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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Lucifer, the fallen angel who was Once Divinely Lucent in The Light of Truth

In The Names of The Almighty El, The Holy Ahezaah, The Almighty Lord of Dominion, The Hidden Reality, The Giver of Faith, The All-Knowing Guide, Christ The Crusher, The True Holy Savior, The Divine Destroyer, The Sustainer, The Guide, The Source of Wrath, We Recite. Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Blog # 71 Lucifer Iblis Satan, the Devil Beelzebub, was once Tremendously Radiant and Alive in The Heights of The Holy Heavens of Amon Raa. It was the chief Light bearing Angel among those that were duty bound in manifesting the Symbols of The Truth in being the principal bearers of The Sign of Raa’s Magnificent Light (An-Noor/An-Nuur). They Proclaimed Amon Raa Alone as Being The Source of Light Who Is The All-Seeing Guide of All in All of created things. Before Lucifer became chief of the fallen angels it was Favored to be the Most Divinely Lucent one that was Exalted of Us, Manifesting in The Light of Raa; However, Lucifer found that El, The Holy Amon Raa Osiris, despite Its’ Love and Favor for Lucifer, which It Showed by Being Compassionate, Intimate, and Merciful in Drawing Lucifer close to The Brilliance of Its’ Power in Essence of Its’ Light of Truth, El-Aah Proved True to Its’ Own Existence as Being The Master of All in All by Being Most Justifying and Unemotionally Charged Up, in Expelling Its’ Beloved Lucifer from Heaven to Its’ Lowest Realms of Dearth and Disgust that is Ruled and Monitored by The Christ of El-Aah under Its’ Holy Supreme Name of Osiris. In Its’ Names of Power El Judged Lucifer as being strayed in disobedience more than any other thing of creation; therefore, It Ruled that We would be forever Repelling Lucifer from ever again entering The Holy Heights of Heaven, and by Its’ Commands It Keeps The Crushing Reality of Its’ Christ Unit of Supreme Being Which Is Hidden as The Reality of Power in Death and Darkness All Over Lucifer. Osiris is The Holy Unit of El-Aah That Is Named for Its’ Attribute of Being The Holy Source of Darkness that overspreads all kinds of evil and All Kinds of The Good, and The One That Sees by The All-Seeing Eye and Light of Raa through all the depths of all kinds of Darkness that are caused to exist and be seen by Ptah El Amon Raa through the Opening of Its’ All-Seeing Infinite Eye by Its’ Eternal Iris in The Name of El Osiris, Universally. Osiris, Being like Apis, Hu, Sia, Heh, Thoth, Amon/Amen, Ptah/Phtaah, Taa, Haa, Raa and Other Holy Supreme Names of El-Aah Hu The Holy Amon are Names of Its’ Holy Attributes that people have been confused about since the time of the Ancients because of the false interpretations that were given about them regarding the symbolized language of the Ancient Egyptians. The Europeans among the foreign discoverers of the Hieroglyphics falsely related what they found of the figures, pictures, and monuments that had certain meanings for the Ancient People of their place and time, like what many of the Ancient Natives of the Americas and other lands have had in things that are shown in what is left of their ruins. However, We Straightened the Way of True Understanding about the Egyptian Symbolist Language of the Ancients and others regarding their use of them as Divine Languages of the Mystics (The Divinely Enlightened Ones) when We Sent down Wisdom that was Written, Spoken, and Explained by Ahezaah El-Aah in Its’ Name of Allaah to the Divine Prophet Muhaamid. Nevertheless, because many people are ignorant, shortsighted, and arrogant in their fields of intelligence; being ignorant of Wisdom by ignoring Ahezaah El-Aah and Its’ Messengers, and believing only that of their assumptions which are brought to Life for them by what they deduce from their intelligence (gathered information), they often fall fast and far astray from The Truth. Generally, as a consequence of their ignorance and arrogance, their reward is involved with them becoming blinded by their folly and greater servants of falsehood for only seeing their own minds in their own opinions and their own choice in decisions that they make in ignorance of others including The Lord Most High of them and all other worlds. It is under these conditions that they have misled the world of their followers by taking what they see narrow-mindedly about the Symbols of the Ancient Languages and have expressed them verbatim by what they thought they understood and chose to believe. Much of the Symbolic Languages that they have tried to interpret in their research, they have wrongfully assumed that all of the many Ancient Nations of people who they found to have used them were idol worshippers, when some of them were not. Nonetheless, they affirm what they find and assume to know and understand those languages by what they deduce from their findings, and thus establish them by the laws of their Historical Research Institutions and Societies. In their establishments, they make what is wrong in their deductions to be accepted as being right by their demands and assumptions, which are most often approved by people like them among their peers and their leaders among the djinn that are lost from The True Path of The Straight Way in Essence of El-Aah to The Real Knowledge in The Opening of The Way to Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Amon Raa in Essence of The Light of Truth. For time untold, Lucifer was the Chief Lucent Angel of the Light Bearing Archangels that served nearest to The Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty under The Powerful Name of Ptah. It was the first in rank of those that were Blessed to be the Angels that Light Up the worlds of things in The Power Generated by The Truth of Ptah in The Name of The All-Seeing Raa; with those kinds of Angels manifesting The Pure Fires of El upon which The Aah of Ptah Breaths in