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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Wisdom of Ahezaah, The Lord Wise of All

In The Name of El, The Almighty Being of Absolute Power, The Lord of The Thrones of Sovereignty, The Reality of the Unseen Angels, The Lord of The New Name Ahezaah, The Hidden Reality of The Truth, The Christ of The Divine, The Crusher, The Doer of Wrath In Being The Divine Destroyer, The Compassionate Savior, The Owner of Peace, and The Dispenser of Love, We Recite.

Thursday, June 17, 2011

Blog # 77

Often, many Words of The Truth that were Originally Handed down from Heaven to Earth Eden into the Divinely Raised Beings of The Lord’s human Holy Messengers as Statements for mankind to believe and obey as having been Given in The Merciful Breath of Our Lord Wise were swiftly rejected by the people at large. Great masses of the people have generally accepted what was initially The True Holy Scriptures of El only after The Divine Messengers of them had passed away from this world, and after Those Words of The Wise El-Aah had been misconstrued by the erroneously guided interpreters of them.

For mankind’s ignorance and disrespect of The Lord Most High in acts which have been shown in their blatant misinterpretations of Its’ Words of Wisdom, many generations of vastly misguided people in all races since the time of Adam and Eve’s initial advent in the Garden of The Faithful (Eden/Id-Deen) have suffered dearly in great losses, in losing the Materialized Essence of Wisdom from The Principal Source of All in Reality That is Provided by El, The All Essential and Perfectly Complete Being of the entire creation of Life. It was for their acts, which in turn brought Responses from Us, that they gave cause for Us to Destroy many generations of mankind.

Wisdom has been one of a number of things that are generally taken off line by the rejecters of Faith among mankind in error which cause multitudes to not realize The Infinite Truth in the Essence of Its’ Universally Eternal Being concerning What It Really is of The Truth That Is Manifested in The Breath of El, and for this, people have been educated upon paths that only lead to error, in losses, at their ends. It is the same in similar measures of loss that people incur because of their misconception about the souls of mankind. Many multitudes are led by the Arch-Deceiving Devil to believe that their souls are either in their minds or are their minds, when in fact, the souls of mankind are a separate entity at The Highest Level of their bodies of being which their materialized bodies of earthen essence is attached to by a Life Cord that is similar to the umbilical cord that extends from their mothers body in the womb to them while they are there being nurtured as infants being prepared for Life in this world.

Each of the souls of mankind is Up In The Highest of All Realms in The Infinite Heavens of The Most Secreted and The Darkest Black Realm of The Most Sacred Being’s Reality, Locked Most Securely in The Safe Relationship with their Ever Sustaining Creator. The souls are ever Kept Unmoved in The Possession of The Lord El Under Its’ Strictest Commands, being absolutely obedient and absolutely Fixed in a Complete and Unchangeable Submission to The Creator Which Is The Master of All in All of their worlds of things, living and dead; and the soul of mankind is the one aspect of each individual that is Infinitely Kept in their place of being, speaking in conscience to the minds that are housed in the human beings of their membership. While the minds, hearts and other parts of the bodies of mankind live, die, and are resurrected whenever The Creator Wills for them to again be in mind with their souls, the souls are Never Put to Death, and the Souls are Ever The Voice of Conscience that We Refuse to let mankind escape. The Souls of Life are an Ever-Living Part of The Creator, Existing Nearer to The Creator than any other thing of creation, and it is an aspect of humanity and The Creator Together which the minds of mankind has no power over, in the least of the illusions that are made to seem Most Real to all humanity. The Soul, with and without the mind, heart, and other bodies of being that are housed with the minds of mankind is The Master Link of mankind to The Reality of their being In The Truth of El.

For mankind and all El’s other things with souls, the soul is The Record Keeper of Truth for all mankind in Infinite Proportions, never losing Notes of any measure concerning the records of each individual human being for all the lifetimes they have lived in this world since the beginning of time in creation for humanity among all human-kinds. With the souls of mankind and All’s other things, there is no misunderstanding of The Truth Most Powerfully Manifesting as The Id (El) or The Natural Instinctive Nature of mankind’s minds and how they are to respond to This Reality of The Truth of their minds under the proper operations for the Life of them that are Given by their Creator as Loans to the worlds of things.

By the Divine Laws and Orders of the mind, The Id is Truly The Master El, Continuously Manifesting Its’ Incalculable Number of Electrical Operations of the mind for the bodies of beings that houses the mentalities of them. The Souls of things are the Nearest Instruments of El that are Kept Back in Darkness With El away from The Light of El’s Reality with Intent and Purpose of The Most High Lord Keeping Itself and The Souls from being of the things seen by creatures of the creations over which They Operate Together.

