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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


What Happened to Elijah’s Nation of Islam?

In The Name of Allaah, Ahezaah, The Holy El-Aah-Hu, The Christ of Amen, The All-Powerful Master and Judge of mankind, We Recite in Holiness as One Unit of El’s Holy Relaters. Monday, March 21, 2011 Blog # 24 Oh Afrimerican People, you United States of America’s slave descendants who are mixed of many races of people, you were Favored by The Lord in El-Aah-Hu-Aum (The-Breath-Essence-Eternal Being) before This Hour of The Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord, and for the combination of your hatred for your own Afrimerican selves and your love for your Caucasian slave-masters’ descendants, you disowned and rejected it for your preference to be favored by mankind among the men and djinn of the Caucasian Americans. In the Name of Allaah, We gave unto you Elijah, the Forerunning Messenger of Allaah as Prophesied in the Holy Book of Malachi before This Divine Coming Down to Earth Eden of The Holy Lord of Power with the Holy Chosen One who has The Book of The New Covenant of El within his being for the world of mankind. We Reminded you of The True Christ El-Aah in Its’ Arabic Name of Allaah, Taught you that It Is The Lord of The Throne; That Which you were taught by your oppressors to address as the so-called “Father God”, the so-called biological “Father of Jesus”, whom you were falsely taught what you love to believe, even unto This Hour of the Apocalypse, is the so-called “only begotten son of God”, which is the same lie mankind has told in the past before Jesus to subdue people for the devil Satan, and the same lie for which great multitudes of mankind has ended up in The Eternal Blaze of The Lord El's Hell. We Gave you a clear passage way and protection for you to become liberated from the Caucasian people and the mental shackles that were attached to your hearts and minds by them, and all of you, save for a very small percentage, rejected what The Lord Gave in Pure Offerings of a worldly sense of freedom and the way of you regaining The Natural Love for your own selves and each other of your own kind. For this Divine Offering of The Christ of El-Aah-Hu-Aum, you falsely charged Our Messenger as being a preacher of hatred, condemned him deeply in your hearts and minds, rejected your True Savior in The Christ El-Aah That Sent him unto you specifically, cursed Its’ Divine Book of the Holy Qur’aan that We Sent down to Muhaamid, the Last Covenanting Prophet of Allaah that came for all mankind before This Day of The New Covenant and the Chosen One of El’s Present Messenger Prophet, raised his students and sons like Malcolm X, aka Maalik Shabazz, Louis Farrakhan, and Wallace Muhammad, aka Waarith D. Mohammed, as equals or greater and believing them to be truer servants than Our Lord’s Messenger. You blatantly trusted Elijah’s obstinate, disgruntled, and disbelieving son about whom many of you heard clear warnings against before the passing of Elijah; Wallace, a most deceitful servant of Satan who struck a private deal against you with the men and djinn of the demon beasts of this world and called himself a Divine Reformer without The True Authority of The Lord of The Throne, a doing of the same as one of his counterparts Louis Farrakhan, the so-called Divine Reminder whose administration has rejected the Meeting with Us and Our True Messenger of The Christ El-Aah, the True Divine Reminder and Holy Apostle of Ahezaah El-Aah Allaah Amen. As a Favor from The Lord El Amen, The Christ of the Jesus whom you all claimed to love and honor as a Son of The Righteous Spirit Reborn of The Christ, by the code of your Christian religion, We Made you the first among all mankind to be of The Holy Inspirited Servants of El in Elijah and This Messenger, Samuel the Divinely Resurrected Prophet of El who was renamed Holy-Apostle-Deen. We related him by lineage to your people and the Indigenous North Americans of the Southern East Coast of these United States of America and raised him up in Our Protection as one of you before revealing that he is Truly One of Us. Great numbers of you in this north eastern region of the United States have rejected him the same as a great multitude throughout the United States rejected Elijah. In your rejection of them you have rejected Us, and the Prophecy of Our Coming was made clear in your Holy Book collected of The Bible Scriptures that you proclaim loving, believing, and worshipping. Unlike Elijah, this Messenger gives you no excuse to reject him for being a Nationalistic Liberator for your race of people whom many of you hate most of your own selves more than any other race of people, preferring to be Caucasians, although his love for you and himself is most evident. While Elijah was one Specifically Raised to call you alone, this Messenger has been Universally Raised to call the entire world of mankind, although most of mankind among all races in the world will frown upon him, preferring to be free of The Lord El to do as they please against Its’ New Holy Covenant for all of mankind. Elijah’s Nation of Islam Organization encompassed many weak believing and fearful people that stood behind the strongest ones of their members in clans that brought fear to many, love to many, self-respect to many, courage to many, and a sense of purpose to many. Unfortunately, for the truth that they came to realize about the tyranny with physical and psychological abuse in the great amount of injustice that was committed against the Afrimerican people by the greatest oppressors in the history of these United States of America, that which We pointed out to them through Elijah, instead of attaching themselves to Allaah in Faith and Trust, they allowed themselves to be overtaken with the outward hatred for Caucasians that overshadowed what they hid of their love and desire for them, and overshadowed what The Lord of The Throne Commanded of them including the Commands to wait for This Messenger and Its’ Unseen Being in Power That was Promised to Be Manifested with and through This Sign of The Lord Most High. Now people ask, what happened to Elijah’s Nation of Islam Organization? They ask and they look at what they are given to believe about Elijah by the enemies of Man, and many of them who live with doubt about Elijah among the Afrimericans bow their heads in shame that they should not have, shame that is produced in them