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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Light of Truth and Its’ Servants

With The Names of Ahezaah, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The Lord Wise in Its’ Guidance of all things, We relate these Words of Ahezaah’s to you. Thursday, March 10, 2011 Blog # 15 We Said there is none worthy of praise or worship except Allaah, The El-Aah-Hu of Amen-Raa, Ahezaah The Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty. We Said that It is El Ayn, The All-Seeing Creator of all things, Hu, The Essence in the matters of all creation, Aah, The Breath of Life Which It Breathed into the being of all existences, and Haa, The Guide of everything that It Makes exist. It is The Real of Reality That Makes all things exist, Being Amen, The One Real Power That Is The Infinite Living Almighty Mind That Creates, Moves and Manipulates all things in Its’ Absolute Fashioning of all things in Decreed Times, Spaces, and Distances, Mathematically. We intend to make these Words clear to you concerning The Light of Ahezaah Amen, The Christ and The Holy Al-Nuur, and Its’ Holy Raised Servants that were Annihilated and Given Rebirth by The Reality in Essence of The Light of Truth. Amenhotep, a devout servant, was neither The Amen nor The Raa! Akhenaton, a devout servant, was not Aten! Moses, a devout servant, was neither Hu nor Haa! Jesus, a devout servant, was neither The Christ nor Its’ only begotten son! Muhaamid, a devout servant, was not Allaah The Comforter! Krishna, a devout servant, was not Vishnu! And although each of these devout servants of El were Taken Up Into The Light of Truth in Essence of El and Destroyed before being Brought back into Union With It as Holy Servants of The Pure Righteous Being of El, none of these Muslims were worthy of the praise nor the worship that multitudes of the past and present erring believers established about them in their names. These servants knew themselves as being Incarnates of El only by The Lord’s Possession, Communion, and Divine Use of them. Like The Almighty El-Aah Allaah Did with This Holy Servant in Explaining and Manifesting to him in every body of his being through all his senses that We Are One Unit of Being Together in This Divine Three-Fold Union, Making it plain for him to understand and realize that even though he is of This Holy Incarnate Being of El, he could never be El. El Is Much Too great for any of Its’ creatures to Be It including Us of The Unseen Angels of El’s Powers. The servants of El themselves knew The Holy El-Aah as Being The Real One of their Reality, and they would dislike what any of you do of your praise concerning them. For your praise, in regards to them, is in opposition to them and what they truly represent as True Servants and Signs of The Most Holy Amen Raa, The Infinite Living Ubiquitous Mind That is All-Seeing, Aten, The Most Brilliant Sun Light of The Truth Come down to Its’ Servant on Earth Eden, Hu and Haa The Holy Essence and The True Guide of Life That Manifested the Illuminating Light of The Bush on Mount Sinai where It stayed hidden in Its’ Pure Essence of Life from Moses, Allaah The Holy El-Aah, The Reality and The True Source of Security and Peace That Uplifted Muhaamid and his people of Mecca and Medina, and Vishnu, The Preserving Aspect of The Holy Creator El Whom the Hindus knew as Brahma. And although people are trained to say things like, “May the Peace of Allaah Be upon them,” these Signs of El are already at Peace in Paradise with The Eternal Being of El where they are each in The Comfort of Ahezaah El-Aah’s Security. As a fact, We Made this clear in The Holy Qur’aan, The Book of Muhaamid’s inner being of Life which he knew in his Realization of Ahezaah. Muhaamid was one guided in Faith by Ahezaah in Its’ Name of Allaah to praise It alone and to praise It continuously, knowing that Allaah is Al-Nuun, That Which is to Be Known of all things, Being The Real, The Essential, and The True Power in everything; nevertheless, no matter how much We repeated the invocation of All Praise Being Due To Allaah, The One Alone Worthy Of Praise in the Writings of Ahezaah’s Words, Muslims, subjects of the religion known under The Name of The All-Knowing One, The Laam, Islaam, have without an open fight against them, allowed writers and interpreters