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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Gods, Gods, and More Gods

In The Name of The Creator El, The One Almighty Being of Power Over All of All things, The Lord of The Thrones of Sovereignty Over All in All Angels, The Lord of Dominion Seated in Its’ New Name of Ahezaah, The Hidden Reality of The Truth That Powers The Crushing Christ and All in Its’ Attributes of Infinite Being, The Source, The Essence, and The Doer of Wrath In Being The Divine Destroyer, and The True Holy Savior, We Recite. Thursday, June 9, 2011 Blog # 75 “In God We Trust” is what the people of these United States of America have written on that which the majority of them worship of their money. What are gods? Beyond people’s Imagination, what or who is the god about which they are referring? Some say it is Jesus, others say it is the money with pictures of dead presidents on them, while some say that they themselves are their gods; therefore, it is in the people believing themselves to be the gods whom they trust. Throughout the history of humanity, mankind has fashioned gods in the images of their selves and things that suggest what they have of their desire for power. They have made many gods with purpose but, without reasoning; having a god for this, a god for that, a god for races of humanity and for their colors of flesh and their creeds, a god for every little or great need, gods to befriend, and gods to inflict fear in or upon the hearts and minds of others among their enemies. They create their gods without giving thought to The Lord Wise of Wisdom Who Manifests Its’ Attributes throughout Its’ Functioning of Life through The Powers Which mankind sees as acts of the many gods they devise with names to meet their own needs and desires. Nevertheless, The Lord of The Holy Absolute Power Sends down Its’ Words from Heaven through Its’ Holy Messengers among Human Beings and Angelic Beings about It Being The One Alone That Is Acting In An Impossible Way for every other thing; Acting In The Way That It Is In The Power of Its’ Infinite Mind That Acts Eternally in Multifarious Ways of Splitting Up Its’ Will To Be Everything In Its’ Infinite Mind of Essential Being. Universally and Multifariously Ahezaah Is The Divider in The Division of Life, Acting In The Holy Units of Its’ One Being of All Divisions of Power and Naming Them as Its’ Innumerable Attributes for Reasons through which the mentally cognizant creatures of Earth Eden, the creatures of minds in the Heavens and Paradises, and the creatures of minds in the Hells and Purgatorial realms can identify It as Being The All of Them, Being Alone In Absolute Power. Ahezaah Is The Initial Source and The Infinite Powers of Its’ Endless Attributes That Are Suggestive of Its’ Powers by What Is Made Known of Its’ Names In Being The All Of The One and The Same Holy El of The Infinite Mind That Exists Alone As The Real Thing of Reality for every created thing. It Is In This Way, It Remains Self Established and Absolutely Essential to all creatures of the unaware and the aware beings including mankind, the fallen angels, and the Holy High Angels, and The Essential Power of The Absolute Mind That Is Hidden Under The Coverings of the Seraphim and the Thrones of The Supreme Being That Is The Most High Lord of The Thrones of All in Sovereignty Over All worlds of things. Because It Is The Holy Impossible El Existing as an Impossibility for any other thing to be and to do as It Does, people without Its’ Wisdom in Holy Divined Guidance find It to be The Most Difficult Thing of Life to be believed. They cannot fathom It as Being Alone, and By Itself, The Holy Incredible One In The Power of The Truth That Creates Light, Darkness, and the Worlds within them, and Maintains, Masters, and Guides every single thing of the Worlds of Creation, By Itself, which again is That Feat of The Impossible, Doing what is impossible for any other thing to do; and thus, because those without True Wisdom cannot think beyond their own understanding and their inability to accept things that are not under their control in knowledge, experience, and compatibility with their way of thinking without The Creator and Master of Right Thoughts, they choose what is suggested to them by the Doers of Evil within their own mental beings to believe in. They eschew The Holy All of True Power for the greatest enemies of their human beings, the Devils of Lucifer Iblis Satan. Why does mankind choose so many gods? Why do they choose them to be in opposition to one another? This is because it is the way of the Devil’s suggestion to humanity for mankind’s way of thinking. The Devils of mankind’s mind suggest that mankind create the many gods that they idolize so that the demons of the Devil can be the dividers and the conquering masters over mankind, in and outside of mankind’s physical and mental beings; and, they do this, in order to keep mankind back away from the reach of The Free-Dome (Freedom) of El Ahezaah’s Being wherein they will discover True Liberation enough to be Freed from the clutches and slavery of the Devils of Satan. What are the Attributes of The Creator? The Attributes of The Creator are The Powers of The Creator that are Given to Life and Death, in Time and Timelessness, and Motion for Action and Inaction through the Space of The Eternal and Infinite Being of The Creators Mentalities of Worlds that It Creates in what you see as