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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


What Now?

Sunday, March 13, 2011 Blog # 17 What now oh people? What will you do now that you see what is continuing to happen to Earth Eden in Our effects through what you relate to as natural catastrophes that are affecting the people in all nations of the world? What will you do next oh citizens of these United States of America, you great nation of Christians, Jews, Atheists, and bullying or slick talking Political Gangsters that act much in false claims of ruling in the name God in confusing the masses of your subjugated citizens about this imaginary god of yours maybe being Our Master, The Christ Amen, The One Holy Power That Overtook and Blessed the Divinely Enlightened Holy Mystical Prophets, like Jesus and Moses and others whom the people are fond of, while hiding your true positions whereby most of you are actually against them, in being more about ruling over them and acquiring wealth through them; hiding behind your inspiring speeches incorporating many lies, and using your dress attire and cosmetic makeup to help you seduce them; like your suits and ties and other costumes, and your hygienic adornment which you are particular about in your use of cosmetics and the shaving of your facial and body hair to change your appearance for the cause of seducing the unaware victims that you constantly prey upon in the use of your legal positions of office? It is your makeup that makes the lowly comfortable about you while at the same time fear you for your threat of using your legal powers against them. Many of them see you being hardly different in your ways and judgments than what they heard about your forefathers who lived in Europe during the medieval times. What will you do, now that you see Christ El-Aah Shiva Amen Eeyaah Unseen In Its’ Wrath of Angels tearing down the land beneath your feet on all sides and within the land that you wrongfully possess of Its’ world, as though it belongs to you? Will you continue propagating false beliefs and insinuations concerning Us of The Unseen El and Our Messenger and his people among those who prefer Us in Realism over you? Will you continue to do harm against them as though We are unseeing of you acting in your open and hidden acts of evil against them and all other people including the needy among the lowly of your own kind; with you acting and not being for real in ways that you project a kindly more humane being in support of human welfare, which is not really you? Will you continue to act as though We do not exist, and continue on in making it seem as though you are beings in possession of The Greatest Power on Earth Eden, beguiling others and your own selves while lying in The Sight of Ahezaah El Amen and Its’ Unseen Almighty Presence, and falsely propagating Our beloved servant Jesus as being your Savior and The Lord El which some of you refer to by your Tetragrammaton as YHWH, as The Divinely Favoring Master that still Favors your people over all others even unto This Day, despite the fact that multitudes of your people stand firm in crookedness against what is Divinely Commanded of you? And what of you Hindus, Muslims, Taoists, Buddhists and others of the many faiths and/or other faithless beings among all races of people on all sides of the hemispheres of Earth Eden, east and west of the prime meridian, and north and south of the equator; what are your plans? Will you continue vying through capitalist means for greater wealth and power over the meek and humble or continue to wage wicked wars in deadly battles to join those that are more powerful and the greatest rejecters of The Lord Most High although they are well established upon their thrones of worldly glory in the crowds of the nobles in all the great nations? Will you continue to place science and electronics and their scientists over The Holy El as though they and those things, which The Lord El Gives unto them as Its’ loans of Life, or Its’ gifts of discoveries, hold the answer to The True Success of Life for mankind? Verily, mankind has destroyed much of the world through those things for the people’s mental and physical misuse of them. As you beguile the lowly unaware people that worship you because of your antics, you create a severing between your soul and heart that your mind will never be made capable of mending, despite how much you believe yourselves to be masters, or want the lowly commoners to think and believe that you are! We of The Unseen Powers are The Doers in the acts of Nature! We of The Unseen El-Aah-Hu Ahezaah Amen, The Christ Shiva Allaah Who has begun making the Forces of Us in Nature act more terrible in being against you all of humanity except for the Chosen Ones of Divine Favor and El Ahezaah’s Grace, like This Messenger whom Allaah El Ahezaah refers to as Its’ Beloved Jewel, Its’ Pearl that It has Loaned to mankind on Earth as a Divine Gift. You can act foolish in going against Our Lord’s Advisements, if you want, and Ahezaah will act as though all things are good for you, until It suddenly brings down Its’ Wrath of Us upon you! You can act as though Our Promises and Warnings in the Book of Revelation are not real, and ignore what you see now of Life in action for your living and dying that is clearly relative to what Our Lord sent down thousands of years ago, and Ahezaah will act as though all things are good for you, until It suddenly brings down Its’ Wrath of Us upon you! You can act as though This Messenger is off balance and continue taking up time with the great multitudes of false prophets for your entertainment, if you want, and Ahezaah will act as though all things are good for you, until It suddenly brings down Its’ Wrath of Us upon you! You have been advised by Us for all times as to what to do to be in Favor with The Lord Most High. However, in This Final Period for things to be as they have been for those that rule over the lands and people of Earth Eden, and for those of you that bow down to them instead of The Reality of Amen El Ahezaah, Our Messenger is on Loan to you. His time is limited and you are advised to take advantage of it, before We Draw him Back Up to Us in The Realms of The Eternal Mind. For then, all of those false proclaimers of The Truth that says that Prophet Muhaamid will always be the Last and Final Prophet of El-Aah, that Jesus is all that they need as a Savior, that man is The Supreme Being of Earth Eden and Life itself, that The Eternal Being Chose them and their people exclusively for all times over all other races of people, that man can become God and Master of himself through Divine Enlightenment, that there is no El, no master over man’s mind, all of those and all of you that fabricate imaginary things for your use in seeking to escape The Lord El and Its’ Divine Commandments, or to prey upon others, you will find that you have taken your positions in the trials of Life on the opposing side of The Truth! For this, not even Death will hide you from Us in The Wrath of Our Lord. The Clarity of The Truth about This Hour of The Day can be heard through This Messenger of Ahezaah. Choose as you will in this store of Life, and then come and pay the price that is charged for your choices. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen, MPA SHARE


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