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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Not Even They Can Defeat Ahezaah

In The Name of El, The Holy Ahezaah Amen-Raa, Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, The Christ, The Shiva, The Master of Al-Raad, The Unmovable Supreme Being, The Holder and Giver of Divine Wrath, and The Reality of Truth in Essence of All Power, We Recite. Saturday, April 16, 2011 Blog # 45 He is only the Messenger, a meek and humbled servant of Ahezaah; one of mankind with all the human qualities, in his physical makeup, that is held with the same general limitations of all others of humanity; But he is completely Absolved of his sins and Unified With The All-Powerful Christ of El in The Holy Circle of Ahezaah El-Aah, The Holy Allaah Hu, The Eternally Great Al-Akbar. In regards to his human being, We are The Difference Inside of Him, Being Of Him and Making Him Be Of Us, Known and Felt by Him, but not seen and clearly manifested to any of you, in Our Purpose With Him, intentionally. Thus it is by Us, In Power, that He is Divinely Maintained in The Strength of El, although appearing to be easily conquered by the arrogant egoists who cannot detect This Unbreakable Wall of Angelic Protection that surrounds his bodies of being in which he is encompassed, Being Housed by Us, or This Permeation of Ahezaah in Essence of That Which he exists as a Divinely Immersed individual. The djinn and the demon beasts within mankind are a very active institution of beings among the high powered knowing but ignorant ones that are determined to exist as the powers of the world, despite them knowing The Truth That Is Unseen of The Real Power. Because of their grave ignorance, regarding The Truth Which they must endure, they are complete in being forgetful about their continuous ends coming in evolutions of defeat to them from The Holy Christ of El-Aah. There is no scale created to be used by mankind to measure the weight of how stupid they are in their ignorance of things beyond worldly knowledge that is short of True Spirituality That Lives In The Light of Truth Above them, where they can no longer enter in any way of Life for being of the fallen ones with Set, the chief of all devils, Satan. They want you to believe in the bogeymen more than they want you to believe in their existence as being extensions of evil cast back out from Hell to Earth Eden after having been cast down from The Holy High Paradises in The Heavens of El-Aah; and they want you to believe that the bogeymen are made up of the fantasized mythical characters of theater, when they and the bogeymen are the same beings; political and powerful human beings that are truly no specters, although they hide like ghosts, wanting to be unseen in their acts of wickedness. You of the oppressed, and you who are used to oppress them by racism and other means of evil, are the actors that are toyed with by the men and djinn bogeymen of the demon beasts that are hidden in their havens of mankind’s minds. Toyed with and nurtured from birth to death to be toyed with by them as a means of life for them; and despite their words and shows of emotion, all of which are generally false, they have no warmth in their hearts for humanity. They only appear to be the same as humane individuals living among humanity. They are more like snakes, alligators, and crocodiles; coldblooded animals, but living in the forms of human beings in their many variations of man’s kinds; sneaking, hiding, plotting, and planning to devour all whom they can of humanity. Eventually, all the commoners among mankind, including those in the well-established powers among the great nations like those of these United States of America, will see that these beings that are clothed in the flesh of mankind are truly no kindred spirit to them. They are the kinds of animals in spirit that reach for the top to rule, because they, being like the many beasts of prey among the wilderness of Earth Eden, are at the top of evil in the chain of the food line among all humankinds. They are drawn to one another by spirit and naturally come together to rule over the more humbled, more fearful, and the less intelligent human beings over whom they act like gods. Anarchy will soon break out in parts of these United States of America. Hell is coming to places that had been contained in security by the djinn for their purpose of need regarding appearances. When the need in their purpose for appearances is gone, the security of the djinn will leave with it. The djinn and most of their appointed people of power are a different species of human beings which you of the ignorant masses whom they hoard and guide in their selfish causes will soon clearly see, as the affects of Hell are brought down upon you for what they have done and still do against humanity and the Holy Covenant of The Lord that was Created to be used as Perfect Guidance for all humanity on Earth Eden. So you believe that the djinn and the powerful leaders among your men can defeat the affects of The Lord of The Apocalypse! You think that because you have been born and raised under the façade of the most powerful people on Earth, that what they fake of True Power can be initiated for real by them against The Wrath of The Unseen Christ Shiva! Is it that you believe in history being repeated as a plus for this nation and all the other nations of evil who have found comfort in taking the lives of billions of people throughout the ages of mankind; therefore, you are content to believe that this great nation of these United States of America and all you others of their kind are not going to fall under the weight of El Ahezaah’s Wrath of Powerful Angels? You better look outside the windows of your face and investigate what is taking place throughout Earth Eden in the land, sea, air, and political and religious houses of mankind, and think again. Your