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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Seeking Truth From Governments and Their False Prophets

In The Names of The Almighty El Ahezaah, The Holy Hidden Christ Shiva, The Almighty Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion, The Hidden Reality, The Righteous Judge and The Wrathful Executioner of Judgment, The All-Knowing and All-Seeing Laam Meem Raa, The True Savior of All in the worlds of mankind, We Recite.

Completed Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blog # 61

Do you ever ask yourself the question, why is it that so much interest is being wasted everyday by the common citizens on the politicians and their false prophets that spew wickedness in the powerful and beautiful words they have collected to repeat under the powers of their political and emotional religious expressions that they practice on the people who willingly place their hope in them and their words?

If you study for real, or if you investigate seriously from your heart because of what you sense of The Truth, in looking for The Truth, and not searching in vanity for things other than The Truth, which are generally falsely associated with The Truth by politicians and their false prophets who invite you away from The Truth to things of appearances that coincide with your desires so that you will follow your egos instead of your souls, then you will hardly get caught up with wasting your trust on politicians, other government agents, and their false prophets. However, most of the people have greater interest in being entertained by people and other things of falsehood, which they can see and find to be unreal, than they have for Being Truly Guided by The Unseen Holy Lord Wise of All in all worlds, Which is Unseen but Ever-Present as The All in All Power of Life That Provides mankind with Its’ Holy Angelic and Human Messengers as Signs of Its’ Mercy.

The Beauty of The Truth that is with The True Divine Messengers of Ahezaah El-Aah is that The Lord of Truth and Reality Manifests Its’ Undeniable Proofs of Being with them as The Source of their existence in their times and places through Words and other Signs of Its’ Unseen Being, Manifesting Wisdom for the benefit of mankind. It Expresses Its’ Words Beautifully and Powerfully through Its’ Messengers in Its’ Clarity of Divinely Raised Holy Expressions, Fashioning Its’ Words to fit the time of the people It Means to Reach, the place of their existences, the situation of the places, and Its’ Desires for Its’ Signs of Prophecies to coincide with Its’ Past Messenger Prophets’ Words of Divinely Prophetic Truths.

Today, Ahezaah El-Aah has provided mankind with the gifts of electronic communication tools which are used by the government and the masses of people in personal use and the electronic media for public use which includes television, radio, and computers providing the global internet web system for them and the government and their institutions that are controlled under the operations of the powerful bogeymen and the djinn. It has provided the gifts of universal, earthly, and body scopes through which mankind observe what is in the constellations, the atmosphere, the oceans, the land, and the bodies of things including insects, animals, and microscopic creatures residing in and about the Life of them. It has Provided ways for mankind to view inner masses of material things to see within without destructively severing them. It has also provided modern vehicles with the capabilities of soaring through the skies, over the land, in and upon the seas; vehicles so that mankind can take what use to be a month or year’s journey in a day, which is a happening that coincides with the Prophecy that Allaah Gave through Its’ Angelic Messenger Gabriel and Its’ Human Messenger Muhaamid, over a millennium and a half ago, about mankind being made capable of jumping over oceans as though they were puddles of water, flying over land upon wings like birds, and running across the land on trains which he saw as caravans of assess linked together for not knowing what the sight of trains would be; and for what We Said through Muhaamid, he sounded false and insane to most of the people in his time who followed the lead of their political bogeymen and djinn but, nevertheless, look now at what Muhaamid saw and Spoke about in Divine Prophecy. It is the same as the Prophet Ezekiel speaking about what he saw at his present time concerning alien spaceships and what was then Prophesied about This Day in regards to them and what you now know and see in your skies which can no longer be denied by your government bogeymen and powerful agents of the djinn because of the billions of people that view and capture them by picture on cell phones and other kinds of instruments assembled with camera equipment. The same as how the government agents of the powerful men and djinn have spent much time in making the past people that witnessed alien spaceships appear to be deluded fools or insane for speaking publicly about what they witnessed, causing the people to have great hardship which included losses of employment where they had to change the modes of their lives to survive. They have done the same about the Prophets of the Past and are working hard for you to denounce This Messenger Prophet as being insane or a deluded fool making guess work like their false prophets. While their false prophets read, study, and commit to memory many things from the Past Scriptures that they repeat in their gobbledygook given from their egos and stained hearts to the masses of people whom they mesmerize with emotional overtones, This Messenger Speaks and Writes from The Holy Originator Who Initiates knowledge and information to be had by the people. His memory is kept in The Hands of Ahezaah’s Direct Guidance, whereas he only views in mind what Ahezaah Wants him to view at all times, which are made to be particular in Time Between Them (The Messenger and The Lord of All worlds). What he says in his words, written and spoken or by drawn up signs, are Authentically Given through him by Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Amen. He is Enlightened in True Realization which is in him being Raised in a Life of Knowing that he is a sole property Belonging to Ahezaah El-Aah The Holy Righteous Christ Alone.

