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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Loosening The Seals as Referred to in Revelation 5:5 is Done through Divine Education

In The Name of El-Aah, The Manifested and The Unknown Originator of All Manifesting as The Lord Wise of All That Is Hidden in All things Being Seated in Power as Ahezaah Amen-Raa, The All-Seeing and All-Knowing Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, The Christ That Is The Ancient Shiva Manifesting in Its’ Pure Power of The All in Its’ Ability to Destroy All things of what It Creates in All Its’ Eternally Universal Being of Matters, The Reality of Truth That Operates in Its’ Being All in All things Under The Force of Its’ Absolute Power in Being All That Is Real, The Creator That Is Hidden In Its’ Nothingness of Being, Wherefrom It Gives Birth to The Infinite Ideas of Life In Its’ Essence From What All things come, Being The Designer of Life That Is The Holy Eternal Artist of The Real and The False illusive Views of Creation, We Recite. Completed Thursday, April 21, 2011 Blog # 49 Oh people of the world, We urge you of the good among the commoners and the good among the elite of mankind to stop, look at the world’s failing conditions, and listen to your souls and what is Being Said by The Holy Almighty Originator of Life through them. Listen before The Calm of Its’ Whispers become a Stirring of It against your Commotions through your conscience or, even worse, a Rage of Its’ Wrath in Its’ Divine Punishments that are Made personalized for you. Our Loosening The Divine Seals of The Book as Referred to in Revelation 5:5 is done by Us through Divine Education. There are Divine Commands of El Ahezaah that are Constantly Being Given through your souls to you, about which you must quiet your selves in hearts and minds to clearly hear. You must learn how to sit in the Way of the True Education, patiently, and how to traverse the Path of the Right Way, determinedly, to attend The True Divine Class of Life wherein you will be Actively Taught by The True Master Teacher of All, Which Teaches Life through Its’ Essential Being That Is Sustaining All in creation in Essence of Its’ Being That Is All in Reality of All things; with It Manifesting Real Lessons of Life, as It Proves That It Hides in Its’ Essential Spirit of Being for All things. You must earn your true grades of The Spiritual, In The Essential Reality of The Truth That is The Holy El Hidden in Essence wherein It Divinely Raises Its’ Self in Its’ Mental and Spiritual Essence in you by Degrees, for your awareness, of Its’ Attributes. You must earn your grades in Divine Realization of El Being Universal and Real in The Physical Matter of this earthly world of minds and bodies materialized among the physical outlooks and insight into The Holy El-Aah Really Being All That Is in All of you and All other things. You must earn your grades by coming to know El in these ways in order to correctly proceed in being Advanced by It in Its’ Divine Schools of Life; knowing The Holy El-Aah by Divine Experiences and understanding It Being All in All That Is Hidden in All Its’ things that falsely appear to exist as being independent of It, and by surrendering sincerely to It Being Amen and The Christ of The Righteous that Is The Holy Hidden Mind That Is Infinite and Ever-Present, Directly and Unseen before you, Encompassing you and All the things of All others that It Immerses in The Permeating Reality of Its’ All Essential Being of The Infinite Living Mind, a Mind That Has Shown Signs of Itself Being a Pure Light, Smokeless Fire, The Holy Powerful Force in Complete Darkness, and The Spirit in The Mystery of The No Thing That Exists Alone In Its’ Pure Power of Eternal Being That Is Infinite. You must earn your true degrees of True Awareness in The Holy Spirit of El Ahezaah’s Faith and in the other Wholesome Rewards in which The True Principal of Reality, El Ahezaah Amen Allaah, Blesses Its’ Favored servants in by Its’ Principles of Mercy Under Its’ Divine and Universal Laws and Orders, as It Graduates them from the lower classes in the schools of earthly mentalities of education; the schools of the illusions that are lost in the dark and false magic of the illusive being of mankind’s lowly mentalities, and Assigns them in what It Selects of Its’ Attributes to be manifested as Divine Intellect regarding The Real of The Eternal and Holy Universities (Universes) of the worlds that It Masters through Its’ Holy and All-Powerful Being of The Truth, and Its’ Endless Attributes of Its’ Infinitely Living Mind Amen. In being raised of mind and heart by The Lord Wise of All things through the path of Its’ Holy Divined Scriptures, it is not the unauthorized administrators among the clergy who are chosen by mankind that We of The Unseen El-Aah Call you to listen to. Although you might find a few of them that are sincere with The Good of their heart, most of them are nothing more than trained human parrots, servants of others that stand against The Righteous and are trained to mimic the ways they deliver their words of influence that are of theirs and others’ intellectual findings regarding The Lord El’s Wisdom and Its’ Information pertaining to The Truth that are kept in books of the ancients, which they use to go about their ways of influencing others to believe that they are Truly of The Wise El, by acting as though they have gained their words in The Authenticity of The Lord’s Divine Authority from The Holy Source of True Wisdom through what is allegedly communicated in their hearts. It is also for you to not listen to hear the voice of the Messenger of El, but to hear through the voice of the Messenger to The Force of Truth in the voice of the Messenger, Which Is to be accepted as The Voice of El Ahezaah, The True Relater of Its’ Message. The Holy Divined Messenger Prophets of Ahezaah are not to be compared to others of mankind. They are most unlike mankind among all humanity, although they appear with human frailties as trials of Life for those whom they are sent. They are Signs of The Unseen Ahezaah Amen El-Aah Hu, The Ubiquitous