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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Names of El

In The Name of Allaah, The Holy El-Aah-Hu Ahezaah, The Christ Amen, The All-Powerful Master and Judge of every kind of mind that is of existence, The Giver of Wrath in Curses and Damnation, The Deliverer of Its’ Words, The Executioner, The Knower of all things hidden and in sight, We Recite in Holiness as One Unit of El’s Holy Relaters. Thursday, March 24, 2011 Blog # 27 The Names of The Aah, like these of Ahad, Alif, Aleph, Allaah, Alpha, Ahura-Mazda, Amen, Aten, Brahma, Christ, Deus, El, Eeyaah, Haa, Hu, Haadi, Thoth, Hunab-Ku, Osiris, Vishnu, Shiva, Zeus, and many more, like this New Name Ahezaah, are and have been The Names of El for Its’ Manifestation of Being Supreme as The Holy Lord and The Absolute Master of The Throne of Power in Commanding Its’ Ownership of all worlds. Although some people reject saying and honoring The Names of El, some of Its’ Names are too deeply prevailing in the life of human beings to be denied by anyone; Names such as the mercy calling for Aahhhh and Eeyaaah, both which are many times spoken from the core of one’s soul in times of the greatest pain for Hell’s discomfort; but both are spoken in being called upon by the greatest to the least believers and to the greatest disbelievers, no matter whether they submit willingly or not. On the other side for The calling of The Aah, it is in the breath of one’s pleasure in expressions of calling The Good of El in satisfaction, as in the soft spoken soothing Aaaahhhh of appreciation. Some of mankind are so hateful of The Lord El that if they could go through Life without saying Its’ Names, they would; nevertheless, they are not the masters of their own being; therefore, Ahezaah Makes them say Its’ Deepest Names, even against their wills, even if they be a people of many generations of refusal to say Its’ Proper Names, substituting them for their indications of things devised by man like YHWH. Who in Life can go without yelling out for The Aah in Aaahh or The Ea in Eeyaah during times that they experience the most excruciating pain? Who is it that can go without letting Ahhhhh of The Aah slip out during their most pleasurable moments no matter what language they speak? These Deepest Names of El are universal in language, crossing all boundaries of mankind’s intended limits. Verily, there are great multitudes that have come in and gone out from this Life in the Physical Manifestation of This Reality of El-Aah without ever realizing that they spoke the Names of El from the core of their souls which no one had to teach them. Their sayings of these Holy Supreme Names of El all came in the natural course of their lives, naturally forced by The Power and The Source of Nature, El; The Names relating to Its’ Beauty and Its’ Mercy, Its’ Comfort, Peace, and Security and Its’ Hell and Discomforting Dominance. As mankind is practicing the ugly art of spilling human blood throughout the worlds of mankind in This Day of Revelation, These Names of El, Aaahh and Eeyaahh, dominate all the scenes throughout the battle fields. They are being called on by the people of good among the innocent bystanders and the people of evil among the guilty that are most definitely aimed for Hell to continue calling Eeyaah for an Eternal Amount of Time in the Hellfire of El’s Most Terrifying Reality which comes to those of the guilty whom It Places in The Eternal Reality of Its’ Punishing Existence; The Universal, Eternal and Infinite Existence of The Punisher Who Is El in Its’ Essence of Hell, Being Reflective of Its’ Essence of The Christ Being That is Manifested of Its’ Opposite Side of This Same Powerful Being in The Heavenly Heights of Its’ Supreme Unit of Holy Being, Manifesting The Punishers Punishment in Hell, and The Crushers Crushing in the Highest Heights of Heaven in Producing Purification through Annihilation for The Good of Its’ worlds in Life and the same in the lowest realms in Producing Purification through Annihilation for The Good of Its’ worlds in Death. The Balance in this is Commanded by The Balancer of Life and Death, The Owner of all souls of Life. Ahezaah is The New Name of El for The Lord of The Almighty Throne that was Promised in the Divine Prophecy of Revelation to be Given to The Chosen One of El-Aah who would be born and would Live In The Name of The Strength of El, Samu-el, Resurrected in the soul of the Prophet that was known to be a Lion-Hearted Warrior during the time of David for the people who became of the ways of Judah, the son of Jacob who was renamed Isra-el, a people who was much Favored by El-Aah in their history of being, and a people who strayed beyond measure to gain the Thin Anger and Curses of The Reality of Aah of Whose Name they refuse to call since the time of Moses. We made it clear about him being one that would know and live by the New Name of The Lord of The Throne in This Day and that he would be the one of mankind seated with The Lord El upon El’s Throne in El’s Strength, with Us, of The Unseen of El, being his Witnesses and True Supporters; and We Made it Clear in the Book of Malachi that The Chosen One would Come after Elijah to Elijah’s Temple with The Lord Unseen In Its’ Power. We Gave you and your forefathers a number of undeniable Signs from The Aah concerning This Messenger and the people that would be Favored by El, even through the lowly Messenger Nostradamus as late as five-hundred years ago, so that you would fare well This Day in making your determination as to Whom It Is you should remember most, worship and obey and Whose Message and Messenger you should accept, join, and help over all your erroneously chosen gods among the men and djinn of mankind and the unseen demon beasts of the devil Satan. It is strayed that a people would call upon the names of the devil in its many variations and withhold the calling and honoring of The Most Holy and Righteous Names of The Breather of Life Who Gives them breathe