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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Who Stands to Gain, Who Stands to Lose and Who, is Automatically Triumphant

In The Name of El-Aah, The Holy Ahezaah, The Almighty Lord of The Eternal Throne of Dominion, The All-Knowing Protector, The All-Seeing Guide, The All-Hearing Infinite Mind That Creates Mentalities of Life as worlds of things, We Recite.

Completed Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog # 52

A woman from Brooklyn, New York, approached the Messenger after We Laid his hands on her back at her request for him to help her and, by The Lord’s Power, We stopped the excruciating pain that she was suffering. Despite Our Lord’s favor for her, vehemently she said to him without blinking an eye, “I will never believe that you are Allaah’s Messenger Prophet” as though he was trying to convince her that he was while he was not.

This happened after she had acquired a prideful position of being labeled a wise mother of a community of Muslims who believed that she in her elderly years was then wise of Allaah for her experiences, and supported her in her dislike for the Messenger, years after the Messenger had tried to help her and others by Warning them about a harmful trial they were about to encounter; she and other members of a small Sufi studies group whom Our Messenger had associated with for thirteen years in the Greater Newark Area of New Jersey, before she and most of them decided to go against what We Gave him of True Wisdom for them to hear as Warnings from Allaah.

It happened that they were determined to go into a mixed rural and mountainous wilderness of Upstate New York to attempt to create a haven of their own, which they were told by their leader, who was also from Brooklyn, New York, and one whom The Messenger tried to protect them from, would be Heaven on Earth for all of them that would put their trust in Allaah and follow him, against Our Warnings.

Their leader, who falsely proclaimed to be a True Sufi and dressed up his falsehood by the covers of information that he attained through the reading of thousands of books, painted up the most beautiful pictures in his words for their imagination about their supposed Heaven on Earth, while the Messenger, who was a Real Sufi Enlightened by The Christ of El-Aah, darkened those views by what We Gave him in clarity about The Truth, telling them what they had to do for what they would incur in their fantasy of dreams that would certainly turn into nightmares, if they did not properly prepare themselves to go from being urbanites to farmers, and for believing that they could Originate a Holy Heaven on Earth Eden.

All but one of them who for the first time in twelve years of being tutored by the Messenger claimed out loud what he knew was false in his heart, saying that since he was a true student of Our Messenger, if the Messenger was not going with them, he also was not going. Despite what We Knew of his deceit, the Messenger did not add or take anything away from his statement at that time because he had a family with a wife and a number of adolescent children that We Favored. Instead the Messenger allowed his sham to go unchecked, knowing that it was a bad idea for them to go; holding his words until a later time when he addressed the deceitful man in private, admonishing him for his deceit and hypocrisy.

Because of the Messenger’s concerns for them, this group, and especially this woman, was angered about how the Messenger spoke out against their leader uninvitingly on their behalf in showing those concerns, which he did for knowing that they were a blind bunch of followers, and they did not have enough insight to see in their minds anything that was opposing the conditions they would have to live under, as trials from Ahezaah El-Aah Amen, which the leader of them said would be a magnificent journey in The Peace of Allaah that would last a lifetime in happiness for them. They believed that they could will their heaven to be as they visualized it being, and that Our Messenger was not only out of line with them and their leader, but he was misled by believing that he was being Guided By Allaah, in the manner that he had clearly proclaimed to them and the public in general. Unfortunately for them, like most of the great masses of Afrimerican Muslims in these United States of America, they were still Christians in their hearts and minds, which were unconsciously blinded by their emotions about breaking away from their ways in thinking like their immediate parents and the forefathers of their lineage; blinded by what they hide of their failure to escape the ill-effects of the Caucasians’ psychological power over them in their egos, ignorance, and really deep subconscious love that they have for the Caucasian descendants of slave masters who masters them psychologically today like their forefathers mastered their forefathers in the past through brutality in physical and mental slavery, whereby they forced slavery and religion into their psyches, using the Christian religion as a weapon of slavery upon them, which they still do today.

After struggling for a short period of time, living unlawfully in vacated summer homes that were not accommodating to the large group of people they were, they had to live in sectioned off areas of the rooms in houses they used with sheets to create makeshift rooms, and at times some of them snuck into vacant trailer homes that did not belong to them, but were not in use by their owners, slyly planting themselves in way off places in the fields hidden by the woods and by far off distances in order to not be seen by others among the local residents.

Except for one family whose head of household stayed back in the Newark Area working with plans to relocate his postal employment job thirty miles away from where he sent his family to stay with the group; being the only family that eventually secured a lot and a New Trailer Home legally, which he financed in hopes of their dreams of making their Heaven on Earth Eden come true as described by their leader, not long after being there as modern day vagabonds with no way of securing funds enough for their survival. All of them, except for that one family, were forced by hunger to become egg thieves; chicken egg thieves and other kinds of bird egg thieves, it didn’t matter. They also became thieves of fruits, vegetables, and meat, unlawfully taking from the residents’ bird coops, their gardens, fields and homes; sneaking around before the crack of dawn, acting like ninjas, flipping around, crawling, jumping, hiding, grappling in the dirt, and fighting under the cover of darkness to get a meal to ward off their hunger that was rooted and nurtured in the earth and water of their ignorance. What a long running comedy of actual life it was for such ignorant people who suffered much, simply for not listening to Us and for trying to live more outside of themselves, seeking the material things of this world as though those things truly have power to provide heaven for them, than living under Ahezaah’s Signs of Guidance that entail they seek It and Its’ Blessings from within to be guided about outside of themselves in all outer world situations of life.

