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Respected readers, be aware that there are ill-minded individuals who will practice taking The Lord's Messages that are given through this Messenger and twist them in fashions for their own devices to claim them for their own selves, and to mislead others by them. We take no responsibility for them and their actions. We simply leave them for the Judgement in Recompense of The All-Knowing Lord Wise Who is Aware and Judging all things.

The A.H.A.D.

(Assembly of Holy-Apostle-Deen)



In The Name of The Christ Amen Shiva Allaah, The Holy El-Aah-Hu Ahezaah, The All-Powerful Master of the Mighty Angels of Wrath, The Deliverer of Prophecy in actions being fulfilled, We recite.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog # 16

Forest fires burning out of control, thousands of miles in their diameters, crossing many parameters, as they unfold, burning down households; mountainous mudslides sliding away towns, crushing houses, bringing trees and other things down; earthquakes and volcanoes shaking the world upside down, all around, spitting out what they will, to kill, from the underground; poisonous gases killing off the masses, of creatures on the land, in the oceans, and the sky, killing them where they stand, or swim in motion and where they fly; bringing birds down from the heights of the clouds, to the ground where they are slammed in death as crowds, and the fools say, this has nothing to do with The Prophecy sent down from Heaven.

It was said the other day, hundreds of birds were witnessed on their way, to committing suicide, in a death glide, flying down from the sky, seemingly with intent to die, straight into a tractor, without a factor, as though they didn’t have an eye, when they didn’t try, to get away from death that day, and the fools say, this has nothing to do with The Prophecy sent down from Heaven.

People around the world killing up their own with passion, seemingly a new fashion, with the Arab world saying Allaah no longer Comes Down, while smiling without a frown, in the ways Allaah Said it would go down, saying never will there be another Holy Prophet to walk on Earth Eden’s ground, as they kill their own kind, in their minds and with their own hands, saying Allaahu Akbar with personal demands, without a true stand for Allaah, and the fools say, this has nothing to do with The Prophecy sent down from Heaven.

The world is being split asunder, great winds destroying in their paths, with lightning and thunder, new Earth smashes, great crashes, for Earth being turned off its axis, and every excuse is accepted, from the djinn about what’s going on in the world suspected, to be reflected in elevation of Revelation, which is spoken through This Messenger’s lips, related without any trips, or misspoken words about The Lord El and the Apocalypse, Speaking under Orders, Divinely Flowing, like many waters, and the fools say, this has nothing to do with The Prophecy sent down from Heaven.

The powerful men and djinn, succeeding in their sin, destroying the lands of Earth Eden, playing gods as they go about breeding, evil in the land and in creatures they are feeding, the wickedness of Satan, and not seeing themselves speeding, in their defiance of The Lord El, while going to Hell, and the fools say, this has nothing to do with The Prophecy sent down from Heaven.

While people among the commoners ignore the blunder, which the djinn has committed them to, as they are all going under, going about in wonder, looking for Hell, to come only in 2012; the hit of a terrible rock, from outer space that they hope to stop, doing everything they can, but not, submitting to The Reality At The Top, and the fools say, this has nothing to do with The Prophecy sent down from Heaven.

The moon is moving ever so close, closer than ever before, which will affect Earth Eden to its core, and the people are unaware, without a care, how the worlds of this planet will fare. The waters will be tremendously affected; great changes will be unavoidably detected, in the oceans, the great lakes, and on land, even the water in the brains of man, and the notion of This Day being The Day of Revelation will be rejected, as expected, by the people that are injected, with ignorance and trust for the enemies of man, and the fools say, this has nothing to do with The Prophecy sent down from Heaven.

Summer, winter, spring, and fall, confusion for every creature, great and small, like flowers blossoming only to freeze, pollen doing massive damage in the breeze, more common is the cough and sneeze, the allergen attack with little reprieve, and some people knocked down to their knees, begging please, for the physicians to use their degrees, against their devastation, in the ways of their education, and vegetation show they’re not pleased, for being in shock due to the freeze, because everything is backwards and out of order, like winters being longer and summers being shorter, spring and fall that you can’t call, for hardly having time at all, and the fools say, this has nothing to do with The Prophecy sent down from Heaven.

Every shore is threatened, with people now regretting, what they see of death ends, coming at them in The Lord’s Revenge, like weapons that mangle, in the hands of every warring Angel that seize, and kill by natural catastrophes; and the oceans are no better off, shown in what is witness upon the seas, with fish diseased, and man’s sea food supply squeezed, like the meat of the land, things seemingly damned, dying by the millions, billions, trillions, and zillions, for causes mankind knows not, but mankind can’t stop, deceiving and tying minds up in their knots, trapping the nations of democracies and dictations, all around, taking them down, in abduction by seduction for the Demon Beast of the underground, leading to the devil Satan, who is waiting, with a frown turned upside down, beguiling as it is smiling, and the fools say, this has nothing to do with The Prophecy sent down from Heaven.

You might look at this as a rap, poem, or mere words thrown together as a Sign to make rhyme. You might believe that I am just a poet who can flow it with words, like I throw it to match what’s happening in this day and time; but these are words offered in The Sounds of Now, Universal, Urbanversal, and no rehearsal, taken from Ahezaah’s Hand by Demand for the minds in the world of mankind’s, who needs to know how to again be in touch, to again know how to submit and remember Ahezaah much.

This Is The Day of Revelation, and what you see of the catastrophes in the world piling up together in such an abnormal way are Signs of The First Hour of The Great and Dreadful Day, of The Lord El.

You might run, and attempt to hide. You might look at the djinn in which you may confide; but, no matter what you do, this is a Time that you must go through; a time and events, which were Prophesied for you.

Don’t take lightly the distractions of the djinn hiding their true actions, committing themselves to sin that they hide within. Don’t believe the hype that is spread throughout the world by them; acting as though they are out for Peace and trying to be a friend; to Save the world, when they refuse to release, or unfurl, the minds of their slaves whom they keep within; whom they will never give up, for being corrupt, never giving in, or giving up being the djinn, without a fight against El, The Master of men, Who will take them down for sin.

Remember, at the highest height of their being, they are mere mortals, with NASA looking for portals to put in place at outer space, other worlds for them to make, or take in their plan to escape, upon which they dwell, looking for a way out of Hell; and they will never tell you the truth.

The world is getting its just due. The Lord is never wrong no matter what It does. Every time there is a great Sign of Divine Destruction, people run to the minds that perpetuate corruption, and seek answers from them of the djinn who will never give in, to telling Words of The Truth to them.

Poor people, believing in their government appointees whom they put in stations, who refuse to submit to The Perfect Guide of Life in search of True Guidance for their nations.

Poor people! Soon you all will know The Terror of El, realize you have fell, living under the spell, being bizarre, and see how vulnerable you are. You will realize the difference between Life in Living for Real, and life in living color under a Hollywood deal; and you will understand by Demand of The Lord Most High whom you deny, that what It Relates in Divine Scripture is for the people, in simple terms We Speak through.

All the spookiness and the fantasies and illusions of religion and politics will be removed with ease, from all of mankind by Us in This Hour of The Day, without delay; And for you of the guilty, your pain will be most real to you, more real than any other deal for you.

If you doubt what We have been saying, and want to keep playing, observe what We did at Japan today, where many now pray, Friday, March 11, 2011, not wanting to go to Heaven or Hell under the water that We swelled; And remember the southern borders of these United States of America at New Orleans and Mississippi not long ago; a Divine Show for Americans to know.

And you can look forward to parts of California going under, in El’s Revenge for America’s blunder, for those who act without respect for The Lord of Thunder. You will see other parts of the world being chosen, for mankind posing, as gods in defiance of The Lord Most High; as Our Signs of The Terror This Great and Dreadful Day of The Lord Who now seeks Vengeance with Recompense, against a world gone crazy that makes no sense; The Christ Come Down in The Name of Ahezaah, The Lord of The Throne of Judgment Who does not deceive you!

Lord Holy-Apostle-Deen Saleem, MPA


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