to say all that they say in saying that they believe and honor It while they refuse to call Its’ Names or to explain Its’ Liberating Words of Truth to the worlds of mankind as Commanded by It. Ahezaah The Aah, is The Same One Eternal and Infinite Source of Life and Death that Breathes into all things of Life and Death that is Vibrated by It as It Takes them through the transitions of Its’ Life and Death forms of created beings, The Same Aah Which Came down unto Moses on the Mount of Sinai Hidden in Its’ Pure Essence of The Light of Its’ Reality of Truth Showing Itself in Essence to Moses as The Real Thing of Life Living in this world The Same as It Is Living in all other worlds, The Same One Aah of The One Creator and The Eternal Master Who Encompasses and Guides all things, The Same Aah That Breathed Its’ Curses upon the people of Egypt under their Pharaohs as a Favor for them during the Hebrews' time for their escape known as the Exodus, The Same Aah That Showed Itself through The Signs of John and Jesus and their Holy Chosen mothers, Elizabeth and Mary, as another Favor for a people whose religion encompasses a philosophy of their own determination to not call The Name’s of The Aah, The Same Aah That Gave a Lasting Sign of Its’ Mercy in the birth, raising and sending of Muhaamid to them and their brethren among the Arabs and Hebrews of the Middle East of Africa and Asia as The Last Prophet to be sent with a Message for them of their kind, specifically reminding them that It as El-Aah, The Aah in The Infinite Breathe, and El-Hu, The Hu or The Eternal Essence of Its’ Infinite Being, Is One, Ahad, and The Same Eternal Being That Is Independent, Alone, Self-Subsisting, and The Same Reality of Hidden Existence That Came Down Unto Abraham, Isra-el, Joseph, Moses, John the Baptist, Jesus, and Muhaamid in Holy Divined Favor specifically for them, Showing more Favor for them than to any other remembered people, and yet, they have not softened their stance nor repented from their error in not openly revealing what they know most about what We Sent down unto Moses, revealing what they know about the Words of Truth Sent down to them through Muhaamid, nor connect The Names of The Aah and Islaam as Being One and The Same of The Lord El and The Holy Covenant that was sent down to Earth Eden to their people many times in many Prophets of El that were sent to be as Divine Reminders to them. In Muhaamid, We Gave much in The Signs of Mercy from El-Aah. We Reminded the people that The Lord of The Throne is The Aah in the Arabic language of Al-l-aah, Allaah, which they knew in Its’ original form as Thee Aah, Thee as in the English The and the Hebrew El, and the Arab’s Al, and Aah. We Made it Clear about The Many Attributes of The Aah, The General Attributes that are seen as the signs of Life in Nature and all other things, and The Holy Raised Attributes Divined of El, The Most Personal Attributes among The All-Beautiful and The All-Powerful Which It Applies to Its’ creatures for their lives of realization. We Cleared it up about the falsehood of there being many independent powers of Life belonging to many different Gods of all kinds of natures that mankind experiences in general. We denounced what was taken off course from The Words and Guidance of The Truth by the People of the Book that came before Abraham and Moses; The Infinite Book that was sent down in Its’ Holy Parts from The Holy Book of Life that is Preserved and Protected Under The Seat of The Almighty Throne of El in Heaven, parts that were sent down to the people throughout Earth Eden, parts that comprised the Holy Vedas, Avesta, Tao Te Ching, Sanskrit Writings, and the many other Scriptural Writings of The Chosen Ones of El that were sent to the people of the major corners of the worlds of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe which made their way down to those of the remote islands and island continent. We Made it Clear that mankind was never independent of The Aah in any way, no way in the least, to dispel what was corrupted by the people of the Far Eastern ways of religion; again Revealing that no man is unto himself a god, independent of El, mastering anything about him or herself, no man of any kind, and no other thing of creation is independently powered and minded beyond The Aah Which Owns and Operates everything! We call for you to call The Beautiful and The Powerful Names of The Aah; but We Warn you to not make the mistake in following the paths of those who would attribute Those Beautiful and Most Powerful Names to the lowly Beloved Servants of The Aah like mankind has done with servants like Jesus, calling him The Christ and not identifying The Truth about Jesus having been brought Into a Three-Fold Divine Union with The Christ El-Aah and Its’ Holy Powered Archangel Messenger Gabri-el, like Muhaamid and others were Brought in. We Made it Clear that Jesus was the least of The Three in Our Holy Union and a mere Sign of The Unseen Aah Who Favored mankind in Its’ Sign of Mercy that was Given through Jesus. Call on The Aah, but do not disservice your own soul by addressing It as though you have a personal power from It that you keep in secret from all other human beings like those who gave unto El their long lived disservice by refusing to call Its’ Name, but address It with assorted alphabetical letters and making it seem as though they have the upper hand against all other races of mankind; acting as though they hold El too high to call Its’ Names, while We See them holding El low by placing many parts of The Book of The Lord’s True Covenant behind their backs, honoring one part, like their keeping in abstinence from the eating of swine flesh, while on the other hand they eat raw meat and consume the blood of the beasts of the land, disavowing the Words of Our Lord’s Guidance that states; “You are of what you eat”, and “Do not consume the blood of beasts!” Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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