For this, some of them among the group that journeyed into their fantasy of hopes and dreams took to a false belief about the Messenger having jinxed them by what We Foretold of their adventure and, for that, they held signs that they tried to hide of malice against him, which they have yet to overcome. Therefore, the woman’s vicious way of approaching him to express her temper was understandable to the Messenger who thought that her approach and the adventure of her group going away materially unprepared without a firm knowledge and understanding about what they were going to do, being most ignorant of what the Messenger said would be needed for the difference of them living in the urban city all of their lives and then jumping to the beat of an offbeat drummer who drummed into their psyche a false picture of them producing their own heaven, out of nothing, in the wilderness, was hilarious.

In their ignorance and dismay, for being wrong, some of them turned to calling what We Gave to This Messenger as a Covenant from The Hand of Allaah a cult, and they spread false rumors that he was a deluded individual, despite having been given a number of Signs from Us in regards to The Messenger Being Wisely Guided and a Blessing for them. They went against him proclaiming himself as being a Messenger Prophet of Allaah, and joined other Islaamic groups that sought to do him harm for him taking his Rightful Position With Us and proclaiming his self and Our Messages to the public under The Direct Guidance of Ahezaah El-Aah Allaah Hu Amen.

While most of the group turned away in anger and hatred, which they tried to hide as they went further away from Our Messenger, a few of them that were more mindful of different Signs of The Truth that they remembered being associated with the Messenger, came back in deceit trying to cover their anger and hatred for having to lose money and property on their investments. They chose to come back, out of fear, for what they witnessed happening numerous times to people going against Us, in going against Our Messenger, and for what they experienced personally in Ahezaah Allaah’s Thin Anger for them, for going against Us, they came and have since quietly sat with the Messenger, still fighting the demons of their doubts and disbelief.

It depends upon your approach and your attitude concerning the Messenger of Ahezaah El-Aah, whether you stand to gain or stand to lose, or stand to be of The Triumphant Messenger With Ahezaah who Holds The Power in The Light of True Success.

What that small group experienced is a microcosmic way in happenings when compared to the world and what the multitudes are now experiencing greatly under The All-Powerful Hand of Ahezaah Who Wields Us through the Essence and Elements of Nature in Its’ Wrath that is being Powered in The Forces of The Almighty Lord throughout the world. Closer and closer, Our Signs of Wrath are getting to you who they have not yet touched. You who reject, despite your anger, dismay, disbelief, power in numbered groups, rejection of The New Holy Covenant for not turning away from the named religions of your forefathers, your arrogance for having positions of power over the commoners in the land, religiously and by other social standards politically, the Messenger is the Messenger, regardless to your stance, and Ahezaah is Ahezaah, With and Without the Messenger; however, the Messenger Is Manifested as The Voice Piece Being of Ahezaah, The Pen and Hand Being of Ahezaah, and The Hu Man Being of Ahezaah with The Lord Showing Its’ Mercy by the Messenger manifesting what Ahezaah Desires and Commands Control of in his Telling of things with Us, The Forces Being of Ahezaah.

Whether small, like that delirious group of the attempted heaven makers, or great like the entire seven billion people upon Earth Eden who mostly have gone out of the Balance of their minds, it is All The Same with Ahezaah Amen Wielding Its’ Power. For the efforts Ahezaah Amen Uses in upholding a microscopic creature, it is the same efforts in The Forces that are Used by Ahezaah El to uphold All of the universes in creation together as one of the many. Ahezaah’s Will Must Be Done, for there is no other Real Force in Life, With Ahezaah Being Alone The All-Encompassing Infinite Mind in Essence of Life wherein Ahezaah Never Sleeps, Slumbers nor Forgets. Therefore, you all would be smart to look out of the windows of the inner worlds of yourselves into The Unseen Reality of The All in All of the worlds in this physical plane of being to see what the Messenger Says Of El by the Signs of Us of The Unseen Holy Spirits Destroying in This Hour In The Commands of El, The Almighty Christ, what you should be wary and most fearful of, for It Coming down Aimed at you.

The Messenger is not hateful and he holds compassion for people; however, Ahezaah El-Aah Allaah is First, Foremost, and The Last, in his Life about everything. Whatever Ahezaah Gives of Prophecy for him to proclaim out loud or to whisper, he does. It is the people that stand either to gain or lose by What Ahezaah Wills, and Ahezaah Is The Triumphant One Making This Messenger Triumphant in his service to It, regardless of what people, like that woman and her angered group, say, feel, think, or do.

