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Taken from Component #49: The Way of Islaam
s.o.w. 186-191

"Ahezaah Has Created and Established that man is one stage above the woman in
the natural order of human creation. The matter of this is left with Ahezaah, and
those who have been Given True understanding accepts and obeys Ahezaah’s
Wisdom in this as Law. Verily, this Law does not imply that man is better or
preferred by Ahezaah over woman in all affairs in the communities of mankind.
Verily, most people are unaware that man and woman are equally dependent upon
Ahezaah. The responsibilities of man is heightened under the natural order of
humanity as well, and each party should seek of Ahezaah and the Balance of
Wisdom in regards to marriage and personal or impersonal interactions between
opposite genders.

Oppression is against the Law of Islaam, and those who practice oppression are
disfavored in the Sight Of Ahezaah and should be fought against at every turn
available upon every level of being that is necessary. No man, women, or child
should oppress another and the cruelties of those empowered over others are to be
abolished whenever opportunities arise for this to be accomplished. All humans are
created equal in the Sight of Ahezaah; and the better of them are they that submit
to righteousness in fear, love, sincerity, hope, trust, belief and are self sacrificial to
Ahezaah Alone in the True Worship of the Supreme and One Lord, Ahezaah. O
ye who believe, lend yourselves to the Greater Good of your communities above
the lesser desires, and do all you can for the development of humanity for the
singular purpose of them worshipping Ahezaah and serving humanity with True

According to
Stage is defined as a single step or degree in a process; a particular phase, period,
position, etc., in a process, development, or series. The origins of the word is First
recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English (noun) from Old French estage (French
étage ), from Vulgar Latin staticum (unattested) “standing place,” equivalent to
stat(us) status + -icum, neuter of -icus -ic

Responsibility is defined as answerable or accountable, as for something within
one's power, control, or management (often followed by to or for)
involving accountability or responsibility, as in having the power to control or
having a capacity for moral decisions and therefore accountable; capable of
rational thought or action.

The Origins of the word is better broken by first Response 1350–1400; (noun)
Middle English: responsory <Old French, derivative of respondre to respond
<Latin respondēre to promise in return, reply, answer, equivalent to re-re- +
spondēre to pledge, promise (see sponsor); (v.) <Latin respondēre

Oppression is defined as the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome,
cruel, or unjust act or instance of oppressing or subjecting to cruel or
unjust impositions or restraints. Origin of oppression is first recorded in 1300–50;
Middle English oppressioun<Middle French <Latin oppressiōn- (stem of
oppressiō) a pressing down, equivalent to oppress(us) (see oppress) + -iōn—ion

Taken from Component #29: THE BELIEVING WOMEN
s.o.w. 1-17

“ Within The Spirit Of These Named Attributes Of Ahezaah, The Beautiful, The
Wise, The Merciful, The Complete Essence, The Source Of Universal and Divine
Breath, The Balancing Factor of all things, The Source Of Sustenance for creation,
The Unifier, The Compeller

Praised Be Ahezaah, The One Entirety Of Wisdom, Who has created pairs of all
things, male and female, as a Sign Of Its’ Own Completeness, although In its’
Completeness Of Being It Is Eternally Beyond all things including that of
masculinity and femininity in male and female.

Praised Be Ahezaah, The Most Exalted in Beauty, Compassion, Joy, and Love
Beyond all of Its’ creatures.

Between a husband and his wives, Ahezaah Is The Reality of Love’s Spirit that is
Given between and within them. Ahezaah Is The Solidifier of true marriage
between them, The Giver, Sustainer, and Protector of Its’ True Love for them.

O humanity, be aware of your references to Ahezaah, The Complete and Perfect
Being, when you announce It as Being He or She.

Ahezaah Is The Absolute Source of Life as is realized by humanity and The Truth
of all things thereof. Ahezaah Is Whole, Pure, Complete, Real, and The Truth Of
Holiness, and not half! Such as what would be implied by the terminology of he or

The True Religion of Islaam is Most Beautiful, and Full of Reward. It has Law and
Order that is of Complete Wisdom, and like a well-balanced marriage, Islaam was
never meant to be a male dominated religion. Ahezaah rejects that imposition upon The Religion because of it being an impure contribution offered to those of the religion by those who err despite the Offering of Ahezaah In The Faith By Its’ Law of Islaam. It is an evil imposition that will never be accepted by those who Are
Truly Of The Righteous.

