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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Pens of The Lord El, and The Signs Upon Which The Lord El Writes

With and In The Names of Ahezaah, The Author and The Master of all worlds within the unseen realms of inner being and outside the inner worlds in the materially manifested being of Life, We recite these Words of El’s Divine Dictation.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog # 7

Holy are they that are the Children of Truth, Offspring minds of human beings that are Slain by The Christ and Reborn of It, mentally and spiritually in The Righteous Spirit of El, The Christ Amen;

Holy are they that inherit The Quality of The Christ that is Given by El through the True Process of Divine Enlightenment; those that are Crushed, Seeded, and Nurtured in The Womb of El’s Most Holy High Unit of The Infinite Soul, wherein Life anew is Given to them in Essence of The Righteous Mind of El That Takes them unto Its’ Being and Manifests Its’ Infinite Existence of Mentalities as Being in Part of The Thing of Which they become;

Holy are they that are drawn up into The Power of The Crusher, to suffer The Divine Crushing by The Hand of El-Aah’s Christ, to know their complete dependency upon El, and go realize their helplessness against It;

Holy are they that are Given Divine Sight through The All-Seeing Eye of El Ayn-Amen-Raa and Shown, by Divine Insight, The Pure Clear Light, The Pure Smokeless Fire, and The Endless and Pure Darkness of The Supreme Mystery That Encompasses The Light of Truth in The Commands of The Unfathomable El In The Reality of The Eternal Being Manifesting as The Infinite Living Mind;

Holy are they that have been Brought Up to The Light of Truth, Annihilated, Pulverized, and Scattered in The Holy Supreme Darkness of The Eternal Inner Reality before being Drawn Back into The Light of Christ by The Holy Hands of The Almighty in Its’ Purification of them, in being Made Whole and Purely Related to El by El’s Essence of Truth and their mental awareness of It;

Holy are they that have been Purified by The Fire and The Water of Truth, and Immersed in The Baptism of The Divine Womb of The Supreme Soul of The Ultimate Mystery That Is El, The Pure and The Holy in both The Light and The Darkness, in being Reborn of The Holy Christ in The Light of The Truth, and Made to Know an Endowment Given unto them by The Unseen Holy Mystery in this world;

Holy are they that are Undressed of the clothing of this lowly life mentality of the physically material realms of being, and Divinely Clothed in The Righteous Essence of The Infinite Living Mind of The Eternal Amen;

Holy are they that are Delivered and Saved in being Kept in The Essence of The Righteous in the Security of Its’ Power, Making them Safe in Righteousness With The Holy Righteous Spirit and Mind of El-Aah’s Manifested Presence, when they are returned in the mind of their flesh to Earth Eden as Divined Servants of El;

Holy are they that are Annihilated in The Power of Truth in The Light and Fire of Reality and Brought back down in mind to Earth Eden as true witnesses and bearers of The Light of Truth in the flesh realm of humanity, thus Being of The Holy El, beings that are Labeled as Pens and Signs of The Lord Most High.

Holy are they that are Loved and Possessed by The Holy Good of all worlds, El, The Eternal Inheritor of all things of Life that It Returns to Itself in the forms of Death;

Holy are they that surrender completely in Truth and Faith to The Owner That Possesses and Draws Its’ Most Favored Servants Most Near to It after It Slays and Separates them spiritually and mentally in mind from the charges of evil that are held against them in this world of Earth Eden, Making them Lords by Its’ Union With them, Holy Divined, and At Peace with It and their souls.

The Divinely Raised Prophets of The Holy El are Completely Used by El, thoroughly throughout from both ends of their inner to their outer existences. As The Holy Penman of Its’ Words and The Designer of Its’ Realms, through the Holy Divined Messengers and Prophets, El Writes, and upon them, It Designs Its’ Instrumental Instructions for the hearts and minds of all mankind, among those who will believe.

Because their experiences of being Divinely Uplifted by The Holy El cannot be shared in any way of a resemblance to the things of this world of Earth Eden, the believers and seekers of belief in El being The Truth of this world That has Raised them for Its’ Causes of The Truth must open their hearts and minds to accept the Holy Divined Messengers and Prophets of El by what they can know and use by Divine Law in the feeling of The Faith that comes of The Truth in The Balance of each soul which should be used in the measurements of the Holy Messengers of El’s Words.

El is Merciful and Compassionate to mankind. Despite the fact of Life that El Is The Most Strange and The Furthest Away in extension from all things, It Is The Most Near to all; and, It Mercifully Pinpoints Its’ Decisions and Instructions that It Desires to be followed by the believers among humanity.

As an Immeasurable Favor of El’s, It Creates Divine Covenants and Supreme Names for Its’ Holy High Being of Supremacy That It Sits as The Lord Upon The Thrones of Angels Representing Its’ All in All Power of Being The Holy Eternal Infinite Truth Alone, and It Produces relatable states and stations that are established for the believers of It to truly relate to It in what It Gives as Its’ Favor; so many Favors that mankind deny under ignorance and forgetfulness on a daily basis, denials that can only be numbered absolutely by Our Lord, The Mathematical Originator of Life.

El Ahezaah is The Lord, The Master, The Owner and The True Knower in Real Knowledge of everything created. El should not be dictated to nor disobeyed; nevertheless, mankind dictates, disobeys, and shows Us of The Unseen their determination to be most forgetful of The Truth of El in their attempts to replace It with themselves as lords, masters, and real knowledgeable people who believe that they are true trekkers of Life that should be rewarded with praise, worship, and monetary gains and etceteras for their efforts and false positions. It is people like they whom We have Destroyed under The Commands of El in Its’ Divine Wrath, people who gather unto their false prophets feigning to Truly Be Of Truth, and it is people like they whom We of El’s Angels have come down to Destroy in This Day of Divine Revelation and The Lord’s Retribution;

And as We Write in Drawing up Our Signs of The Truth for all mankind to see, be advised that the Chosen Ones are only few, and they are not labeled among the Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Jains, Atheists, Catholics, the Elite among the Politicians and the Djinn of religions, or any other group of the world that came under labels before This Day among The Chosen of The AHAD (The One and The Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen) as Dictated to Holy-Apostle-Deen by The Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty.

As the world of Earth Eden turns and continues showing Our Natural Course in Divine Destruction of it, you would be smart of Wisdom to look at the writings of Our Messenger, beg The Lord El Ahezaah for the understanding of Its’ Signs, and keep to the path of the way through which they direct you. Our Messenger has been Assigned to reach out to you in three stages thus far; by personal measures, by publicly organized measures, and now by internationally universal measures. It appears to Us that there will not be a fourth way.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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