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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


Life After Death

In The Name of Ahezaah, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The Holy El-Aah Christ of Heaven, The Holy Eeyaah Christ of Hell, The Holy Peace of Paradise, The Complete of Essence, Being The Holy Purifier of Life and Death, We Recite.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog # 31

For you who believe in an aspect of Life to come for you after you pass away from this world of Life into the pathways of Death, be mindful of your acts before you unexpectedly be thrust forward to The Throne of Ahezaah El-Aah’s Judgment; and remember, in Death, there you will still live. For you who believe not and refuse to agree in reasoning with Our Lord’s many Divine Messengers who have known of the passing away into the Life Hereafter and related much about their inner realm experiences that The Lord and Master of all worlds gave unto them for greater knowledge and awareness before they met a finality in the physical end to this world in a meeting with the Angel of Death, it matters not what you think or believe. The Ever-Living Mind Manifesting in The Ultimate Person of The Supreme Being of The Throne of Sovereignty will prove to you as It will to all others that It Is Life and Death and All in All That Is Real Between Each Reality of Its’ Superlative and Unfathomable Being; and in Its’ Holy Proofing, you will be the lone instrument used to grind down the mountains of your ignorance for clear evidence of The Truth, which every human being will come to know without confusion in their passing away from this Life of The Hu, The Creator El’s materialized illusions that are manifested in The Essence of Its’ Ever-Present Being, Which is Ever-Hidden from the actual sight of all creatures as a Sign of Its’ Mercy for all beings that would never be capable of managing any Real Sight of It.

We said through Enoch, the renowned Hermes Trismegistus, aka Thoth, Djehuty and Idris , the Holy Messenger of El-Amen Raa, that El-Aah-Hu-Aum, The (El) Infinite Reality of Breath (Aah) and Essence (Hu) that is First, Foremost, Last, Innermost, Outermost, Uppermost, Lowest, and Highest in Being The Greatest and The Absolutely Independent One Alone in and aside from everything (Aum), Being The Real Essential Existence of Power (El), is The Only Real Thing That Is. Mankind and all other creations are illusions to Its’ Real Being, Which It Reflects in The Light and The Darkness of Its’ Essence that It Makes to Mark Its’ Power That Is Generated by It for It to Manifest as To Be or To Not Be, the same as Its’ Manifestation of Being in the Fullness and the Emptiness of materialization and spirit where It is The One reflected as being seen, heard, and felt in illusions with all other sensed forms of existence. It is Too Real for any of Its’ creatures to realize Absolutely, and Too Great in all other ways to be encompassed by any manifestation of Life aside from Its’ Own Reality of Being The Alone, The All In One, The One In All, Alone By Itself Where there is no other of anything. It cannot die in no way from Life, except in the deceit of illusions where It Brings the signs of Death to all other things. This We Said to Enoch in Our many different ways, but nevertheless, We Revealed it to him for the people of his time, the same as We Revealed it for many prior and succeeding generations of mankind through the many of Our Lord’s Holy Messengers.

Just as Life goes on after one’s passing into Death, the many generations of mankind have gone on in Life after Death, as they will continue going forward in resurrections with Ahezaah Revealing Truth through Us of Its’ Angelic Messengers and through the Holy Messenger Prophets of human beings that El Says It will continue to create for humanity that is moving forward beyond the ends of those Divined Prophets like Muhaamid through whom We Marked an end of the Divine Favor that El-Aah-Hu Showed for Its’ Choice of people among the Semitics to begin Its’ Favor upon Its’ New Choices of people, which is an Act of El in Its’ Mercy in Giving all races of humanity the opportunity of Truly Upholding Its’ Holy Agreement in Honor of Its’ Being The Master and Owner of mankind and all other things, Giving people an opportunity of being taken from the claws of Satan, at the lowest depth of life in this world, to the Unseen Height of The Throne of Power and Supreme Favor. This Favor of The Holy in Its’ Giving New Life in the New Birth of a people has now been Offered to the lowly living dead among the Afrimerican people. Verily, We have Made this known since the advent of the Noble Drew Ali who was the first to attempt to drive out the ignorance and forgetfulness of El-Aah in Its’ Arabic Name of Allaah, connecting the Afrimerican people back to the African Muslims, and secondly through the Honorable Elijah (Poole) Muhaamid when he sought to pool the Afrimericans back together as one people in love with themselves and in remembrance of The Christ El-Aah-Hu, again in The Arabic Name of Allaah, connecting them back in mind and heart to the body of Muslims throughout the world, but calling them to realize their thought to be an impossible dream of being placed at The Top of the world body as a Divine Sign of The Power and The Favor of The Almighty Christ El-Aah Hu-Amen. In this Third Stage of Development for the world of mankind, this Opportunity of El’s is at its Zenith, Shining Its’ Most Blinding Light of The Truth for all to see, with opportunity for those that Join unto Us to be Favored among all mankind to be Warmed by The Heat and Healed by The Rays in Essence of The Holy Truth of El-Aah under The Light of The Sun, Which is Encircled by The Master of all worlds as the Divine Three-Fold Union of Ahezaah, Holy-Apostle-Deen, and Gabriel.