Remember it was Us, By the Command Of Ahezaah, Who taught the people the
True Religious Doctrines of Islaam Handed Down to Us By The Hand Of

And it has never been said by Us that Islaam was to be dominated by any
gender, but man has always been hard pressed against changing his
inclinations of domineering tendencies over the physically weaker female
counterpart of humanity.
Verily, man has been Given The Command to lead in
The Command of Ahezaah over women but not to command a lead of his own
machinations. And both of them have been Commanded to be obedient to Ahezaah and Its’ Divine Messengers that bring forth Clear Evidence in The Signs of Divine Guidance. Surely, the True Man is better suited to lead than woman, being
encompassed by The Commanded Wisdom of The Lord Most High because that is
what Ahezaah Supports.


There is a Real Beauty In Ahezaah to be discovered by those who realize the Purity
Of Ahezaah in their hearts and in the existence of other beings, while they are
sincere and righteous in their behavior, mental outlook, and insight to worshipping

In the two sides of marriage Ahezaah will reward them with manifold blessings for
their giving in earnest what they receive from the Spirit Of Love. The two sides
being that which is said to be half the religion, which is actually the Union in The
Sacred Trust in the Bond or Covenant of Religion with Ahezaah, and the union of
marriage with The Righteous Being The Bond or Solidifier of marriage between
man and woman.

All that people have to spend in the cause of both types of marriages, which are
Commanded By Ahezaah to be compatible with Truth in the Sacred Trust Of
Ahezaah, should be spent in hopes of gaining Divine Favor. That Favor is
manifested by the Sign of Gains in The Attributes and True Spirit Of Ahezaah.

A believing woman and a believing man equal in surrendering to Ahezaah in The
Spirit Of Purity Pervading Unseen, Over and Within their minds, hearts, spirits,
and flesh are equal in their Soul Connection With The Supreme Soul and will be
equally Admitted to The Paradise on their own merits.


A believing man and a believing woman are of the same thing existing at opposite
ends of the same existence of humanity, and in The Judgment Of The Creator, they are Judged the same.

Why would man promote something other than what Ahezaah Distributes to be
promoted other than for his desire to be independent of Ahezaah and influentially
equal in stature in the minds of others?

Even in man’s speaking and acting in reference to Ahezaah as It Being He for The
Creator and She as a description of Nature’s Forces is a falsehood when applied to the Divine Doctrine of Islaam.

Ahezaah Is The Power and The Glory of all worlds Equally In and Of Itself By
The Total Essence Of Its’ Being. No halves, no divisions of Its’ Complete Power
and One Reality.

Ahezaah Created man one stage above the woman in Its’ Order to bring
about order on the creative life scale of balance in the life of humanity. This
was not done to create male dominance in an unjust manner. It was done for
the benefit of those that keep to obedience in the Order.

We Explained to humanity what Ahezaah Sent down about The Balance between
genders, but the people of mankind hear what they desire to hear in support of
what they desire more often than that which they hear of Ahezaah’s Wisdom that
they might not desire.

During the time of Our beloved Servant Muhaamid, We Delivered his people from
a wretched state of affairs. To them, We Announced the Command Of Ahezaah for
them to return the believing women back to their rightful place of honor in the
communities of the believers, the same as We had done many times before.

Today We again find in a wretched state of affairs, regarding believing women,
those amongst the men and jinn who say they believe in The True Doctrines Of

But it is as though they desire much to return to the barbaric ways that We found
their forefathers in before We Sent down The Book to Muhaamid.

We remind you that it is only those of The Pure in heart that put their complete
trust in Ahezaah, who are truly of The Faithful, and remember Ahezaah much in
all states of their affairs.”

Taken from Component #92:
The Caverns
s.o.w. 116-136

“O ye amongst the believers, be mindful and adhere to the Laws of Ahezaah’s
Divine Code of Ethics set forth for you so that you will grow strong as a solid
community of believers in the One Supreme Lord and that your strength may be


Be aware that of men and women, both are instinctively inclined towards each
other in likeness but the inclinations of the women towards men are greater than
that of men towards women. It only appears that men are more apt to be inclined
towards women because of the natural abilities of women to make it appear as
such. Men, think not that you are truly the great initiators in the hunt for woman
that you have been caused to think of yourselves as being. Verily, you have been
the ones most sought after and the masterful seeking of you by women goes far
beyond your average awareness. They have instinctively beguiled you since the
beginning in times of ages for humanity; for the power of men over women, and
the wretchedness of mankind, it has served them well to appear less in
aggressiveness and power to influence you.

