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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Living In Denial Concerning The Wrath of The Christ

In The Names of El’s Almighty Beings, The Holy Ahezaah, The Lord of Dominion, The Hidden Reality, The Truth, The Giver of Faith, The All-Knowing Guide, Christ The Pure of Light, The Source of Wrath, The Divine Destroyer, The True Holy Savior, The Guide of All in All, We Recite. Saturday, June 4, 2011 Blog # 73 If these United States of America are collectively a True Christian Nation with the majority of people believing in Jesus and The Christ, with Jews as well in power over great multitudes, then where is the voice of the ruling bodies of the Christian clergymen, the Catholic Priests, and the Rabbis in the midst of the craziness that is taking place as a general lifestyle for great masses of these United States of American people? Why is it that there are no True Christian, Catholic, or Jewish voices strongly sounding off, equaling the voices of evil, against the evil agents of the Devil that clearly defies, in their presence, The Christ Whom Jesus was of in his Holiness, and The Same Holy Almighty Unseen Master El-Aah that Guided Moses by The Essence of Its’ Hu; or are there Christian, Jewish and Catholic voices sounding off against these enemies of their Master in ways that We of The Unseen Almighty El-Aah do not recognize them? Surely, all the Divine Servants of El, like Abraham, Israel, Joseph, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus with their mothers Elizabeth and Mary and the saintly disciples of Jesus, and Ishmael the son of Abraham, and Muhaamid the Arabian Prophet who descended them all, surely, they stood against what is now being lived as a normal life setting of madness in these United States of America in the outdoors, homes, minds, and the hearts of the common and elite citizens. These people that proclaim belief in the above mentioned servants of The Lord Most High say things from their mouths that they oppose heartily in their actions concerning Christ, The Father God, Jesus, the Son Divinely Reborn of The Righteous Spirit of The Christ, and Metatron, Michael, and Gabriel, the Holy Angelic Powers most remembered for Assisting and Protecting their forefathers, and Delivering The Lord’s Divine Covenants to them in El-Aah’s Wisdom. While all of their forefathers among the Ancient Israelites, Egyptians, and Muslims Knew and Honored The Holy Supreme Name of El-Aah (Allaah) these people today that represent the norm of America curse This Holy Immaculate Name and Holy Pure Power of The Holy Truth. Why? As though it is a non-happening, the news media members of these United States of America stand upon their stages in front of their green screens and look into the television cameras every day with a smile or a straight face and say nothing about The Signs of The Christ in Its’ Divine Wrath facing the people of this Nation, regarding the unusual events of Natural but unusual destruction that is taking place throughout these United States of America and the world. They only mention the obvious things that are happening in the physical signs of Nature’s Weather destroying the lives and properties of the people, and causing billions or trillions of dollars worth of damage to the Nation; but, they never mention Us of the Promised Warrior Angels who were Prophesied to Come In The Wrath of El This Day, and they hide most of what is happening, as We go on unseen in Our Ways of destroying things they report in their preference about, in the news that they do make available to the public. Are not they Christians and Jews in knowledge of the Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord in Prophecy? The political bogeymen and the hidden ones among the djinn have taken charge of the religious orders, in most nations, and the clergy throughout the world has joined them in honoring the masses who have now joined the practice of sodomy in the lewdness of homosexuality, and deceiving those who are unsure of themselves about which way to be in regards to this matter. They actually lie in The Holy Names of The Righteous Pure Lord of Life Who Is The Source of Balance for Right Being, implying the falsehood that Jesus and John were homosexuals that were physically involved with each other; And they disregard The Almighty Lord of Pure Being in regards to the sodomizing life styles they live in the great numbers of people who have forgotten or have never believed what was kept for memory in the Biblical Collection of the Holy Scriptures about The Lord’s Anger and Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and about them being cursed for acting out in the same behavior that great multitudes now choose to act out their lives in today. The parents of these United States of America’s children have gone mad with immorality, being none protective of their offspring under the commands of the political bogeymen who have also taken charge of their public educational systems to ensure that their children are inducted early into the vile influences of homosexuality by people that have no True Balance under The Divine Laws of El-Aah; people whom the parents allow to take charge of their children, on a daily basis, during the school