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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)



In The Name of The Holy El-Aah-Hu Ahezaah, The Christ Amen Shiva Allaah, The All-Powerful Master and Judge of all things, The Giver of blessings, curses, and damnation, The Deliverer of Its’ Words, The Holy Hidden Executioner, We Recite in Holiness as One Unit of Divine Relaters.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog # 22

Muslims, you who are estranged from the authentic mindset of Prophet Muhaamid, We speak to you.

Our Messenger Prophet of Allaah, This Day, although he was sent first unto you of the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area of the East Coast United States of America, he is not of you, nor is he trying to be of you, and he is not sent specifically to Muslims proclaiming, whether true or false, to be of the path of Muhaamid! He was sent first to you and now it is for you to seek your salvation with Our Lord through the Path in the Way of him.

You say that “Muhaamid is The Last of Allaah’s Prophets,” and you want the entire world of mankind to believe that he was The Last Divine Medium between the worlds of mankind’s minds and The Holy Mind of The Eternal and Infinite Living Supreme Mind of The Amen, The Holy Mental Reality of Life That Is The Infinite and Eternal Communicator That Is Still Communicating to mankind in This Present Hour of The Great and Dreadful Day of Its’ Recompense. And you, like the djinn of other ways of life, want what you see and suffer about the Vengeance of The Lord in the Signs of Earth’s natural destruction being done in Our Affects not to be attributed to Allaah and to Us of Allaah’s Wrath of Angels warring against the worlds of mankind.

After losing your trust and faith in Allaah, you want all the Muslims to get together as one and rule the world by force under a guidance other than Allaah’s, wanting to be like the People of the Book who came before you among all races that have attempted to do the same thing; such like what the most evil ones among the powerful European Americans and others are attempting to do today through the trickery of their democratic language and their secret and open acts of war while pretending to want world peace, despite their knowledge of The Aah of The Christ Promising to Come Down to Earth Eden with forces of destruction for them and the world in general among the people that now follow in their harmful ways.

In your pride and possessiveness, you refuse to surmise that Muhaamid was The Last Prophet of The Aah, Allaah, The Eternal Breather of Life, alone to you of your own people, specifically; The Last that came in a long line of Semitic Prophets from The Aah who Breathed The Holy Words of The Truth that you and others before you have crippled in the minds of great multitudes in many of the generations of people before and succeeding Muhaamid that sought to be of the Path in the Way of Muhaamid and The Aah’s Prophets before him, and you act as though Prophet Muhaamid did not Prophesy that you would be like you are today, fallen astray from The True Path of The Chosen Way of Allaah, in your hearts and minds and the worldly practices of your physical approach to Life.

Many among the American Muslims in these United States who were the first to receive knowledge of This Prophet of The Aah have already rejected belief of him being True of Us, the same as they have rejected the belief that The Aah Who Breathed Life into Its’ Words to be Recited of The Holy Qur’aan, by It and Its’ servants, could further those Words and have them properly translated in The True Light of Its’ Holy Supreme Being of Amen Which is Seated in Its’ Power of Mental Control Upon The Throne of Sovereignty Over all minds and all other kinds of worlds.

You would dare to say that Allaah, The Eternal Mind, is limited, stuck upon Its’ Throne in The Heavens of Its’ Supreme Being, never to Be of any other place in Existence while Knowing all things, but locked down and firmly seated before Its’ Angels, Prophets, and Beasts on High of Heaven, despite the fact that Muhaamid, whom you have rejected, revealed that Allaah Is Al-Nuun, The One To Be Known In Truth (Al-Nuur) and Recognized as The Real Thing of everything, Being Ubiquitously In Place Everywhere and In Everything as The Reality Knowing All in all things. You dare to attempt to rid the translated Books of the Holy Qur’aan from the mention of Al-Nuun to hide The Reality That Stands Against you and your parties of men and djinn among the hidden demon beasts that hides in the minds of mankind, and you dare to create your own covenant; an agreement, with beings other than Allaah, and call it the religion or the way of life that was assigned to Muhaamid by The Aah (Allaah); your Hadithism Religion which is now equipped with a book you have had written and accepted from the hands of mankind, a devising of Satan that you address as the Noble Qur’aan of Islaam, as though We, with Allaah, are dead and will not retaliate against you!

You say that you believe in The Last Day about which We made indications in the Authentic Book of The Aah’s Holy Qur’aan and you have read the Book of Revelation, and yet you make it seem as though the Last Day is a Day to come in the life hereafter, making it seem as though Muhaamid did not believe in The Holy Prophecy We Gave unto Jesus and caused John to visualize and record about a Day in This Life, and acting as though Revelation 5:5 does not exist where We Revealed that the Prophet Samuel, which was made clear in Our similitude about him being the Lion of Judah, would be Resurrected in The Holiness of The Aah for This Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord.

You have denounced the Words of El-Aah in Essence that were Given through Muhaamid, mistranslating Words of The Truth and putting them out of The Order that was Sent down in Holy Authenticity from The Hand of The Aah, and many of you foreigners have worshipped the Aryan Arab Muslims as though they are gods with True Authority, saying that they have the best created minds of all human beings because their forefathers were given the Book of Allaah’s, and because they take up the task of reciting and remembering the Authentic Words of the Holy Qur’aan, which are sung in recitals by them, allowing them to have an appearance and thus act in authority over The Real True Authority of The Aah’s; and never do you question or challenge the fact that Muhaamid was, by lineage respectively of his father and mother, a dark-skinned Hashemite-Ethiopian, making him to have been more African Arab than anything else; especially anything resembling those whom some among the misguided say have the greatest minds of all mankind, a people who will not stand up for The Truth of El concerning their forefather’s, both, most beloved and most hated Messenger of Allaah, Muhaamid, the Divine Sign of The Real Holy Comforter, The Aah of Amen, Allaah.

As you have rejected Us, We have Rejected you! And Our Messenger rejects you, daring not to associate with you in the ways that you are seen and believed to be by the people of the world looking at you.

Although everything is Muslim, that which submits to The Aah in Reality, Holy-Apostle-Deen is a Holy Unified Servant of Allaah Hu Ahezaah in The Holiness of El; one more like Muhaamid, Jesus, Moses, and Joseph among others. This you may deny; however, there is a Meeting with Us and The Lord of The Throne that you will not escape; therefore, your denial will be nil, the same as your defense in The Court of Divine Judgment!

Be angry, if you will, and be ignorant in your anger, but no matter how angry you get, your anger will be nothing compared to The Thin Anger of Ours that will continue to be shown and felt coming in Allaah’s Wrath that We Wield against you who act false while you proclaim to be of Us of The Truth in this world.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah, This Day of The Apocalypse


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