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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Misuse of The Lord’s Names, and Its’ Disassociation from Religion

In The Name of Ahezaah, The Holy El-Aah, The Almighty Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion, The All-Knowing Covenanter of Religion, The All-Seeing Eye of Raa, The All-Hearing Responder, The Holy Infinite Mind, The Creator That Creates Mentalities for All Ways of Life, The Christ Executing Judge of the worlds above and below of all worlds, The Holy Pure Being in The Light of Truth, We Recite.

Completed Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog # 56

The War of Armageddon between people of the world over who proclaim being representatives of Peace (which is The Divine Spirit of Allaah or As-Salaam), the representatives of the Father and the Son God (which is The Lord El-Aah, and Prophet Jesus), his alleged religion (the religions of Christianity and Catholicism which Jesus never knew of while he lived upon Earth), and world Democracy (which is what these United States of American State Governments rule under in their realm of Capitalism) on the west side of the world in connection with the Mother Nations of these people in Europe; and on the east side are those proclaiming mostly to be representatives of The Peace (As-Salaam or The Divine Spirit of The Holy Allaah and Its’ Hidden Being of Reality), and representatives of the Divine Servant of Allaah, and his religion of The Laam/Islaam (which is Messenger Prophet Muhaamid, The Lord Most High, and what the Muslims have transformed of Islaam into Islaamic Hadithism); and in the mix of the east and the west sides of the world are those proclaiming YHWH and Judah (which is their reference to The Lord El Whose Name represented as YHWH they will not utter, and the eldest son of Jacob/Israel, the father of Joseph and the Twelve Tribes of Israel), and their religion (that of the Covenant in the Torah which was given to them through Moses, and that which they turned into their practice of religion most relative to Judah which they call Judaism); then there is the North, South, Far East and Pacific Islands of the mix of Islaam, Buddhism, Taoism, Communism, Christianity, Judaism, and the many other isms of religion and the social life of people in general, the War of Armageddon will soon be enacted upon a world scale in the near future between them, while they all say that they are of The Righteous in being right and most favored by It. You can hear the leaders of these nations proudly invoking The Word God for That Which they relate as El or for whatever of the so-called beings they favor as gods, and The Names of El, from Amen-Raa to Brahman, Vishnu, and Shiva, from Krishna to Yahweh, from the Prophet Jesus whom they favor as a god intermixing him in Name with The Christ of El-Aah to Allaah. You can hear the people over their acts in the viciousness of beastly brutality and racist injustices that they smooth over with the greatest smoothing asking for The Lord Most High and All-Powerful to Bless their nations in Its’ Names or in the Word they refer to It as God. How is it that they all represent The Most High Ahezaah in Its’ Different Names and Attributes when We are in complete disagreement with them all.

The Religion that was Divinely Chosen by The Holy Alif Laam Meem, The I Am of Allaah Being The Holy All-Knowing One of Life, The Holy Brahman, The Holy Ahura-Mazda The Lord Wise of All that is of things, The Amen of The Infinite Living Mind of The Christ has never involved the taking of land and real estate property from people for other’s capitalistic gains, the wicked slaughtering of innocent people, the forcing of people to take sides in belief of things other than It of mankind’s religions, or forcing them to be for or against Its’ Divine and Universal Laws and Orders in their ways of acting in general, never Demanding or Suggesting that any of the people be forced to congregate with one another and take on the majority of people’s fashionable beliefs in their societies, never involving Commandments for mankind among the clans to vote someone into religious offices or force someone out of an office where there should have only been agreements and mutual decisions made for the betterment of all the people, and It never suggested that people would be right to go against It and Its’ Spirit of Righteousness by involving themselves in voting for their religious leaders and others concerning Its’ Chosen Path for Religion, about which people make their own bias judgments; judgments which should be left alone to be made by The Almighty Lord Most High, The Holy True, The Holy Wise, and The Holy All-Knowing Judge Ahezaah El Aah Hu Amen.

Religion that is Guided by Ahezaah and Its’ Covenants has never been a thing that The Lord Put into place for those that are found wanting in regards to being honest with The Truth of It to rule over others, and it has never been a thing that allowed the placing of mankind’s socially devised and personally or publicly approved civil standards above Its’ Holy Covenants.