When the first of humanity were established in the Garden on Earth the devil Satan
swiftly discovered that the power in the charms of a woman is greater than that of a man. It also discovered that amongst those two women are most easily seduced by the same factor of charm, which for them is a source of emotional stability and
protection against the more powerful men. Therefore, the devil used their own
source of power against them and those of men that are more gullible to the
seductions of woman than anything else. The same as then when Eve was the first
to be overcome by the devil’s charms and sought Adam by the devil’s guidance,
they remain first in the power of charm, and by that they most often seek out their

prey amongst mankind. It matters not whether that prey be a man, the things in the possession of a man, or things in the possession of someone or something else that a man has the power to attain, women naturally use charm to gain what they desire.

Verily, this is not to say that women are more of evil than men like so many of the
people have erred in saying. There is no more evil in women than men; but of
each, a man and a woman, in those that disbelieve in Ahezaah evil is more
manifest than in those that believe. Both are channels for the source of evil as are
both are channels for The Source Of Good.

And what is truly evil? Evil is being in absence of mind and acts from the True
Source Of Good. Evil is being in opposition to The Righteous by disregard of Its’
Commandments. Evil is being outside of the parameters of The Divine Orders Of
The Divine Laws.

Never Have We Sent down unto mankind a Word From Ahezaah proclaiming evil
to be more dominant in women than in men. But men, many times displaying a
sense of fear – for women’s power that they do not often understand – and their
anger for not being able to control them intellectually, are inclined to cast shadows
over women proclaiming them be more of evil.

It Is Ahezaah, The Master and Guide of mankind Whom man is Commanded to
allow To Be Master and Guide Over them by their pleading, and perception in faith
and belief that It will Respond to their needs by their sincere asking coupled with
their sincere obedience to It By The Way Of Its’ Messengers from amongst Angels
and Humanity and by Its’ Written Law.

Most men exemplify their strengths in the performance of physical prowess to
protect, and their ability to lead by acts of mental strength in their qualities of
reasoning. True men of maturity are generally and instinctively concerned with the
overall safety, security, and outwardly manifested well being of their personal
families and the families of their communities at large.

True women in maturity are generally more so concerned about the inner
emotional and overall mental well being of their husband and other members of
their immediate family members. They are inclined to concern themselves with
their siblings and their family members and other community members at-large.
And whatever position of authority they are placed in their general approache is of
the nature in deeper emotional insight than that of men.

The strength and inclinations of the women are more towards the inner where that
of men are more towards the outer; therefore by them functioning properly
together under Divine Guidance they are capable of becoming like one firm unit in
the Way Of The Good inwardly and outwardly. By Ahezaah they can become one
for all and all for one with each being for Real. Real Is Ahezaah.

Women are most often more intuitive than men are while men are most often more
reasonable than women are. That is because women are more towards the heart
going inward while men are more mentally inclined going outward. By the very
nature of women’s intuition over that of men’s reasoning they tend to exist more in
their hearts while men are more of their own minds and in that We Point Out to
you the opposing force of women in emotionalism and that of men in their egos.

Verily, both are naturally given the nature and instincts of each other but it is by
these avenues that men and women, in opposition to each other or not, whether in
love or hatred, at peace or in times of war, instinctively move for or against each

The operation of the average woman’s wit and strength from the inner avenues is
much greater than that of the average man, the same as that of man’s mental power and physical might that is displayed upon the outer planes of life are often much greater than that of woman’s. Man’s manifestations of power and leadership upon the outer realms of being have caused those that are not Guided By The Master Guide to think that they are maintained in the greater force between them and women while women are ever more inclined to let men think it.

