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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Greatest Distracters

In The Name of El, The Holy Ahezaah Amen-Raa, Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The All-Knowing Supreme Being, The All-Aware, The Truth, We Recite.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog # 38

This is something for you to ponder, if you desire to succeed but remain doubtful about the realness of Spirituality because of the greatest distracters that live to keep you away from finding success in the realms of Spirituality by their distractions.

Earth Eden, other objects within this galaxy, and the universes beyond are the greatest attractions of Life for mankind. In them are all things of everything happening; a maze of trials as sights for the eyes and the emotions of those who view the world full of illusions in wonderment about most of everything else; from beauty to terror, from the loveliest sights to the ugliest sights, from the most familiar to the strangest things created by The One Absolutely Real Thing, The Holy Supreme Being That Is Most Paradoxically Unseen Behind The Figures of Its’ Innumerable Multifarious Facades; an irony of Reality, The Real That Is The Most Enlightening, and The Most Important Thing, The Source of Everything Being, yet Being The Lone Thing That Is Absolutely Hidden as The Real Unseen Power of The Truth, and Alone The One Impossible Thing for any other thing to be or actually be like, Being Most Interesting.

El on both sides of Life, The Positive Side where all created things are manifested and It Is Number One In and Before all things, The Real Essential Being That is Made Familiar to Its’ creatures in whatever way It Desires, Manifesting Itself as Being First, Foremost, Last, Least, Most, Innermost, Outermost, Lesser, Greater and Encompassing all other things;

And on The Negative Side where All Is It Alone, All One Immeasurable Thing of Nothing Except The Pure Power of The Alone Unknown Never Manifested Thing-less or Non-Thing That Is Not Seen Being in things Of Its’ Light or Darkness In Being Something Created, The Other Side of The One Most Impossible Being of Its’ Self That Creates and Stays Present while It, On The First Side (Original Side) Stays Absent from Creating and Being Known as Something in Its’ Original Existence; But It Shows by every other thing of Life and Death Coming Forth From It on This Nothing Side including The One Something of Itself That Manifests As The Creator and Owner of Everything that It Is Absolutely, Being The Pure and The Endless Power Where The Only Number for It Is no number that amounts to anything but The Most Powerful of Numbers Maximizing everything From The Root of It Being The Beginning and The Beginner In Being The Foundation of Everything to The Ultimate Ceiling in The Maximum Amount of It Being The Source and The End of All Things Including Its’ Own Numbered One Self.

It is Absolute and Full of All The Power of Life and Death That Exists, while everything else in The Eternity of Its’ Infinite Being is The Opposite; empty illusions that only appear as It Wants them to appear, like supporters of It on The Right Side of Its’ Being of Power, and non-supporters of It on The Wrong Side of Its’ Being of Power, when In The Truth of Its’ All-Powerful Being of Power, nothing can support It and nothing can oppose It, and nothing does It need from anything It creates; however, It is The Most Merciful In Itself for Giving Its’ mentally seeing creatures of intellect no Real Sight of Its’ Real Hidden Being except in Divine Examples while Firmly Holding each particle of Its’ on-looking servants’ minds among those whom It Favors, Holding them by their need during their viewing of Its’ Samples; and It Is Merciless against those whom It Wills, because of their being in opposition to Its’ Commandments, Holding them Loosely while Allowing them to search in their selfish greed, seeking to find and possess The Real Power That It Owns, to use wrongfully against others for which they are Destroyed by What they find of El’s Being. They find out, if The Lord Ahezaah El does not Hold each particle of Its’ servants’ minds in Its’ Power while Showing them a Sampling of both sides of Its’ Beauty to Its’ Most Terrifying Presentation of Its’ Strangeness, both extreme views could annihilate the minds of Its’ servants in the flash of a moment, for It Being Too Real and Too Much at both ends for any created mind to handle, even with an assistance of a shielding tool like what mankind produces to lessen the view of something. Nothing is that great in use by any created being’s means. Even The Most High Angels of El have their limitations when it comes to their Real Involvement with El, Which is also their Reality of The Hidden Infinite Living Mind In and All About them.

