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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Understanding That El, The Creator of All Things, Is Seen Alone by Its’ Acts

In The Holy Raised Divine Spirits of El-Ahezaah, The Creator of all things in both Life and Death, We recite these Words. February 27, 2011 Blog # 4 El, The Lord and Master of all worlds of the universes and minds of all creatures, is seen alone by insight which is given by It to whom and what It wills to have it. There are people who have deluded themselves into a disbelief of El Being The Real Holy Power of Life in Its’ Unseen Reality that Makes all things including them be of a continuous mental existence in mind of Life, Death and the Transitional Movement between the two extreme Centers of Life and Death. El, The Holy Ahezaah, is The Causer and The Affecter that gives Its’ Power to causes and effects in Life, Death, Activity, Inactivity, Time, Space, and Timelessness that is mathematically measured by El or left alone for it to be seen of The Immeasurable Infinite Being of Eternity, with It Being The True Center of Force Operating Unseen at the center of all things. The greatest opponents of these Words of The Truth are they that have not been able to achieve true experiences in levels of The Unseen Realms of Spiritual Being that they can reason with; therefore, they live in true doubt and disbelief of the Messengers of El that clearly deliver The Lord’s Words of Wisdom as clear evidence of Its’ Being with them and them having been Given those experiences by The Lord Most High. As a Prophet of El, the Messenger delivers El’s Prophecy, while making certain that it is proclaimed to the worlds of mankind that the Prophecy is El’s Prophecy and not his or her own. Unfortunately for the disbelievers and those that are influenced by them, the guilty among all kinds of people including the clergy of religions, the intellectuals among the scholars, the educators among the teachers, their governors of their civilizations and the children of their societies are ever actively turning away from The Truth and attempting to turn the minds and hearts of The Lord’s Divine Messengers away from what they are given by Divine Insight and Personal Relationships with El to know of The Truth regarding The Unseen Reality of El. It is they of the disbelievers that refuse to toil with the trials of finding out The Truth of El-Ahezaah that group together in their lowly opinions of the Holy Messengers of El and label them as being deluded and insane without challenging their own minds and hearts with a thorough investigation of the Words of the Messenger’s Divine Message. They are generally short of patience and refuse to surrender themselves to the time needed for things regarding The Unseen manifestations of The Reality to be unfolded for them. Happy with their intent on raising their own selves as gods of their own worlds, they contend against El, Its’ Messengers, and Its’ Wisdom, knowingly and unknowingly while they are either aware or not. Nevertheless, they fall guilty of ignorance and not understanding the fact that El is seen alone by Its’ acts upon Life, Death, and all that is made to exist by El between them. It was Prophesied in the Book of Revelation that in This Day of the Apocalypse the stars would fall from the sky, mountains would be flattened, and ten groups of civilizations that supported the greatest nation of the world would turn in anger against this great nation for their betrayal of them. However, while they look to the skies and at the volcanic mountains, the people in general have a problem with seeing or understanding that the Prophecy of El is about people. While they wait for the great catastrophes of life to occur, they are happening in the inner and outer worlds of mankind. The world of stars (entertainers) among all kinds today are being routinely brought down in the sight of the world by the hands of those that raised them in service against The Wisdom of The Truth, and a number of national leaders that have supported the democracy of the greatest nation of the West have been put down and disgraced in the sight of the people. The great nation wants to rule the world all inclusively and thus the international revolution of people around the world has been put fully into their affect. The people themselves merely want to have a change for the better; therefore, they gather and rally against what they have known for what they have not known, not realizing nor holding any value for the knowledge of the slaves and the descendants of slaves that have suffered under the hands of the djinn in this great democracy. They are the ones of this great democratic nation that can give the best insight to what others are truly rallying for in their revolting against their own kind; but it is these same slaves that are held the lowest in the estimation of the people’s judgment, nationally and internationally, because of the thorough effect of being all but slain by the hands of the beasts hidden in the minds of mankind and kept as the living dead people of these United States of America; whereas, their knowledge of democracy, from their end in effect, holds little if any merit for most people around the world. These people of many names such as African-Americans, Negroes, Colored People, Afrimericans, and etceteras, in affect have no way out of the clutches of Satan’s claws (the powerful men and djinn of this society that rules them) by using the pathways given to them for use by the very people that refuse to truly educate and release them in true liberty from the prison of their evils. However, it is soon that El-Ahezaah will be seen by the multitudes of the ignorant in Its’ Affects of what It Brings to effect as Its’ Divine Wrath upon the people that It has come down from Heaven to Destroy as The Christ Being in The Name of Ahezaah; Destroying them for not upholding Its’ Divine Covenant that was given to mankind through Its’ Past Divine Prophets, and for their ignorance of This Chosen One of El-Ahezaah today. Yes, El-Ahezaah will be seen; however, It will be seen through more than what It has started in bringing down the mountains (the powerful men and djinn among the supporters of the anti-Christ) and the stars (the most celebrated people that are idolized by the fanatics that adore them who are presented by the djinn and used to capture the minds of the general public), and by how It will dreadfully pummel Earth Eden through the Angels of Nature. And, as the worlds of minds are continuing to go berserk throughout the lands, while the great people of democracy sit back and adore the sights in results for the possibilities of capturing the people who are divided against themselves throughout the world, this democratic nation holds little concern that the world of the disgruntled and unruly minds on this side of Earth Eden will not turn in revolt against their house, despite the fact that their house is crumbling down, bit by bit, in the hands of the Capitalists, and despite the fact that there are signs of their own daughters and sons rising in anger and confusion against them and their political positions. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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