cycles of the year. By the way that the djinn and political bogeymen control the media, there is no one of note, in general, to report the news of wrongdoing that is today being agreed upon by most of the people as being right, despite what they have known of The Almighty Lord of The Throne’s Disagreement with homosexuality, in Seeing it as being lewd and an imbalance of behavior enacted in people’s lives. The people in general have joined the djinn of which most are led by the Devil in agreeing with sodomy as a way of life. They are so imbalanced without True Reasoning that they now gang up with the general population against people that act to maintain themselves in heart and mind under The Divine Laws and Orders of The Covenants of The Lord Most High. In their perverted minds, they have reversed the scales of law and order by doing away with the Divine Laws, Orders, and True Justice in most things that do not serve them in their causes, and they have set up their own terms of laws in disorder and injustice. By the faults of their legal structure, which is designed for the judicial organization to support the devils of the djinn that devise their ways of thinking and doing in the society at large, they enforce their questionable terms of punishment upon those whom they catch being in ways of non-compliance with them. Today, it is made to be unlawful or politically incorrect to publicly speak out the Words of The Divine Covenants against sodomy and the imbalance of Life that is put into perverted practices by the people in general, regarding homosexuals, and they have made homosexuals a race of people whom they have compared to the Afrimericans, when they have fought for rights and social equality. They now allow the common practice of same sex marriage in the name of God to exist under the legal system of various States of the Union, and they willingly allow their children to be educationally raised in the possession of homosexuals under the guise of normality for human beings that use to cover up their perversions. The new race of Homosexuals today have empowered themselves by working their way into public and private sector positions of power so that they can ensure that their race of homosexuals will be recognized as a people independent of the biological races of people as they stand firmly together under the banner of their National Rainbow Flag of Power. The same devils of the unseen Lucifer who lead the homosexuals in great masses today against The Righteous Orders of El-Aah in their rampageous behavior, including their acts of punishing people for standing firm with The Lord of Life against sodomy, are the same devils that caused the brutal minded individuals of Life in the past to wrongfully brutalize people publicly who were victimized with the mental illness of homosexuality. Both people have been wrong, and both people must answer to The Lord of The Throne in Judgment for their wrongness; nevertheless, both people should not enact war against the other for their differences, and neither should force the other to accept their ways and opinions of belief concerning how they should be. The Judgment and the Execution of The Lord’s Ruling should be left to The Lord Most High; and at the end of the journey of this Life for each person, The Truth of The Lord Will Be Painfully known by you all that defy Us! Remember, there are people of religious orders that agree with the perversions of the people involving sodomy, and again We Point Out that some have gone so far in disregard of The Wrath of The Christ that they have invented lies that they tell, saying that some of the Holy Balanced Prophets of El enjoyed living lives that included homosexuality. Their clergy and all the members partaking of sodomy as though they are not aware of its perverted existence, or are unaware that the people inflicted with the overwhelming urge to involve themselves in it, are themselves mentally imbalanced. The world of the general population of humanity has gone mad with this craziness behind the devil Satan; with the germs of their beastly relatives of the past, among the ancients, spilling through the body’s broken strainers protecting the trees of lineage that filters off certain illnesses. In the perverted eyesight of the masses, it is the people who are pure of The Righteous that are regarded as being sick, deluded, unreasonable, and unjust in their personal judgment of the people of this Sodomitic Society. They forget or disbelieve that societies like these United States of America, as great as they were, have always been Destroyed by Us of The Warrior Angels in The Divine Wrath of The Christ, in Massive Destruction; and of all those many generations of people that were Destroyed by Us for perverting their lives, most of them believed that the devil and its dupes would save them and overcome Us; therefore, they did not prepare themselves for The Holy Judgment of El-Aah, nor did they make themselves safe with Us. In the irony of the people today, they read the historical records of humanity, say that they believe and worship The Holy El-Aah, and yet, in their folly, they continue denying The Christ of El-Aah. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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