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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Convenience of Blaming Nature for The Wrath of The Christ

In The Names of The Almighty El, The Holy Ahezaah, The Almighty Lord of Dominion, The Hidden Reality, The Giver of Faith, The All-Knowing Guide, The Crusher Christ, The True Savior, The Divine Destroyer, The Universal and Infinite Truth, The Holy Righteous, The Source of Wrath, We Recite. Thursday, May 26, 2011 Blog # 69 The All-Knowing Lord Said there may be things that you might hate, which may be good for you, and there may be things that you may like, which might be dire for you. In Wisdom (Divine Guidance of El), as a Divine Favor in The Blessings of Ahezaah El-Aah, the differences between the two situations are made known to the faithfully sincere believers, giving them the opportunities of making the right choices. The people of the world today find it convenient for themselves to blame Nature for The Wrath of Christ that is being brought down upon them and their worlds through Us in Our Acts Upon Nature, a thing of Life that has no way of going against The Lord and like every other thing in creation, is a subject of creation that is completely subjected to The Holy Forces of Our Powers Under The Mastery of El Ahezaah. Nature does not actively manifest anything from itself in any way independently of El Ahezaah, Which Is Reality for it, Manifesting what you see, feel or know in other ways of Nature in The Lord’s Power Given through it. Because of your false education which produced in you an imbalanced way of comprehending The Lord Most High, causing you to relate to El only on The Positive Side of Its’ Actions, you might feel good about negating El as The Cause and Effect in Essence of what hurts or destroys you, and you may believe that it is good for you to blame The Lord’s Divine Fury of The Christ on any other thing in the worlds of creation including Nature and the devil Satan. This is a thing which many of you do for misbelieving in The Lord Most High Who is Absolutely Balanced, misbelieving in It under your assumptions that It Is Only A Positive Reality Which Manifests Positive Blessings upon people that say they believe in It like you. We are Aware that you have gained way in falsehood, because of your erroneous education regarding what you were not taught of The True Religion Chosen of El, and you cannot believe that The Christ of Jesus would Commit Its’ Wrath upon you and your worlds of Christianity because of what you profess of Jesus’ alleged love for you and your alleged love for him. However, you have come to the ways of doing this thing of blaming others and assuming that others have The Power to do what El-Aah Amen Alone Does in order to alleviate your duty of journeying into True Realization of The Reality of Life in El where you will gain the knowledge and understanding of having to acknowledge El in Its’ Unseen Ubiquitous Presence and Its’ Almighty and All-Powerful Forces of Life Mastering All things of creation. For your false education, you find it difficult to accept The Reality of El Being The Infinite Living Mind That Is Always Permeating Nature, you, and All in Itself of All other things Alone; finding it most difficult to believe that El Alone Is, Alone, The One Real Thing of Life Alone in Power Over every other thing of Life including you; and you find it most difficult to change your belief and understanding about the lies that were told and instilled in you through the education of Christianity and Catholicism: the lies about Jesus being a son that must be a God and A Power begotten of El that could grow in independence and claim ownership of Heaven, despite Us Repeatedly Telling you through Our Messengers that Jesus and no other thing of creation is begotten of El, and that Jesus of Nazareth was born in Bethlehem in the fall season of September through the human process of birth being given by his mother Mary, and of this event, they had no association with the winter season of December and the day of December 25th of any year, nor were they associated with the Romans’ Easter, fairytale Easter Bunnies, or the imaginary Easter Bunny Eggs. Although you might like denying The Evidence of The Unseen Almighty Lord and Its’ Holy Powered Fleets of Unseen Angels, favoring this act in order to alleviate your accountability to The Lord Most High and to your own souls, your denying Us of The Unseen Angels and The Most Holy El-Aah is unhealthy for you and the world at large. The blame of Fate Coming against you in Divine Signs of The Dread of The Christ in This Hour of The Day of Revelation is upon you and your forefathers who refused to surrender willfully to El in El’s Spirit of Truth, Faith, Trust, Belief, Certainty, and you alls’ spirit of sincerity. Now that We are Upon you all This Day in This Hour of Dread inside The Wrath of Christ Doing what We Do In The Commands of El Ahezaah, many of you are heard crying out sincerely in True Remembrance of El as We Terrify and/or Destroy you; Hearing you begging for El’s Mercy in every Name of It that you remember; but making the age old mistake of also calling upon the Human Prophet Jesus, a Past Lord of El’s Divine Three-Fold Union, for help in Power that he cannot give to you, instead of you calling upon El-Aah, The Real Infinite Almighty Power, The Ever Present Lord of Lords. It is unfortunate that you have been seduced so deeply into giving, in your belief, El’s Power to things of El’s Creation including Jesus and the devil Satan, when El Alone Is The Power and The Source of Power, Earthly, Aquatically, Atmospherically, Universally, Eternally, and Infinitely Alone; and it is unfortunate for you that you commit yourselves to bowing either in worship or fear, or in both, to other things of The Lord’s Creation which you see as being independently Powered as Gods of their own selves. Our Messengers have been calling you of the descendants of Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Israel, Jesus