world is being taken down while you are getting bogeyed down by the djinn to the beat of your own beats of rhythm and blues, hip hop, hard rock, and religious rock that is beating harder in the churches now more than ever, and all the other beats that got you distracted from what is actually happening. You are the living-dead that descend the ancients among the living-dead that We have related about in the Holy Scriptures of El’s Wisdom since the time of the ancients. Verily, We went beneath the level of this Divinely Conversed Messenger to deliver Our Messages to the billions of people among the music listeners who still could not clearly see Us in the Signs of Wisdom that We Gave when We Gave it clear in Our Lord’s Favor to your King of Pop to say in his musical lyrics; from Gary Indiana, to Detroit Michigan, to parts of California USA, from where Our Words was spread inspirationally through music throughout the world into the being of mankind and out to the many universes of The Eternal Being and, for this, the djinn and great multitudes of you under the influences of the djinn harassed Michael and his Jackson family, bringing harm to his parents, his sisters and the five greats until the day you poisoned him under what he gave in his trust of you, in your trust with drugs; nevertheless, Our Words were spread clearly to the world through him, and although you looked at his human frailty to make your wrongful judgments of him, and although you might look at him now as being dead, he is not as dead as you might think! He is one that is very much alive in The Heavenly Paradise of El-Aah, completely relieved of the pressures he received in the trials of this world of Life, being Blessed for The Good of his Life that We Gave through him to the worlds of mankind; And, it should now be more than a blip for you to clearly see that before his end in this aspect of Life, he found his way to The Holy Allaah in his realization after seeking trust in you and your worldly carved religions of mankind; finding Us, while you and your world found the way to be the real actors of Life in a thriller, portraying the living-dead, wandering blindly and filling up your lives through singing, dancing, and prancing your way through Hell! Think about this: Among the billions of people living in the modernistic world of the so-called civilized nations, how many thousands is there that actually know how to raise fruit and vegetation from the earth? How many know how to milk a cow or care for farm animals? How many own a farm animal? When the grocery trucks stop bringing their provisions into the food stock depots that are strategically situated in your metropolitan cities, towns, boroughs and rural areas that were once farmed by the indigenous people, what then will you do to fill your refrigeration freezing boxes? How many of you among the billions of people are there that actually know how to protect your families under the vile and angry conditions of anarchy? Most of the people are blind to the fact that there is a thin line between meaningful civility and aimless madness when it comes to starving nations of people. When civil laws and orders are corrupt to the point where they are pointless and thus no longer respected, and the upholders of them have become victims of the system along with the commoners whom they have had under their control, and when all Hell Breaks loose in all directions because everyone is keeping most of their attention on surviving, then who are they that will be protected by whom among all of you that will be going out of your minds with hunger, illness, and absolute disorder? Oh! You think that cannot happen in this Great Union of these United States of America or in the other Great Nations of the powerful bogeymen and the djinn that serve the beasts of mankind from within! Well, you’d be better off thinking again, until you realize that The Christ El Shiva has Come Down with Intentions to Raise Us of The Unseen Angels in Its’ Wraths of Rage against you among the wicked and those of your supporters! Even while We Warn you among the commoners now, at this time, to give you a chance to better yourselves off for Forgiveness, or to prepare yourselves better for what you can never effectively prepare yourselves for, regarding The Wrathful Intentions of The Owner of Wrath and All of Life, the powerful bogeymen and the djinn that serve the beasts of mankind in governing the people are interfering with Our Messages that are being sent forth through this electronic media system; they are sending viruses to the computers that are being used by the people who are using their computers to help the Messenger, and doing other things as terroristic tactics in their attempt to implant fear in the people to stop them from seeking True Liberation In The Lord Most High from their mental incarceration of them. Remember the history of mankind that so many of you glorify; but, remember the true history in which every great nation of the wicked were brought down to their knees in complete submission to the Forces of The Unseen that were sent against them in the forms of mankind, other creatures of great and minute sizes of being, and by the wrathful course of nature in natural destruction. Nothing that The Creator El Ahezaah Amen Creates is indestructible to It, Which Is Also The Eternal and All-Powerful Destroyer of all creations. Don’t be so foolish to think that We are wasting Our Time and Energy with this Messenger Prophet who is The Holy Warner of The Almighty El Ahezaah Amen El-Aah, The Holy Allaah Hu Ahad, The Christ Shiva, The Savior and The Unseen Destroyer, because We are not wasting any of Our Time, Action, or Vigilance of what We have come down to Destroy in The Name of Ahezaah El-Aah Amen, The Christ Allaah Hu Brahman, The Holy Almighty Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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