Producing Wind that Fans the Pure Smokeless Flames that Illuminates Light of every grade, upon every level of creation. The Light Bearing Angels Divinely Operate Up from The Purest of The Pristine Light of The Christ of Amon Ptah in Its’ Holy Powerful Name of Raa, down to the murkiest obscurity filled Light of The Fires of Ahezaah El Amon Ptah, The Christ in Its’ Holy Powerful Name of Osiris. It is by The Opening of The Eye of Raa by The Strength of The Iris that is Operated by El in Its’ Name of Osiris that All The Hues (Essences) of Light and Darkness are seen by the creatures of Life; multiples of colors that are like shows of rainbows that are ever varying in their differences which are witnessed by the multiple shades of their brilliance and the obscurity that El Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Amon Ptah Commands of them throughout the Universal Creations. These Hues in Essence of The Life Signs of The Eternal Being are shown in the Spirit Realms, The Same as they are shown in the Physical Realms. They are shown by The Holy Unseen Eternal Being of Life, Which Shows Itself by Signs and True Realizations of minds, Being Shown in the Signs of Its’ Power in Being Inside and Outside the Life of All things. It is in these Realms of Being where the Significance of The Light and The Darkness is witnessed as individualized manifestations, and where they are Meshed together by The Power of El Universally, with them being Controlled by The Creator in Its’ Rotations of them. It is in The Lord’s Rotation of them where they are made to overtake each other in the significance of their own beings in Space, Time, and Motion where, on Earth, mankind recognize the effects of them as being night, day, and the thinning of them in their times of overcoming one another at dusk and dawn. The practice of Lucifer is to not be seen in its acts of wickedness. It toils for its victims to commit themselves to it before they realize that they are caught up in its vile entrapments; therefore, it works diligently, through every trick of deceit ever known to mankind, to captivate and capture mankind to imprison them under contracts of evil. Under the Cloaks of Darkness is where Lucifer lives and works, and wherefrom it acts most efficiently in its aims of being wicked. The thing that is most deceiving to mankind among the devil’s victims is that they believe that the Cloaks of Darkness under which Lucifer covers itself are under conditions like the darkness of night; however, the Cloaks of Darkness that you are advised about from The Lord Wise of All in All things are not limited alone to the physical manifestations of the Universal Dark Places of Life. The saying of the Cloaks of Darkness is merely a figure of speech. The Cloaks of Darkness are extended to the darkness of mankind’s ignorance and disobedience, which can easily be committed to in the light of the things of Life where Lucifer is swift and sure to approach its victims in the darkness of their folly and the darkness of their unawareness. In addition to Lucifer being hidden under the covering of darkness in many things that are shown in the light of the worlds, it fancies hiding behind The Light of The Truth in its twisted words that are taken in parts from The Truth. However, an obedient servant of The All-Wise Lord can easily identify the Devil in its machinations because, while Lucifer might speak in Verses of The Truth, its words are broken and its acts are shown as being non-productive for The Truth and opposed to Righteousness. Nevertheless, because mankind is ever so unmindful, with them forgetting that Lucifer is still an angel, although a fallen one that is Crushed Down by The Christ in The Darkness of The Lord’s All-Powerful and Almighty Being, it is still greater in effects than mankind in its operations of the vile illusions that it uses as power against mankind. Mankind needs The Lord of The Throne to defeat the Devil for them, and this is a need that the Devil is ever seeking ways to trick mankind away from in seducing mankind to fight it for their own individual selves. Behind Lucifer, untold numbers of the doers of evil among its troops of angels who stayed loyal to Iblis Beelzebub Lucifer Satan were also cast down and thrown out of Heaven into what would be an Eternal Hell for them. Also, great numbers of them equaling the numbers of mankind being born of the Earth of Eden are assigned to be a part of the human beings that they hate. They are stationed in what is a Hell Hole for each of them in the back of mankind’s brain, which is the place from where they operate as the worst part of all human beings in the minds of mankind. They are successful in continuously trying each of mankind with their innumerable forms of seduction, wickedly foiling those who are yet to be Divinely Liberated by The Holy Master El-Aah-Hu-Aum through Its’ Enlightenment of them. Their success in any form against humanity is what seems to give them their greatest pleasure of Life in all worlds of mankind. Contrary to this, they hate that The Lord Defends mankind and Enlightens mankind among the Chosen Ones with Its’ Power Being Over the Devil and its dupes of fallen angels by Drawing the Chosen Ones Up and In, Unto Its’ Light of Truth in Reality, Purifying them by Its’ Christ Being, and Unionizing them With It in The Mental and Spiritual Unit of Its’ Infinite Being of The Righteous. The devils and their chief, Lucifer, hate that which is Done by Us to Save mankind from them. They hate for mankind to Be Divinely Raised in Being Made to Live as One in Being At One in Heart, Mind, Spirit and Soul With The Most Holy Lord in the Aftermath of Being Purified in The Christ and Excused of any further Atonement, as The Lord Raises them Significantly Above the fallen angels. The Temple of the Enlightened Ones become a Home With Ahezaah through The Enlightenment of The Christ, The Pure Power of Life, and The Source of All Being That Takes