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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Flexibility of Religious Philosophies

In The Names of The Almighty El Ahezaah, The Almighty Lord of Dominion, The Hidden Reality, The Giver of Faith, The All-Knowing, The True Savior, We Recite.

Completed Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blog # 65

What is true of Ahezaah El-Amen’s Holy Covenants concerning the religion that was Chosen by The Lord Wise of The Throne of Sovereignty Over All things and Sent down to Earth for mankind in The Possession of El’s Holy Angelic Spirits to the Holy Covenanting Messengers of El is the fact that there was never any flexibility Authorized by The Lord of The Throne for a servant to compromise right with wrong in the Straight Path of the Way.

There is still nothing Given to compromise unless a servant of El is literally forced by an opposing force, outside of him or herself, which overwhelms him or her with serious threats of detriment to his or her physical health and well-being; like facing death and the eating of swine flesh, or the consuming of raw animal blood is done to ward off starvation. In such cases where a person is lost from civilization or other places where help would be available to them and drastic measures must be taken for the cause of their survival, then certain compromises are Forgiven by The Lord El. However, there is no middle way for the servants of The Righteous El Ahezaah to compromise whereas they are safe and excused to serve both El Ahezaah and things other than El Ahezaah that opposes The Holy Balance of The Truth of El. Balance of The Wise in Guidance is Established by The Almighty Foundational Source of Life in the middle of the Straight Path of the Way for the Holy Purpose of keeping the servant in El’s Mercy from going too far to the left or too far to the right in their acts upon Life which comes by their ideals in what they believe and accept as their understanding of Ahezaah El Amen’s Commands for them in Righteousness.

Today, there are multitudes of servants that practice eschewing The Balance and compromise Ahezaah’s Commandments that were originally Established in the Ancient Covenants. Without hesitation they evict reasoning from the house of their minds to allow their egos to rule it out of them for what they do or plan to do. They have made The Holy Chosen Path of The Way to The Opening of El Ahezaah seem as though it is a thing that was made for them to compromise, to corrupt by implementing designs for their personal desires and pleasures to be met, and fixed to meet the challenges of modern fashions of thoughts and beliefs that are common and most acceptable to the masses of people who reject The Pure Truth of The Christ Amen of El Ahezaah El-Aah. For motives compromising The Truth, they have desecrated the Holy Scriptures of El-Aah’s that were sent down to Earth in all times known to mankind by rewriting and falsely interpreting the Messengers of El and The Holy Books of The Covenants that were Given unto them as Signs of El Ahezaah Amen’s Mercy. They have also written books of their own thinking in their attempts to equal the Holy Wisdom of The Wise and to have others of mankind foolishly follow them in belief of their straying from The Authentic Divine Guidance of El-Aah.

For the evil of mankind, institutions of the anti-Christ are built and reinforced by the powerful bogeymen of society and their hidden leaders among the djinn that hide from society while manifesting their vile beings to the highest of those whom they put in power as figureheads of their governments; institutions built on the acts of the greatest deceivers in deception known to mankind on Earth, as they deceive the lesser people of their own kind and others for their cause, seducing them into believing that they do not exist in the manner that We Reveal concerning them, as the servants of Satan in the flesh of mankind, and causing the masses to believe that the best interests for the people are held in their guidance of them; and as if the bogeymen are ghosts, the people cannot see who and what they really are, the servants of Satan, the illusive devil.

All, concerning what was Right about the Holy Agreements of El, was Sent down to Earth Eden Pure and Unadulterated and It has always stayed that way for short periods of time during the Day of The Lord’s Coming Down to Earth Eden In Its’ Might with the Holy Spirits to Straighten the Path of The Truth. It was always the wretched among mankind that never stopped working to confuse the general population of the people who eventually accept what is again made crooked of the Holy Covenants by mankind’s evil in the erroneous philosophies and physical misuse applied to The Lord’s Words of Guidance. In wickedness they turn the appearance of The True Chosen Religion (Way of Life) into a means for open war and the spilling of blood throughout the world of Earth Eden.

Each people that have been Chosen by The Lord Most High, thus far, have fallen victim for the seduction of the devil and have turned The Beauty of El-Aah’s Wisdom of The Way into an ugly undesirable thing, especially ugly to those of True Faith. These unsightly religions are only inviting to people who have lost or have never had The True Balance of Life in The True Righteousness of The Righteous Ahezaah Amen; religions full of hateful people that actually believe that The Holy El is pleased with them and that they are going to be delivered into Its’ Paradise, because of their ill-producing choices of religion wherein they are confused.

If only you could witness the Judgments of the countless numbers of the guilty among the generations of mankind that have gone under The Executing Hand of The Lord of The Throne before this day, you might certainly try to change your hearts, minds and the evil of your religions in relationship to The Lord Of The Throne, to mankind, and to all of Earth Eden before the time comes for you going there. If only you could have witnessed those who have said El’s Various Names in error in their hopes of strengthening their acts and attaining a psychological edge over others whom they face as enemies or mere victims of their ill intentions. We Know them all of all races, creeds, colors, nationalities and minds. They are of all people among all who have been Cursed by El-Aah.

