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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


What Is The Holy Agreement of The All-Knowing El

In The Name of El-Aah, The Holy Ahezaah, Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion, The All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Hearing Infinite Mind That Creates Mentalities of Life as worlds of things, We Recite.

Completed Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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The Holy Agreement, or The Complete Covenant, of The All-Knowing El, or The All Experiencing El, is The Holy Contract that is Made to be Divine of El, or Made to be Most Highly Raised in The Honor of El, with El Being Truly Recognized and Most Highly Appreciated by those of the believers who live in their acceptance of The Holy El-Aah in All Its’ Holy Supreme Names of Power and Beauty as Being The Holy Creator Who Upholds what It Wills to be Upheld by Its’ Power in Being The All-Powerful Lord of The Throne That Masters the Laws and Orders that It Devises for the Contract and all beings called to be responsible to it.

The Holy El-Aah Empowers Us of The Unseen Angels of Holy Spirits to Operate in Its’ Power of the Contract, for Us to Keep it Raised and Remembered by Its’ Commands that are Manifested to Us In Its’ Holy Supreme Names that include The New Name of Ahezaah for This New Day in Time and Age for mankind, and in Its’ Attributes of Beauty and Power including The All-Being of Itself Being Known as The All of everything That Experiences All of Life in and out of everything created of Its’ Matters in Its’ Essences of Its’ Elements of Life.

In Ahezaah’s Holy Agreement which is Made for mankind, Ahezaah El Demands that It Alone is to Be The Self That Is Recognized and Preserved in minds as the first Law of Nature. It Demands to Be Known as The Holy Real Thing of The All Inclusive Realities for Its’ Being All in All One of All things, Being El, The Originator and The Holy Truth That Is Hidden In Its’ Highest Way of Realities, Wherefrom It Empowers Its’ created forms of Life, and Being The Originator and The Holy Truth That Is Shown in Its’ Lowly Illusive Manifestations that are Enacted Upon Its’ Lower Illusions of beings that seem to be Most Highly Real to Its’ lowly creatures of mind that respond to Its’ Illusions (the creations in Its’ Universes) as though they are The Holy Ultimate of Real Being while they are not but El Reflecting Its’ Being as The Essence and The Source of The Six Senses of Man by Sights, Sounds, Feelings, Tastes, Smells and the Insightful Realization and Recognition of Truth Within, in Being in Touch with Its’ creations of sensory perceptive beings by Its’ Multifarious Existence. Ahezaah El-Aah Wants it Known, by The Words of Its’ New Holy Covenant, by those whom It Favors for their belief, love, faith and sincerity in being active and obedient, that It Is The Holy That Is Still Further Hidden in Its’ Own Actuality of Mystery Wherefrom It Reflects Multifarious Manifestations of Its’ Life Images created in forms that are set before Its’ Mirroring of Life from All Behind The Covers of Its’ Powers. Ahezaah Wants it Known, by The Words of Its’ New Holy Covenant, that It Creates for Its’ Sights to be seen and related to through the senses of all Its’ mental sensing creatures of this Outer Mentality of the Lower Vibratory Physical and Emotional Heart Worlds of Creation, and the Inner Mentality of the Higher and Most Subtle Vibratory Ethereal, Ether and Astral Worlds of Creation; where through both, the higher and the lower, the Spirit World of Actions Permeate from The Highest of the Soul down to The Lowest of the Flesh and Returns back and forth in Services to The Master of mankind as the Messenger of these inner and outer realms of mankind’s being of their individual existences; and Ahezaah Wants it Known that of The All, in both, the Lower Realms and the Higher Realms, Ahezaah Is Equally, and Alone, The Source and Force in The Reality of The Divine and Universal Laws and Orders That Owns All Powers in Light and Darkness.