and Muhaamid, along with those descending Zarathustra (Zarathushtra or Zaroaster) before you for thousands of years, and you all have broken The Holy Divined Truce of El-Aah’s Contractual Peace Agreement in The Holy Covenants that were Given to you and your forefathers. You have written numbers of your own books in spite of what We Gave in El’s Mercy to Its’ Prophets Zarathustra in The Original Holy Avesta, to Moses in The Original Holy Torah, to Jesus in The Original Holy Gospels, and to Muhaamid in The Original Holy Qur’aan, whereby you have created the strayed religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islaamic Hadithism in joining hands with the devil Satan, Politicians, and Idol Worshippers from among the people of Gog and Magog and others like the sun worshipping Romans through whom your forefathers created Christianity and the false days of Easter and Christmas on which to worship Our lowly humbled and Beloved servant Jesus. A great many of you among Muslims make spectacles of yourselves calling people Kaffirs or Kuffars in defiance of Allaah for what you allege of them, in reference to the Ancient Egyptian People of the kings Khufu and his son Khafre, considering them to be modern day disbelieving coverers of The Truth, while you are equally strayed and indulged in what you allege of them in your disbelief of Us in your covering The Wise Words of Allaah’s Guidance in false translations of The Words of Truth, which We Made Clear to your forefathers early in the Holy Avesta of which multitudes of them among the people of Our Divine servants Israel, Jesus, and Muhaamid became rightfully influenced, regarding El Being The Monotheistic Power That Creates, Owns, Guides, Commands, and Masters as Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty Over All in All worlds that is of Its’ Eternal Being of The Many Created Universes. Most of you are like the people that believed in what they understood about the religion of the ancient Egyptian kings, Khufu and his son Khafre concerning Ptah Amon Raa Osiris, whether right or wrong, most of them refused to turn towards what We Gave unto Muhaamid regarding Islaam; they did this because they had lost sight and realization of The Real Truth of El, Aten, Amen, Raa, Thoth, Osiris and El-Aah Being One and The Same of Allaah and Amon Raa, The Lord Most High, and that the Covenant of Allaah which was Given to Muhaamid was a Renewal of the previous Covenants that were Given to the past Covenanting Prophets of Allaah. Most of you are not like the people descending Zarathustra who had not lost their recognition concerning El Being Ahura-Mazda, The Lord Wise, Whom they believed to Be That Which was The Monotheistic Holy Guide of All in All things, for which they recognized Prophet Muhaamid and Our Unseen Presence in The Signs of The Holy El being of The Same Lord Wise of All things, Ahura-Mazda in The Name of Allaah Whom they worshipped. Multitudes of you today prefer being of your strayed ways in being lost from The Pristine Truth of The Christ of El-Aah-Hu, and refuse to even hear this Messenger of El-Ahezaah, The Same Ahura-Mazda of Zarathustra, The Same Christ of Jesus, The Same Hu and Haa of Moses which is The Yahweh and The YHWH of the Hebrews and Jews, and The Same Allaah Whom all you Muslims worship of Muhaamid. To Us, you, of those who deny This Messenger Prophet of El Ahezaah El-Aah The Holy Christ Amen Raa, are the coverers of Truth today, damned or destined to be damned by The Lord of The Throne of The Power in The Truth of The Christ; all of you Muslims, Christians, Jews, Politicians, and those of all you others who believe that The All-Powerful Thing Which Has Come Down from Heaven to Crush you, for your iniquity, is The Thing That Favors you most. Of all mankind, you are the coverers of The Truth by the ways you deny Truth and Its’ Holy Messengers. Through listening to your leaders among the clergy, the bogeymen, and the djinn, you have been led into being so very wrong in your assessment of The Christ Amen Which is Seated upon the Throne of Power in The Name of Ahezaah this day! It Is The Power, The Awesome Terror, The Cause and The Effect in Its’ Essence of It Being The Affecter of The Divine Destruction of this world which belongs to It. It is Alone and Free, and The One That Is Ever Free to do whatever It Wills and Desires to be done to All of Everything about this world. Moreover, It Is The One That Is Closing In on you through Us in The Holy Power of Its’ Divine Wrath as you and your lineage will began to feel the pain increasingly more, as We get closer to you and more personal in Our Divine Destruction of you and your worlds of materiality in the physical realm, and psychologically in the mental realm of your beings. It will be either in this aspect of Life or in the next that will immediately follow behind this Life that you will acknowledge The Holy Truth of Ahezaah El-Aah and Its’ Messengers of Its’ Holiness that were created to be Humans and those created to be Angels. At The Throne of The Truth, you will acknowledge The Truth of them all, and your bodies of beings that you are comprised of will confess by what will shock you of their individualized limbs of mental beings that, in Reality, you, them, and the Messengers of El among Humans and Angels are no more Powerful than a gnat, without El Manifesting Its’ Power in and through them; and it will be made known in certainty to you that The Truth of them is The True Power of them, Which is El, Itself, Alone and Independent of All in Its’ All Being of the creations of Life in them and everything else. It is then that The Truth of El Ahezaah will overrule all your conveniences in being dishonest and Force you to accept the blame for your incongruities in being disharmonized against Its’ Holy Balance that It Gives in Mercy to humanity and the worlds of other things in This Aspect of Life. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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