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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


You with Curses and Bad Intentions for Our Messenger Beware!

In The Name of The Holy El-Aah-Hu Ahezaah, The Christ Amen Shiva Allaah, The All-Powerful Master and Judge of all things, The Giver of blessings, curses, and damnation, The Deliverer of Its’ Words, The Holy Hidden Executioner, We Recite in Holiness as One Unit of Divine Relaters. Friday, March 18, 2011 Blog # 21 You with Curses and Bad Intentions for Our Messenger Beware! Many times when the Messenger prepares himself to write, he experiences heavy anxiety with concerns about being correct in his writing, concerns about who it is he is writing to, concerns about the negative reactions of the many disbelieving rejecters of Faith who will hate him, curse him, and manifest or hide their bad intentions for him because of what he is Commanded by Us to write, concerns about plagiarizers who might steal and twist his words to mean something other than what he is conveying, where they will mislead and hurt others for claiming them as though they are the authors, and with other things he has concerns about making it easy for himself to be understood so that people will be more influenced to be guided aright; and the same many times We Compassionately Remind the Messenger that the pressure is not on him, the writing nor the words are his, and he is merely The Pen of El Ahezaah Amen, Its’ Utensil; therefore, relax. For him being a true human being, true to The Lord El-Aah, meek and humbled in his mind and heart, being as soft as he possibly can be, knowing that he is in The Unseen but All-Knowing Presence of The Lord Most High; therefore, being fearful, respectful, worshipful, and truly sensitive to Ahezaah El-Aah in desiring to be most pleasing to It, he does a lot of damage to himself when he forgets that he is just the Pen, the Messenger, the Relating Voice, the Sign of El, and not a weight bearer of Our Lord’s Message, nor The Originator of what We Write through him, not even for a moment. Ahezaah Loves the Messenger, and It Gives the Messenger Complete Love for It; True Love beyond any illusive world love that he may have for himself, because he is aware of El and a knower of The Truth That El Manifests for him to realize. If not for El Ahezaah Allaah Divinely Strengthening him, he would fail miserably in his physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health for the weight he bears of his Love for El Ahezaah Allaah Amen alone; die, for his Love of El, in this physically manifested world of Life and there would be nothing that We of the Angels of El could do aside from Ahezaah’s Commands to help him. The Messenger is more than close to Ahezaah El Amen Allaah. He is Divinely Intertwined With It, Being Made to Exist As One With It in all the bodies of his human being. He has A Place With Ahezaah El that is Most Private and aside from what We have, which is something that disturbed Satan to no end since the first day of humanity. The Messenger knows not himself in the least of being without Ahezaah El Amen Allaah, knowing It as his Life, Breath, Essence, Mind, and The Source of his Realization and Security in all worlds of his experiences; and what people think they know of him, their beliefs are not really of The Truth. They only know reflections and shadows of The Sunlight of The Truth in him, An Energy of The Supreme Being, Which Is The Same Power of Life Being in all things; therefore, those of you that have hated Samuel, Holy-Apostle-Deen Muslim Mujaahid Rashaad Saleem, the Messenger of Ahezaah, Which Is The Hu, The Aah, and The Light of Allaah Amen Christ, be warned, It Is El Whom you have been hating. The Messenger is like your postman. You might hate to see mail coming from your debtors being carried and delivered to you, but it should be easy for you to realize that any fault of your situation is not due to the deliverers of your mail; the same ones you are most happy to see when good news, like a hefty check that is made payable to you, is being delivered through his or her hands. Many years of dislike, many years of envy, many years of hatred, many years of deceit, many years of spiritual abuse, many years of friendship misuse, many years of negative vibes having to be overcome, many years of belief concerning true love having to be dispelled, many years of being secretly studied by those that have sought to conquer him, and many years of people’s attempts at misleading and destroying him is what the Messenger of Ahezaah El-Aah-Hu-Aum has had to endure, merely for the opportunity to have a true friendship associate. And of those who submitted to giving a semblance of true friendship to him, none of them could get past what We Gave of advantages to them for being of his presence. They were each like the multitudes of people are today with the Gifts of life that Ahezaah El-Aah Gives to them. For the Gifts, they refuse to see El-Aah as The Giver. To them, The Giver is less important than the Gifts. And for this, the Messenger was always put behind them for the advantages they received through being in association with him. Now he proclaims Ahezaah Alone and he is hated for this by those who still want him to put them up before putting up The Lord Most High; including some of his eldest children, his siblings, past and present associates who continue trying to hide and deceive the Messenger, and others among the many who would see him penalized for their desires of him. However, his life is no longer his choice of being to make. All of him in his life has been Taken Up by Allaah Hu Ahezaah Amen Ayn Raa. Be aware and be wary, you who strive to take wrongful advantages of Our Messenger, you who strive to stay near to him for your own selfish aims that are void of any interest of good for him and Ahezaah, The All-Knowing and All-Aware Amen, and you who refuse to believe that he is of Us of The Unseen Powers of Life; We are beside you, before you, behind you, above, beneath and inside of you, watching, seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, and knowing everything there is to know of you, the same as We are of The Lord’s Messenger while he operates outside of The Divine Three-Fold Circle of Holy Union as a man among mankind; and under these conditions, We are the Messenger’s Protectors going forth and coming in from all directions, Under The Holy Divined Commands of Ahezaah El-Aah Amen-Raa Christ Allaah, The Holy At-Taa-Haa Amen, The Complete Perfect Guide of The Infinite Mind of The Eternal Mentality, for the Messenger. None of you among mankind or the demon beasts of Satan has a win or any possibility of a win against this Messenger of El. Not in This Day! As assuredly as We flip earth inside out, We will flip each of you inside and out for trying to bring harm to This Messenger; and We will let it be known to you, including people of his lineage for whom he has had love, that We are the Great Threat to Earth Eden and its occupants, more than what you imagine concerning the aliens that are hovering over your worlds, taking humans in for their experiments, and treating mankind like mankind treats lab rats. We are Angels Over them and you of humanity; and for Us, there is no difference in Our Commands of Power that We are Given Over all creatures and creations Created and Sustained by The Creator El, beneath Us. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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