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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


May Their Souls Rest In Peace

In The Name of El, The Lord of The Throne Seated in The Name of Ahezaah, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The Holy El-Aah Christ of Heaven, The Holy Eeyaah Christ of Hell, The Holy Peace in The Balance of Paradise, The Complete in Essence of Being The Eternal Balancer of Life and Death, Holy as The Pure Reality of The Truth, The Holy Supreme, Independent, and Alone, Manager of all souls, We Recite. Monday, March 28, 2011 Blog # 32 It is a practice of mankind’s that people utter, “may their souls rest in peace”, in regard to people passing away from this aspect of Life in the physical realms of being to the aspects of Life where the minds of mankind are contained in spirits without being housed in the flesh of earthen material. However, it would be better or more correct if they said, may their minds rest in The Peace, with understanding that the mind is the thing that needs rest, and THE PEACE is EL in Its’ Essence of Power That Overcomes all in whatever It Wills in Giving Serenity from Itself to whomever or whatever It Desires to have It, in, above, or under every kind of condition imaginable to the minds of mankind. While the minds of mankind are the most active of parts of their beings, in Life and Death, the soul is Fixed With El. While the minds are seen by the actions of their persons, the soul is never seen by any action. While the mind is affected by everything that is happening in and about its being, acting and reacting to all things including the minutest impulse, the soul knows no affect, except its Life in The Company of El which brings no affects that are known to be done by any other thing to the soul. While the mind is most known and outgoing in the illusive activities of Life, traveling as high as allowed and as low as it can be in the illusive world of things wherein it exists inwardly and outwardly by The Power that Masters it, the soul stays in its Uppermost Holy High Place with El, fixed, quietly, and still, while El, The Manager of the soul, Pours Its’ Will of Life for things to be done through the soul by Its’ Demands in Its’ Commands of Power; Pouring them down in Its’ Essence of Life into every body of being that is connected to the individuals of the soul’s person. While the mind exercises the illusions of free will by which it brings all kinds of friction in causing fires and lights of all kinds to become of its inner being by its doings in Life against The Harmony of Life and Its’ Source of Divine Agreement, the soul is never given to the illusions of being free, never illusive in the least, never at odds with The Holy Agreement Maker of Life, and never being a thing that is trying to move in terms of going about in busi-ness like the mind does in its ventures of the worlds, it stays in The Balance of The Peace, calm and and unaffected by what is extended from itself as bodies of individual beings, Resting in its House of El in The Most Black Darkness That Is Known of Creation. While the mind is outgoing, mingling, taking risks of all kinds, and becoming known by all kinds of other minds and other created things, the soul is Wrapped Up In The Mantle of El, content, private, stable, and staying Secreted in El as the Secret part of created beings; being most kept away from the lower realms of being in creation, staying in its Place above all other created things including the Angels, and Kept private By El from all other things. While the minds of things are offered up to the worlds of creation by El, given way to be done in the actions of the world; while they are acting and reacting throughout their terms of Life in this world before being Drawn back to the higher realms of their existence with El in spirits to be Judged and Executed by El at the complete end of their terms, the souls are kept back in El’s Company, untouched by the causes and the effects of things down in the lower realms of the worlds beneath them, and never offered up to any other thing, but Held like Precious Jewels of The Creator In Its’ Possessions of them. While the minds of things are born to experience Life, Death, Resurrections, and forgetfulness, the souls are of The Eternal Being, never to experience the process of being born, never to experience a dying in Death, never needing to be resurrected, never forgetting El, and never being forgotten or having the illusion in experiences of being left alone by El. While the mind cannot stand the feeling of being absolutely alone, the soul is ever alone with The One Alone Supreme Being, and none of Us among the Unseen Angels of El has the privilege or the power to include Our beings in any kind of way of involvement in The Secret Realm of the souls with El. We are only as knowledgeable about the Relationships between the souls and their Encompassing Master as We are Informed about them; and We too are underneath Our Souls, despite Being created of The Supreme In Being of The Highest Mind of creation. The devil and its dupes of demons have duped the world of mankind into believing that man can affect or lose their soul. They continuously trick people into believing that once they sign or agree to a contract with the devil or its dupes among the powerful men and djinn, there is no turning back. They promote the falsehood about a loss of soul for their own benefit in aims of entrapment. Whereby they are more likely to cause a person that makes the mistake of agreeing with them to lose hope of escape from them and their agreements. Neither mankind nor the devil can do anything to affect the soul of mankind. It is the mind and the other bodies of mankind’s being that are affected, and it is El that Reacts in Its’ Operation through the souls of mankind in Its’ Force of Being, when the bodies of mankind err against their soul for any reason. In El’s Reactions, It Sends down Its’ Forces in the Spirits of Its’ Power behind what is known as the conscience; Sending Powers of Force in Essence of Its’ Own Being Manifested as results in various degrees, brought down from the Establishment of the soul to bring about a change in effects by Its’ Signs of Mercy and/or Its’ Signs of Mercilessness to return mankind back from being wrong to being right with It. The soul is The Highest Utensil of mankind’s being that is Operated Directly By The Hands of El, and the soul is non-submissive to all other things, with it Existing alone for The Highest Purpose of the minds of mankind and all other things with souls. Verily, El is The Highest Purpose of Life, The Master and The Manager of souls; and El is The Lone Companion of souls, Being Alone The Originator and Owner of all souls. The soul is in a Companionship With El-Aah-Hu-Aum at The Highest Base of Life for all created things, and the souls are the entities of creatures existing most high above all other bodies of things, living and dead, in all worlds beneath them. Therefore, think about saying what is right in terms of the soul and the mind when you speak of them; for the mind is the thing that is ever active in its experiences in Life and Death and the Transition that exists between them. The mind is the thing you might know, and it is the thing you might love, but surely, it is the thing that experiences much turbulence in Life and Death, and it needs rest in The Peace of its Reality like what the soul has at all times. And as a special note to those of you who like to loosely use the term, “soul food”; there is no such thing, and no such need for the soul, for Real! It is the mind that feeds off of Life and Death and all other things manifested to it in creation, while the soul is set in form unknown to all except The Creator, completely fulfilled at all times by El. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen, MPA


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