Today as We Write, there are units of the powerful bogeymen among the agents of the djinn that are now operating under special assignments to defeat what We are Doing with This Messenger. Despite what We Promise them of the Wrath of El for interfering with him, for the devil in them, they cannot stop tracking him and doing things to hinder his efforts to reach and help you all among the society. As We relate to you through the system of the internet, they have altered Our Messenger’s and his helpers’ computer functions, and they closely follow and study Our Messenger’s every move and Words of The Truth, and use them in acts of altered mimicry in order to create confusion for the multitudes of you through their literature, television, movie theaters, and the computer internet. They have made it more difficult and annoying for people who are searching for the Messenger and his internet programs by the ways they put them in disorder for you to find complications in reaching them, by the ways they cut people off from reaching them, and by the ways they deny Our Words from being expressed on their social networks in saying that they are offensive because The Words of El’s Truth is being Spoken against people whom they favor of their own kind. There are agents that are assigned to promote programs and words on the internet that crookedly reflect the Messenger’s programs so that you will be confused and interpret the Messenger’s Words as being mere words of another false Prophet. Nevertheless, the trial and the burden of proofs concerning The Messenger and Us of The Unseen are on you all, and not on Our Lord’s Holy Divined Messenger Holy-Apostle-Deen. His Current Messages are Originated by Ahezaah El Amen, as We Have Said, and they are Kept Under The Directions and The Control of The Lord Most High, the same as his Power to Unwrap the Sealed Up Words of Truth that was Promised to you all in the Prophecy of Revelation to Jesus and his disciples, to bring The True Understanding of them in The Lord’s Original Commandments back to a Clarity in Its’ Words of Wisdom in what was Given in El’s Essence of The Truth to Its’ Ancient Messengers. Even in this We are Unraveling them, and Delivering them Clearly in English, to be clearly understood by you of the present people and those of your lineage to come.

As to how it is about the burden of proof being upon you all to disprove the Messenger as not Being Holy of Ahezaah El-Aah if you do not believe, the Commands of Ahezaah El-Aah is upon you to make way to see that the djinn does not cover you up from The Truth that is Spoken through him, whereby his Wisdom will prove him Being In Essence of Ahezaah El-Aah Amen. Ahezaah Is The Sole Source of Power in his Life That Will Let you know that you are wrong for allowing anything or anyone to keep you away from Its’ Signs of Being With the Messenger, Its’ Words, and Its’ Signs of It Being The Christ Unseen and Having Come down to Earth Eden to Be In The Almighty Force of Its’ Mind With This Messenger and The Angel Gabriel that Guides, with The Angels in Wrath that It Is Now Manifesting as The Holy Force of Nature in Its’ Destructions throughout the world. In each day We Write, there is another destruction of mankind’s habitats happening throughout the world to be noticed as being Signs of The Wrath of The Christ that the people of power do not want you to focus upon, with your thoughts on Us and The Lord’s Promises concerning This Hour of The Great and Dreadful Day; things like the Mississippi River waters which We are presently running high, swift, and making it overpower mankind as We are Demolishing mankind’s habitats in Our use for Divine Destruction through them in the mid-west of these United States of America, a nation wherein the people have been the most arrogant and ignorant of Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Amen, refusing to surrender in humility to The Righteous El, in the Path of Righteousness, denying and denouncing The Divine Laws and Orders of El-Aah, and preferring to war in the evil of Satan, killing and dying in wars against others of the eastern worlds who themselves have fallen from The Grace of El-Aah by turning away from the Divine Ordinances of The Holy Covenant that was Last Given to Prophet Muhaamid before This Divine Covenanting Messenger.

