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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Debt Owed by The Two Nations for Us Sending Elijah

In The Name of El, The Manifested and The Unknown Ahezaah Amen-Raa, The All-Seeing Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, The Christ That Is The Ancient Shiva, The Master Creator, The Reality of Truth That Operates All Things in Essence of All Power, The Creator That Is Hidden In Its’ Nothingness of Being Giving Birth to The Infinite Ideas In Essence From What All things come, The Designer of Life, The Holy Eternal Artist of Real Views, We Recite.

Completed: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blog # 48

Verily, Ahezaah El-Amen, The Christ of El-Aah Pen Pointed Its’ Message in the Prophecy of the Holy Book of Malachi to the Nation of Islaam which was organized within the nation of these United States of America; a people sub-nationalized within another people’s national system where both Nations of people are truly indebted to Ahezaah for Giving them Elijah as Its’ Messenger in the Name of Allaah.

Although Elijah appeared to be sent distinctively to the Afrimerican People of these United States of America, a people Favored by The Holy El-Aah Who Caused Elijah, as a Divine Sign, to be most special to multitudes of them in multiples of hundreds of thousands, he was sent most purposely to be heard by all people of these United States of America, and many indirectly abroad of the world at large.

The Almighty El Promised in Divine Prophecy that It would send Elijah to the Nation before The Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord, which is now here; a Day which is The Day, and The Day’s Prophets, Elijah the forerunner Messenger, and Samuel who has come as Named, in The Strength of El, With El Unseen; this event, which had been in question for thousands of years by many races and many nations of people, reaching beyond the limits of the variety of world religious orders of the questionable devising of mankind. El, in Its’ Ancient Holy Name of Allaah, and Its’ New Holy Name of Ahezaah, has Fulfilled the first parts of Its’ Promise by delivering the Forerunning Prophet, Elijah, and the One Encompassed in The Lord’s Union of Power, Samuel. Also as Prophesied, We went with the Covenanted Prophet Samuel to the Temples of Elijah and was turned away by the survivors of Elijah’s depleted Nation of Islaam that continue to live under the guidance of his children and past students; members who refused to abide Our Messenger’s Presence and Our Purifying Words of The Truth that he delivered to them for their leaders who refused to meet with him, and refused, like multitudes of others, to believe that We of The Unseen Angels and The Holy Almighty Allaah was with him during Our visit to the Newark, New Jersey Temple, where We made an appointment to see their leader at the Chicago, Illinois Mosque where We were curtly refused by them and other followers at other Centers associated with the Nation of Islaam.

The Signs of The Lord’s Divine Prophecy that was Given to the Hindus and others of Far East of Asia who referred to the Prophet as an Avatar over five-thousand years ago, Given to The Hebrews, Romans, Greeks, Italians, Jews and others over two-thousand years ago, and nearly eight-hundred years after Jesus to the Arabs, Abyssinians, and again to the Hebrews, Jews and other groups of North Africa and South West Asia concerning This Particular Time of age for mankind that came at the turn of this millennium are clear. All you need to do is to look outside the windows of your home or from other places that you traverse, and the signs are made clear for you who seek to see them; signs of El’s Unseen Presence Which We Started this Messenger Speaking about fourteen years after his Enlightening Union With Allaah in the year nineteen ninety-three, after he was Divinely Informed of him being Allaah’s Prophet, the so-called Black Messiah, the Chosen One of the Seven Seal Book of The Divine for This Hour of The Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord in Revelation.

It is not about how clear the Divine Signs of The Time of Revelation are; it is really about you admitting what you see of the Signs, associating them with The Almighty El-Aah, and submitting to El-Aah Being The Truth that is The Source of the Signs; and thus, paying your debts to El-Aah Allaah Amen in Its’ New Holy Name of Ahezaah before it is too late for you to do anything for your own selves, regarding your fate in Divine Judgment in connection to what the Signs Spell Out to you all of mankind. When it comes to this concerning you all, silence is not golden (good) in the least. You need to voice the Words of Truth that you are aware of, and implore our people to surrender to Truth, and avoid wickedness.

One thing about the doers of evil among the powerful men and djinn that lead in corrupting the worlds of mankind so that mankind will be lost from Truth, is when Ahezaah El-Aah Raises a Messenger among the people, and the men and djinn cannot figure out any weaknesses in the Messengers where they can be attacked and defeated by the djinn, they command the people among their peers and their media through whom they speak broadly to the public to stay quiet about the Messengers. They believe that, in this way, they might be able to erase the Messenger of El Ahezaah out of the interests and the concerns of the people, and by these tactics, many of the people that might have come to true realization about the Truth of the Messenger will eventually be defeated. Verily, the djinn are most aware that the Holy Divine Messengers are Truly of Ahezaah in Its’ Guidance, Support, and Protection, and if they confront the True Holy Messengers of El Ahezaah in the face of the public, they stand to lose against The Truth for actually confronting Us of The Unseen Almighty Lord and Its’ Angelic Powers. The djinn went hard after Elijah because they knew that their slaves did not want to be mentally freed from their captivity of them, and that they would find it hard to believe that The Lord Most High would single out a people in this modern day of time like We did in the time of the ancients with Moses and his people among the Hebrews who were freed by Us from the evil grips of the Pharaohs of Egypt. No matter how much the Afrimerican People repeated to themselves “you know God Works in Mysterious Ways,” they could not convince themselves that Allaah was Working in Its’ Mysterious Ways through Elijah to free them; therefore, the bogeymen among the Caucasian politicians and others in their service attacked Elijah’s character while he lived, and sent his son Wallace aka Waarith, to attack him after his passing in their attempt to completely discredit Us of The Unseen and Our Messengers.

