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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Misguidance Concerning The Almighty Christ and Its’ Messengers

In The Name of Ahezaah, The Mighty El Who is Seated in Its’ New Name of The Lord of Lords as The Master of The Thrones of Angels that are Completely Subjected to It in Its’ Sovereignty; El-Ahezaah, The Mighty Christ of El Who has come down to The Personal Realm of This Messenger This Day in Its’ Unit of The Unseen Supreme Being as The Lord Wise That is All-Aware and All-Knowing of all things, The Creator, Owner, and Sustainer of Life, We recite these Words of Ahezaah El’s Message.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Blog # 11

There are billions of people that are continuously following the devil unseen in lines of life in this world today, leading to very negative and painful outcomes in the life of the world hereafter. They either ignore the True Divine Messengers of El or forget to believe in the Promises of The Truth. Instead of accepting Our Words from The Unseen Almighty El, they follow the dictates of the evil doers among the politicians and the clergy of the world religions that deliver false messages for Satan about The Holy Supreme Christ Unit of El-Aah-Hu Amen, The Holy Creator, Preserver, Destroyer, Judge and Executioner of Penalty and Reward regarding the Judgments of mankind. They find it to be most difficult for them to reason with Us and their souls and will not give way in the least for their conscience to be their guides of life through the errors they make by not seeking to find The Truth of El in the Higher Realms of Being in The Holy High Essence of El in The Light of The Christ wherein El Manifests as The Truth in Its’ Holy Union in Units of Its’ Supreme Being; as The Christ Crushing Destroyer Shiva, The Life Renewing and Resurrecting Creator Brahma, and The Holy Preserver of Life Vishnu; The Annihilator Dispersing the essence of Its’ servants being of mind, The Recollective Gatherer Who Rejoins and Resurrects the minds of Its’ servants in Being The Giver of Divine Rebirth and Enlightenment in The Righteous Spirit and Mentality of El, The Righteous Amen. Mankind on Earth at-large is guilty for disconnecting their minds and hearts from the remembrance of The Truth in this way of The Christ; guilty for believing in themselves, others, and other things above believing in The Originator and Sustainer of their lives.

A result of mankind’s practice of disconnecting The Words of El in Its’ Commandments and Its’ Wisdom of Ageless Truth, with most of mankind preferring to only fancy the thought of being true to El’s Way and Its’ Prophets, like Jesus and others, by following those that made up and preserved religions of mankind’s like Christianity and Catholicism long after the passing of their Prophets, as well as adding confusion to what was given from El in the Prophets whom they wrongfully associate their confounded religions with, devised for power over people like those of Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and the latest religion of Hadithism that they falsely associate with Muhaamid as Islaam, the Religion of The Laam, The All-Knowing One of Truth that was devised and Handed down to Prophet Muhaamid on Earth Eden by El-Aah, The Amen in Its’ Holy Name of The Aah, Allaah, The Holy Lord Most High Who Mans (Minds) The Holy Throne of True Power in Heaven wherefrom It sends down the Holy Agreements for religion through the Hands of Angels like Gabriel, The Holy Spirited Archangel Messenger of El whom people have given the misnomer of being a Holy Ghost.

One of their many attempts at evilly disconnecting The Words of Truth concerning The Aah’s Agreement can be evidence by what they did in the Holy Qur’aan of Muhaamid, Gabriel, and Allaah in chapter 112, called Al-Iqlaas (The Unity), where they have purposely mistranslated The Aah, Muhaamid, and Gabriel, saying that It, in Its’ Names of The Aah (Allaah, The Breather of creation) and Hu (The Essence of Elements Manifesting as The Source of Life for creation), is Ahad (One, Being The Same One). In this reference, with Us speaking through Muhaamid to the people of his brethren descending Abraham, Sarah, Moses, Israel/Jacob, Isaac and others whom they were very familiar with in the ancient city of Yathrib (Medina) and Becca (Mecca) during that time, whereby Muhaamid was Commanded to reestablish The Bridge of Truth between them by relating Allaah’s Words to reconnect what they and their forefathers had so foolishly broken off from of The Words and The Agreement of The Truth sent down by El, to Earth from Heaven, long before the advent of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhaamid. Nevertheless, here they are again, at this end in the Day of Muhaamid, fifteen hundred years or more, they are bearing a new manmade religion of Hadithism in following up in opposition to an older devised religion of mankind’s, Judaism; two people of the same lineage, Semitics, hating and fighting each other on the grounds of their devised religions that were broken off from what was Originally Given down from The Hands of The Almighty El in Whole as The True Way of Guidance for mankind; And what they have done is no different than what the rest of the people of The Book that came before them did among the worlds of humanity, attempted to rewrite the Book of Truth and or write their own, and claim ownership and power over themselves and others, their religions, and their worlds of which all belongs to El.

