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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Self-Destruction, The Prophecy About Mankind Being Fulfilled

In The Names of El, The Holy Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty Seated in Its’ New Name of Ahezaah, The Creator, Owner, and Master of all things, We recite these Words of Ahezaah El’s Message.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Blog # 9

False prophets throughout these United States of America and the world in general ignorantly proclaim, in defiance of Us, of The Unseen, and in blatant disregard for the present Holy Messenger of El Ahezaah, their false words and positions of belief, despite what We Deliver as Divine Promise to them in regards to what will be for them a terrifying Meeting with Ahezaah El-Aah, The Lord of The Throne of Judgment.

Another Promise is this: During their journey in the transition of Death, their minds will be awakened to a Greater Aspect of Life, when they are taken through the realms of Death into an unfamiliar Darkness of Unknowing, leading to The All-Knowing El Who will Be Seated as Ahezaah The Judge, in Its’ Unit of Supreme Being. They will be shocked to find themselves in an inescapable transition where every atom and less of their being that ever lived in them will make themselves known as having been individuals of living beings with senses of minds that were submitted in service by The Creator and Sustainer of Life to the greater masses in the bodies of their being so that they would live in this world of Earth Eden in the bodies of individual human beings whose minds will then have these lesser beings of themselves as true witness bearers of them, knowing every facet of what happened in their lives, knowing every secret and open act that they were taken through, and knowing that each of mankind were given Laws and Orders to be followed from El that rested in their souls.

Of their disregard for Us of The Unseen and this Messenger of El, they do this in their arrogance and the knowledge of the great multitudes of people that stand behind them in belief of them and defiance of Us, believing that they and their great number of followers will be greater than The One in The Number of El Ahezaah Who Commands all things including Its’ innumerable Angels of Wrath. In their illusions of having the command of greatness by their numbers over Our Messenger and others of mankind, they forget that the unseen Angels, many that may be smaller than an ant, even so small as a microorganism, can defeat the entire human race of mankind, if The Lord El Ahezaah Willed it to be as such.

While Our Messenger has been proclaiming for Us since the last decade of the twentieth century as a Divine Prophet in the knowledge of the people among the commoners, those of government to whom he announced himself, and other institutions of the people including the religious organizations descending Our Forerunning Messenger, Elijah (Poole) Muhaamid who was sent directly to the Afrimerican People as a Special Kind of Messenger in fulfillment of Prophecy that was written in the Holy Book of Malachi, he has been feared, ignored, mocked, pushed aside, kept back from being recognized as to whom he truly is of Us by people under the orders of the powerful men among the djinn, and sought for assassination by people of his own and other races that planned and attempted to assassinate him and other members of his family and companions whom they thought were keys to his success with Us, merely to shut his mouth in keeping him from speaking The Words of Lord Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Amen. Some among the greater of the djinn serving Satan are aware that he is not to be harmed by them; however, there are some that are foolish enough to send others of the unknowing people against him, as though their part in the plan of their intentions to see him harmed will not be associated with the actual actors that are sent out to assault Our Messenger in the flesh of his human being. Truly, they fear the Message of Ahezaah El Amen-Raa that he is to deliver unto humanity more than they fear the threat of physical war from others whom they consider as their enemies, and they fear The Christ of El-Aah Whom they are aware was Promised to come down to Earth Eden Unseen with him, Commanding Us in Forces of Nature that are way beyond them.

Mightily speaking men proclaiming to be freedom fighters for The Good of Allaah in the face of the public and their organized fraternities have quietly been turned to cowering under fear of others and fear of a loss of power and wealth instead of openly acknowledging Our Messenger and meeting him with Us of The Unseen to receive Words from The Lord of The Throne more Directly through This Messenger, Holy-Apostle-Deen. Some have joined together in numbers at times, planning assaults against what they thought would be his rise against them; however, they, like many others could not hear and believe him in his clear words in saying that he is merely The Messenger who is of Ahezaah El Allaah Hu Amen, The Christ El-Aah, who is locked in a Divine Three-Fold Circle of Holiness. His assigned role with Us, is in him Delivering Our Lord’s Holy Messages to the world of mankind, as a Sign of The Lord’s Compassion and Mercy to you all; and he is Protected, by Us of The Unseen Ahezaah El, in this assignment.

Through the acts of mankind and in the Commands of Ahezaah aside from them, We are Destroying the mental, spiritual, and physical worlds of mankind through what you all see of Nature in ways that many of you are led in masses to deny being Us of The Unseen Almighty Lord’s Angels of Wrath; proclaiming that it is not Us of The Unseen Almighty El, Angels who are Destroying things under The Commands of El Ahezaah Shiva Allaah Hu, The Christ Amen. Denying Our doing of things like the slamming and the wobbling of Earth in taking it away from its previous course, raising the seas to terrifying levels where running water is poured over the ground of Earth’s land inhabitants, the moving of mountains in bringing landslides to the land beneath the feet of mankind with the earth being split asunder, the great changes We commit to in the directions and the movement of the mighty winds, committing them to their new paths of destructive currents, the smashing of cities and countries and the homes of those whom We set Our aims against, the upheaval in the minds of the disgruntled people throughout the world that will be closed in on world populations, even upon the greatest of all nations throughout the world, upheavals of minds with the madness of coming from every direction against the people themselves, the Raising of Our Lord’s Holy Messenger Prophet and the simultaneous lowering of the mountains of the men and djinn that have been feared by the worlds of mankind’s people among the commoners; those men and djinn who will be softened by Us, as We Strike fear into their hearts which have been hardened like rocks in their acts of evil in ruling the people. Then it might be that the people will be ready to accept The True Education and stop listening to those who would have mankind believe that the world of happenings are independent of Us of The Unseen Reality That Powers Life in Its’ Names of Supreme Being, making everything of every life form of knowledge and mind Personal unto Itself, as It Masters all of everything including the minds of mankind that agree and those that agree not.

We are here Unseen with The Christ to Save those Chosen to be Saved by It, and to Destroy those Chosen to be Destroyed by It; and neither of these sides of people will be left off from whatever it is that The One Holy and Almighty Christ El-Aah chooses for them as Reward and/or Recompense. We will gradually remove their coverings and show you all the disliked deceit and hypocrisy of your many false prophets among your clergy who are taught to practice emotionalism and slick trick talk to captivate their victims, and your scholars who claim genius to subdue the masses by what We Give them as though they are the Originators and Sustainers that Produce what Ahezaah El Creates of thoughts and realizations in their minds, the gangs of politicians with the theater controllers whom they own and the militias under their control that are employed to control, jail, and assassinate those whom they will for the establishment of the djinn’s control of the multitudes, and We will exhume the djinn as though they are dead things of the grave and present them to you all as We continue bringing them and those down whom they have raised in the realm of stardom to beguile the masses. Surely, there is more that We will do; however, this should be enough for which you are being made aware.

Of what We Proclaim in this writing is that El Amen Raa Christ Allaah in The Name of Ahezaah rules all things, and in time mankind of This Hour of The Great and Dreadful Day of Our Lord will certainly know the Penalty they have incurred as their commission for their destruction against humanity and Earth Eden, for following the enemies of The One True Christ El Amen Ahezaah, The Unseen Who has come down for Its’ Retribution in this world; enemies among all races, creeds, colors, nationalities, religions, nations, fraternities and institutions great and small.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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