The Id, Being The Unseen Truth of Infinite Mind, is Unaffected by the other units of the mind through which the mental trials of Life are Produced through the Soul, Assembled in Orders with the Soul, Commanded as subordinates to the Soul, and Set Forth in the trials of Life within and outside the worlds of the minds in which they live either in Harmony with the Soul or at War against the soul with the Soul being with The Creator against them.

By following The Wisdom of The Reality of The Id in mankind’s mind the Holy Divined Order that is Created for mankind’s True Success, in which people should be of in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual approach towards The Lord Most High of The Infinite Living Mind of El, mankind can live in Peace with their Souls. The Souls would be more easily Realized of The Truth That that they are mostly of, if they are truly seeking to be reconnected in a Divinely Realized Relationship with The Almighty Reality of All worlds, and their souls.

By people who are not educated enough in Truth to be Truly Aware, True Wisdom is often thought of as being a smart thinker manifesting good choices for worldly successes that are achieved by people when, in fact, True Wisdom is alone, singularly, and specifically, The Holy Divined Guidance of The Lord Wise that is Given to the people of El’s Choices; a Personal Guidance that is Given for those who are Favored, by The Lord Itself, to be Righteously Guided and Raised by It in Its’ Appreciation of them, like those of the Holy Divined Enlightened Ones that Live in The Pure Essence of El, in Power Materialized in Its’ Wisdom for them.

Although many scholars have accepted claim for producing Wisdom from their own thoughts, Wisdom is not something that mankind can arrange, control, or produce from their own minds. Wisdom is neither a thing that is owned by mankind nor a thing that is sustained by mankind. True Wisdom is a Living and Guided Force of The Lord’s Blessings that is beyond any kind of authority that is ever Given by The Lord Most High to any of mankind, with it being a thing that can only be Given and Sustained in Production by The Lord Most High Itself; and, many times for the Greater Causes of The Lord’s Giving in Mercy for humanity, in general, True Wisdom is most often Given In Love from The Lord to Its’ Favored Servants, being a thing for them to share of El’s Wealth in essence of it with those of the blessed servants of El. Therefore, when you hear claims being made by certain people about themselves or of others who are not Holy Enlightened Divine Servants of El, like the Messengers among the Saints and Prophets, beware of them and their leadership, because they are a most dangerous people for being confused by self-deceit and they are most likely to lead people to deadening ends and all kinds of calamities in the paths of their ways of thinking, which is in opposition to True Wisdom.

The True Success of Life in Being With The Lord Most High can be attained through pain and suffering that causes one to give up and surrender to The Lord in true repentance and complete sincerity whereby The Lord Forgives and Draw them Up Into Its’ Mercy of The Righteous Being In Essence of Itself, or by the use of The Lord’s Vehicles of The Holy Divined Covenants through which It Provides The Righteous Essence in Spirits from It to be received and materialized in people in Faith, Belief, Trust, Admiration, Love, Fear, Respect, Patience, Knowledge, Understanding, Tolerance, Acceptance, Wisdom, and The Holy Living Light of The Truth by which to see Universally Outwards and Eternally Inwards Within oneself, seeing by The Light of The Righteous into and The Darkness of The Pure Mystery of The True Reality in Essence by which these Forces of The Good in Life are Provided to the worlds of Creation; and True Success is not a manmade thing of mankind’s devising, like what is given in worldly titles of job opportunities for wage employment, or for the graduation letters of accomplishments that are given to people for worldly educational achievements in things amassed for mankind’s approval of them, things that can be taken away by other people and made useless to those who may have had honor and praise for them.

Those things of this world’s worldly achievements are actually Gifts and/or Curses in the trials of Life that are Given from The Lord Most High for which most of mankind gives credit to other people who only appear to be The Real Givers of the achieved prizes, or credit their own selves for being tricked by others or tricked by their own illusions of being independent of The Creator Who Is Ever Sustaining them. True Success in Life with The Holy Master is in one being Accepted and Received Back Into The Fold of The Eternal Mind and Realizing themselves in True Awareness of Life and The True Reality of The Infinite Living Mind as being Created, Owned, Operated, and Mastered by The Lord of All, in All of theirs, and in All of All other worlds.

Unfortunately for most of mankind, the reception of The Divinely Enlightened Ones of El Ahezaah, by the people in general, is usually very low during the Lifetime of the Messengers being upon Earth in this Garden of Eden (The Faithful/Id-Deen), because of the Messengers being too Real of The Truth for them that are mostly too accustomed to the falsehoods of their lives to accept the differences of The Lord Relating in Its’ Holy Way of Truth. It is usually after the passing of the Divine Messengers when people see that they do not have to answer to the personal being of the Messenger, by which many feel jealousy and envy for the Messenger, and are threatened by their own self-deceit; and by this, they often feel less force against them, making themselves feel less accountable to submitting to The Stringent Words of The Truth in Its’ Essence, Which they cannot sense by reason of any kind as being The Unseen Presence of The Lord El Ahezaah Who Masters them without the affects of the presence of Its’ Messengers.