Therefore, since Ahezaah Sent down that man is one stage above woman those that are not Guided are ever inclined to misjudge Ahezaah’s Wisdom in that. The
danger from men that exists for women in general has always been the same since the times of the ancient, and it shall always be as such by the very nature of men and women that are not Rightly Guided. Men that are not Guided in righteousness will continue to dominate – women that allow them to do so – by ego and the threat or act of brute force to display their minds. And women will continue, for what they believe to be in the betterment of their own selves, to let men believe that they are greater in mind than them.

If misguided women are left – Unchecked By Divine Order – to do as they please
with misguided men, they will most often conquer the men outright and take them
into utter lowliness within sensual passion where they are inclined to take them. If
misguided men are left in the same way to do as they please with women they will

most often resort to physical abuse of them again because of their inability to
intellectually control them.

Verily, the guilty that has gone astray amongst the men descending Muhaamid has disallowed their women much in their study of the Holy Qur’aan. Many of them
have taken to the ways of the people of the Book before them who swear that their
women are of evil. Look at those that profess to follow the Torah. They pray to be
protected from their women’s evil as though they are Of The Righteous!

It is not that We say women are evil in pointing this out to you – but it is a Sign of
disorder and self-destruction when woman are allowed for the greater part to
become equal in leadership and outward aggressiveness to that of men. It is the
same when men become passive and less interested in leadership and instinctive
aggressiveness in guiding, securing, and protecting their family and community at-
large from the threats of outside forces.

Verily, Ahezaah Has Decreed in the Divine Book the Order of the Laws that are
natural to the instincts of humanity which It Created in them."

Taken from Component #611:
s.o.w. 1-13

1. Within The Spirit Of These Named Attributes Of Ahezaah, The Merciful, The
Wise, The Knower of all things, The Gatherer, The Sustainer of Life, We Send
down These Words Of Truth in three hundred and forty-one Sayings Of Wisdom
To Be Recited.

2. Ahezaah, The All Knowing and One True Guide,

3. Ahezaah, there is none like unto It,

4. Ahezaah, The Supremely Wise One Without Flaws Of Whom Is Due all praise.

5. In Wisdom, Ahezaah Does all things.

6. It Is In The Light Of Its’ Truth That All Things Of It Are Made Clear In The
Being Of It, The Absolute Reality.

7. It Makes Known What It Is Of It That It Desires For Its’ True Servants to Truly
Know and Things That It Desires For them to Become Truly Aware Of, About It
and their True Selves.

8. It Is Alone In The Light Of Its’ Truth Where the Truly Enlightened Ones
amongst humanity are Re-born and Initiated In Becoming Of The Su-preme Mind and Divine Breath Of The All Aah Hu;

9. The Allaahu Of Reality Whom Says: “I AM THAT OF IT THAT I AM and

OF MY BEING BEYOND ALL THAT IS in the perception of all Created things;

11. IT IS TO MY BEING that all Created things Are Attached and IT IS TO MY



Taken from
Component #611:
s.o.w. 334-341

“None is comparable to Ahezaah, and all of mankind should seek to Be Of the
True Marriage engaged upon only through complete submission to Ahezaah In The Path of The Way Of Real Islaam.

Verily, one third of your religious obligation, which would make you complete is
to Be Married to Ahezaah In The Way That It Chooses for each of you;
The other two thirds are in you:

Binding yourself to right actions on every level of your being to attain to the
Wedding and Its Divine Ceremony in The Light Of Truth,

And then returning unto the presence of mankind as a Divine Servant Of

Your Marriage in Islaam is not Complete until you Become Completely Of
Ahezaah and die of yourselves as you now rationalize yourselves to be. It is not
until then when you come into the Fullness Of The Illuminated Light Of Truth that
you shall Realize the Real Truth Of Eternal Life. Then you shall know what it is to
become like the Sun in The Day and the Full Moon at Night. You shall know the
Way Of Never Forgetting Ahezaah and Ever Being Manifested as Signs That
Points To The Absolutely Real Being Of It in love, respect, praise and complete


You shall then know also, amongst many other Great Wonders, Sight Of That
Which Is Ever Visible and Hidden before the view of all. For Ahezaah Is Ever
Present and Ever Visible for those whom Are Gifted By Ahezaah to Be Aware In
Marriage To The Reality Of Eternal Being That Is Manifested to them in this life.

