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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Initiator, The Sustainer, and The Owner of Life’s Choices

In The Name of The Most Holy Ahezaah, The Holy Hidden Infinite Mind of El-Aah, The Almighty Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion That Is Everywhere, The Hidden Reality, The One All-Seeing Eye, The One All-Hearing, The One Holy Powerful Christ, The Judge That Weighs all things in The Balance of Its’ Scales, and The Executioner of Judgment for all things Weighed by It in Its’ Authority of Being The Righteous, We Recite.

Completed Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog # 59

The Holy Creator El Ahezaah Amen El-Aah is The Initiator, The Sustainer, The Owner, and The Reality That Is The Hidden Power in All Its’ Existent Forms of Being The Reality of Truth, Which Exists in everything of the illusive Life of illusions known as the Universes. It is also Hidden from those things that It is Hidden within as The Power That Causes them to Live, which It Does by Its’ Power of Life That It Maintains of Its’ Self as a Part of The All of Life in their bodies of being that are known as The Other Worlds of things.

Life’s illusions are the creations of El’s that are formed and formless and known as the other worlds of things, which are made up of everything in creation Sustained by The Originator of them, Discontinued by The Destroyer of them, and Resurrected by The Reviver of them. El Is The One That Is All in All Three Manifestations of Its’ Attributes Operating in Its’ Hidden Existence in them.

The illusions of El are not limited to their existence in the physical realms of being; they are also in the Realms of The Unseen of the spiritual beings, existing in complete forms of worlds from the heights of the Holy Supreme Seraphim among the Thrones and the Archangels down to the lowest depths of Hell in the realms of the fallen angels and of purgatory. El, The Infinite Almighty Initiator of the worlds of Its’ All in All Being is Greater than All of Itself That is Initiated as The Power and Its’ Forms of Life that are known as creation; Greater! El, The Holy Ahezaah Hu Amen El-Aah is both The Originator and The Destroyer of All in All of Itself That are the formed and formless things being Powered by The Forces of Life, Which again is El Fashioned by Its’ Own thoughts of Life in Nature and Its’ Angelic Powers that It Uses to Enforce Life, with El Being That Which Manifests Its’ Powers in Creating Life and Maintaining the things of Life in the Angels, and Being The One in Control of everything in Life including The Holy High Lords of The Thrones, Appearing as whatever is of existence by Its’ Matters and Executing what It Desires to end of Life in Death, with It Being The Source, The Reality, The Owner, The Life and The Death Which Takes Its’ illusions of Life back From All in All things into their states of non-being.

While El Ahezaah is All in All these things of Life, It Is Impossibly Independent of them.

So you will not mistake what We just stated, We Repeat: While El Ahezaah is All in All these things of Life, It Is Impossibly Independent of them.

El’s Impossible Being is only impossible for All other things to be; and for Itself, nothing of All in All That Exist Is impossible for El to Be, to Do, to Create, to Master, to Sustain, and to Destroy. El Has Its’ Ways of Showing Its’ Independence of things in Merciful Degrees of manifestations in order for those whom It Desires to Realize Its’ Beauty, Power, Glory and Awesome Being to hold in their understanding and knowledge of It without becoming terrified or awed enough to be Destroyed by The Sights Of It. For Whatever It Shows in The Splendor Of Its’ Self, It Is Infinitely More Than That; however, with El Being The Merciful Master That It Is, It Knows and Gives The Exact Amount of Insight Regarding Its’ Being to Its’ servants, if It Favors not to Destroy them by their True Realization of It.

Ahezaah creates choices for Its’ creatures of Life to make in the paths of their lives upon Earth Eden, with some of the creatures instinctively deciding upon things, and others deciding by intellectualizing through their higher developed minds. While most of mankind considers the instinctive creatures to be less than they are of the intellectual creatures, in many ways, judging by both their acts through what they are both given of their senses to be used as guiding aids of their types of being, the instinctive creatures are greater in their use of sensory perception and acting by their natures than mankind, the intellectualizing creature, and they are often Most Favored by El Ahezaah for their obedience to It.

The Lord of The Throne Commands all beings of Life among the animate and inanimate things, Giving the inanimate things no choice to differ with It, while It Gives the animate minds ongoing lifelong choices about many ongoing lifelong things, some more than others, which they bring in mind to reason with. The instinctive creatures of Earth Eden are more like the inanimate things of created forms, manifesting and moving in Life by their instinctive natures alone, with them using less of their minds for reasoning about what they generally do, although they have workable minds that they use. Whereas mankind is more common to do all kinds of things, at any time, in patterns and without patterns, the instinctive creatures act by instincts which follow patterns that are Naturally Given to them as The All in Natures of their lowly beings.

