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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Razing of Earth Eden and the Leveling of Mankind

In The Names of The Almighty El Ahezaah, The Holy Hidden Christ Shiva, The Almighty Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion, The Hidden Reality, The Righteous Judge and The Wrathful Executioner of Judgment, and The True Savior of All, We Recite.

Completed Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blog # 60

Mathematically in Time, and Mathematically On Time, in Being Exact about Its’ numbers of those who will be leveled in Its’ Wrath, by Our Razing of this planet of Earth Eden; This is The Way of Christ!

In falsehood and in ignorance of the Holy Commands of El, billions worship and praise Jesus in the Name of Christ. They take Christ for granted, by refusing to believe that It Is Infinitely More Real than Jesus, a creature of Its’ Imaged Illusions of Life. They are fooled to believe that Jesus is Most Pleased with them for worshipping, praising, and calling out his name and proclaiming him to be the only begotten One of Its’ many Sons of The Righteous Spirit that was Created as Prophets among Humankinds in Heaven that were created to be born of Earth Eden, Put to Death by Divine Measures, and again Raised in The Life of The Holy El-Aah in Holiness on Earth.

Jesus, like all the Sons of The Holy El-Aah, was Mixed with the essence of his Holy Raised and Involved Spirit and Mind with Essence from The Purity of Christ during the Divine Process of him being Put to a Divine Death in being Razed in The Heavenly Pure Circle of Christ.

He was Divinely Enlightened in The Pure Light of The Truth after being Crushed under The Weight of The Real Knowledge of The Truth, Burned to his core of mind in The Smokeless Fire of The Infinite’s Incinerating Flames of The Truth, Given The True Sight Into The Infinite Darkness of The Pure Mystery of El’s Eternal Being, and Introduced to The Terrifying Reality of The Infinite Void. Like others before and after him, in this way he was Divinely Reborn, Pure of The Mental and Spiritual Essence of The Righteous El-Aah, as One of The Children of The Lord of The Throne in his Day in Being Companioned with The Most Holy Unseen Christ and the Holy Powered Spirit of This Archangel Messenger Gabriel, in The Divine Threefold Manifestation of El-Aah’s Edenic Spirit on Earth of The Unseen Reality of The Amen (El-Amen/Infinite Mind) That Made Us Become One Unit of Its’ Earthly Being That It Brings Down to Earth Hidden in Its’ Merciful Signs (Prophets) of Life.

The Lord Demands that mankind does not do what billions of the Christians, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, and others do in falsehood and in ignorance of the Holy Commands of El, by worshipping and praising things other than El-Aah including the raising up of their Scribes, Messengers, and Prophets like what the Muslims have done with Muhaamid in the same way behind the people of the Book and what they did with people like Ezra and Jesus, by proclaiming Muhaamid as being one who is worthy of being Praised in ignorance of Allaah Saying that It Is The Only One Worthy of Praise; they call the Beloved Prophet of Allaah by an unworthy name of Muhammad or Mohammed (One worthy of Praise) instead of the name honored by Muhaamid (One who Praises much) himself, in his act in abundance of praising Ahezaah Amen El-Aah in The Holy Name of It which they know in Arabic as Allaah. They worship and praise death in being martyred and have created a religion of Martyrdom in the false belief that they will be Entered by Us Into Paradise Under The Commands of The Holy Master El-Aah for committing heinous acts of evil in defense of their desires to rule over others and to possess power through the wealth of the material things in the goods of this world. In their praise of Muhaamid, and in their attempts to mimic what they think and believe that they know about him, they have created another false religion of Hadithism. Like the Judaist and the Christians who were a people that were Given Perfect Guidance in The Holy Torah—before their loss and attempt at refashioning what they remembered of it through Ezra, and before they were turned to the branches of religion which they broke off from The Covenants of The Truth to mix with the false religions of their conquerors and the false religions of their personal desires—the Muslims have gone far astray. They became like those of all other religions that came of the people before the advent of Muhaamid, religions fashioned of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and others where mankind has turned them into myths and martial religions based more in false tales and the abilities of mankind to achieve physical acclaim, whereas they claim power about themselves. They religiously claim to overcome Nature in the Forces of Life’s Attributes, which they refer to themselves as having mastered instead of surrendering and bowing down to The Holy Pure and Lone Reality of El’s Itemized Units of Being That Is Independent of them; whereby those Attributes that they recognize of Nature should be acknowledged as Belonging to El-Aah, Whom they should praise for Its’ Mastery and Ownership in Being The Source of Nature and All Power that Raises them up in their lives of achievement. However, they have placed The Owner of Power behind the backs of their minds whereby they seek to be seated in Life ahead of It, and allow other misled people to praise them or follow them for what We Give them as achievements of Life in The Signs of Power, like the Judaist, Christians, and those of others.

Most particularly for the Muslims straying away from the Path in the Way of The Truth of Muhaamid that was Given unto their forefathers as a Trust of Allaah out of Its’ Threefold Covenant with Muhaamid and This Holy Spirit Gabriel, certain numbers of mankind are being Leveled by Us in the cause of Allaah Bringing The Balance of Truth back down to Earth Eden. With them having been the last trustees for the Resource of Guidance in Truth Under The Laws and Orders of El-Aah’s Holy Covenant, which they have thoroughly corrupted for their own desires, this world of Earth Eden is being Razed in El-Aah’s Wrath of Christ.

None of the guilty will be exempt from The Divine Wrath of The Christ Shiva that has been Promised to the Prophets among ancients of the Far and Middle East to come since their times of five thousand and two thousand years ago. No number of the people will go uncounted, and True Justice will be Served as We go about Leveling and Razing mankind and Earth until a time comes when The Holy Commands of El Ahezaah are Given for Us to desist in Our Duties to Destroy as It Wills.

