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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Running Away From The Real Truth

In The Name of El Ahezaah, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The Eternal Supreme Being, The Savior, The Truth, We Recite. Tuesday, April 4, 2011 Blog # 37 No way in Life can anyone run away from The Truth That Is Everywhere, For Real! Ahezaah Is The One Absolutely Real Truth, and It Is Everywhere. It Is Really The Truth of All That Is inside The Eternal of Eternity Being Infinite In Its’ All In All Being of The Infinity of Its’ Own Self That Is Only One Thing of Infinite Mentalities which are universal worlds of things created through Its’ Attributes That Are The Powers of It Being All, in All places, All, in All things, and All, in All Essence of Itself Being All in All Time, everywhere; Being The Infinite and Eternal Mind In Its’ Holy Essence of Power Through Which It Creates All, in and of Itself, in Essence of Its’ Own Mental Matter Through Which It Manifests, as The Creator, Its’ Thoughts that are Brought to being things in things created and made known to All in others created of This One All Who Is All Alone as The Real Life of All in creation. No way can anyone or anything run away from The Real Which is an Unexplainable Thing That Fills The Endless Expanse of The Infinite Being of The Eternal Elohim, The El, The Aah, The Hu, and The Aum, The Breath, The Essence, and The Ubiquitous Being That Is Alone Truly Real; Infinitely Filling All of The Infinity Alone, by Its’ Mind. What is the word Real? What is Re and Al together? Where did the word come from? Look at how it is constructed. The Re of Light and The Re of The All-Seeing One, Amen-Re, The of The All Essential One Being Who creates light through which It Causes Its’ creatures to see what is hidden in darkness. It is The Force, The Power, and The Truth That Generates what is needed in the Universes’ Dark Regions to create the burning friction of The Fire that brings Light to Life; however, The Real is So Real that It Is Really Beyond the Light and Darkness in which It is Hidden, Being Unseen under the most brilliant of Its’ created forms of Light, with no hint of It Being in Sight of anything, although It Gives Mercy and creates forms of things through which It Acts by them in ways by which the realizing creatures can see It by the signs of things living in representation of It. For mankind light, of the Sun, of the Moon, and of the Stars has always represented The Universal Truth of The Real Being of Life Who Is Absolutely Hidden in Its’ Essence Beyond The Infinite Darkness of All in Life. Re or Ra or Ray, of Al or El Being The, of The Re or The Sun with Rays in their fullness of being, touching upon everything and bringing Life to many stages of fulfillment in representing The Most Brilliant and Blinding Light of The Truth In The Almighty Amen-Re or The Ancient Aten Symbolized by the Sun; Re of The, or Re of Al/El or inverted as The Re/Ra/Ray. At the time of its zenith, The Sun at high noon during the times when it is nearest to Earth Eden, burning hottest on a high temperature day, drenching everything with El’s Fire, and consuming Life as It Gives Life and Evolves Life by The Power of The Life and Death Giving Rays of Light, The Smokeless Fire, and The Energy in The Force of El called Nature, It represents The Lord Being Al-Noon or Al-Nuun, That Which Is To Be Holy Recognized and Respected in Being The Provider and The Consumer of everything, Touching upon everything with Its’ Affects, with no illusions of other powers appearing to be greater than It. Re-Al, Al-Re, The Light of Truth, The Light of Christ, The Light of The Burning Divine That was called Ramadan by Muhaamid and his people; That Light Which Came upon many Prophets and Entered their beings to Remake them as True Men of The Mind of The Righteous Supreme Being, Burning them up to annihilation by The Christ, Emptying their minds in removing their lowly world mindsets, and Giving them The Unchallengeable Knowledge of Its’ Real Being in Parts that It Always Holds The Weight of It for them. The Truly Divine Enlightened Ones, known as Sufis, Mystics, Spiritualists, Buddhas, Prophets and Avatars are Made to be Divinely Aware that The Truth of The Light is The Same Truth of The Darkness in The Mystery of The Infinite Living Mind Which is Inescapable; therefore, they become Submitted, Loved, Protected, and Given Eternal Life Realization in this aspect of Life, and made to be The Realized Ones before the time comes for their physical passing away from this aspect of Life. For the Divinely Enlightened Holy Servants of El-Aah, The Realized Ones for Real, El is Seen as The Every of all places and things at all times. Although Its’ Truth of Real Being is Absolute in every way, therefore being Unexplainable, the Insight It Gives From Itself for the Sight of Its’ Servants, where they can See It through Real Knowledge of The Real by Divine Experiences, Real Wisdom of The Real Wise by Divine Guidance, and Real Understanding of The Real Essence, in which everything exists, by Divine Explanations, is Holy; and of these Gifts that It Gives as Divine Talents, It Is The One That Holds them, Upholds them, and Makes them Useable and Real by what It Makes appear to them of their Holy Realized Stations of Holy Divined Being; and Its’ Holy Divined Enlightened Servants are Made to Be Most Firmly Aware that It Is The Doer of them and all their actions, and It is The Real of The Reality (Real-ity, like ity-bitty in comparison to The Absolute, or Its’ Lesser Units of Being known as Its’ Attributes) Which is Ever Due all praise and all recognition for what It credits them in the Doings of Its’ Good by Its’ Divine Favor. They are the Messengers who The Lord El Ahezaah Allaah Amen keeps present in the worlds of mankind at all times, for if not, the world of humanity would be completely abolished. Some of these Messengers are major and some minor, but Messengers of El they are; and unfortunately for mankind on Earth Eden, multitudes of people have gone past imitating them to impersonating them; being practitioners or mere members joined in congregation or association with others and are yet to Arrive at Real Enlightenment, but saying that they are Real under the titles that they use for themselves which should be reserved for the Real True Holy Servants; and the Real Ones, True of El, who would never pretend if they were not The Real Truly Divine Enlightened Ones known as The Realized Ones, and The Real Spiritualists living in The Light of The Christ Al-Nuur under titles of Sufi, Mystic, Buddha, Avatar, and Prophet who are most often chased to be murdered for telling the Uncommon Words of The Real Truth Unseen of The Real in Spirituality by the general public who realize not the Real True Importance of the Real Enlightened Ones and their own need for them under The Real True Holy Commands of El. The True Mystics of Real Mysticism are among The Greatest Blessings on Earth Eden for mankind. Without them, the battles against Satan, its dupes of the demon beasts in man, the powerful men and the djinn of this physical and the spiritual realms would be absolutely lost before they start in this Life with each individual. These Messengers are Divine Signs of The Creator Who Sustains Life by Its’ Mercy. It is through them who are created as Divine Mediums that The Lord El Communicates; the same ones that the devil is ever trying to end the Life and Time of, saying foolish things like there are no more to come of them from The Real Eternal Communicator, and hoping that the multitudes become fools for them in being fooled by them to believe that The Ever Being Endless Real Thing of Life would stop and cut off something like humanity while It keeps it going as if human beings can survive independently of The Real Thing That Is Completely Essential for mankind in everything of Life, minus nothing. El Is Alone Real, Really All Alone, Alone Everywhere inside Infinity, and Simply Alone, Being The Real Power of Life. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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