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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The One and The Three, Numbers Representing El On This Side of Life Manifesting Creation....

The One and The Three, Numbers Representing El On This Side of Life Manifesting Creation, Through Its’ Angels of The All, Of Every Kind

With The Name of The Eternal El, The Almighty Infinite Living Mind Amen, The All-Seeing Ayn Raa, The Christ in The Light of The Truth That has Come Down Most Gentle in Its’ Unseen Being of Power to Exist in Its’ Holy Union with the mind, body and soul of Its’ Chosen One for the worlds of mankind, We Recite Its’ Words regarding The Real and Most Essential News about This Day of Revelation as an Act of El’s Mercy which is Given unto you all in Its’ Name of Ahezaah, The Commanding Lord Wise of The Throne of Sovereignty.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Blog #13

Hopefully, you who are sincere in your search for The Truth of Life, The Eternal Being of The Infinite Living Mind which is Amen, The Holy On Both Sides of Its’ Worlds of Manifestation, can understand the usage of Our language. You might identify it as one of the various dialects of the American English that was always spoken by the conquerors of these lands who taught the slaves and the Indigenous People of these United States of America how to speak it, which is now being practiced throughout the world by the masses of foreigners who have joined in communication that is made to be beneficial for the multitudes of people in the community of the internet throughout the world.

If you observe and study closely, you will find that Our Messenger is not just speaking a dialect of his own people’s idiom, but he is also speaking the Language of The Divine that emanates from The Holy El Ahezaah.

We are not attempting to confound you with Our Lord’s Words of Truth, but it is necessary that We add up mathematically correct for the Divine Scales of Balance in what We say in Our delivery of Ahezaah’s Messages.

It is irony in Us saying these things to the great numbers of people today that relate mostly to things that makes little sense in connection with The Lord Wise (Ahura-Mazda) of Wisdom because the world of minds among humanity has gone almost completely astray to the point where the masses celebrate, and raise to stardom, people that publicly mock and curse The Lord of The Throne in all Its’ known Names including the name of God that mankind made up and know to be spelled in reflection of what many among the descendants of Gog and Magog who came from the North love, worship, and hold over other kinds of human beings, the dog (god-dog-god-dog) for what is in each of their genetic code relating to their age old relationship that was once lived in necessity in regions of Caucasia, at the mountainous countries dividing Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia.

The great multitudes of mankind throughout the world now flock behind the enemies of mankind seeking true answers and approvals from them regarding Life and the worlds which the enemies of humanity are playing a huge role in destroying under their commands. They look directly at the hosts of the devils but for seeing the body of the human being, they cannot see the demon beasts of Satan that is hidden within them. They pay little, if any, attention to the spirits and the vibrations of these people, which do not lie in support of them by the laws of their existence, and are lost from true awareness of them for getting lost in their eyes, looking at their faces, and listening to their seductive talk, which they have mastered how to use with other body motions as tools to defeat the commoners among the lowly whom they victimize among mankind.

Look at the setup of the governments throughout the world. Most of them are gangster-like in some form of fashion regarding how they conduct their legal business but, for their slyness, they cunningly and, if necessary, by intimidation, escape the anger and dismay of the less powerful people for what they do in wickedness. Throughout the world they have gone beyond the balance in measurements of justice with the trials of power that are given unto them, mostly showing themselves as being without fear or care for being seen in abusing their power over the lesser ones of others whom they control; writing the laws in legality that supports them, whereas they keep themselves in position enough to strong arm the people; doing whatever they feel the need to do in desire to keep themselves set up as the rich and powerful, like writing into law and activating rules and regulations things that are made to be subtly against the people of their nation, in writing for themselves what they will never allow to be written for the masses whom they control.

Unfortunately, for the people in general, they cannot see any way through the evils to which they have allowed themselves to become subjected under the hands of the powerful men and djinn of mankind for not looking in the True Direction of Ahezaah, which is looking in at themselves, at their minds, hearts and souls, and having them under The Purification of The Christ. But no…no way! They would rather ignore The Light of Ahezaah in Truth and Wisdom and look to the demons that they have allowed to control their minds, for guidance. The same demons within mankind that have set up this opposition to The Lord El Being The One in number and Its’ Angels Being number three under the education of The Unseen in Spirituality. They are aware as to what the number 13 represents, and how those of it stand against them; nevertheless, they turn what they are aware of upside down, inside out, and backwards to confuse the people in general among mankind.