The Chosen among the Afrimerican people have been born; The Chosen One and his family whom We acknowledge in The Heights of Heaven as being the First Family, Most Favored, and Truly Loved by The Holy El Ahezaah Amen, The Christ of all worlds that Keep Company with them through Its’ Holy and Beloved Prophet that was raised an Afrimerican of African and Indigenous American Native’s Blood are Alive and Active in serving the Holy Covenant of El-Aah in Its’ New Name of Ahezaah. You among the Indigenous Americans who holds Prophecy of your Prophets regarding this should take a step forward and stop hiding what you know of This in Truth. Your people were Made Aware a long time ago that your Savior, The Holy Hu-Aah would Be with one mixed of your genetic code and the genetic code of African Slave Descendants. It is also an opportunity for you to regain some sense of True Honor in The Sight of Hu-Aah about Whom you remain knowledgeable, instead of you continuing to follow in the path of your oppressors by whom We Damned your forefathers and you for falling off of The Path of The Way of Truth that was Given Straight and Clear to your Asiatic ancestors.

Look at the world of the Semitic people. The Grace of Hu-Aah was Taken from them by Us, thus bringing Death to The Lord’s Divine Favor of them after they were Given many chances in their many Divine Reminding Prophets and Holy Messengers in general. Right up to This Day of the Apocalypse they refuse to admit to themselves and to the world of mankind throughout that they are no longer The Chosen People of The Lord Hu-Aah, and their brethren have gone so far in denial that they have devised a religion that says The Lord Hu-Aah will no longer communicate Its’ Mercy to mankind, making people believe that the Prophet Muhaamid was the last and final sign for mankind on Earth Eden from The Lord of Infinite Being. They have made it seem as though Hu-Aah in The Arabic Name of Allaah has shut down, in their reflecting the deceit that the Christians and Hebrew Jews among their brethren created, saying that The Lord El Created creation in six days and on the seventh day It took to rest, as though The Infinite El needed rest, and that It left the creation all to itself after It had laboriously created all things.

They each are a dead people that strayed in the path of Death away from the path of Life Giving Truth, although you see them in evidence of being alive in this world saying and doing things that perpetuate death in them and all other things including others of mankind about whom they have deluded themselves to believe that they are better than others and their wealth and unity proves it. They have gone so far as to place a system of number value to the lives of their kind against the individual life value of other races of people, as though they are the masters, creator, owner and god merchants of human souls.

Wealth and great numbers of people standing in determination about their ways is not the way to escape the Wrath of Hu-Aah. If this were true, then the bodies of many people would be very safe away from Our Reach of them. You Indigenous Native Americans should stop and think for a moment about why the pathway to great currency making through gambling and the selling of alcoholic beverages has been made more easily open to you than any return for you to enjoy free living in liberation throughout this ancient land of your forefathers! Great multitudes of people in these United States of America and the world throughout has turned to the perversion of homosexuality in their attempts to lock in an unnatural form of life against The True Nature of creation. They have joined in the unions of the djinn, working together in powerful positions where they are seated at great heights of government control and commanding great amounts of wealth. For the opening of their desired kind of liberation that The Ever- Patient Hu-Aah has allowed them to have, they have, in their arrogance and disbelief about Hu-Aah, taken The Lord Christ Hu-Aah for granted.

They have gone so far as to forget the nations of people like them of the past Sodom and Gomorrah, and the great ancient kingdoms of Europe whose people openly practiced the perversions that they have raised to be honored in disregard for The Unseen Christ and Its’ Promise of Coming Down to Earth Eden in This Day for Divine Retribution. They laugh and play in their gaiety while inventing tales about The Holy Balanced Prophets of Hu-Aah; actually saying that some among their numbers were practitioners of homosexuality, in Light of The Truth About them, and thus confusing the acts of Satan’s perverted servants with The Righteous Acts of Hu-Aah, The Holy Righteous Who Manifested Its’ Being of Power and Presence through Its’ Holy Prophets, Making them Its’ Signs of Mercy for all mankind.

Beware and be aware, there are all kind of signs of Death living about in your earthly worlds of existence including the very lively life of homosexuality. Perversion is a part of the illusions of Life that are made to be by the people’s acceptance of them; things like the acts of homosexuality being internationally promoted as a natural way of life, brutal mass murdering that nations call justifiable war when their aim is for reasons other than True Justice, barbaric racism with acts of undeniable hatred being meted out by a nation or a clan against innocent people, psychological destruction being put forth through genocidal war to take down the life of an entire race of people, the denial of The Holy True Words of Hu-Aah and the ill act of replacing them with others of mankind’s and the beasts’ of the devil Satan, depriving people of the goods of life including food and healthcare for gains in capital funds as to where the djinn sells death to the commoners among the lowly citizens of their nations who cannot afford to pay for what should be shared as Hu-Aah’s Merciful Offerings to mankind, and many other signs of perversion that mankind lives under. It is The Holy Hu of The Eternal and Infinite Essence, The Holy Aah of The Eternal and Infinite Breath, and The Holy Eternal and Infinite Man of Amen, The Eternal and Infinite Mind of El Which Seats The Throne of Power in The Name of Ahezaah this day Whom you should raise above your own selves and your devices of the illusions of Life, and not your perversions of mind which are things that are placed upon Mankind as mere trials of this earthly illusive realm of Life.

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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