the Universes, Attributing every kind of Life and every kind of Death and every kind of the Transitions in the Resurrections of things between all kinds of Life and Death by Its’ All-Powerful Mind and It Masterfully Operates through All of Itself In The Forms of Its’ Attributes. Ahezaah’s Attributes are whatever is Attributed to Creation by It in Orders of Its’ Commands for Creation to Exist; and what It Is That Is Attributed by It to the Worlds of Creation Is Everything of The All of Everything, Which Is The Holy One Most High Lord Itself, All That Really Is The Impossible Thing of Absolute Power. This Impossible Thing of Absolute Power Is Absolutely Alone in this Impossible to be conquered world of All Universal things. Nothing except It can Be The Power, The Reality, The Imprisonment That Keeps All of Its’ things of Creation Imprisoned in It, and nothing except It can Be Free and Freer in The Infinite Extremes, Living As The Powering Mind That Creates All these worlds in The Mental Makeup of Its’ Own Being, Manifesting Life, Time, Motion, Space, Essence of Matters, and Minds as Mental Creation and nothing more or less from Its’ Own Self in Thoughts Formed of Its’ Holy Mental Essence of Being. Of course, being that mankind is short of True Knowledge, True Wisdom, and True Understanding for being short of Companioning with The Truth of Reality, creation to mankind is held as being more than the thoughts of The Creator. They hold the Idea of The Thoughts of The Creator as being something less than what is actually manifested in Living Proof as things of Life; not realizing that nothing can be more than The Creator’s Thoughts, whether or not They are Brought to Created Forms or Formless Existences in the time of people being made aware of them. Mankind believes that they, themselves, are the most Real Thing of things, more Real than they Really are or Really can be, the same as they believe that the Universal Creation is somewhat independent of The Creator, and the same way that some of the most blind ones believe and see themselves as being gods in The Nature of Power That Belongs to Ahezaah; therefore, they attribute things about themselves to a belief of their own power, despite their knowledge of not having control over what is Manifested about them by The Creator. Even if they sense The Presence of The Creator That Masters them, they attribute what they sense to a lesser thing and take credit for their own existence. Verily, they act as the greatest fools of the devil Lucifer, acting against Us and against their own souls, when they recognize that they do not have control over Time, Space, Thoughts and the Motions of Life upon which they can only try to enforce their wills to make it seem as though they are the masters, the gods, the owners of power over their own existences. For minds like theirs, it seems to be an impossible feat for the servants of Ahezaah among mankind to turn them around in their confusion to The Holy Truth of Ahezaah El-Aah Hu Amon Raa Who Is Ever Unseen In Its’ Acts of Doing what It Does to Empower All in the things of Life including them. They would rather bow down in praise, worship, and in awe of things that are Formed of Creation by The Hands of The Creator, things which are Continuously Being Operated by Us in The Power and The Control of The Master of The Throne of Dominion Over All Worlds of things, like Nature. For the Heavens, the Earths, the Hells, the Paradises, the Stations of Purgatory, the Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Etheric, Ethereal, and Heart and Soul, Personally and Universally, there is Only One Master Creator and Real Being That Can Claim to Be God of them all, although It Never Desired to Call Itself God for humanity, which is a thing of the devil Satan, this god thing, whereby mankind and the devils of Satan seek to associate themselves with The Creator’s Power. We Are The True Witnesses of The Creator, Witnessing that It is The One That Creates thoughts for all things of Life that We Deliver into the being of minds including human beings. We Are Also The True Witnesses of The Creator, Witnessing that The Creator is The Force of Life in The Essence of Power That We Deliver in Nature to Naturally Empower the things of Life including human beings. We Are as well The True Witnesses of you all among mankind, Witnessing that you receive thoughts from The Creator through Us in Our Delivery that you claim as your own; and We Witness mankind taking and possessing the ideas of Life that are Given to humanity from The Creator Who Creates even through you, for your survival. We Know and Dislike you for your waywardness, as We Witness you claiming those ideas for your own selves, capitalizing upon them by causing others to suffer by your arrogance, and believing that you are The Masters of your minds and proclaiming yourselves to be independent gods for what you are Allowed and Led to accomplish by The Commands of The Creator for you to construct of those ideas. It is all but a trial of this Life by which you will be Judged in the Next Life that most of you cannot relate. Nevertheless, in the Next Life of the Hereafter you will find that your gods of this world were all illusions that were Empowered for you by The Lord of The Throne because you chose for them to be the things of which you preferred to worship. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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