those who would have believed and prospered through what We Gave to Moses, and what We Gave to others before his time. Living first and foremost outwardly leads people to an increase in their obsession for the material things of this physical realm of Life where it is common that mankind erroneously looks upon the illusions of materiality as being the Real Way to Heaven in Essence of The Reality in What is Truly Real, whereby they try to use material things to fuel their lives as a force and source of Peace, not realizing for Real that Ahezaah Amen Is The Peace, The Source and The Force of Peace That they choose against in choosing to possess what is only illusions mirrored of Ahezaah Amen’s Realities of Thoughts, which are manifested for the affects of Life in and by those things that only seem to make one happy by their physical, emotional, or psychological possession of them.

Nothing other than The Holy Reality of El, Acting in Its’ Spirits of Attributes under All Its’ Names, can make you happy. The material things of creation that are used to make you happy are not but for show in The Lord Most High Giving you Peace and Satisfaction. Without The Lord Empowering you with Its’ Forces of Happiness there is no happiness to be had for you. Its’ Power is for more than just the showing of things which people believes makes them happy. It is as well for Taking minds of humanity Up To The Most High Levels of Supreme Being for humanity, so that they will come to Know The Reality of El as Being The Lord and Master of them and The All of Its’ Being in Essence of the Elements in All worlds.

Ahezaah Says, In All Its’ Holy Supreme Names of Being The Holy Lord That Is The Almighty Master of All worlds and times, “worship none (no one) other than It, and All Praise and All Worship is due to none other than It”. It Instructs mankind to remember It as much as possible and to look beyond the things that are presented in Life, looking through insight to The Unseen Thing of Its’ Being of Infinite Mind That Produces Signs of Its’ Self in All that are presented as things of Life to be lived with, as trials of Life From It. Nevertheless, most of mankind succumbs to the whispers of their own demons of their lowest self that are firmly established in mankind on Earth Eden as part of their human being that is ever hiding from The Light and Spiritual Forces of The Truth inside the house of them.

In Its’ Signs of Mercy, Ahezaah not only Gives Commands in Warnings and Wisdom, It Gives Books with Compassionate Instructions so that mankind will not easily err in straying from the Divine Course of the Holy Commandments that are Made to be used as the steps in walking upon the Path of the Way to The Enlightening Lord of The Opening of Reality.

The Path of the Way to El is Firmly Based in the inner realms of The Unseen of Ahezaah and, Life of the unseen things which can be seen in that realm, if one enters into it. It is The Path Leading to The Christ of El-Aah, Whom the Christians and Catholics falsely identify as Jesus the only begotten son of El-Aah in following the demands of the men and djinn of the demon beasts that use this tactic to keep Christian and Catholics who believe away from The Holy High as they turn their attention to a lowly human servant that was Raised High in Divinity and Enlightened by his Experience in order to complete a Divine Service on this plane of Life in the earthly flesh of mankind; one of mankind, although a Messenger Prophet of El-Aah, like every one of the seven billion human beings existing at this time upon Earth Eden.

Ahezaah is Unseen of every world and every situation including in Its’ Seating of The Almighty Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty Which Is The Supreme Being Representing It as a Most High Sight of The Creator to Exist as Being Seen. In regards to The Lord of The Throne, What is seen of This Most Holy Supreme Being is The Highest and Most Immaculate Illusion of All in Created Forms; Ahezaah El Amen Is The Hidden Power That Manifests All Lords of The Thrones in the Unified Outer Dressings of The Most Holy Super Supreme Archangels, Holy Perfect with the Seraphim and the Thrones of innumerable numbers for anyone aside from The Mathematical Creator of All in All things, to count in their Forming The Body and The Throne as Covered by them in The Creator’s Commands.