Its’ Chosen Servants, Forgives them, Purifies them, and Releases them from the blame of evil involvements in this world of Earth Eden for the rest of their lives; lives, which are then Lived In Holy Unity With The Almighty Ahezaah El-Aah-Hu-Aum Christ Amon, and their own souls that are Housed With The Lord. When The Lord Promised that It would place Lucifer and its troops of demons beneath the feet of mankind, as a Punishment for the fallen angels, It was Referring to Its’ Divinely Enlightened Servants among mankind who are Holy of Christ, The Righteous in El-Aah Hu Ahezaah. It is these kinds of El’s Servants that are Raised above the negative effects and the captivity of the devils of Lucifer including those devils that are locked up in the prisons of humanity within the mental housing of mankind being subjected to the lowly activities of mankind’s brains that are ever working beneath the levels that the devils wish to be involved with, in the minds of mankind among the living on Earth, which is one of the most hateful involvements and places for the devils among the fallen angels to be. You who believe among the AHAD, and you of all other paths of religion, need to consider the affects of all your personal and all the impersonal devils of your realms and stop questioning whether or not they are real of you and others, if you desire to find The True Success in The Opening of Ahezaah El Amon. Consider this: When Ahezaah Said in Its’ Holy Supreme Name of Allaah to Muhaamid that Iblis, the vile Devil, is the leader of most of the djinn, The Lord, in speaking of the djinn, was Referring to the most rich and most powerful people of the worlds; people that are more powerful than the political bogeymen that you know of ruling over you all, but who are themselves ruled over by the djinn from their hidden places of being. The djinn that you need to be most concerned about are not those djinn of the spirit realm the imaginary genies that are depicted in Television and Movie Theater shows for your entertainment and for the djinns’ subliminal seduction of you. It is those that seek no fanfare or fame to let you know their positions that are held against you and the worlds of Earth Eden; those of the very powerful who mingles alone with others of their peers, and hide in clubs and fraternities from not only the low classes of people, but they hide from many of the powerful bogeymen among the elite of their nations, only relating through others whom they choose as mediums for them. They are the ones whom you should be concerned about. Those that control the people of powers that be known to you, the money markets, the educational system, housing development, and the things of your everyday use of the material world products. They are the hidden djinn (genies) that operate in their dark magic over the worlds of mankind, being the greatest and most powerful witches and warlocks that command powerful imps that do much of their work as slaves under them. They are the genies that bottle up their shenanigans and grant you your three wishes in the numbers of the Angels, in their attempts to enslave you by your desires. They are the Devil Lucifer’s troops among mankind; a great institution of the anti-Christ that the religionist find most difficult to believe are among their clergy, their political bogeymen, their bankers, their educators, and their scientists of all fields because they are involved with them; some that are knowingly aware and some that are not in the least aware or knowing exactly who it is that they serve among the djinn and the Devil as masters. Our advice to you is for you to remember that Lucifer is a Real Entity of Life in the Realms of Illusions that are Real to you. Also, be of those that Remember Ahezaah much, and support this Messenger of El Ahezaah Amon Raa El-Aah. Verily, if you pay a full and handsome price to Us with your gifts of Life that you have of your Loans from The Loaning Lord of The Throne, you will not have to pay so dearly with the Life and the limbs of it, psychologically and physically under The Wrath of The Destroyer of Life. Look about at The Hell Coming down upon mankind and Earth Eden in the four elements of Earth, and don’t take Us for granted thinking that We are not Real of The All-Powerful Christ That Is Ahezaah, The Holy and All-Powerful Lord and Master of The Throne of Sovereignty Over All in All worlds. As We Have Promised to Bring The Wrath of The Christ down upon Earth Eden and mankind, We are Showing you Our Promise as Being Fulfilled each day. What is to follow is the madness that is about to inflict the minds of great masses of mankind; much more than what you now see, and much more than the general populations will be prepared for. As We Continue dropping your stars down from the heavens of their fortune and fame in every area of their public and private involvement, flattening your mountains of men and djinn and their financial establishments, uncovering your priests, nuns, ministers and their clans of lewd sodomizing leaders, and allowing mankind to be taken over by Lucifer Iblis Satan, We will begin dropping down your lowly earth dwellers among the commoners and thugs to their knees with the rest of the disobedient sinners; breaking them down throughout the land, and causing them to dig their own graves and fall further down into the dearth of their minds for their wickedness. We are going to inflict them with diseased minds of madness that they will not overcome, and the whole of societies will be affected by them for ignoring The Truth of Our Lord’s Unseen Almighty Presence Being Hidden and yet made Known in Signs of The Holy Wise of Wisdom that is With This Messenger. This We Promise, even in The Lord’s New Holy Chosen City of The Peace to come, where Our Messenger was born and raised and started in Our Holy Mission. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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