of Islaam to miswrite and misinterpret Muhaamid’s name among other things they falsely interpret and promote that he is or was one worthy of praise that is due alone to his, yours, and Our Creator in All of Its’ Holy Supreme Names. They have given Muhaamid one of Ahezaah’s Attributes, Muhammad, One Worthy of Praise, and they continuously promote this false representation of Prophet Muhaamid, One Guided in Faith and One Guided to Praise much, each time they write, think, or speak of Muhaamid, the much praising servant, as being Muhammad, The One Worthy of Praise. Muhaamid knew of The Lord Wise (Ahura-Mazda) of all things as Being El/Al/The of The Truth calling It Al-Haaqq and as The All in All, The Ubiquitous Reality, calling It Al-Nuun, and he knew It as Being The Light of Truth calling It Al-Nuur, knowing Its’ Association with Its’ Holy Attributes relating It to The Light such as The Aten, The Raa, and The Christ. Jesus was Wrapped Up, Dispersed, Burned practically to nothingness, Crushed, Annihilated and Brought Back to Life by Ahezaah in Its’ Purifying Eternal Light of Truth, Which Jesus knew as The Christ; The Same Light That Was Called by The Source of It by these and many other Holy Names of Its’ Being That It Made Manifest to Its’ Highly Enlightened Servants which Muhaamid, a Most Highly Enlightened One himself, called Muslims, that which submits to The Power of Life, Allaah. While Muhaamid and Jesus were both Drawn Up Into The Spiritually High Heavens in the Realms above the Ethereal Foundation of their Souls to be initially Introduced to The Light of Truth, a Place in The Highest Heavens of Holiness where both were Tremendously Shocked, Moses was initially introduced to This Same Power in Essence of The Light of Truth on Earth Eden, where he was Tremendously Shocked; and although each of them were Drawn Up To The Perfect Light of Being in ways that were only known to them in their Personal Relationship With The Eternal Mind That We Call The Amen, they each came to Know and Live in The Same Being of Its’ Infinitely Living Righteous Being That Made them Know It As Being The All of All in All of All things. El is All and One Alone in Eternity as The Only Real Living Thing and The Only Real Life Giving Thing; Being All One, All Lone, Alone but never affected by what It creates of loneliness for Its’ creatures; Al-Alif, Al-Ahad, The One The; The One The Which Is The Essential Being Calling Itself The within, before, and after all things, related to in Arabic as Al, An, Ar, As, Ash, Id, Ish, Ush, Ud, El, The, The of All things in creation; The Ultimate and The Absolute, The Initial and The End, The Initiator and The Ender, The Breath, The Essence, The Holy Spirit, and The Source of Matter That Is Unlike any other of all things, and The Impossible Being That Is Impossible for anything of creation to not submit to, to encompass, to escape, to be, to be aside from It in any way of being including being other than what It Thinks of things to be in their forms of Its’ creation of them. Historically people in their abuse of The Lord’s Names have called out Its’ Beautiful and Powerful Names in vehemence for personal reasons that they have falsely attributed to the Way of these above named True Servants of El; calling and destroying the world for causes of their own, about which they have had to answer for At The Throne of Sovereignty where Ahezaah Sits as The Judge of all worlds that many of them thought would be a most welcomed celebrating moment for them in the life hereafter. Unfortunately for the great multitudes that trust and follow the guidance of mankind over The Lord’s Guidance many times find out at the end of them in this life that they were following and listening to their own fabricated gods that serve Satan who refused to submit in Righteousness to The Lord of The Throne; therefore, many of the strayed people of this world like Satan, have been submitted in Hell. It is essential for each of mankind to surrender in Righteousness to The Good of all worlds, here and in the world of life hereafter, and realize that El in Its’ Attributes is The Good and The Righteous, Alone. Every person is a world in his or her self. Ahezaah is The Master and Lord of them all! Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen, MPA


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