When this Messenger first became Divinely Enlightened, in 1979 AD of the Christian Calendar, and was first Shown a Sample of El’s Beauty in Heaven in The Name of Allaah by The Christ of El, what he saw of the Appearance caused him to explode beyond the effects of rapture and become all but annihilated in his overwhelmed being; but, in The Mercy, Love and Joy of El-Aah for him, he was Saved while Being In The Hands of El Ahezaah Allaah Hu Amen Raa Christ, Who immediately rejoined his being of mind. In that moment of unmatched ecstasy for him, he shot up into the Heights of Heaven and faced Death in The Paradise of El, before being Snatched Back by The Christ of El into the Holy Circle of Ahezaah’s Divine Purification, Death and the Holy Rebirth that is Given by The Christ of El in The Pure Light of The Holy of Truth.

Shortly after this event, he was Taken to twelve levels in the depths of Hell, in these places he was Held and Divinely Caressed as he was Taken through to see the most dastardly sights of creation. Through this, he was Raised to greater levels in awareness of The Lord’s Mercy, and in those levels of Hell, he faced The Power of The Christ of El Showing him Its’ Power over all that Hell encompassed.

From there he was Taken Back Up into the Heavens of the Beyond, to Paradise, where he was Shown thirteen levels of The Most Serene of Paradise, and there, he was Divinely Informed about many worlds of things above and beneath them.

By the Time he finished visiting those three stations of being in the process of him being Reborn of The Righteous El-Aah, after going through the most trying process of being Emptied of his mind and heart, Crushed by the Christ of El-Aah, Purified by The Smokeless Fires Burning him up in The Pure Light of The Christ in The Holy Truth, and finally Joined in Harmony with his soul and El in The Secret of their Union, there was nothing left in the lower realms of this world of Earth Eden to distract him or to be too much for him to accept; this lower realm of Life on Earth Eden where the illusions of Life set challenges for people to turn their attention away from serving El and Returning to It in their awareness of Life.

In The Divine Union, El Itself Became his Immediate and Most Known Friend, Companion, Protector, and Guide on all seven sides of his being, and It Also Became The Holy Holder and The Holy Unfolding Supreme Being of his mind and heart in every way. Then Satan and its dupes of demon beasts who were hidden in the spirits of the people that had been attacking him for slaughter throughout his lifetime was told to try him then, after he was Reborn Of The Divine Holy Kinship With El-Aah in Its’ Arabic Name of Allaah, and those that tried were all folded, crushed in losses by Us, and shown that no devil of Satan among the fallen ones could ever touch him with harm again in this Lifetime.

It was not until a passing of fourteen years, December 21, of 1993, that he was Divinely informed about him being a Prophet of El, and two years from then that he was Divinely Informed that he is the Prophet Samuel in his soul, the Lion of Judah Resurrected by The Holy Almighty Creator El-Aah Who Divinely Resurrected him to be The Chosen and The One Used as The Holy Opener of the Book of The New Covenant which would have Seven Seals of El’s Approval on the back cover of it; six Seals for the recognition of people who were Given Prophets with these Seals as Signs to be used and remembered in the past, and the Seventh Seal that was Given Down from The Almighty Lord’s Hand in Heaven, and Placed inside of this Messenger in that two years following by the Holy Archangel Gabriel whom itself was simultaneously Divinely Attached to him by its angelic biblical cord to his spiritual navel and human biblical cord in The Power and The Holy Commands of El-Aah in Its’ Essence of Hu and Its’ Breath of Aah, thus making their Holy Union exist Divinely Threefold.

At the Time of El Ahezaah’s Arrival in Its’ Name of Allaah in April of 1979, this Messenger was allowed by El-Aah Itself to spiritually see his devil in the spirit realm being physically removed from his being, thrown down into the endless pit of Hell, and brought back in a new birth of its own whereas his devil was processed to become a servant of The Good in this Messenger for the rest of his lifetime upon Earth Eden. His Divine Experiences With El, for Holy Education, has been Greater than any experience that was had by those who have continued trying his mind and heart to disprove or prove his Faith, Love, Belief, Trust, Union, and Truth with The Holy El Ahezaah Allaah Hu Christ Amen; and, those people have been little in his mind, concerning distractions.