All-Knowing Mind That Enforces them. Regarding the influential verbal and emotional outpouring of subjects coming in deceit from the mouths of the unauthorized relaters that unrighteously possess The Lord’s Words as though they are Righteously Attached to them, they are trained to relate their listeners to their hearts which are much more difficult to be investigated, than their mental beings, by the masses of common thinking people who are spiritually and clairvoyantly underdeveloped and do not truly understand or truly know how to monitor the natural bodily established vibrations of people that work under The Spiritual Forces of The Truth that is firmly connected, powered, and related to and from the souls of mankind to all other bodies of their being; vibrations of The Truth Unseen that are never self-serving for the causes of any of mankind’s purposes for being untruthful; vibrations that are ever keeping right, with The Lord and Master of mankind, to a natural pace with the soul, in being unbiased and uninfluenced by the individual units of beings that exist as parts in each of mankind’s personal divisions of mind; units of mind which are Naturally Balanced by El Ahezaah, or Made to be unsteady by El Ahezaah. El Ahezaah is The Balancer of Life That Blesses people whom It Favors by Balancing their mental and emotional units of being with their hearts as combined factors of mentalities; factors in each person that identifies them as being unique and harmonious individuals that are made capable or incapable of making right decisions when it comes to fending off causes for internalized battles between their spirits and flesh, or keeping away from inviting the inner and outer sources of conflicts that are registered by the soul as enemies of Man for which the souls of mankind reacts under El, The True Force of Life, sending destructive vibrations down in spirits to the flesh and mind where the Holy War of mankind is fought for Man or beast under the Forces of Good and Evil. It is through these mental factors that a person can be made to be psychopathic as a harsh Punishment from The Holy Almighty Master of their being, or a very Balanced individual as a Blessing from Ahezaah. For this Divine Information regarding the psychology of mind and others like it, this Messenger Prophet of El Ahezaah, Raised in Our Education of him in Spiritual Psychology has been falsely and unjustifiably charged by unknowing, ignorant, disbelieving, resentful, and rejecting people as being insane or deluded; people who are, themselves, undereducated concerning The Truth of The Reality of The Unseen of Us and The Lord Most High That We Have Educated him in. They allowed their egos to blind them and set them up for an end with The Crusher That Is The Holy Powerful Christ Which multitudes believe in error favors them merely for their words that says they believe in their religions and The Holy Covenants of El Ahezaah. We have said it before, and We will never tire of Telling you these Words of The Truth; Never think that you will not be tried by Us, Under The Commands of The Lord Most High of The Throne of Supremacy, merely because you say that you believe in The Holy El Ahezaah Amen. You are all in this Life of Earth Eden to be tried, with no exceptions, and tried you are! We have already Opened the widely talked about Holy Book of Life that is referred to in the Holy Book of Revelation to John that has been Sent Down from Heaven and Placed in the being of This Messenger, We and are Steadily Loosening the Words of The Wise from the past under the well-known Seals of The Holy El’s Authorization through him by the way of education. It is through Our Act of Providing Divine Education that the sciences of Life which benefits mankind were Created by The Lord Most High of All things throughout the ages as a Sign of Its’ Mercy. What We Provide through This Messenger Prophet, most of what has been avoided by those among the masses in multitudes whom We have Called unto him, is Alive In The Holy Force of Ahezaah’s Mercy. It is independent of what is had by you all of mankind in writings of the past. What he receives of these Sayings of The Wise of Wisdom is received Directly From The Wise of Wisdom, and Held by The Strong of Reality That Masters and Commands him as he is Guided by It. It is a Priceless Wealth of Holy Divine Treasure that belongs to El Ahezaah, The Rich Beyond Measure, which is offered to you all of mankind among those that settles for The New Agreement with El Ahezaah Amen. He has been Commanded by Ahezaah to let this wealth of information sit unpublished until the right ones of you among the masses decide that you want it in your hearts for your selves and others of this falling world of Earth Eden. He is Commanded Directly Under The Orders of El Ahezaah to not work as a slave for others to accrue funds enough to publish what has been so Generously and Mercifully Sent down from Heaven to you all as a Holy Gift of El Ahezaah’s; and despite all the diligence he has shown in his work, he has not lost in the least for any of your rejection, your mockery, your ignorance, your malice, nor for any of your evil in scheming against him; and he will not lose if nothing else is published to go with The Holy Precursor to The Divine Book of Recitation that sits in piles because of the hypocritical helpers that pretend to believe and have strong faith, whereby they watch to see what will happen to the Messenger as dust piles up on the published books of The Lord’s. They refuse to accept their full and true responsibility to El in being of Its’ Divinely Initiated and Stabilized Services with Us of The Unseen and This Messenger of Ahezaah, and they believe that they are Truly Safe from The Crushing of The Christ for being made to be near to the Messenger by Ahezaah. They forget that woes are set in waiting for those who refuse and reject The Almighty Amen and Its’ Messenger, and they fail to weigh the outcome and ends of those that came and left before them in rejection of Us. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA SHARE


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