It is usually after the passing of The Lord’s Messengers that mankind, including those who proclaim true belief of them, set up false perceptions to be believed by the people in general, concerning them, because during the Messenger’s Time of Being in their Divined Presence With The Unseen Almighty Lord of All, the Holy Divined Covenanting Messengers Live in what is materialized of them in Faith, Belief, Trust, Admiration, Love, Fear, Respect, Patience, Knowledge, Understanding, Tolerance, Acceptance, Wisdom, and The Holy Living Light of The Truth by which they see Universally Outwards and Eternally Inwards Within their selves; seeing by The Light of The Righteous El-Aah Hu Ahezaah in Its’ Holy Attributes of Its’ Name of Amon-Raa, and seeing through The Darkness of The Pure Mystery of El’s Truly Secreted Reality in Essence of The Truth in Its’ Attributes Named of Osiris, in Essence of Life that is Materialized by The Creator in these Forces of The Good in Life that are Provided by It, in Mercy, to the worlds of All in Creation.

Because the Holy Divined Covenanted Messengers of El Ahezaah are True of This Life in Living Most Righteously in The Commands and The Controls of The Almighty Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, they are not as easily accepted as they should be. Commonly, the most ignorant ones among the people falsely accuse them of creating cults of new and evil religions to be vehemently rejected, because their mind’s eyes are too blind for them to see by The Light of Raa in The Truth of Amen and The Mysteries of The Purity of The Darkness of Osiris. Instead of following in pursuit of the ancient rejecters of The Faith, being cursed in envy, and held in malice for jealousy, they should accept the Messengers and relish in the fact that they are the ones to whom We Send the Messengers, in El’s Mercy. The Messengers of El Ahezaah should be truly accepted by the people in the way that Nature is accepted by them, because the Truly Divined Messengers of El, in Its’ Holiness, are like the elements of Life in The Hands of The Most Holy; lives being Handled, Manipulated, and Directed like the matters in essence of the atmosphere, fire, earth, and water, in being Directed Immediately By The Lord Most High In Its’ Holy High Forces of the Angels that act in their Service to The Lord Most High in benefits for Its’ Beloved Servants of the Human Beings Divined as Signs of Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Ptah Amon Raa The Christ.

It is under the Righteous Understanding of the above statement that the Messenger is Intimately Referred to by The Lord Most High as a Brother under The Same Father of the elements of Life, Referring to Itself and Its’ Servants among the Messengers among Human Beings and the Natural Elements of Life. They are each kept in The Hands of The Lord of All in Power, each Submitted Completely in Order to The Creator in Its’ Mastery of them, each of them are Guided by The Supreme Being of Mind That Is Not Common to mankind in general, and they are not to be conquered by mankind because of What they Truly Are in The Possession and Use of The Holy Unseen Reality of Life. Any takedown of the Holy Messengers of The Lord is truly a takedown of them by The Master of All Itself, the same as it is with the elements of Life; and any death coming in the passing away of them from this Life is Truly a Transition of Life for them Moving Forward into a Greater Realm of Existence, as they return unto Us in Mind to a Life Hereafter in Holy Resurrections of their spiritual bodies which are formed to house their minds in the Paradisiacal Realms of The Holy High Spirit of El.

Blessed are they that realize that their worlds of being in bodies of minds are not theirs to be owned. Blessed are they that realize The Truth of their existence in being all are Owned by The Originator and Sustainer of Life That Operates Inside and Outside of them; And blessed are they that understand in true reasoning that they are continuously being Performed upon by The Creator and Sustainer of them Who Uses them and All Its’ Being of the other things in Its’ Creations to Mentally Reflect Its’ Ideas and Ideals of Life, as It Forms All of Its’ things of every kind of self, animate and inanimate, by Its’ Commanding Words for them to be, and by Its’ Essence in the Matters of Its’ Mental Stuff of the Natural Elements. Blessed are they that surrender to El Ahezaah Ptah Amon Raa Osiris Allaah in Honor of Its’ Names for Its’ Holy Perfect Attributes of Real Power, and under the Commands of Its’ Infinite Wisdom That Is Given to All of Life from Its’ Infinite Mind.

Verily, the Age of El’s Wisdom is the same of the Timeless Age of Life Itself. Both Wisdom and Life go Hand in Hand of El’s together Forever, with both being Held Beyond Time, which is a unitized thing of creation that was Created by The Creator specifically for Its’ mathematical measurements of Life in Units of Its’ Being in Endlessness.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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