Taken from Component #204: Wives and Co- 
s.o.w. 8-28

“To believing men, Ahezaah Says: Be kind, considerate, and respectful to each of your wives and honor them according to the Balance of Wisdom. Ahezaah Has Exalted you believers, men over women, one above the other by a degree to
indicate the significance of duty and responsibility in leadership and
organization for family.

Your exalted position does not give you the authority to commit yourselves
to impiety, arrogance, unjust leadership, and disregard for the balance of
family structure in your behavior against them Nor does it denote absolute
power when it come to decision making – Because one that is Of The
Wise fears not the intellectual abilities of his or her spouse but The
Allaahu Alone Is The One Feared by them.

A strong-minded man Guided By The Wise is one that welcomes a very
strong-minded women in marriage who fears Ahezaah, and obeys The
Allaahu and Its’ Messenger as Commanded By Ahezaah. They realize that
the true significance of the female gender is equal to the significance of
male gender but The Allaahu Is The Source and The Provider Of Divine
Law That Keeps Charge of The Orders in The Covenant Sent down
concerning all things of marriage;

Verily, the best of woman are those that fear The Allaahu most and are
most obedient in following The Strict Commandments of The Supreme
Book Sent down in the form of The Divine Covenant Made for the
Chosen Ones.

The best of men are they that fear The Allaahu most and are most
obedient to The Exact Laws and Orders of The Universal and Divine
Religion Chosen By The Allaahu, leading his wives and children, and
being of those that are model citizens for the companions of Islaam;
They are not brutal against their family members or the weaker
people amongst their community;

They fear not listening to The Good Of The Allaahu coming forth
through their wives and /or children whenever they recognize It;

They are ever mindful that no matter what level of stature that they
reach in the minds of others, their stature in the sight of The Allaahu
and those that Truly Believe Is Determined by the Faith That Is Given
unto them By Ahezaah and manifested in their acts, and that they and
each of mankind is completely dependent upon The Allaahu;
In all things they are ever giving praise and recognition to the Allaahu
for The Good of theirs and others accomplishments;
They are ever mindful of The Allaahu, Its’ Messenger, The Divine
Covenant, and the upkeep in The Good Of Supreme Morals concerning
them and others;

They are ever unlikely to be found wanting for shunning their duties and
responsibilities to their wives and children and those that depend upon

They are very responsive to the Call of their soul in conscience
concerning The Real in the upkeep of the Scepter Of Divine Grace
Commanded of them By The Allaahu;

They are ever inclined to do and be of good work in the Names
of The Allaahu in Ahezaah’s Spirit Of Good, recognizing the Goodness
found through honest work; and they are ever mindful that all belongs to
Allaahu including the institutions and the people that hire them for their

They realize that the true significance of the female gender is
equal to the significance of male gender but The Allaahu Is
The Source and The Provider Of Divine Law T hat Keeps
Charge of The Orders in The Covenant Sent down concerning
all things of marriage;

Concerning The Divine Laws and Orders Of The Allaahu , they are firm in their
belief in them and their conduct acted out are acted out by the Order of The Laws;


And they do not allow their wives to take charge wherein they themselves are
Given charge By The Allaahu unless Wisdom Dictates that they should
make of their wives emissaries representing them, their family , and or
their business of all types; The Allaahu’s Exaltation of man by a degree over
the woman does not give men the authority to create a composition of their
own laws for them against the True Spirit of Islaam”

Taken from
Component #29: Believing Women
s.o.w. 24-33

“A woman of Wisdom in marriage is the most superior blessing any believing
husband can attain in a spouse, but he needs to understand what True Wisdom is in the life of mankind. The next best thing to a wife full of wisdom is one who
sincerely believes, fears, obeys, remembers and lays her trust in Ahezaah very
much. One who will make sacred the vows between herself and Ahezaah in the
Divine Covenant and cherish in a righteous manner that which is provided of
material, mental, and spiritual goods.