Many of Our Common Divine Messengers were assassinated by people whom The Lord Sent them to in Its’ Mercy and Spirit of The Truth because they showed that they did not agree with the evils of those people and that they were determined to fulfill their Divine Duties to El-Aah. Because of their act of assassinations, many people of their kind thought that they had earned clear and decisive victories against Us, until each of them met with The Lord of The Throne and recognized The Truth and their destination with Hell.

The thing about the disbelievers among mankind that is most relative is that in their determination to reject The Holy El-Aah and Its’ Messengers, they get caught up in wanting to see absolute and undeniable proof of The Lord’s Presence before they take a step towards surrendering to Ahezaah El-Aah, despite what they see and are reminded of about the history of the disbelieving people who were like them. When evidence of The Truth is Made clear to them, they are often too deep into vanity, non-concern, and being blinded by their ignorance and desires for things other than El Ahezaah that they simply refuse to give up. They prefer falling in the unseen line leading to Hell with those of the damned that came before them.

History is again repeating itself in the cycle of This Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord Who Has Come down to Earth in Vengeance as The Almighty Christ. We continuously Warn the seekers of Faith that El, The Holy Almighty is Intimately Involved with This Covenanting Messenger Prophet for This Hour of The Day. We also Warn the rejecters of Faith clearly and fairly about this, but they want more proof than what We have Shown of El’s Divine Involvement of him in a Life of Wisdom that is clearly in sight of them and their ignorance. However, it is too much for most of mankind to believe that El is Within him.

History, history, history, it is again repeating itself with them, Us, and you who observe and surrender to the Commands of Ahezaah in this trial of acceptance that is most difficult for the rejecters of Faith in This Hour of The Day of Revelation, A Day which Opens a New Age in the Days that Our Lord Marks for humanity. It is A Day of The Renaming of The Lord of The Throne of Dominion Who now Masters in Its’ New Name of Ahezaah. Again for the historical records, the people of this world in great numbers today have gone mad. They have gone so mad in great multitudes that everything of evil is seemingly right and fair game that they put themselves in to play against Fate. They play as though they are right with Ahezaah El Amen The Christ, and they believe that The Lord Is Blind when It Comes to Love for them; therefore, The Lord will be Most Forgiving, Forgetful, and Full of Compassion particularly for the people of their common religious beliefs. They also believe, as individuals, that whatever happens of ill in detriment to others will not happen to them, because the devils of their minds that roam their egos have tricked them into believing that they are individually Favored by The Christ, calling It Jesus, because of their membership in the organizations that raise Jesus’ name. They are no different than those that raise the name of Muhaamid in preference over raising The Name of Allaah, and proving this to be true by the way they have penned and published books that are about Muhaamid and his companions’ alleged words about Muhaamid that they hold equal or dearer to themselves than the Unadulterated Holy Qur’aan.

And while they have raised and praised Muhaamid, saying clearly in defiance of Allaah’s Wisdom that he is one worthy of praise, and while they have raised and praised Muhaamid’s companions, and their books of the sayings of hadith for their branched off religion of Hadithism, they have allowed the djinn, who are the greatest coverers of The Words of Truth, to systematically desecrate the Holy Qur’aan in bits of their mistranslations which have aided in the cause of great masses of Muslims to stray away from Allaah’s Wisdom in following the paths of wickedness that they have devised in the name of Allaah and the name of Muhaamid, but mostly in the name of Muhaamid. They are no different now than the people of the Book among their brethren that came before them; those of the Judaized people among their ancient relatives whom they hate and who hate them, in great numbers. They all have made paths of their own and they hate that We Will Not leave them undisturbed about how they have been Favored by The Lord El-Aah and in return they have rejected Parts of The Truth while accepting other Parts and are aware that they were Commanded to accept The Whole of The Truth in The Spirit of The Holy El-Aah, The Amen Allaah. And they wonder why We have opened the earth upon them, flushed them out by pouring the oceans on them, windswept the lands all about them, ripped out what belongs to Ahezaah which they believe belongs to them of the property they locked down by the ground of earth, and those things they settled on top without fasteners as We vacuumed their worlds under the spinning of Our winds. They look and wonder about the fires that We set, hoping that they are not destroyed by the ways We blow Hell in The Wrath of The Christ on them. They also wonder about Us Opening the skies and melting the polar caps of Earth Eden while We continue to build the greater threats of destruction against them; like how We are over running the sinks of their river beds, as We turn the calm of them into the storms of rapids in the rivers running around their homes through their cities in unstoppable forces. And as they see the stars falling from the heavens, the entertainment stars of mankind falling from the great heights of the heavenly illusions that they were raised in by the powerful men and djinn of these United States of America, falling in disgrace, malice, finances, and falling out of the glory and love that the average citizen once kept them, in their minds and hearts, they wonder, ‘is this not relative to the Divine Prophecy of Revelation to John?’ Together in disbelief about what they see and being unable to connect what they have been told about The Coming of This Day of The Divine Wrath of The Christ of El, they wonder and question out loud. They find it most difficult to accept that, since the last three people of The Book of Life have gone down to wickedness in their service to Satan, the Muslims and Christians who have followed behind the people among the Children of Israel who also followed many that came before them, the razing of Earth Eden and the leveling of mankind is necessary because the people are overwhelming the Earth with corruption. Therefore, the world of Earth Eden is due for this Act of The Holy Almighty Lord’s Purification of it by The Christ, and The Power of The Time for The Divine Purification of Earth Eden is here. We Advise you all to take cover under Ahezaah. It is The Only Thing That Can Shelter you.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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