Gabriel, the Holy Spirited Archangel is an Angelic Messenger and a Divinely Guided Advisor to the Holy Messengers of El among mankind, one belonging to The Holy Creator and Master El, alone. It has never been a ghost of any kind, although the doers of evil that intentionally mistranslates The Words of El and purposefully misguides the people of Earth Eden in their book writing like to add spookiness to religion in falsely associating their devises with the True Mysticism of El-Aah Who Manifests by Way of The Unseen in Spirituality to Its’ Messengers. They do this to steer the masses of would be seekers away from The Truth in Essence of The Holy Covenants of El so that they can take and keep control and ownership of their minds. They do this by attacking their sense of fear about El, The Most Unknown of all unknown things; and their aim is to get mankind to run away from The Signs of Truth in fear of what they are yet to understand and realize about The Favors of El that are Sent down as Divine Gifts with the presence of Angelic beings like Gabriel and others who operate strictly from the levels of The Unseen of El-Aah in the Spirit Realms of Being, from where they speak to the minds and hearts of mankind and touch their bodies of being in helping them in the course of the Inner Way of true holy war against the demon beasts of themselves, the devils within.

Gabriel, like other Angelic Messengers of El, has been sent down to aid the human family of mankind on Earth Eden as a Genuine Sign of The Lord’s Mercy, being sent on many occasions that are not numbered, or remembered, and some never known by the great masses of humanity on Earth. El’s Favor for mankind is far beyond the knowledge of humanity among those who attempt to keep records of Divine Events, the same as the number of times We have Destroyed the worlds and living things of this planet in Our Divine Acts of renewing and rearranging Earth Eden.

Verily, it is mankind’s fault that people are so gullible and forgetful enough in their disobedience to El that they allow Satan to take the easiest advantages against every generation of people among humanity. Observe how the so-called geniuses, the so-called greatest minds of humanity can lock themselves down with the impossible task of discovering how old this ever turning planet is; one that is ever being mixed and rearranged through time and Our Upheavals of the elements in essence of which it is composed. Great thinkers have been produced in every modern day of El-Aah’s for mankind, and in every modern day of El’s, modern thinkers believe that they are the first to discover what has been uncovered by Us countless times as discoveries for people labored with the search of an endless quest for The Truth that We so plainly give Light to, in understanding for mankind, which most reject. They try to figure out how many times have We rearranged the mountains and the floors of the seas, exchanging places with them in Our service to the planet. They look at the churning of Earth in the deepest parts of the oceans as Earth is being turned in to itself by what We do to power this motion, and yet they try to calculate the impossible thing of time associated with the age of Earth Eden; trying to add up any evidence that would support their knowledge about time concerning this action of Earth. However, in their game of playing like they are truly great at knowing, they allege knowing in their hypothesis to seduce the masses in general about belief and support of them concerning their sciences.

In this hour of The Day of Our Lord they have begun devising all kinds of tales about the Prophecy of El for This Day of Revelations and the lives of Its’ past Divine Prophets, and they realize that their greatest task is to keep the people misbelieving and confused about the Prophet Samuel in Soul and Remembrance being Divinely Resurrected, and The Christ regarding Its’ Way of Being and Its’ Intentions for humanity on Earth This Hour of The Day of Its’ Coming. They want the communities of mankind to believe that Ahezaah El Aah Allaah Hu Amen is a Lord that will Ignore all their wrong doing and Forgive the masses that say they believe and worship It in their respective ways of religion. Like they have supposed that El is a Male Power, one sided in Its’ Being The Master of Life, they have supposed that It will only be Kind, Loving, Merciful, Compassionate and Forgiving of them. How wrong they are! Soon they will realize that their devised schemes and their religious confessions to others of mankind among the clergy will not save them in the least. When the masses see the clergy run for safety in measures they take against The Christ, then they will know the shock of the moment of Truth that will be present for them. And as they attempt to deceive Ahezaah and Its’ Messenger This Hour of The Great and Dreadful Day of Our Lord, they only deceive themselves.

It is unfortunate for them that they have allowed the devil to seduce them into believing that the Divine Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah, Samuel the Resurrected Lion of Judah’s People, must be to their liking in how they imagined him to appear to be, in order for them to accept him; and it is unfortunate that they have refused to accept the fact that he has been raised as one of the lowly Afrimerican People whom most of the world of people have been led to believe that they are the least worthy of delivering the Chosen One. For the cause of the powerful men and djinn in these United States of America, it has only been more recent that the leaders among the djinn have issued commands for the Afrimerican People to be given a way to only appear to be free and liberated, and choosing for themselves the democracy of this nation and all its underlying hidden aspects where the truth of the powerful men and djinn and their lineage does not reflect what is made to only appear openly as true freedom, liberation, and equality for them.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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