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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Satan is Aware of What The Christ of El is Truly About

In The Name of Ahezaah, The Almighty El Who is The Christ of El-Aah Who has come down to The Personal Realm of This Messenger This Day in Its’ Unit of The Unseen Supreme Being as The Judge and The Executioner of Its’ Judgments against the world of mankind, The Creator, Owner, and Sustainer of all in Life, and The One Alone Who is Aware and Knowing of all things, We recite these Words. Monday, March 07, 2011 Blog # 12 While great multitudes of Christians, Catholics, and others associated with a belief of The Christ Coming back down to Earth to straighten out what has been made wrong in this world of Eden; while they are waiting, hoping, and trying to prepare themselves for Its’ Return with the Resurrected Lion of Judah who was promised to be the Holy Instrument used by The Christ for the opening of the Book with Seven Seals on the back of it; Seals of Orders, symbolizing people representing the previous and the present Covenant of The Lord El; while they joyfully sing in praises of the Past Divine Manservant Jesus whom most of the people are taught to believe is The Christ, Jesus Christ, and live with the belief that each one of them are the ones to be Saved by The Christ and Its’ Messengers of The Christ who, with The Christ, Compose The Divine Three-Fold Union of The Unseen in Power; they being the Holy Spirited Archangel Gabriel whom they call the Holy Ghost, and the Manservant whom many believe will be Jesus of Nazareth, the one having been known affectionately as the Lamb of The Lord, and not Samuel who has been known affectionately as the Lion of Judah, the one Promised in Prophecy to come back With The Lord as one of Its’ Lambs/Laams (True Knowing Servants) the Opener of the Book of The Divine Seals; while they have taken their positions in the firmness of their belief, Satan and its duped legions of the perverted demons of the unseen realms join them, in their hope for the Coming of The Christ in Its’ Fury and Saving Grace. Satan and its dupes of demons are aware of what The Christ of El-Aah-Hu is Truly about in Being The Holy Supreme Breath and Essence in The Light of Truth, and The Pure Smokeless Fire of The Purifier of The Truth in The Holy High Heavens, and they are equally aware of The Holy Supreme Being of Eeyaah, El Who Masters the Underworld and the Murky Fires of Its’ Hells, Being The Holy Supreme Being and The Unimpeded Punisher of Its’ Penalized servants, and they realize that they are leading great legions of mankind among those being misguided about the Promise of The Christ and the configurations of Its’ Divine Three-Fold Union, Its’ Divine and Universal Laws, Orders, and Holy Commandments of Its’ Past and Present Agreements with mankind on Earth, leading them to the Divine Punishment and The Holy Destruction of The Christ. They are aware that they have completely tricked the general population of mankind throughout the world to actually establish their lives and minds on the wrong side of The Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, and they will never reveal themselves as to whom they are, in whom they hide among the commoners, the powerful men, and the djinn of mankind, and they will never reveal what their true intentions are with each person whom they imprison by their wickedness, except to those among mankind whom they have fully entrenched in their parties of evil. As the number of creatures of this world continue to escalate in the countless numbers of the mysterious deaths that are taking place in droves throughout the world, while the men and djinn of mankind continue to lay out their deceitful excuses as to why it is not a happening in proportion to the fulfillment of Divine Prophecy, and while The Christ El-Aah-Hu Shiva continues to Come Closer in Manifesting Actions that will not be doubted about these things happening by Its’ Divine Commands, the devils of Satan continue to party with the people as they celebrate their evils of life. Creatures of the sea, land and flyers of the air all falling down in death by The Hand of Christ, The Holy Unseen El-Ahezaah, The Sustainer of Life Who is now denying great masses of Its’ creatures the power of life as a Sign of The Great and Dreadful Day that We are now announcing to you all of humanity. At 11 pm, on April 13th, 1979, The Christ in Its’ Name of Allaah Came Down Unto This Messenger. For him it was a Great Night of Power that has yet to be forgotten. Many among mankind have been secretly awed by him; being in fear of his Powerful Lord’s Statements that are Spoken through the voice of his that Ahezaah El Allah Loaned him for this life. Satan is aware of him as well. The people of the so-called dead worlds in the life hereafter are aware of his presence on Earth Eden with The Lord Most High, and they celebrate him, knowing his position of being The Chosen One Holy of El. While Satan is aware, it and the powerful men and djinn among you will not acknowledge his presence or honor his words, knowing that they are The Words of El-Ahezaah Real of Reality That is The Truth they fear most. We say to you who doubt and disagree with Us, keep counting the dead and the dying among the beasts of the land, the insects, the vegetation, the fish and other animals among the flyers, the land runners, and swimmers among the foul in the atmosphere, on land and in sea and air; count them with the great numbers of mankind that are and will be falling dead if not killed by assassins among mankind and other creatures that are set out to exact recompense of The Lord by Us. Just as Satan is aware of The Christ for real, We Promise that you all will be made aware for real; either in this life while you still remain in the body of flesh that has been loaned to you by The Creator of all worlds, or in your transition from Life to Death in your return to The Creator Most High at The Throne of Its’ Judgment of you. Our Messenger will not come hard at you with his words of The Truth This Day. Meek and humbled, he has been hard enough since the year of 1979 when he was younger and full of exhilaration for This Work in servicing mankind for the Cause of El Ahezaah Amen. While he has tired many times and had to be given patience anew many times, he is holding firm to Ahezaah, delivering Our Lord’s Messages. None of mankind will ever take him out of his service with Us, although people will never stop trying as long as Satan clouds their vision and path to The True Knowledge of The Christ. Us With Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah


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