The Lord’s Contract of Agreement, or The Holy Covenant of Ahezaah states The Lord’s Demands that you who believe must seek to realize that The All of Everything Is Really El, The Perfectly Right One in Being Real and Complete of Everything; Ubiquitous and Completely Multifarious in Its’ Mental Being, Which is Shown in Its’ Varying Creation of things. It is not a misunderstanding on the part of This Holy Messenger that We, Under The Holy Commands of Ahezaah rule that he says these things in these ways pertaining to The Holy Eternal El, Which Is The Infinite Mind and Master Amen; That By Which All things are Imaged as creation, and Given mindsets, or worlds of mentalities to live in, by and under. He is Divinely Educated and Given Clear Sight with Divine Insight about The Holy Units of El’s Existence of Hu (Essences) and Allaah (The All of Life Giving Breath) Truly Being All of One (Ahad) El-Aah, as It is Clearly Expressed in Chapter One-Hundred Twelve (112) of the Holy Qur’aan of Muhaamid called The Unity (Al Ikhlaas), about which people throughout the ages of time, since long before the Divine Advent of Prophet Muhaamid, erred in separating El in their lack of insight, believing that All in what El Did through what It Creates, Owns, and Controls of Nature and Its’ Natural Acts was different beings of Holy Power, Independent of The One El (The One All), Which Is The Many Attributes of The One that they call many Gods of which they saw as being powers that are independent of each other. This straying away from The Ancient Holy Covenants of The Truth of El-Aah has been committed by nations around the world as late as This Day of the Apocalypse; a straying for which We Condemned the Indigenous People of these American Continents and allowed them and their lands, North, Central and South, to be wickedly conquered by some of the most atrocious people in all the world to date, the greatest terrorists of the time that will not hesitate dropping more bombs that are greater than their atom bombs of the past, upon entire nations including the innocent, if certain ones of the worst of them are not firmly held in check by those of their members who display having conscientious objection to their viciousness. The Indigenous People of these Americas among these United States are aware of Huwa Allaahu Ahad (Hu of The Holy Eternal Essence, and El-Aah of The Eternal Breath is One) in Being The Same Thing of All that is, although they became confused about It.

Because of what they could not see of The Holy Unseen El to be encompassed by them in any kind of way for their minds to command in understanding, and because of what they saw as an impossibility to be for anything they knew about themselves and other things of creation, they lost sight in understanding of the Holy Covenant and made it appear through their proclamations and acts of errant worship that The One Holy Being of El was not What We Proclaimed It To Be through the ages of time to humanity; Proclaiming and Reminding by Divine Commands of El, about El Being The One All of The Holy Many That Are Manifested to mankind, and The Innumerable Other Ongoing Ones of The Unknown of El in All of The Infinite Being of Life, Which Is The One El Itself Manifesting Mentally in Its’ Minds of All Mentalities as Being The Many of All by Its’ Acts of Showing and Telling, While Hiding as a Trial of Life for all of mankind, That It Is The One Being That Is in Control of All (Of Itself) in things including every singular part of everything created, With El Proclaiming, through Its’ Messengers, Ownership of All Beings that are truly individual existences created in the Illusions of El, The Real One Thing That Is Hidden in and about the existence of every single one, and every single unit in the many numbers of All (Its’/El’s) things. It is through this Divinely Given Information that knowledge and understanding is Offered by Us, as Signs of The Lord’s Mercy, so that those of you who believe might submit to the path of the way to Come Unto Ahezaah El-Aah in the path of Its’ Agreement, knowing to call upon It for Guidance and every other thing for fulfillment in realization of achievements that are sought as things of success.

El Empowers mankind by Its’ Will under mankind’s number of six. It is a number which represents the six elements in which All of mankind is contained in mental essence of mind; in earth, fire, air, water, iron, and spirit, with The All of Its’ Existence Being of El’s Mind in Its’ Pure Limitless Power to do All in Its’ Infinite Self what is Impossible for any of the other things of Life named creation. It is In, By and Through This Limitless Power That Is Owned by Ahezaah El-Aah that all things are done in Essence of The Elements of The Originator of Nature, Which great masses of confused, not knowing, and ignorant individuals believe and proclaim it to have independence of El-Aah, While We of The Unseen’s Holy Spirited Angels of Might are Commanded in Being The Guides of Nature; something less than Us, of El’s created powers that are Shown in forms and formless beings of Life Happenings affecting all things.