How many millions of creatures of various kinds must fall dead from the skies, seas, and lands today for the general population of people to turn away from the powerful men and djinn looking for reasons and turn to Us for validation about the Signs of The Time of This Day of Revelation? How many human beings must suffer the curses of this world, and see the human family being decimated by the hands of the hidden demons in mankind among the powerful men and djinn, before they turn to Us for confirmation about This Hour of the Promised Apocalypse? How many more of the signs of confusion and excuses that are needed in falsehood can mankind among the lowly take from the men and djinn before exploding in their demands for true answers about the world being taken down by The Hands of The Lord of The Throne through Us of The Unseen in Our decimating worlds of mankind through Nature and what We Design as being offensively unnatural?

Soon, in manners similar to those of the east, the people on the west side of the world will cry out for justice and mercy from the powerful men and djinn who could never give either to them. The leaders of this nation will soon run out of space and places to hide how they keep the realm of their world free and strong in separation from the worlds of their citizens who are subjected to their shenanigans. They will be unable to hide the fact that they have commanded to people in general to live under different rules of their justice system, and the people will be made to weep and wail at the feet of the powerful men and djinn, begging to have what the Statute of Liberty supposedly stands for, situated in the waters of the State of New Jersey USA but fought over and falsely claimed by the people of the State of New York USA; and in light of this act, with others of their deceit, it stands for the falsehood of the deceit that has been marketed by the government and its ruling body of people that have established this nation off of murder, tyranny, slavery, and racism; things that are highly denied by the class of people that descend the guilty, and their best slaves whose offspring are being allowed to spring off into a sense of success that is actually used against them and others of the lowly masses of the poor and subjugated people in these United States of America.

The One and the Three;

Numbers of The One with Beings that the people will never see


In this world of physicality

The Number of The Thing We Call Eternity

The Infinity That Forever Be

With Its’ Spirits locked down at The Number Three

That should be held with The One Faithfully

With every Chosen One among mankind to be

Raised of The Holy

In The One’s Mercy for humanity

Go on mankind. Enjoy yourselves for a little while longer with your spoils of war. Soon you all will see things like what was seen by the people of Moses and the Pharaohs of Egypt, Noah and those Lot. You will know what Our Lord El Promised This Messenger concerning what he would experience in The Circles of Its’ Powers. You will know what they of past ages knew and what they saw of The Unseen Being of El in Its’ Powers that It Calls Angels.

We are aware that most of you believe that you are far removed from what We have done in Our Destruction of many generations of minds of your kind before you, believing that you are not like they were, and believing that the powerful men and djinn of these times are more skillful and more powerful in being enough to save you from Us. But they are less than you know! And We are the same as We were in past ages, in being what We are now, in being sent down to Earth Eden in This Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord Most High to serve you Its’ Wrath of Vengeance.

At last, it will be soon that you all will know whether you have been with Us, in more than your claims, or against Us. You all will know as well that a non-action is an action in The Sight of Ahezaah El Amen.

Will you act in sincere support of Our Messenger, this Lowly Lord Servant Holy-Apostle-Deen, or will you stand back to see what happens to him in relations to you doing nothing but acting as though you are innocently uninvolved? Regardless to what you do, Ahezaah Demands that nothing will ever make this Messenger a beggar of you. It is you who needs to beg and be respectful of Us, and it is you who should be concerned about That Which is represented by The Number One, The Number Three, and he who is locked in The Security of El Ahezaah, Snuggled under The Number Two between The All-Powerful One and Its’ Spirits in The Signs of Its’ Power numbered as Three. 13 on the flip side of the devil Satan who wants you all to loath it as it and its demons do, hating what 13 actually represents to them of the unseen fallen ones whose three was taken down to the level of mankind in general on Earth Eden, three sixes, with six being the number of mankind whom they hate was created with The Lord El’s Favor.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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