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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Goal and the Unavoidable Journey

In The Names of The Almighty El Ahezaah, The Almighty Lord of Dominion, The Hidden Reality, The Creator, The Destroyer, The Resurrecting True Savior, The Light of Truth in The Path of The Way, The Essence of The Path in The Way to It, The Thing of It That Is The Christ of your Awakening in True Knowledge, The Source of Knowledge for The Journey in your Furtherance to The Opening of It, The Opener At The End of your Journey to The Goal of Its’ Opening, The End of you At The Beginning of It in The Opening of Its’ Endless Being of Reality On The Other Side of This Material World of Mind That It Alone Brings you Into, The Real Awareness of The Truth That you are Brought Into, The Truth That Is Infinitely Real, We Recite.

Completed Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog # 66

Are you one of the guilty rejecters of Ahezaah El-Aah Amen that does things against The Spirit in Essence of The True Faith, like eating fruit from the Forbidden Tree in The Garden of The Faith (Eden / Id-Deen), in order to stay free, in fear, of The Reality of Faith?

Do you understand that you need to realize by your living experiences that The Spirit of Faith Is The Essence of The Holy Reality of El That Is Provided by The Creator for you to thrive in as One of The Elemental Sources of your sustenance of The Righteous Lord’s Provisions of Life?

Are you one that looks at Life as a world for you to live in free of things except for those things that you need and want to build your free haven of Life, or are you one that understands and believes that Life Is, In Essence, The Infinite El within which nothing is Free except El, Itself?

Do you realize that El is Existing Independent of everything It creates within Its’ Creative Eternal Being, while you and every other thing of all things are Completely Dependent Upon El for everything that is a part of your Life in Being?

El Is The Goal and the Unavoidable Journey of Life. It is The Reality of you and everything else and, of this Fact of Life, We Never Tire in Telling you.

In the Life of this world, in all your driving for All The Good in All of the things that brings you peace and contentment, El Is The All, of The Peace, The Good, and The Holy Source of contentment that Empowers Its’ Peace to be upon you.

In the Life of Death coming in your passing on into the worlds of the life hereafter, in all your hopes to arrive in Paradise, regardless to what your record amounts to concerning Our Reports about you in this Life, El Is The Source of Paradise, with Paradise Being The Very Essence of El in The Holy Spirituality of The Eternal Mentality of The Infinitely Living Mind of El, and It Is The Decision Maker That Chooses in Its’ Authority who it is that is Entered Into The Worlds of Paradise.

Just recently, a great number of modern thinking people got caught up waiting for the results of an age old trick of an elderly person that pretends under the role of being a True Christian Knower of The Almighty El’s Words to be manifested as a Real Happening of Divine Destruction to come to this world. In their ignorance of The Divine Words of El-Aah-Hu Amen The Christ that are Written in the Divine Scripture that We Gave in The Lord’s Name of Allaah to the Arabian Hashemite Prophet Muhaamid in Allaah’s Book of the Holy Qur’aan, and for them having less respect for The Intelligence of the All-Knowing Allaah Who Creates intelligence (the compilation of information about things), and more respect for others like this elderly Caucasian Christian male who proves himself as having a lot of intelligence about Christianity, they fell for his trick. He no doubt sold many books to people who thought that what he told them about the world of Earth Eden coming to an end somewhere in the hour of 6PM on the Saturday of May 21, 2011 was true; speaking from what he gathered as his possession of intelligence from Biblical Collections of Christianity’s past history of figures that are related through stories that are complete with information that was historically put together and manipulated, tainted, and given to their members of religion as Truth by the higher clans of the ancient bogeymen, the djinn, and the clergies that have led the people for thousands of years in the institutions of the anti-Christ.

Well, here you are with no planet destroying earthquake in sight, and no reports from your media about that earthquake happening; none, anywhere on Earth Eden. So what now people? Will you wait for the false prophet or another person that looks the part of what you imagine, purposely think, or believe is Wise and Powerful of the Caucasian Elders to fall under in your ignorance of Us, as they play their most serious games of religion with your imagination? Neither they nor you can change The Divine Scriptures to make them fit what you want of them, nor can you make what The Lord El Relates in symbolism be what you want them to be, to agree with your belief of things. The Lord’s Language is Divine and Mastered By It Alone. It Makes, whatever It says, Be whatever It Wants It to Be, and no creature can change this Act of Power Coming From The Lord Most High.

Unfortunately for most of you among the multitude of Christians in these United States of America, this Afrimerican Messenger Prophet of The Christ Ahezaah Amen El-Aah, Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen, the Warning Messenger of El-Aah, looks too much like the Hebraic Prophet Jesus of Ancient Nazareth, for you who live with the stench of the racist germ in you to listen to and believe. Most of you along with your best slaves among Afrimericans are unable to accept him because of his dark skin burnt like bronze complexion and his nappy Afrimerican hair that is curled like sheep’s wool, despite what you really know about the lineage of Jesus and that of his true dark skin Hebraic appearance, and what you know in secret about what is Written in the Divinity of Revelation to John concerning him.

He looks too much like many of Our Divinely Beloved Hebraic Servants of the ancient past to actually be accepted by the racist, most prejudicial people who find it hard to accept any clear cut Afrimerican to publicly look up to; looking like Jesus and his cousin John the Baptist, and those of Ancient Egypt in North Africa who looked like them so much that Joseph and Moses was taken in by the Pharaohs of them as being relative to them.

Even with Barak Obama, the African-Caucasian mixed American President of this Great Nation of America’s United States whom you of the American People elected to his office of the Presidency Many of you among the same voters that elected him find it hard to actually look up to him as being the real Commander-in-chief of these Great States of the Union, because of what is clearly in his genetic code, which you must face every day in your knowledge and awareness of him and his dark skin and beloved Afrimerican wife. Surely, it was out of desperation that you elected him to office, for fear of what you were facing of Us among The Unseen El-Aah, The Christ That you are aware of for Its’ Time to Come Down to Earth Roaming all of Eden in Its’ Divine Wrath of Vengeance for most of you among the races of all mankind. Nevertheless, for what you are trying to do to find an escape from Us is nil if you do not accept Us of The Unseen Lord in The Almighty Wise Christ and This Divinely Covenanted Warning Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Al-Ahad Amon Raa, of The Christ, in faith, sincerity, and determination to surrender unto The Lord of The Almighty Throne of Sovereignty, The Master of All in All in Its’ Power over all the worlds.

We Remind you that despite your forgetfulness, in the midst of all your vile business in this Life, in you there is a place where it might be hidden from the worst of you, and faintly known by you that are less evil than those of the worst of you, but most certainly it is there in all of you that The Reality of Life Is El, and that your soul, which is with El in a Most High, Sacred and Most Secret Relationship, is unknown to you because of your ignorance of El and Its’ Messengers. You have only chosen to deceive the people to believe that the souls of humanity are the minds of mankind, despite Us Telling you differently about the True Being of your souls, because you are vile and ignorant of Us and El, The Holy Knower of you.

Nevertheless, El Is The Goal and The Unavoidable Journey Which In Itself Is Endless; however, for you, there are innumerable Ends of It that are Assigned as Life and Death in evolutions of Time and Motion. El Is The One Thing of All That Is The All in All of everything, and no matter which way you turn in your journey of beginnings to ends, El is All there before, behind, above, beneath, and on all sides; El Is All That Is within, and All That Is outside, Being The Holy Amon (Amen) Raa Hu Sia Heh, The Infinite Living Mind and Power Being The Source of The Light and Fire of Reality in Essence and Breath of The Ever-Living of Originator of Elements (El in Amon/Amen), The Creator El.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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