Ahezaah has always Advised Its’ servants against following or joining in agreements with people that devise things against The Divine Laws and Orders of Its’ Agreements that were made with them; to not be of people who do not fear, respect, love, honor, seek to please, accept, completely serve, praise, worship, and remember The Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty Over all worlds much, like the Holy Messenger Prophets of El-Aah, and only dealing with them under necessary situations.

Ahezaah El in All Its’ Names has always Made Itself Clear that It Is The Leader That Guides all mankind, whether it be a guiding right or a guiding astray, and It Says Clearly through what is written in The Holy Qur’aan, stating that It Alone, The Righteous, is The Only One That Can Uphold the Temples of Allaah’s Chosen people and Covenant of the True Religion. It, Being Ahura-Mazda and Laam Meem, It Is Wise of All in Knowing everything; therefore, It Guides Aright those that surrender in true and sincere witness and obedience to It and Its’ Messengers, and Misguides those that are disobedient and against It and Its’ Messengers, Misguiding the rejecters of It by allowing them to have what they want of what will lead them to unfortunate results in attaining the things of their desires, Giving them Guidance which comes without Wisdom, for them being against Its’ Desires.

For the misuse of Its’ Holy Supreme Names of Its’ Holy Supreme Being and Its’ Attributes of Power, Ahezaah Allaah Has Disassociated Itself from multitudes of the people’s houses of worship, circles of intellectuals who follow the egoistical scholars and their intellectualizing their opinions in belief of false religions they have devised for their personal gains. Their ill acts in these kinds of manifestations give reason for The Lord El Aah ever so often Changing Its’ Names of Its’ Holy Supreme Lordship of The Throne of Sovereignty Over all worlds, in the ages of time for humanity, and why It has Renewed Its’ Contracts of Divine Agreements with humanity on Earth and Changed Its’ Centers of Holiness on Earth ever since It Raised the first of the Adams and Eves in The Garden of The Faith (Eden, or Id-Deen), where El’s True Spirit and Power of Faith is necessary for a believer to have in order to truly survive and become truly successful in The True Way of Ahezaah in The Enlightenment of The Truth.

There are certain groups of strayed religionists in the Far East that actually believe The Infinite Lord of The Throne dies every fifteen hundred years or so. They believe that It dies with Its’ Changing of The Names of the Angelic Thrones Forming The Holy Divined Covers for The Holy Sign of El Aah Being Seated in Its’ Form of Supreme Being That Masters The Throne of Infinite Power Under The Cover of Its’ Unseen Presence Which Shows It as Being The Greatest Sign of Its’ Own Self as One Sublime Form in Creation.

The Thrones of Eternal Numbers Dress Up The Unseen Form That is Created to Represent El Ahezaah Hu Amen Raa El-Aah by which The Lord Gives Sight of The Representative Being of Itself. In The Holy Divine Connection of El Being United As One With Its’ Immaculately Formed Lord of The Throne, It Presents A Show of The Most Supreme and Absolutely Pure Unity of Infinite and Eternal Enlightenment of Being for The Thrones and those of Its’ subjects that gather before It. The Thrones Holy Sublime Duty as Seraphim is to Be At Rest in The Balance of El by their Positions of Holy Highness, Being Absolutely Submitted to The Unseen Forces of The Infinite Mind That they cannot see, but can feel and hear is Ever Awake and Permeating As The Unseen Master throughout The Holy Unit That is Most Divinely Formed of them, whenever they are Assembled by The Lord to Exist Seated in Form of their Representation of It.

By mankind’s insinuations of El dying at any time, they are way off course from The Truth with their erroneous insinuations; however, if they are referring to The Lord of The Thrones Names being Changed by It as a benefit to mankind under The Laws and Orders of Its’ Holy Covenants, then they need to better explain themselves.

Nevertheless, with many of mankind wanting The Lord Most High to die, We are Aware and Certain that they believe that The Infinite Lord Who Is Ever Most High can die, believing that The Lord Itself, Which Is El-Aah The Impossible Thing To Be Encompassed, is actually El encompassed in The Form Itself That Is Clothed by The Angelic Thrones Which Represent Its’ Infinitely Hidden and All-Powerful Being Of Mind through Which Thoughts are Initiated as subjects of Life to serve under It.