Unlike mankind, the instinctive creatures never confuse themselves to think or believe that they are gods, or masters over each other or other creatures. The instinctive creatures never strive to go beyond their instinctive natures, never thinking or believing in a mental illness of confusion that they are independent of El, or equal to El in Power, or free to do whatever they desire to create independent worlds for themselves. No, it is mankind alone of the earthly physical creatures of intellect that are ever the sick ones that strive in this mental state of psychological imbalance, disturbing and destroying the Balance of Life, which is so Mercifully Given to the worlds of mankind, inside and out. Mankind wishes to see El Beyond It Being Ahezaah; and in their desire to see It, they want to find weaknesses in It, or ways for them to take control of It so that they can exist Over It in powers that they believe belong to them, because of the ways that El Operates Unseen and Unknown in them. Furthermore, regarding their hearing of El from within their being, they practice overcoming The Whispers of The Truth That Come in Mercy to them from the heights of their Souls, by ignoring Us whereas We Punish them with a deafening that they cannot overcome; therefore, they are guaranteed to suffer a loss from ever entering Paradise in the life hereafter.

If The Creator Decided that It Wants to satisfy mankind’s desire to see Its’ Actual Being, It could create a Most Masterful Form of Its’ Being for mankind to see but, unlike The Most Holy Lord of The Throne of El That Is Formed of The Holy Powers of The Truth, It must be in a Form of Deception from The Truth, and Designed under Laws and Orders of El to make everyone in Life believe that this Deceptive Being is It in Its’ Absolute Form of Complete Power with nothing else of It Being outside of that form; however, The Lord Desires to Be Truthful with all including the intellectually created minds of mankind, and other creatures of otherworld alien minds; therefore, It Explains about The Lord of The Throne through this Messenger and Messengers of All other kinds for All other creatures of Life in what way It Is Formed as The Supreme Being In Power Over all the worlds; and for the benefit of mankind El Changes Its’ Names for The Lord of The Throne to Fit The Ages of Its’ Days that Time is Kept for mankind. It Reveals that It Is Infinite and Never to die, and Absolutely Too Great as The Eternal Being of Mind to Actually Exist encompassed by anything of the others of Its’ Created Illusions of Its’ worldly forms; therefore again, It Manifests Itself to Be Known In Its’ Mental Forces of Power That It Makes Known by Feelings and Sounds to be experienced in the bodies and by the hearing of the ears of Its’ creatures.

Ahezaah Makes What It Is of Itself, Which cannot be Known by the sense of sight, Known by the senses of hearing, feeling, and the mentalities of thoughts that are formed with reasoning by gifted minds of mankind, or ignored by the ignoramuses that refuse to acknowledge the Glory and the Independence of The Holy Infinite and Universally Eternal Mind of Amen. And those of mankind whom Ahezaah Favors to be made aware of It Being in all worlds, It Manifests Itself in The Knowledge of The Truth to them so that they Realize that It Is The Same Above in the Heavens and Paradises as It Is Below in the Physical Realms of the Universal Heavens and Earths of planets down to the Lowest Realms of Hell in the fires and smug of the degenerate realms of the devil.

El Is Ahezaah, The Power, Master, Owner and The Source of Life That Manifests Its’ Being in Essence of Its’ Elemental Beings of Life, In Mind Manifesting as The Reality of The Natural Laws and Orders of all the worlds. El Ahezaah makes it known to them how It Is The All In All of Everything, Being What Composes Spirits and Being What Is Actually The Components of Elements Hidden in The Essence of Matter, Infinitely Being The Hidden Reality That Is Absolutely Essential to Make All of things to exist.

Ahezaah Connects Life of the Higher Realms of Spirits to Life of the Lower Realms of Physical Being by Its’ Own Self in What It Is of All Senses of Nature in the Natural Order of Creation. It Is The Reality of Life in Essence and The Elements of Matter, Being The Law and Order In Power for everything; Making what is to be of all things what they are, and Mastering every single thing.

When anyone of mankind is right in their order of being on The Right Side of Ahezaah under the Terms of Ahezaah’s Divine Contracts of the Holy Covenants that It Sends down to Earth as Divine Instruments of Wise Guidance, they of mankind find Harmony in Peace and Success from The Lord’s Giving of Its’ Blessings; otherwise, mankind on The Wrong Side of Ahezaah is a failure full of woes, and a Destructive End in The Hands of The Christ is Ever in Wait for them in the hellish life of the hereafter.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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