Ahezaah Shows even in Its’ Form of Being Hidden In The Supreme Being of The Lord and Master Over All in All worlds that one must come within to Meet The Real of Reality and to understand how to relate to It, inside and out, of one’s self and all other things. From the inner It Shows how to see The Unseen of It through True Understanding by Divine Experiences that It Alone Gives and Controls, leaving no person to act alone upon what they seek of The Truth in The Unseen Realms of The Most High Spirits. However, seeking from outside in brings about the opposing effects of Life in Disharmony for people that do not go in beyond the shells in the illusions of their mental perception of the material world; a world of the fabrics that are designed thoughts artistically fashioned and put together for Life, by The Hands of The Designing Creator, whereby It Shows that Beauty of all kinds belong to Its’ Thoughts, The Real Pure Power of Life. Nevertheless, Its’ Thoughts are Fleeting whereas It Gives Limitations to the Exercising of them, while It Is Ever Infinite and Eternal Without Void in Itself; therefore, It Instructs Us to Instruct Its’ subjects of Life whom It Favors most among mankind to not get caught up with the outer things of the materialized illusions, but to trust It, and follow The Holy Guidance of Its’ Divine Covenants that are Given down to mankind of Earth Eden through Its’ Angelic and Human Messengers that work, like Us, Unified in The Essence of El With The Reality of Thoughts in Our thinking and doing Directly under El Ahezaah in Its’ Holy Commands and Mastery Over Us, Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen and I, Gabriel.

It is Our Divinely Held Duty to Deliver The Messages of Ahezaah Amen El-Aah to you all in Peace. It is not for Us to force it into your minds or upon your hearts. As We do this, the bogeymen among the djinn and political powers of mankind that guide their people in wickedness will continue providing you all of the people of the world with a disservice by the ways they block off Our Messenger’s postal and internet transmission, denying him free access to you as they corrupt his and his helpers programs in the practice of their racism and political control.

For them doing the wicked things they do against our Beloved Servant, disbelieving The Temperament of Ahezaah Amen, The Infinite YHWH of Yahweh, concerning him, We Will begin Striking harder at the heart of them and their kind, making them realize their error for which Our Aim is Being Deliberately Pointed at them, if they do not desist. And they will be likened to those of a history which they will hate to remember as The Lord of Time, Place and Wrath Recreates Its’ Images of Hell in Its’ Thoughts that will be applied to their lives collectively and most personally. Verily, they should be wary and remember the Lord’s servants Samuel and his Divine Strength in determination for El, Moses and his Divine Talents in his determination for El, Israel and his Divine Battling in his determination for El, and they should also remember how We Took down, in Divine Destruction, the reigning of the people of the past great nations like Greece, Rome, Japan, Egypt, China, United Kingdom, Russia, Mongolia, and the many others of the past great reigning nations like those of many that existed in proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. And We Destroyed many great armies of mankind that thought of themselves, like some think now of themselves, believing that they were invincible and as Truly Great as Us of Ahezaah’s Angelic Armies; like those of the African Zulus, the Mongolians of Genghis and Kublai Khan, the Mayans of South America and many others that have had their time to be tried by Life. Now it is your time to be Taken Down in Destruction by Us for reigning in power behind your warring against the minds of mankind, obliterating billions of people through your electronic weapons of mass mental destruction, and for Coming against Our Messenger from your hidden posts, acting as though We do not See you. Verily We See and Hear and Know all of your plans. Now in coming, you will know Our Plans by your experiences in The Wrath of El that you believe will never touch you.

Furthermore, We Remind you that Ahezaah El Meant for This Messenger to not hide nor run from you, to operate in Its’ Peace in being a non-physically threatening individual, a Truth Teller who must Tell El’s Words of Truth by The Power of The Holy Righteous El Ahezaah. But for you seeing him as being a true threat against wickedness, you now attack him and his people against their right to serve Us. Verily, this is unfortunate for each of you, as you will soon see by Our Signs of The Lord El Ahezaah’s Wrath of The Christ in Our Forces which will be Laid down upon the mountains, rocks, and stones of you, bringing to Life what you are aware of in the Holy Book of Revelation that was written in Patmos’ cave, by John.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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