by the manufacturers of evil on Earth Eden, and shame that the worst of their kind, who share an unnatural dislike for themselves and love for other races of people, feed upon as a food of support for their personal perversions of mind and heart. Elijah was never sent to teach Islaam. He was sent to promote the memory of The Laam (El-Aah/Allaah and Islaam/The Laam), to remind the Afrimericans of their selves so that they would again learn how to be of The True Love of themselves, to remind them about what they lost when they were given away by Africans as slaves to the Caucasian American people and the Indigenous American so-called American Indians that eventually followed in the ways of the tormenting American Caucasian oppressors of both races, those of the Afrimericans and the American Indigenous people; he was sent to reveal The Truth to the Afrimerican people that their forefathers were once members of the Path in the Way of Life regarding The Laam (The Knower and The All-Knowing One) of Islaam (The Laam), and to advise them that although the Last Covenanting Prophet of The Laam, before This Day, was Prophet Muhaamid of Mecca Arabia, an Ethiopian-Arab Hashemite African-Arab, one who praised El-Aah much, he did not end the succession of El’s Prophets as falsified by great masses of Muslims. He was Commanded to warn and remind them that We were Coming; that there would be one to come with Allaah and Its’ Divine Book of the New Holy Covenant, and We Are Here! For the Afrimerican people, Elijah asked for physical liberation in these United States of America, asking for only one of the many states to be provided for residence and self-government as a sign of justice, compassion, and mercy for the Afrimericans that were mature and mentally liberated enough to govern their people among those that chose not to stay under the forced oppression of the American Caucasian men and djinn of these United States of America. For this too, he was charged with preaching hatred. For millions of Afrimericans today, not one bit of The Truth of El is taught to them by the Caucasian Americans, nothing is given to them to remind them of The Christ Being The Eternal Being of El Amen Wrapped in A Mental Existence of One of Its’ Almighty Units of Supreme Being, not one historical class of Truth about them being in slavery, stolen and forced out of Africa, robbed of their social and cultural behaviors, their original languages, their memory and history of their actual fore-parents, their actual past places of residence, their identities which some can be recaptured through an act of justice that can be shown by the American Caucasian rulers giving the Afrimericans free DNA testing with true results being made known to each of them, and it is not admitted by the government of these United States of America that the Afrimericans are not truly held as true citizens in the accounts of the Caucasian Americans that wrote and own the Constitutions of these United States of America. There are hundreds of millions of Caucasian Americans that are aware that they are the ones among mankind who alone can liberate the Afrimerican people whom they have locked down in their minds, incarcerated in self-hatred, ignorance, self-denial, praising, loving, worshipping, and wanting to be Caucasians; hating what The Creator has Made of them as human beings, and wanting to be approved of Life by Caucasian Americans, among many that perpetuates hatred for them like Set the devil Satan and its troops of demon beasts perpetuates hatred for mankind, from within and aside from the personal beings of each of mankind. What happened to Elijah’s Nation of Islam? Much happened; however, the results have been sown into the fabric of results, positive and negative, for what has become of these United States of America; one of the results being an imitation Afrimerican President nominated and chosen to be President of these United States of America, one who is truly an African-American President that is living without the least of the Afrimerican experience of the ages being in his DNA, but one that is put up by Caucasian leaders as a false sign to the world that the Afrimericans who are being kept from The Truth of The Christ El-Aah Allaah are truly liberated, a lie which the Caucasian rulers among the elite men and djinn are clearly aware of concerning them and The Lord Most High. Elijah has been wrongly judged by what people judge of those that chose to proclaim being of him. He did not teach hatred, although the results of what he pointed out to people naturally brought hatred to the forefront of their hearts and minds; and by this, many of them acted out in hatred, naturally. It was the perverted ones alone, those that desired the goods of the Caucasian people, and those that desired to be Caucasian that could not stand with Elijah and the Words of Truth that were Sent down to him from Our Lord Almighty about the situations and conditions of mind, heart, and worldly presence of the Caucasian Americans and their slave descending Afrimerican people about whom most are still owned in mind, heart, financial debt of services by them. What happened to Elijah’s Nation of Islam Organization was The Lord of The Throne taking them down for the accounts of the broken laws they committed against themselves; an account which is addressed in the Book of Malachi, 4th chapter, where The Lord had it recorded about Its’ Displeasure for how those that ruled the Nation over the weaker ones, concerning their wages and other social behavior acted, and how It would burn them to stubble. Look deeply into this Book of Malachi, you who were of the Elijah’s Nation of Islaam Organization experience, it is a Book Written for you; and you, if true, will agree that this Scripture of the 4th Chapter is a Letter Personalized to the Members of the Original Nation of Islam Organization. Disobedience, greed, ignorance, disbelief, and a lacking of Spirit from The True Faith of Allaah is what happened to the Nation of Islam. Only The Righteous can uphold a Temple of El for those of The Righteous; and, El Itself Is, Unequivocally, The Righteous; and El has Come Down in The Presence of This Messenger Unseen as The Christ to take Its’ Revenge against all of mankind among the guilty that It will Judge and Execute. No nation is safe from It, Except The Chosen! Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA SHARE


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