This erroneous belief of El dying is also why they have gone in error believing that they are, or can be, the gods of their own beings, despite the clear limitations of them showing their imperfections like all human minds that are housed on Earth as human beings clothed in the earthen flesh of needs that an independent being equal to El, if there could possibly be one, would not need. In their confusion and madness, they forget that they are only qualified by The Initiator of Life to exist above in the Heavenly Spiritual Realms of Angelic Beings in Spirit Bodies, below in the Lowly Earth Realms as beings of animals constructed of the base physical material essences and elements of Earth, and in the Underworld in matters of essence that keeps their minds alive in Eternal Damnation.

Mankind, in The Truth of their human existence are part angel that is brought down in birth from Life above this low earthly mentality of Life, and part animal that is raised up in growth to the death of them in being brought back up towards their Reality of Being, Which Is The Creator El-Aah-Hu Ahezaah Amen. Mankind’s trial on Earth Eden is to overcome their animal instincts of nature to exist in the mental being of their angelic essence of True Awareness, which is in Essence of El that is Nearer to The Lord Most High in Its’ Appreciation of them, much more than their animalistic being.

And then there are the Christians confusing Christ with Its’ lowly human subject Jesus. Doing Jesus like the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans did with those of mankind whom they feared and honored as being above all others of mankind, making them gods with power in their own imaginary beliefs. They purposely confused what was True of the Holy Prophet Jesus and The Holy Christ of El-Aah’s Righteous Unit of Holy Being by deliberately misguiding multiples in billions of people through the generations of believing Christians that were guided into the false religion that was fashioned by some of the most evil men and djinn among the powerful rulers of mankind throughout the history of humanity. They made up Christianity 300 years after the passing of Jesus, and swore to the people that Jesus was the biologically begotten son of God, the only one of his kind to ever have been born; stating this as law and order in their false religion that was veered away from what We Gave to Moses for the twelve tribes of Israel, with their reference of God being The Holy Infinite and Alone El-Aah Hu Amen The Source of All in Reality That Is Beyond All that anything of everything could ever be or become in any way.

The Truth of the Holy Apostle Prophet Jesus who was Divinely Assigned to be a Messiah of El-Aah’s (one who travels, collects, and reminds people about The Almighty El Aah Hu) is that he was Taken Up by Us to The Realm of the Ethereal, and Brought to the edge of his rational being where he realized an end to himself at The Bridge of his soul. It was there where he looked down into an endless valley where clouds of Reality were so deep they would have been accepted by his mind as being the ground level of it, and where he looked up he saw The Endless Clarity of Pure Endlessness, a Bright Clear Sky with no end, no clouds, no planets, no stars or any other obstacles of creation, just A Pristine Existence of Endlessness above him and the Pure White Clouds and Endless Sky beneath him over the edge of Life where he stood, knowing that he was between a rational being of his mind and an irrational being of Life above, below, and across from where he stood for his mentality to master; and the same as what happened with This Holy Covenanting Apostle Warning Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah and numbers of others like him, it happened with Jesus. He was Taken, By The Hands of El-Aah, Across the Unseen Bridge of Soul Into The Holy Circle of The All-Powerful Being of The Almighty Truth Known as The Christ. There, a number of Holy Things occurred in the Divine and Holy Process of Jesus being Reborn of The Truth like those before and since him who were Created as Prophets of El Aah in The Hu of Its’ Righteous Being, sent down to Earth Eden in birth as a human of earthly being, raised in the toil and struggles of the commoners and the elite among mankind, and then Taken by Us in The Divine Process of being Given back to El Aah in Its’ Hu of The Christ where Christ Extracts the Prophets from their physical, emotional, mental, astral, ethers, ethereal, and spiritual bodies in essence of their humankind beings, where they are left with a single bit of The Root of their minds, and then Destroyed in being Crushed Under The Weight of The Truth, Exploded into mists of essence in The Root of their minds from their awe of Truth, Blinded by The Light of Truth, Burned to Divine Crystals to an existence of nothingness nearly to The No Thing of Life by The Pristine Fire of Truth’s Annihilating Powers, and Gathered Up In The Purity of Holiness In The Force of The Truth by The Christ of El Aah That Gives Death and Rebirth in The Righteous Unit of Its’ Holy Being Under Its’ Intimate Title of Being The Father, or The Initiator, of the created of Creation, whereas the worlds of Life and the living beings in the lower realms of existence are title by their Natures, Mothers, or The Receivers of the created of Creation. It is none but the devil of mankind that incited the wicked creators of Christianity from within them to devise a route for belief that would easily lead people among the unaware and ignorant astray from The Appreciation of The Initiator of creation, whereas they would end in a suffering condition of Hell in the afterlife. They were well aware of what they were doing at the inception of Christianity, just as the upholders of Christianity among the powerful men and djinn are aware of what they are upholding of evil to strengthen their falsehood, and stabilize their positions with Satan by keeping the institution of the anti-Christ most functional and well on top of all institutions of society. This is why they enforce the false saying of Jesus being “the only begotten son of God” while knowing what is Right, Correct, Accurate, True, Exact, Precise and Real of Jesus and The Father of All in creation.