Trust that your agents of government will never tell you The Words of Truth about their double-crossing you and others throughout the world because of whom they are and because of who they serve as their lord: Satan. They will never admit what takes place behind the scenes of their political and diabolical business. However, it shouldn’t be long before you of the citizens among their kind realize that they have double-crossed you and that they are not truly of you, although you come from their kind.

It is each of your duties alone to discover The Words of The Wise and Its’ Essence in The Spirit of Truth That It Provides and Holds for you in Its’ Mercy, and it is not for you to rely on your leaders or anyone other than Our Lord to lead you in what It Provides through Us as Gifts of Mercy in Guidance. Verily, your bogeymen are some of the greatest deceivers in the world that hide from you under the covers of darkness, like ghosts, as they hide what they know of The Truth from you.

What you need to do in order to attain being of The Light of True Success (Ahezaah In Essence of Its’ Power of Rewarding you) is to first take steps towards The Lord in the manners that It has Commanded, so that the darkness of evil will be cast aside for The Light of The Truth.

It is your need to sincerely beg, in your humility without your ego, for The Almighty Lord’s Compassion and Guidance, seeking with sincere desire to have Ahezaah El-Aah Place Its’ Power of Faith In Its’ Holy Spirit upon you, and to Allow you to Enter and Live in your heart and mind with It overwhelming the evil in you.

It is your need to open yourself up to The Lord’s Trust and subside in It Being The Holy Christ of El-Aah Hu Ahezaah Amen, and to respect It out of fear and love, with you having more fear and love for It than you have for any other thing including your own selves, and especially for Satan and its dupes.

It is necessary for you stay patient, before, in and after the trials of Fate that El Gives, with acceptance in your heart and mind that all things happen by The Will of Ahezaah El-Aah, and all that happens is Given Power by The Lord for them to exist.

You have a need to praise and worship It Alone; never compromising your praise and worship of It by giving praise and credit to other things that are subjected to Its’ Power of being in existence, and ever remembering Ahezaah as Being The Reality of All Which is The Source of The Happenings of All things at all times, remembering El in this as much as humanly possible. Then The Truth of The True Success, if It Wills, will be Manifested and Revealed to you In A Sight of Reality as Being The Holy El-Ahezaah El-Aah Itself. It Is The Power and The Glory of all worlds. It Is The Truth and The Christ That Is Here to Destroy and put a certain end to the evils of the masses of false prophets and the political bogeymen with the djinn that rule over them from the places in which they hide.

Don’t stand idly by while they steal your hearts and minds and corrupt the bridges of your souls whereas you will be caused to lose your abilities to reach the place for the crossing of it, to be Brought Over by The Holy Immaculate Hands of Ahezaah Amen, The Christ El-Aah.

Remember and realize, their attacks upon Our Messenger are actually attacks upon you by the way of him, and their hatred of him is truly their hatred of The Truth of El also by way of him, with them being clearly and angrily aware that he is here solely as a Gift in Mercy to you all of mankind from The Holy Christ of El-Aah Who Is Present in The Name of Ahezaah, Unseen.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen


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