The world can continue to act as though they cannot see how quiet the enemies of Man and mankind has been about Elijah Muhaamid, even after his passing away from this physical plane of being, and they can continue ignoring how loud they have been about Malcolm X, aka Maalik Shabazz, and other students, helpers, and detractors of Elijah, as expected, in their act of raising Elijah’s students in glory, in order to more easily put Elijah down disgracefully in the minds and hearts of the people who We Raised him as a Sacrifice of Allaah’s to help. However, no matter what is done in distractions by the powerful bogeymen among the politicians and the djinn among the demon beasts that hide in the minds of those that are the enemies of El, they must answer to The Divine Retribution of Allaah in Its’ Holy Powerful New Name of Ahezaah for what they have done in wickedness in paying their debt for throwing Elijah and his people down in the lowliness of their scourge. In Reality, a fact of Truth can never be changed into an invention that makes it fiction, and the results of the facts of Life coming back in Real actions with results against the violators of facts is nothing in the least like fiction which is not Real in Essence of El, The True Factor of Life and The Real Source of Facts. Fiction is for storytelling, while fact is generally for living realizations, and Elijah, as is This Messenger Prophet of El, has been no fiction of Ours in the least, although his approach might have appeared strange to those who believe they know better than Us what is needed for those Favored by Ahezaah to be raised in liberty like other free men of the world.

It is good for the Caucasians of these United States of America to confess their wrong doing against the Afrimerican people whom they enslaved under brutal and inhumane tactics. It is good that they fear what they see and realize about The Signs of The Time that indicates that The Christ of El-Aah Shiva in Wrath has Come Down in Vengeance to Take Out Its’ Retribution against the guilty among them and others, and to Save those Favored to be Saved by It, which many of them now realize that they are least likely to be of those Chosen to be Saved in the Paradises of the Heavens in the life hereafter, for what they have done and still do to the Afrimerican People. They realize, although they reject what needs to be done, that they owe, and have not paid their debt to The Lord Most High for all that It has done for this great nation of these United States of America through Elijah and the people whom Elijah influenced. They are aware that what We did through Elijah for great multitudes could not be done by them, and the Afrimericans who will admit truth will confess that the Afrimerican People were obsessed with love for the Caucasian People and equally obsessed with hatred for their selves. They are all indebted to Our Lord; they of all places in these United States of America who have benefitted by The Spirit of El and the Upward Growth that came with what was Given to the Afrimerican People by Us to grow in under Elijah, even those who rejected him. For race relations and self-recognition, the whole of these United States of America became better off as a nation to the point where they have openly acknowledged a so-called Black Man as having equal intelligence to Caucasians, and will do well in their highest office if given a fair path to lead them by electing an African-American as their President; one mixed with Caucasian and dark African genes, although he is not an Authentic Afrimerican who was inflicted with negative genes that are still active in the affects of being of a lineage of people that were brutalized by the ones among the elite whom the president is chosen to lead. Afrimericans among all religions and creeds have benefitted by the advent of Elijah and his being With Us of The Unseen, although this might be the farthest thing from their sight in understanding. From the offices of politics to the business offices and educational institutions that had been fought for by the Afrimericans for many years, the people in general are better balanced since the day of Elijah. But remember, the beasts are still at work trying to destroy the people of both nations; the greater nation and the one within, which Ahezaah Favors to be stood up as a people with independent dignity, liberated by Truth, and appreciative of The Unseen and Our Messengers.

Nevertheless, it is good that the Caucasian People of these United States of America have begun to confess their wrong doings for their fear of the Signs of Ahezaah Coming Down as The Christ, and that some of them are trying to lead others among their people in their attempts to repent and have them repent for the grave acts of beastliness which they and their forefathers performed against the lowly humbled Afrimericans who have been purposely made meek of mind and ongoing lineages of American slaves by them. Their next move should be that they confess the Words of The Truth that they are more certainly aware of than the Afrimericans, and preach, educate, and toil with the Afrimericans in helping to deliver them from the evils that were heaped upon them by the Caucasian American People; Truth which is in straight opposition to the many false religions of the world that they put up as an offense against the True Religion and True Covenant of The True Laam (The All Knowing El or Islaam) That Unified in Divine Enlightenment, with Its’ Archangel Gabriel, Its’ Symbolized Lamb who was known as the Prophet Jesus, Its’ Symbolized Paraclete who was known as the Prophet Muhaamid, and Its’ Symbolized Lion of Judah who was known as Israel’s thirteenth Judge and the Prophet Samuel, this Holy Covenanting Messenger who was Divinely Promised to be the Holy Resurrected Prophet of El-Aah who would come to loosen the knots of falsehood that have been used for thousands of years to tie down the Ancient Words and Right Understandings of The Truth that were Sent Down from Heaven by The Holy El Ahezaah Allaah Amen Raa Ahura-Mazda, The Lord Wise of All things. It has been whispered by many Caucasian Americans for many years, and now is the time for it to be said out loud by them with great effort in true actions to right their people’s wrongdoing as much as possible; and that is for them to say that they repent, out loud, and do it with the same amounts of energy that their people have used to live lives of evil and oppressing other people!

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem


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