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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Curses, The Damnation, and The Sign of The Revealer

In The Name of The Holy El-Aah-Hu Ahezaah, The Christ Amen Shiva Allaah, The All-Powerful Master and Judge of all things, The Giver of blessings, curses, and damnation, The Deliverer of Its’ Words, The Holy Hidden Executioner, We Recite in Holiness as One Unit of Divine Relaters.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog # 20

Ahezaah is The Holy Eternal Judge and Executioner of Judgment, The Determiner of fate for all things. The worlds of everything belong to It, and with it all, Ahezaah El Amen does as It wills.

Who is there to judge El? Who is there to stop It from doing what It does? Who is there to change El’s Mind, to influence It to be different? Who or what is it in any world that could possibly do these things when El is Holy Alone, The Real, and The Powerful, with no imaginable or unimaginable force of any kind to go against It in Its’ Eternal Being of Endless Space, and Its’ Timeless Life of Infinite Existence; It is Alone, Absolutely without partners or any other independent being that would be impossible to exist with any other kind of powers. It is The Real Force of Unseen Existence, Being Too Much for the sight of anything, The One That is Cursing the evil doers among humanity on Earth and Bringing them down in Its’ Signs that are seen of Damnation. What It Knows today, It Knew Infinitely before This Day, and It is Ever in The Now of All Time, Infinitely Ahead of this day; for each day in time are only moments that are provided in segments for the things of creation, which are all inside of It; and nothing can escape El’s Eternal and Infinite Being inside of what All is Created to experience, Creating illusions of Life in Itself, and nothing can escape El’s Knowledge, Awareness, and Force of Being, Which is always over them that It Owns.

People today who have the approval of the powerful men and djinn to perform their life dreams in pursuit of happiness and wealth against what is Commanded by The Lord Wise of everything most times believe that they have earned their spot in the world of fame and fortune; that their work ethics have caused them to deserve the openings into the realms of the djinn that they have been given, and their unchecked evil is not monitored by Us. They often lose the ability to deal with True Reason and The True Reality of their world, believing that they and those who have been placed in positions of life to be tried by opening the ways of worlds for them have Real Power, which is El Ahezaah’s Power alone. Most often, they are so deeply involved with their intoxicating euphoria for the life they have been given, they forget their place with The Creator and Master of all worlds, believing that they are somewhat infallible and untouchable by Us; therefore, they have little if anything to relate to Our Lord’s Divine Messengers about The Truth of El whenever they are Raised on Earth as persons in the flesh of human beings.

Our Messenger today is like many Holy Divined Prophets that have come before him into this world of Earth Eden as a Sign of Mercy from The Almighty El. His worldly experiences are similar in kind to all Holy Divined Prophets of El, because mankind is consistent in their ways of evil. Like Abel, he has an elder brother that is jealous, envious, standing opposite in his mind in regards to his disbelief about Us of the Unseen Angels and Our Almighty Lord of The Unseen, believing that he is a god and more worthy to be The Favored One of El, and yet, he knows nothing about What Is Real and Absolutely True of Life like this Holy Messenger Reborn of The Righteous in Christ, like Jesus. If We would allow him the way in power and position to have his way, it would be his will that the Messenger would be eliminated. Most loving of himself, he proclaims having a heart and a mind filled with unconditional love for others which is truly and unconditional love for his self. In Our Sight he is truly one of Set, the devil Satan, although he was brought down to Earth Eden through the same loins and womb of their parents.

Like Moses, this Messenger was sought before his birth to be assassinated, and unknowingly supported with a home and nourishment for a period of his life in growing up by the rulers who would have him annihilated.

Like Muhaamid, in the beginning, he was sought to be beheaded by disbelievers among some of his own clans of people for telling what he was Divinely Commanded to tell about The Words of The Truth; and although he was not allowed by Us to run away from them and hide in another town or some other place among other people, he was still pursued by them in the spirit of ignorance for slaughter, with them going forth after him, until We Attacked them.

Like Jacob who was renamed Israel by Our Lord Most High of The Throne, he was attacked by a fallen angel of the unseen; for nine months, he wrestled with it for Real, and We Gave Sight of it to him so that he would know more than what he would hear and feel of the devil. In his victory, he was Rewarded with The Company of Ahezaah Allaah Hu El Amen and Given a new name in which to Represent Us; Saleem, Rashaad, Mujaahid, Muslim, Deen, and Holy Apostle, in this order it was Given by The All-Knowing Lord of The Throne, and he has never denounced the name of Samuel that he was given by The Lord through his parents at birth, understanding that it (Samuel) means Strength of El.

Like Jesus, he was Raised to The Supreme Height in The Light of Truth, Annihilated and Given New Life by The Almighty El-Aah-Hu-Aum Allaah Who Manifested to him as The Light of The Almighty Christ, Commanded to Relate to The Righteous El in The Most Intimate Name of Father, Encircled in a Life of Our Divine Three-Fold Union of The Holy in Holiness, and Made to be meek and humbled by The Lord of The Throne after being raised in a warrior’s spirit.

Of Joseph, he Lives in The Same Spirit, never liked deceit, raised against untruth, had a father who was given insight to him, and was Made to be a Divine Instrument for interpreting dreams for those whom Ahezaah El Amen Allaah wills.

Like Enoch, he has been Given Great Depths of Living Knowledge and Information with Divine Insight, Being with The One of Power to Give Life and Death through Word and Spirit of The Unseen. He is also equipped to tell of El Aah’s curses and damnation for the people of the world and is Divinely Talented with healing by touch and spirit like them all. He is Samuel the Holy Resurrected Prophet of El who warred and prophesied for the ancient people of Israel, thus he is of the same Soul.

This Messenger has been raised in your midst for Divine Reasons in Aims that will be reached. There is no deterring him. If deterrence was meant to be possible for any of you in the world of mankind, or the unseen demons of Satan, that deterrent would have already been met before This Day. Ahezaah did not Raise him for a useless purpose, and Ahezaah never errs!

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen, MPA


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