The Holy Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah Allaah cannot be taken down from his Position of Holiness by the acts of mankind, although there will continue to be great masses of the haters who would hate him down, curse him down, trick him down, beat him down, and do every possible down thing to bring him down from The Holy High Seat of El’s Divine Three-Fold Circle of Holiness that Ahezaah Has Divinely Placed him in Its’ Strength, if they could. Therefore, We advise you to not try Us by following in their pathways of thinking, because you will find a DEAD END down the road in El’s Wrath, just like those of the many others that heard about This Messenger Prophet of El Ahezaah Allaah before you, and thought that they had the power to take him down. It is best that you read, study, and be at Peace with Us, even if you disagree.

In regards to that woman who could not find it in her heart to turn back towards Our Messenger in Peace, We Gave her one more Sign in El Ahezaah Allaah Amen’s Mercy so that she would seriously rethink her position of never supporting The Truth of El-Aah Being With This Messenger whom It Made to be Its’ Holy Prophet for This Day of Revelation, and to stop using her new found illusions in power of influence over the Islaamic Community that respects her as being a wise mother of the community whom they have labeled their Ummi (Mother). We allowed her to find out that the death of her son was one of The Lord’s Prophecies Foretold to the Messenger who We Commanded to reveal to members of her group who had trouble believing until it happened. Because of what they seen as being a devastating tragedy, they feared mentioning anything to this woman for years about the unfortunate Prophecy pertaining to her son.

In Our Sight with great disapproval from Allaah, the woman’s beloved son was being raised in great heights of arrogance by her and the false Sufi leader who used his evil talents of praising people as a weapon to close their eyes and rob them of Life. They were raising a monster to be let loose on people of lesser intellect, and didn’t understand that his gift from Allaah was sorely being twisted and misused. She, her son, and other members of that group were angered about the Messenger vehemently going against the false Sufi’s act of heaping praises upon her son and for doing other things of harm against them of which they were unaware.

In their rejection of Our Messenger Prophet’s heartfelt efforts to save them from the beast of Satan in that false Sufi and in their own beings, the Messenger learned lessons and they, as well, learned lessons; but while the Messenger’s lessons were tiring, they were not painful, like theirs; and as the Messenger Grew In The Divine Light of The Truth through his Life Living Educational Experiences, they were brought down by theirs.

Eventually, the son verbally attacked the Messenger in his anger which was supported by his mother, the false Sufi, and their clan associates among that group, and in following the guidance of the false Sufi, the son demanded that the Messenger Prophet of Ahezaah acknowledge his allege wisdom, respect him as a an accredited student, and give him credit for his arrogantly expressed knowledge.

In the heat of their discussion, while members of the group stood in witness of his words and threatening aggression towards the Messenger, they could not hear Us, nor could they see Our Anger to witness Our Reaction to them. It was then that We Informed the Messenger that the woman’s son would not live long enough to affect some of what he threatened and that the group in general would suffer a great trial from thereon for their support of evil being done against Our Lord’s Beloved Messenger.

We immediately told the Messenger to contain himself in Our Spirit of Harmony, and that he would never see that young man alive, again; because Fate would not allow him to return home safely from a mission he was about to go on, and it would be less time that he had to live than it would take for him to complete a service contract that he signed to be indebted to for a number of years. Six months later Our Angelic Messenger Azrael, the Angel of Death, met up with the young man and brought an end to his arrogance, his threats and his anger against the Messenger, and his mother’s hope for a future of him returning to undo Our Messenger.

Instead of the woman looking into the Signs of Ahezaah even in Its’ Name which she prefers of Allaah, instead of her seeing the Signs of Mercy for herself and accepting the benefit that she could gain for submitting to Ahezaah, even in The Name of Allaah, she became a greater hater and attempted deceiver of Our Messenger and his family, and she grew happy in her evil and arrogance for which she still accepts praises in great heaps from the masses of her community of Muslims who actually believe that she is smart, for not knowing that she rejected True Wisdom and Mercy from The Lord Most High and became truly dumber and Disgraced by The Lord in All Its’ Names of Supreme Being, despite her wealth of experiences with Our Messenger and the things We Made Clear for her to see of The Truth with him, and the falsehood in error with her companions of that Sufi studies group.

In the game of Life, they have all found their way to the amusement park in the Garden of Eden inside of Islaamic Hadithism and in serving their own selfish cause, sliding on a ride going downhill wild and fast. For having so much fun, in their excitement, they cannot see themselves going downhill to a swift end in Reality altogether. Soon the fun and excitement will be over for them, and the amusement park in the Garden of this world of Life will be closed to them. Surely, it will be an eye opening realization for them when they return home unto the life hereafter and find out how much they must pay for their amusement and folly in Our Lord’s Garden of Life.

Holy Is Ahezaah, and Holy is Its’ Messenger Prophet for This Hour of The Day of Revelation; Holy and Divined Triumphantly by Ahezaah, to not be taken down by anyone of mankind.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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