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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Difficulty of Being With The Messenger of El Ahezaah

In The Name of El, The Holy Ahezaah Amen-Raa, Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, The Beneficent, The Merciful, and The All-Knowing Supreme Being That is also The Holy Aware and The Holy Truth of Reality, We Recite. Thursday, April 14, 2011 Blog # 44 Thus far, the worst of those who have walked in companionship with the Holy Apostle have been those who were placed in positions of authority to help him help others under specifically assigned duties that were Commanded of them by The Lord El; especially, some that were duly established as ministers and secretaries to represent the Messenger in official duties who did not show an appreciation for The Truth of The Unseen Ahezaah El Being Manifested in their presence under clear signs that they bore witness to and celebrated by their words concerning It. They found difficulty in performing what they were gifted to do more easily than others because of their egos driving them in the wrong directions. In the presence of Our Messenger they generally performed as if they were actors in theater, while showing that they were more than capable of achieving success in their assigned duties; however, mostly when they were out of the Messenger’s physical presence, their beasts step forward from the hidden recesses of their minds in full center positions where they allowed their egos to lead them in their pleasure of being astray. Numbers of the would be believers were lost from the company of the Messenger because of the straight up schemes of deceit and hypocrisy that was comfortably being manifested by those demonic members of The AHAD who allowed their egos to rule in the course of their doing things, which they proudly did in The Name of Allaah and in The Name Ahezaah without fear. Numbers of those same would be believers made their mistake of misjudging the Holy Apostle and discovered great losses from their acts because of how they failed Faith and for their associating the Holy Apostle of Ahezaah with those that claimed to be true aspirants of the Path of the Way to El-Aah, while they showed false representations of Us clearly to those that were searching for the Way to Ahezaah through them. There were times in the earlier days when the first chief minister would employ outsiders to come in to see if they could undo the Messenger’s Wisdom, seeking to intellectually attack the Messenger, and ending up confounded in losses like the chief minister who employed them. This minister spent twenty four years attempting to take leadership away from the Holy Apostle, under various forms of deception, while he stole the work of the Messenger and redesigned Our Words to fit his schemes. He created a following of his own that lasted for twenty of those years under the false pretenses that Our Words were originated by him, and that he was one of the True Divinely Enlightened servants of El Ahezaah in The Name of Allaah. His anguish was heightened to high degrees of malice until he broke and sought to have government officials help him to undo Us, since he could not figure out how to undo the Messenger who appeared to him to be vulnerable because of how We have Guided him under the Holy Commands and Divine Directions of Ahezaah El Amen Allaah, The All-Wise Master and All-Knowing Guide. These things We Reveal to bring you to an awareness that this is not the beginning for Our Messenger. He has endured much of evil coming from others whose sole aims have been to unseat him from The Seat of El’s Strength in being El Ahezaah Allaah Christ Amen’s True Representative with Us of The Unseen. We do this to Warn you, of those who might come to serve in the Cause of Ahezaah with This Messenger of El, to not fall victim to your ego’s devil in the ways of those that have come in the past thirty-two years, because it is fruitless for you to do so. None of the ends of those who have been guilty of these crimes against their own souls have been good for what they have done; and those that have yet to reach their ends where Ahezaah’s Penalties are awaiting them, they have no clue as to what they have done exactly in their courses which they have mostly forgotten, and no sense of what Punishment from The Christ Shiva El Ahezaah awaits them; And, they have found Our Messenger’s Words to be True, even if they refuse to abide the trials of Life concerning them. In their rejection of Us, they realize how difficult it is to be of The Truth if you are not sincere, and how trying it is to walk in companionship with the Holy Apostle of Ahezaah if you are not true of The Faith from The Lord El. Ahezaah in Its’ Name of Allaah Advised the actors who have performed life upon the Path of the Way to Its’ Opening through the Holy Qur’aan of Muhaamid, Gabriel, and Itself, that they would be tried by It in Life and in the people of it, despite their act of professing to believe in Allaah as Being The Holy Unseen Producer, Owner, Master, Guide, Lord of all worlds, The One Real Thing of The Ubiquitous Reality That is Ever-Present, Holy Aware, All-Knowing, Absolutely Powerful in Mastering