We Hear them proclaiming Jesus as Christ in the errors that their forefathers received thousands of years ago from the bogeymen and the clergy that created Christianity. We Hear them exclaiming Allaah in vain, saying Allaahu-Akbar (El-Aah is Great) as they produce and increase the errors that they make against all humanity and their own souls. We Hear them proclaiming in vain under the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) in the deception which their forefathers among the ancients devised in saying that they should never call El’s Most Glorious Name and that they are forever the most favored people of The Holy El, while they falsely portray themselves as being the most victimized people among mankind. We Hear and See them while they hide and cover their acts of evil in their plots to overthrow the entire human race and keep raising wealth and power as their Gods of worship, never acknowledging the fact that, as Punishment from The All-Knowing Christ of El-Aah, We allowed one of the vilest of their own people to victimize millions of them; and We Know what they still do in the privacy of their many congregations, as they practice keeping to themselves in evil, planning to control the world and its wealth, in every corner of Earth. For their determination in defying El in their wickedness, We have given them a lifelong enemy of many generations in thousands of years who We Make impossible for them to annihilate. We See and Hear the enemies among their counterpart, plotting in their worldly religion of giving birth to offspring solely for the purpose of fighting and killing their closest enemy, and dying martyrs in vain beliefs of going straight to Paradise. We Have made them enemies that are impossible to get rid of by each other, as they fight and die, generation after generation in madness against each other, fighting over acres of earth that belong to The Lord of all the worlds, with both proclaiming to be the Chosen People of El-Aah, and the true landlords Authorized by El-Aah to own that accursed land which neither can seem to realize it is no longer Held as Holy by The Lord That Has Cursed them and the land. We Know the evil of the three major people of religion; the three centered in that one unholy place, which was once Most Favored by The Holy El-Aah-Hu-Aum; the three haters of each other, hating and planning in more hatred than the haters that are cursed among the three major people of religion in the Fareast, vainly proclaiming the path of the way of the ancients which most of them have destroyed. We Hear them proclaiming to be the Gods of themselves and the Masters of a physical nirvana (Paradise) within them in this Life. We Hear them giving praises in worship equally and greater than what they do of El-Aah to their idles like the Buddhas, the Senseis, the Gurus, the Popes, the Priests, the Sheikhs, the Ayatollahs, and the Prophets that have passed on into the Life Hereafter, acting as if they are still living on this plane of Life upon Earth Eden. We Hear them and We See them in worship and praise of the many Gods which they have misinterpreted concerning the Attributes of The Almighty Unseen Master, worshipping Satan and the Elements of Power in Nature as a being Independent of El, and proclaiming them as having Real Power without any concerns about the Divine Wrath of The Christ of El Who Owns All Power, and We Hear them calling their own selves The Powerful Hu of Jehovah while admitting in fearless expressions that they know that they are going to Hell, and what they say against The Truth doesn’t matter to them. Moreover, We See and Hear them turning away from The Holy El-Aah Hu Amen Raa, in All Its’ Holy Supreme Names, purposely, with intent to violate the Holy Contract that is ever upon everyone of mankind regardless to whether they do or do not accept it. We Hear them, and We See them of entire governments of nations across the world being guilty of devising societal laws and order that go directly or indirectly against The Holy Laws and Orders of The Holy Covenants of El and the Nature of the Universe on Earth and beyond in the outer reaches of space; and concerning all these things, you all need to know that none of you, in all your numbers, are too great for The Real of your Reality to Destroy you. None of you can escape The Eternal Real Being of All Realities Which Is One Real of Reality for All things, The Holy El Aah Hu Aum, The Most Holy El Who Has Descended Unseen In Its’ Power of The Infinite Mind of The Christ to Destroy the Disfavored ones, and to Save the Favored ones among some of mankind on both sides.

In mankind’s belief about flexibility being right to be applied to The Rigid Truth of El’s Commandments, as to where that which was Given to All Messengers of El since the first of Adam is mixed up and tangled by them with other religions that are fashioned by the hands and tongues of mankind, they have fallen like the angels of the devil. They have fallen to reaching out in error from their hearts and minds to things completely opposing The Holy Spirit of The Righteous, like the Christian’s Crusaders, Hitler’s Nazism, the Hadithian’s Terrorism, the Aryan Brotherhood’s Racism, the various Nation’s Intelligence Agency’s worldwide conniving villainous acts against unaware and innocent people, and the many other wicked religions of the isms that are equal in wickedness to these, like they are in comparison to each other, despite their varying appearances. They each have been created and most viciously applied to people’s lives in making Hell on Earth for the commoners among mankind; and they have turned those whom they invite, compel, or trick into their military forces under certain pretenses that they never intend to uphold in honor of their word once one is enlisted by them, turning them to agreements in evil. They do all in the names of that which they worship of evil while applying El’s Names, Its’ Divine Servants’ names, and the name God to their issues, while swearing that they are right in doing what they do of ills in societies like the people of history herein indicated. They should never be feared and they should never be worshipped more than what you give of fear and worship to The All-Powerful Truth That Is Hidden as The Wrathful Christ. They should be kept in proper perspectives of your heart and mind; That is, they should be kept in your awareness as being under The Power of The One Reality without Whom they can do nothing to affect their wickedness. They are only allowed to do evil by trials of Life that are Given to them as their choices from The Creator of Life Who Masters them; with El allowing them to do as they do, the same as It allows you to do as you do, under trials. Therefore, The One to Be Feared, The One to Be Praised, and The One to Be Worshipped is Ahezaah El-Aah Hu The Christ Alone, theirs and your Unseen Reality.

For you who believe, take to heart that there are no two ways to The Right of El, although in the Path of the Way to El there are the two sides to the One Right Way; the inner and the outer sides of The One Way, which is the Only Way Into The Opening (Al-Faatihaah) in this Life; the Way by coming from the outer to the inner, from the manifested seen of the physical plane of being, to the manifested unseen realm of the spiritual plane of Life, where in your passing through the Humbling Gate of Paradise in this Life, flexibility is not Allowed. It is One Way; El Ahezaah’s Way, and that alone is it! Unfortunately for most of mankind, It is The Most Misunderstood Entrance of Life, compared to all other created things.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen, MPA


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