All Is El-Aah, The Holy One Impossible Thing To Be Absolutely Known of Real Being That Is Alone One Almighty Infinite Thing Eternally Creating Life from Itself in All of Its’ forms of other things.

Jesus is one of All, like everything else.

All is everything that is, El Being Infinitely Alone in Forms with nothing else to possibly be like It.

Everything that Is are of every single and multiple in things of existence.

Every single and multiple in things of existence are created in matters of The Creator’s Creative Essence.

The Creator’s Creative Essence is Unexplainable Substance of Essential Existence That is Brought from Nothing into Something of El’s Being in All creation; From The No Thing of Being Side of Life to The All Things of Being Side of Life That Is El Negative (–), or El Negated of things Formed of Life, and El Positive (+) or El Positioning things Formed of Life.

El Is The Initiator, The Father, The Former, and The Positioning Master of All in All things including Its’ Supreme Being of Mind That Is Hidden In The Lord of The Throne and Manifested by Its’ Outward Acts Initiating from All Places of Life Upon All things in Life (With El Really Being All and Life In Essence of the Unexplainable Substances of Essential Existence that is Brought from The Nothing (The No Thing) into The Something (The Sum of things) in El’s Being of All in creation. In This It Is Present in Mind Everywhere at all times, Knowing All things; therefore, you should be wary and fearful of misusing The Holy Names of El and Its’ Religious (Chosen way of Life) Covenants.

When it comes to Muhaamid, the last Covenanting Messenger Prophet of Allaah that came before Holy-Apostle-Deen, This Covenanting Messenger Prophet of Allaah Hu El Ahezaah, the subjects of the Religion of Islaam did the same as what was done by the most wicked of men that devised a branch religion of Christianity against what We Gave unto Moses as a Covenant, a religion called Hadithism that has a façade of the True Religion of Islaam fixed as a covering for all that is wrong and different about it, which multitudes of Muslims have taken to worship in exchange for what We Gave unto Prophet Muhaamid; and We Know Exactly What We Gave to Muhaamid, the same as We Know Exactly What We Gave to Moses and Jesus. The same as those people of the Book before Muhaamid and the Muslims, and the Tribes of Israel who fell down to Judaism and Christianity and the shedding of human blood in preference to sharing in The Peace of El, in following the people of the Book of The Wise that was Given unto the Far East Prophets and the Natives of America that came West from China, Mongolia, Russia, Tibet and others that crossed the Bearing Straights that eventually fell out of Favor that The Lord El Had for them, Hadithism and Terrorism have become like two left feet of the Muslims that worship and serve causes of beings other than El-Aah in The Name of Allaah Which they misuse. Allaah, The Christ of El, has Come down to Earth Eden Unseen in The Holy Divined Raised Presence of This Prophet of El-Aah in The Name of Ahezaah. For you all, We are Something That you will not be able to kill, Something That you will not be able to escape, and Something That you will not be able to misuse.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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