One who does not worship the goods, but worships Ahezaah Alone and spends out of the things provided by Us solely in the Cause of Ahezaah. One who believes in the Unseen, is prompt in prayers to Ahezaah, protects the goods of her family and reminds her husband and children of Ahezaah. One who obeys Ahezaah and the Messenger of Ahezaah under all conditions and is charitable under the Guidelines of the Divine Law. One who truly understands the Divine Order of Ahezaah creating man one stage above woman, who is obedient to The Spirit Of The Truth and The Righteous when It is displayed by her husband and diligently calls him back to Ahezaah when he errs. One who does not follow her husband in evil knowingly and is an excellent helpmate who supports him in the Way Of The All Good for the sake of their souls in pleasing Ahezaah. One who will seek help from Ahezaah to the utmost in securing divorce no matter how deeply the pains of love might touch her, if her husband completely turns away from Ahezaah where all the Signs point towards him being a disbeliever, rejecter of Faith and destined for Hellfire. Beyond this, any woman who acts contrary to this whether they say they believe or say they do not believe is not to be looked upon as the best choice for marriage to a believing man, even if he adores her for her intellect, beauty, or wealth.”

Taken from Component #49: The Way Of Islaam s.o.w. 237-250

“True men that have Divinely Arrived understand the Real Sense Of Being, By
Reasons within the integrity of their actions or by instinctive nature. They are the
ones that are inclined to move forward in the journey of life’s trials searching for
the things of betterment that will stabilize the foundation of security for themselves and their families.

They are created to be inclined towards things of strength and higher qualities that will be more than sufficient to endure whatever trials that come about in those things that are chosen for their use in securing themselves and their families. Their concerns are generally based in safety, security, and stability for every situation amongst all types of environments and for the Peace Of Ahezaah;

Because of this, man is ever the first amongst humanity to reach upwards in
maturity towards mental awareness of the Supreme Being in life consciously and unconsciously. Verily, for the same reasons and acts by instinctive nature, man also destroys or is ever inclined to destroy himself and multitudes of people and other things.


By reason or instinctive nature, a sincere woman generally follows her husband’s
guidance and the way of his beliefs in search of gaining advantage with him in the realm of their personal ventures of life to improve the quality of it and/or herself, her husband, and their offspring.

Men are created to be in the forefront for the sake of mankind in the Course of the Supreme Cause for humanity. Many times they do not fulfill their appropriate
roles because of their being on the course of rejecting the Wisdom and the Way to the Wisdom Of Ahezaah.

Women that faithfully follow them are inclined to follow them astray if they lose
their way, unless they are firmly grounded in the Supreme Balance of submission
to Wisdom in life overall – Islaam. It is right for the women to be obedient to
Ahezaah and the Divine Messenger Of Ahezaah before all others – including
their husbands! It is wrong for them to follow anyone astray – including their

Women are put to greater trial whenever there is an absence of leadership from
men, especially when there is the task of child rearing involved, although women
are naturally the greater of the two when it comes to the most essential aspects of child rearing.

Mothers are the first teachers of humanity, and it is of the utmost importance that the believing women are aware of being responsible, rightly guided, and
reasonably well balanced in the community of believers. This is so, for the sake
and possibility in likelihood, that a strong and firmly fixed family that worships
The Supreme Being in the True Spirit Of Faith In Ahezaah might continually be
born anew and sustained in the Way Of The Righteous.

O believers, seek Wisdom from Ahezaah in all your choices of marriage the same as you should in all matters of your life; and be free of trying to fulfill the role of a man when there are other ways In the Wisdom of Ahezaah set forth for you.

Be aware that a believing woman from another faction of the Faith of Islaam is
one that follows the Way of the people of the Book before you in correct obedience to The Truth of the Words Sent down aforetime.

She is one that does not set up equals with Ahezaah, is steadfast in prayer and
remembrance of Ahezaah, and exemplifies the higher qualities of righteousness out of the Purity of her heart in trusting Ahezaah.

It is women of these characteristics and qualities that are more apt to understand the Truth of that which has been Sent down By Our Guardian Lord to the most recent Messenger and all those before him.

It is these types of women that are the best of women in all ages and are the best in the bonds of marriage.

They are the ones that turn to Ahezaah in the Full Faith of the Circle of Islaam –
the submission to the Way to Ahezaah In Its’ Spiritual Presence, Wisdom,
Inspiration, Light Of Truth, and all Real Successes – with the people of Ahezaah’s
Immediate Grace once they become aware.”

Taken from Component #84: FOLLOWING THE WAY OF THE CHOSEN
s.o.w. 127-137

“Since the beginning for mankind, the matter of man being one stage above the
women has been in Order as Established by Divine Law.128. O ye of mankind
amongst men and jinn, if you follow The Divine Commands Of Ahezaah, like unto
what Ahezaah Said to Adam and Eve after they had become victimized by their
own disobedience, you will not need to know why to reap The Divine Benefits
Given for your obedience.

