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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)


The Mind

In The Name of El, The Manifested and The Unknown Ahezaah Amen-Raa, The All-Seeing Lord of The Throne of Sovereignty, The Christ That Is The Ancient Shiva, The Master Creator, The Reality of Truth in Essence of All Power, The Creator That Is Hidden In Its’ Nothingness of Being From What All things come, The Designer of Life, The Holy Eternal Artist of Real Views, We Recite. Sunday, April 17, 2011 Blog # 47 The beauty and the beast, the potentially beautiful and the potentially monstrous, and The True Balancer of Life That Is Alone Most Hidden from everything in their realms between them; this is the mind of each of mankind that are born of The Good That Gives health in the general population of humanity on Earth. One of the secrets of success for mankind is that they stop trying to command the figuring out of others and their own individual selves and leave that act of adding one’s self and others up to a fitting number of talents that they believe are right for them to live by to The Infinite Mathematician That Perfectly Figures out, Adds up, Creates the balance, and Equates what is Created of All in everything before they are actually created and manifested in forms of this universal world of creation. The minds of mankind are less than the souls of mankind, yet the minds are established over the hearts of mankind in the production of activity and governing. The most liberated aspect of mankind is the spirit which is connected to the soul and every other body of being that comprises the mind, heart, emotions, astral, ethers, and ethereal realms of mankind’s bodies of being that compartmentalizes what is in affect natural of mankind being expressed in Life through the senses of the bodies of mankind’s individualized parts of beings that make up the total sum of each of them. Everything about mankind is established by the numbers that The Great Numerical Controller Gives to them. Every being of mankind is Created equally the same by what is Natural, and if operated and maintained like a well kept machine, each of mankind will do well in their duty to the Life of This World for the entirety of their time in The Life of This World. Of mankind, their minds are most known, by them, while their souls are least known. Why they are most known of their minds is because they actively act outwards from the inner worlds of their minds, while their souls are Kept In The Secret of their Most Heavenly Part of their Highest Aspect of Being with The Creator Who is The Unseen Infinite Master of All, in All worlds, Encompassing them and All, in All other worlds of things. The Purest Spirit of mankind is The One Spirit of All in mankind’s numbers of spirits that is Liberated by The All-Knowing Creator to do its work for The Good of All, in All of The worlds Known of mankind, and everything else. It is most important for mankind to understand by realization that mankind Is Not Real, nor are they The Actual Initiators or The Actual Sustainers of Life inside and out of their selves. It is equally important for mankind to realize that the things of Life grown of Nature that are used as sustenance for the bodies of mankind to survive upon are not The True of The Truth in Being The Actual Real Thing of all those many things that only appear to save and sustain the lives of human beings and those of All in other things of creation. It is important for mankind’s success that mankind realize that it is to not just be informed by words to believe that they are abreast of The Knower of Life in having and living by Its’ True Knowledge without having and living an Actual Experience with The Holy Divine Supreme Being in The Higher Realms of Life with Verbal Education that It Gives in Its’ Units of Divine Spirituality as The Highest Classes in the Lessons of Life for mankind. To insure The Saving Grace in The Mercy of Ahezaah for mankind so that humanity will survive, someone must reach The Christ of El-Aah’s Purifying Light of The Pure Truth and be Divinely Emptied of their mind in being put to Death from the level of mankind’s mentality about the illusions of Life and then be Reborn of Truth in The Divine Mentality of The Holy El, for mankind to continue throughout the ages. Mankind needs Holy Divined Messengers of The Lord El who must become Entrusted with The Divine Mission of Representing Ahezaah to mankind on Earth as Ahezaah’s Mediums, or Messengers of The Righteous that are used Righteously by The Holy Merciful and Compassionate Being of Ahezaah for the Divine Benefits of mankind. What We are Speaking of, in this, is the same of how this Messenger is manifestly being used as a Divine Benefit for the whole of humanity today. Through him We are Showing the Mercy of Ahezaah in action by the ways We are Rewarding the world of mankind with many Gifts in The Balance of his being, like those of The Lord Unsealing the ancient information relating to The New and Old Holy Covenants of Ahezaah El Amen in its Right Language of The Divine, with Excellent Information being Given through him by The Lord Most High, for the Right Understanding and the True Guidance of El, and Breaking the falsehood of what was added and subtracted from the Ancient Words of El-Aah’s Truth. We Give you all open examples of some of his very Life-living acts and the results Given in pleasure and pain to him, and We Allow you to see how he responds to both kinds of his rewards, in and out of your knowledge, as he relates back to things in The Grip of The Lord Wise of Wisdom to those who question him concerning the many things of his Life and why he does some of the things he does in the ways of initiating and responding to situations. He relates for The Good of El to those who are sincere in their questioning with innocence, and those who question with bad intentions, not realizing that they will suffer for those bad intentions by The Commands of Ahezaah El in Its’ Judgments of them for their evil. He proclaims to all people that he is only The Messenger of Ahezaah El-Aah, and his Messages and Life acts are all Given Most Directly from Ahezaah El, The Holy Amen-Raa, The Lord Wise of Mind, Which is The Reality of All, Seeing and Mastering All in the worlds of Life from The Holy Throne of Sovereignty. What We Give through him as Gifts from The Holy El Ahezaah cannot be measured by any of mankind, nor can they be equaled by mankind; and, the Gifts that are Given are not all known by mankind, neither by those who accept them, nor by those who accept them not. One of the Greatest Insights We Give as a Divine Example through him, to those who watch him, is that he is ever in Battle at Holy War, Complete War that is not necessarily a rage of war, with the worlds of his inner self, his outer self, and others’ inner and outer selves in things made known to him by Us; and when We Say War, We Mean War and not blood shedding. The act of blood shedding can be done by anyone of a beastly mentality; but the War of The Holy for The peace of El-Aah is a War Led in Wisdom by The Lord Wise of True Self-Defense in upholding The First of Its’ Laws of Nature for mankind to preserve The Truth of The True Self in What is The True Being of The Unseen Reality in relations to each of them. He is ever vigilant of everything made possible for him to see and keep under watch. In this, he is at his Holy War Post, ever watching himself from within and outside in his manifestations of acts put forth into the outer realms of being, Living a Life of Showing mankind how to actually be in all the bodies of their individual beings; totally dependent upon Ahezaah, in their realization, and in their voluntary submission to It for the best results. Many among mankind in these United States of America love the slogan, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Conversely, terrible should not be associated with a mind, although there are great numbers of terrible minds in existence destroying the worlds of mankind; and in The Ever Living Knowledge of The Evolutionary Time Keeper of Life and Mind, any time that the mind is not lived in True Submission to its Creator, Master, Sustainer, and Guide, after the mind’s host is made aware of The Supreme Being of El Ahezaah and The Commanding Position It has Over their minds is a waste. This is why The Lord Wise of Wisdom has Commanded the Spiritual and Mental Holy War against one’s inner self of the lower illusionary world of mankind, and against every opposing force that opposes The Good of all worlds for the evil of the worlds. The Spiritual Holy War is a necessity to gain Peace with The Unseen Almighty Lord Wise Who Gives Entry and Protection to one’s self in The Higher Aspect of their being; Giving Its’ Peace, Protection, and Guidance in the Lower and the Higher Realms of Being. Ahezaah Is A Wonderful Thing. As It Is Above, Manifesting Unseen in Darkness and Light, It Can Be Below, in Making you exist in True Awareness of Its’ Unseen Presence and Almighty Power That you will see as Light and Darkness in Divine Understanding about everything. Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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