These things We Reveal to you to allow you insight to the fact that there is a Way, a Path in the Way for you to get through The Opening of The Gate to Reality in this Life, for real; A Gate Opening that leads to Divine Realization in Holy True Spirituality where created minds of mankind are Divined by Ahezaah El, and The Holy of El is Made Known. We seek to Inspire you who believe with these Words of The Truth through Our Messenger. However, We Warn you that This Path of The Way is The True, in Essence and Breath, and Divinely Designed to be the Hardest Religion in The True Path of The Way of Life that is to be Lived in Connection with The Holy Almighty One. It is a religion that is not fixed or born of a cult that is fixed to death by mankind’s ministries, held still like dried bones of animal remains after having been plucked by every appointed scavenger that lurks in the communities of mankind. It is Born of The Originator’s Life Giving Breath and Sustained in The Spirit of The Truth that Gives Its’ Divine Power to the Covenants of Its’ Chosen Religions in Truth, in every age and people among the Chosen Ones. It is the Same Path of The Way that was Given to Adam and Eve and all those following in lineage of all mankind throughout to This Day, after Muhaamid, among The Lord’s Holy Prophets that were created and born of humanity; and it Lives above the semantics of mankind, and their illusions of mastering El’s Wisdom of it, which is one of the parts of the construction of The True Path of The True Way in True Spirituality. None of mankind is Placed above it except for The Holy Messenger Prophets whose Life becomes A Light of It, The Gate, The Path of The Way through which the believers are Instructed to Come Unto El, and a Refreshing Drink from The Hand of El’s Mercy for those struggling with the thirst for Faith, Trust, Belief, Hope, Sincerity, Love, Understanding, Knowledge, and Submission in Wisdom. The Holy prophets are held to Higher Commandments of El.

In this Path of the Way, a remembrance of El and the importance of following Its’ Commandments in Its’ Wisdom, and a remembrance of the Devil and its dupes of demon spirits and their affects upon the minds of the men and djinn of mankind is necessary.

It is not for any of you to act as though the devil is a non-being of creation or believe that it does not exist in hidden forms inside of your personal being of mind, acting mostly behind the covers of your ego which takes forms in many individual sides of your mentality, pretending that it is the best of your guides while seeking to destroy you from within your individual world of your selves, units of you that are heard as various voices and feelings felt from the same thing of you.

After hearing about the Devil through the great numbers of the Divinely Enlightened Holy Covenanting Prophets, to forget the devil, and to fear it more than you fear Ahezaah El Amen The Christ, is to set your own selves up for failure and Hell to come in The Life of El’s Power in the realms of the Life Hereafter. It is best to remember that El Ahezaah Is The One Who Is Almighty and The Only Lord That Is Truly The Master Over All things in Life, Death, and every world of the transitions between the states of Life and Death, and Ahezaah El Amen is The Only One to be remembered and believed as Being The Real One to Be feared in all worlds; The Master in Power Over everything, and The Only One That Will Defeat the Devil or Place Power and Commands in Us for Us to do it for you; inside and outside of you, and place it in its proper place of submission to Ahezaah’s Rule, within you.

While Ahezaah El Amen Allaah Hu Brahman Elohim Hunab-Ku Aten is The Essence and Power of The Circle of The Light In The Christ Purifying Truth for you to aim at in The Divine Path of The Holy Way, the Devil and its dupes among the demon beasts and the men and djinn of their association are the ones that live and die to create distractions for you at all times, doing what they do perversely and deliberately to keep you away from finding The Real Path in The Real Way to getting to The Openings of Ahezaah El In Its’ Merciful Reality of Relationships It Holds with Its’ Beloved and Favored servants for whom It Alone can Allow to Pass Through Its’ Openings to Come Into Its’ Secrets of Existent Being Where El on This Side of The Infinite Being of Creation Manifests as Something Insurmountable of Ultimate Power and Mastery and Something That Is Most Beautiful; Alone Being The Real Peace, The Real Love, The Real Essence, The Real Breath, and The Real Mind That Is The Source of Life That Creates creations of everything in Mentalities Of Its’ Being, Alone, called Life, Worlds, and Universes. It Is The One Thing of Aim and The True Destination for all things at all the absolute ends of all things, Above of the Heavens and Paradises, and Below of the purgatorial midway worlds and the underworlds of Set, the Devil known as Satan and many other names of dearth and distractions. Beware of every distraction, even that of what you call Nature, and that of what you call your own self!

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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