To those that are Favored by El, It Manifests True Knowledge about Nature and The Seventh Elemental Being of mankind being The Holy High in Essence of them; The One Made to Be Recognized of The Truth by those of mankind that are Divinely Unified With El through The Christ Enlightening of their beings, and The One To Reach Up To for help in controlling them in their struggles of Life. We Give them Knowledge with Divine Experiences of El Being, in Essence, The Seventh Element, The Power Manifesting as The Happening, The Source Representing Harmony, or The Balance, or The Heaven of The True Man that is Opened for all mankind that are Divinely Rewarded by El for their service in The Good of El-Aah. It is through each individual actually following by putting their beings at work in and upon the Strict Course of The Holy Agreement That is Standard of The Holy Covenant of El that these things in The Lord’s Divine Education can become known as living parts that are most active on behalf of one’s being. It is not for one to give lip services in expressing their belief that makes them in the slightest way believers. It is through the acts in the deeds and the vibrations of one that Tells The Truth about them. About this, We Guide the Messenger of Ahezaah El Allaah and those that are Blessed in this Favor of The Lord to hear and feel the speaker before listening to them; because of The Divine Law that vibrations are under, they are unable to go against the soul of an individual to be used by them in deceit.

This is only a small bit of information in comparison to what We Have Given in This Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah and the Book of Life that was Descended, from The Seat of The Throne in Heaven, into his body of being, Where We Placed It as a safekeeping for you who believe; The New Holy Covenant of The Lord that has been Opened and Placed in wait for years since the turning of this millennium, which the people called to be helpers of the Messenger of Ahezaah know well. For them, there is a price upon their heads and their hearts, a bounty from The Lord of The Throne that will equal their service to It, the Holy Covenant, and Its’ Messenger, in The Holy Justice of The Lord’s Exacted Divine Judgment of them.

The same will be applied to all of you among mankind who have heard about This Day and The Lord’s Coming Down to Earth Eden, in Its’ Mightiness Unseen, to Be With the Holy Chosen One in This Day of The Lord’s Divine Reckoning.

Accept the New Holy Covenant which encompasses all of the Ancient Covenants including that which the Muslims are destroying themselves and allowing others to destroy of the Sacred Holy Qur’aan. An act for which they and all others of the guilty will be Destroyed when they arrive before The Throne of El in Judgment that multitudes of them now disbelieve will happen to them. They violate the Holy Covenant of El-Aah that was Given to and through Muhaamid from Us, violating the first order of not exchanging or adding to and subtracting from the Holy Qur’aan, which is at the very beginning in Words of the first Holy Chapter of The Holy Qur’aan following The Opening Magnificent Seven Verses of which through Ahezaah El-Aah Allaah Amen, These Seven can be Known by Experience and Understood to Contain the Whole of The Holy Qur’aan succeeding them, by The Lord’s Recital of them to any one of Its’ Beloved True Servants that It Allows Entry through The Opening; something that all of the people who proclaim to believe through what they say out of their wretched mouths, but act not truly and efficiently upon The Clear Way of The Opening of The Path to Allaah by their minds and hearts actions of being in Harmony with The Truth (Allaah). They fight for the causes of land and other materialized things as though those things are The Goal of Allaah, and they wear their Islaam like all others of the Book that came before them, in their dress wear, over indulgence of sweet smelling oils, demanding to be in control of others in violation of The Trust of Allaah, where they should allow others to be at Peace in what they believe is their error if they refuse to accept what they believe is The Words of The Wise In Truth; with them doing what they were instructed by Us to do, by saying kindly to others that reject them, “Might it be that Peace will be upon you; however, to you be your ways and to me be mine”. Instead they try to force their ways of religion upon other people without an attempt at following The Course of The Lord El-Aah, The Wise of all Wisdom that was Given in Mercy to the worlds of mankind in The Divine Covenant of The Holy Qur’aan by The Holy Wise Allaah Itself, turning them and the Hadithism of their philosophies into bad experiences for multitudes of people who become fearful of speaking The Firm Words of The Truth to and against them. Verily, the covenants they hold are not of The One that We Gave unto Our Perfectly Guided Prophet Muhaamid, for the worlds of mankind.

Verily, Allaah Does Not Make an Agreement and then forgets it or botches up on it. It is people that came of The Book of Life before This Day including the Muslims who follow in paths that they are given by the enemies of Man to believe are the paths of Muhaamid that have made a mess of what they use to cover up what We Delivered to Earth Eden of The Covenants, while, like the devil’s servants that they are, being just like the people of religious paths gone bad before them, they affectively run to and fro for the devil in every direction calling everyone that disagrees with them in their wickedness kafirs, which is translated as infidels, or the people who do not believe in what they falsely represent as the True Religion, which most of them are unaware of, and which the others of them disbelieve and refuse to follow the rigid and freer flowing course of Islaam in The Balance of it, for it being too Strict in The Realness of El, The Holy Righteous in the Signs of Righteousness for them!

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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