Life, and The One That Is Solely Alone The Real, and belief in Its’ Holy Covenant that was introduced and taught to the people of the world of Earth Eden for the benefit of mankind through Its’ Holy Messengers that were Unified of Its’ Holy Three-Fold Union, the Angelic and Human beings, Gabriel and Muhaamid. Ahezaah again Advises mankind of this same thing in The Book of the Seventh Seal, The Divine Book of Ahezaah’s Recitation, which is The Holy Clarifier of what came before it as Covenants in Divinity, and of what is still to come henceforth, a Book that is Given in Ahezaah El Allaah’s Mercy, The Lord’s Holy Book of the New Holy Agreement that is again Formed in Divinity for all humankind upon Earth Eden in This Day. In The Divine Book of Recitation, in Our Words and The Holy Spirit of The Book, We, of The Unseen El Ahezaah Amen El-Aah again Prove El’s Wisdom beyond doubt for those who sincerely seek to realize The Real Truth of The Ancient El-Aah (Elah of the Bible Scriptures) Being Allaah and The Holy Essence of Hu (Ya-Hu-wa-Haa or Jehovah that came unto Moses, Hidden in Pure Light and Pristine Fire) are One and The Same Infinite Being of El, and that Prophet Muhaamid was not the Final Prophet that was sent to all of mankind, although he was the Last of The One Allaah Hu Ahad to be sent to the Semitic People among the Arabs, Hebrews, and Judah following people among those related as races of people through Prophet Abraham and his wives, Hagar and Sarah. The same as the above Words of Truth are difficult for the doubtful people to accept, it is equally difficult in being with the Messenger of Ahezaah and staying focused upon The Greatest Fact of his Life to not get lost in his human presence for your own illusions of trying to make him be something that he is not; like what the people among the ancients leading up to the present people did with every Divine Prophet of El, in giving them credit and praise that was always due to The Unseen Lord of all the worlds, or trying to break them down to less levels of mind in which they Lived. The Greatest Fact of this Messenger’s Life is Ahezaah. It is The Truth of him which he is Given with Divine Love and Mercy in Realization of The Holy El-Aah’s Compassion and Grace. In this Messenger’s earthly experiences with people who have claimed to believe him about Us and The Holy El Ahezaah, he has often encountered the types that sit on all sides of him with schemes to destroy him or bring him down to an emotional and psychological level that they can appreciate. Their drive for an appreciation of him has not been as true as they have made it appear to be, because they have most often been locked up in their desire to have him bow down to their egos in deception, whereas they have wanted him to believe that they have been more sincere with him about Us than they truly had been or are being, still at this time. Because of this Messenger’s Strength in being obedient to The All-Knowing Ahezaah Allaah, having The Strength of The Lord Infused in him, and because of the fact that their disbelief about this Messenger being Truly Holy of Ahezaah El Amen, they find it trying that they cannot slip deception past him, nor turn him back to the religion of Islaam to be more compatible with them and what they seek to hide of their fear and sorry determination to stay of the mentality about Islaam in the manner that he experienced before The Holy Coming of The Christ El-Aah in The Name of Allaah to Commune and Join him in Its’ Divine Spirit, Unity, and Life of Holy True Insight and Divine Enlightenment. Like the Hebrews of Egypt that were rescued by Ahezaah in Its’ Name of The Unseen Eternal Source of Essence That Is The Perfect Guide, El Hu-wa-Haa (YHWH, Yahweh, Jehovah, Ya-Huwa-Ha), Who Guided them and Moses to safety away from Egypt, and used the Archangel Power of El through Micha-‘El as a Merciful Protector for them. Through forty years of trials and Divine Signs being Given from The Lord Most High, they never fully trusted Moses; continually failed in maintaining their Faith in El, wanted badly to return to their old ways of being materialistically rich, like the Egyptians’ that enslaved them, but be free of the Egyptians’ oppression of them. This Messenger in a small way has had the same types of personal experiences with his people for the past thirty-two years. Most of the people that have sat with this Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah proclaiming belief of him and Us have acted as though the Holy Covenant, the Divine Guidance that is Given to him, and the Chosen Community of The AHAD is to be walked through like a revolving door at a shopping mall where they celebrate being able to attain the spiritual goods, exchange them for the materialism in this world, and come back repeatedly to again be spiritually enriched after being emptied of the effects of the essence of spirituality they received from The Lord through Its’ Medium for them, The Lord’s Messenger. They have practiced coming and going away to come back again at their leisure, being shallow, shopping for spiritual gifts from Us in ways that they once looked to gain on Christmas Day from Santa (Satan) Claus (Claws), the massacring hater of Christ believers, mentally leaving at times when they physically remain; actively trying other people and their ways of thinking and, like many of Moses’ people, not trying to understand that the Unseen Being of the Spiritual Path of the Way is the goal for them to find The Lord El; what they have been Called to become of, regarding The Almighty El Ahezaah Allaah Hu Amen Al-Ahad. Instead of being the greatest helpers of the Messenger, most of them, including some We Drew nearest to him in the Spirit of Love and Divinely Favored companionships, in senses of friendship and marriage, have proven to be the greater helpers of Satan; practicing postponements in their endeavors of avoiding True Faith, True Belief, True Friendship, and Obedience to The Unseen Almighty El Ahezaah in their multifarious attempts at deceiving the Messenger and Us. For this We have Warned them that they only deceive their own minds and hearts which will be Crushed by The Crusher before or after their leaving this realm of being for Life under The Lord’s Executioners of Ahezaah’s Judgments of them. We Warn them about their true disbelief of The Unseen El-Aah Being with This Messenger, the manifold punishment they will receive for trying to deceive Ahezaah El-Aah and Its’ Enlightened Messenger, and how at their end they will painfully wish then that they had sought to hear and listen to the Messenger of Ahezaah El-Aah without doubt, disbelief, and deception. There was a time from the beginning, in nineteen eighty-three upwards to sixteen years ago in nineteen ninety-five that congregational members gathered in their private circles, acting in clans, thinking that the Messenger feared speaking publicly to the people about The Lord’s Divine Messages that came as The Lord’s Prophecy, personal and impersonal Warnings, and Education, believing that he feared the threats of people that believed otherwise against what We Say. Some became so comfortable that they began to let their whispers get loud enough for the Messenger to hear them with his physical ears. They believed that the Message of Ahezaah El-Aah Allaah was too powerful, too different, too true, and too threatening for him to stand forth publicly with convictions in certainty and tell these things in the same manner and spirit that he spoke of them in their private settings. They thought the Patience and Mercy of El Ahezaah was a sign of him being intimidated by the society at large not understanding that The Lord was Giving them time to grow in knowledge, wisdom, understanding and spirituality, to become better helpers of the Messenger. Many numbers of them have failed but, nevertheless, the Messenger has been Moved On by Us in True Success, clearly proving them to be in error. Despite the years of the companions’ trials, tribulations, and signs of both failures and triumphs, only a very few have been more inclined to serving Ahezaah in the Spirit of Love than they have been inclined to serving It because of their fear and what they continually get caught up in regarding their faults of evil that Ahezaah El-Aah Makes Clear to them as Signs of Its’ Mercy and Compassion for them that It Is Completely Aware of them and all that they do openly and in secret; Absolutely Knowing of all their individualized compartments of mind within the inner realms of their souls, hearts, spirits, emotional bodies, and the workings of their brains; with El Being The Id, or The Most Hidden Factor of the brain That Operates as The Source and The Power that is The Encompassing Reality of The Id and both sides of the brain comprising the conscious and the unconscious, the ego, and the superego aspects of one’s mentality that is connected to the human part of the soul that is Secreted With The Lord Most High in the Eternal Mystery of The Essence and Breath of El-Aah-Hu. We, of This Three-Fold Divine Union of Ahezaah Who Is The Christ That Has Come Down to Earth This Day of Revelation as Promised in Prophecy concerning This Hour of The Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord, Call all of you who believe with sincerity and trust to find your way to help this Messenger help you, without you exercising any attempt to burden him for his efforts. He needs not to be tried further with any burden from any of you; those who are truly sincere in relying upon Ahezaah, and those who fail to understand that Ahezaah Is The Power, The Strong, and The Reality That Is The Perfect Guide and Knower of all things Who Straitens the minds and hearts of those whom It Favors, and Brings Down Its’ Wrath upon those whom It Disfavors. Holy-Apostle-Deen is the Human Messenger of The Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty over all worlds; one Appointed in Heaven, Raised on Earth Eden, and Sent out from himself to the worlds of mankind as a Revealer of the Signs of Ahezaah in Ahezaah’s Mercy, and a Divine Sacrifice of The Lord’s Who Claims him as a Son of Its’ Righteous Being in Spirit and Essence of The Christ Being of Its’ Infinitely Living Eternal Mind; and he is not one to be a burden bearer for people of ignorance, disbelief, and deception. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA SHARE


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