You will not have a psychological need for shifting the blame of your own evil
inclinations to that of a woman because of their greater inclinations towards
satisfying their emotional, physical, and psychological desires and signaling for
you to do the same.

Blame them not for the nature of their being. But blame yourself for
following that in evil of what should be following you in Good by the
Establishment of you being made one stage above them. Blame yourselves for
your own lack of total trust in manifesting blind faith by following Ahezaah’s
Commandments without question, and without adding to them from your own
foolish perception.

Why blame the women for their lack of strength in areas that you should excel
them in?

Why blame them when many times you do not manifest the strength to stay
away from the seductions of their beauty and other forms of attractiveness
that you allow yourselves to be held back from Ahezaah’s Command for your
leadership in the family by worshipping it in obedience?

Why blame them, when you do not first stay the Course of Prescribed
Measures That Ahezaah Sends down By Its’ Command for you to obey?

All of man’s love, aspirations, and choices should be for the pleasing, giving, and
service of and to Ahezaah exclusively, in that Ahezaah, The All Knowing Guide In
Its’ Wisdom and Light Of Real Understanding Will Graciously Keep the lives of
mankind In Order With Its’ Divine Laws.135. Those of you who Are Of The Firm
In Faith Are Aware of these Words Being From The Truth, but it is they of lesser
understanding that truly need to begin focusing their faith By The Faith Of
Ahezaah That Is Provided In The Spirit Of Reality.

Verily, every seeker of Truth needs to know that man can only Know By The
Reality Of Knowledge That Is Made Known By Its’ Relations to them in Truth.

It is you who need to maintain yourselves in the Oaths that you have taken between each of you individually and Ahezaah in the Ceremony of the True Marriage To Ahezaah In The Spirit of The Universal Religion Of Truth, the True Al Islaam. It is The Religion of Krishna, Arjuna, Vyasa, Lao-Tse, Guatama, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joseph, Jesus, Muhaamid, and it is Now In The Divine Covenant With Holy-Apostle-Deen.”

Taken from Component #49: The Way Of Islaam
s.o.w. 259-264

“Ahezaah forbids that man takes unto himself his mother, daughters, sisters, or his father’s mother, daughters, and sisters, or the sisters and daughters of his mother in marriage.


Forbidden also is the marrying of women or men who were once married to ones
parents. That is a thing disgusting that will tear apart a community or family from
it’s interior being.

The same is forbidden of one to take into marriage the daughters and sons of one’s brother or sister or to have two sisters together in marriage at the same time.

If marriage between two sisters and the same husband has already occurred
previous to the believers taking their oaths in Islaam, then marriage is to be
allowed because Ahezaah shall incur no fault upon you due to what has already
passed by your lack of knowledge.

Surely, it would be most unwholesome for you who believe to partake of a
marriage that involves wedlock to a sister or brother of a previous spouse while
they live.

The practice of having in marriage two or more blood related sisters, even though it is permissible under those strict guidelines as stated by Law, is a sure way to bring about dissension within the immediate families, and it is there where the destruction of the entire community of mankind”

Taken from Component #49: The Way Of Islaam
s.o.w. 268-303

“Also forbidden to you are them of your foster parents who have raised you or the foster children you have raised as wards under you of whom copulation has
transpired between you and any of their biological parents.”

“It is forbidden for men and woman in the Way Of The Righteous to marry the
unchaste knowingly, and it is forbidden for the unchaste to promote acts relative to their being unchaste in the Assemblage of the Communities of those Assembling with Holy-Apostle-Deen. Acts such as those of the unchaste are abominable in the Sight Of Ahezaah’s Goodness for the people that should not go unpunished by those Of The Righteous. Their acts are seen as obvious disregard for the Divine Laws, which should be ultimately addressed by public announcement if three counts of private consultation fail within the governing Board of Administers. If the guilty continues to fail in their obedience to Ahezaah they are to be expelled from the circle of each community comprising the entire Community of the Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen. By Law they should not be accepted back into the circles comprising those Of The Righteous unless a certain show of integrity is met.”

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